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Curse Of Soterios

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 06:50 AM

Emma returns to the manor, and finds Nick gone.

Nick walks through the streets of Soterios, and eventually to the edge of town, near the train tracks. Nick's mind is cluttered. He can't think clearly. This can happen to people like Nick. Writers. They obsess too much.. over the "what if's" and the "well maybe if's"..

Suddenly, Nick hears footsteps behind him.

Female Voice: Lost in thought?

Nick turns around, and sees Anna.

Nick: Anna? What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were in Africa.. and.. how did you find me?

Anna: Well thanks for the warm welcome back. I'm back from Africa for a short leave of absence. It seems our mission is going to plan, but our agents needed to disappear from the Africa continent for awhile.

Nick: Are you having me followed?

Anna: Don't flatter yourself. That cellphone Infinitum gave you? It has a GPS tracking chip inside of it. High-level agents have access to the database. So I was able to follow your every move.

Nick: Nice. Just nice.

Anna: Look, I didn't come here to pick a fight. I'm here.. *ahem* I'm here because I am worried about you.

Nick: *stunned, and pissed* Worried.. Worried about me? You left me here in this dead-beat town with NOTHING! I had to work in a pub to take Emma to dinner! I.. Oh..

Anna: Whoops. Seemed you let that slip.

Nick: But then again, you could track me.

Anna: Listen Nick, I have better things to do than sit on my ass watching where you go every second.

Nick: So why are you here?

Anna: While I was in Africa, I discovered that the spyware you infected local Soterios computers with, had spread via email to the law enforcement office. And eventually, to the Soterios traffic commission.

Nick: ... Oops. I must have forgotten to disable the spyware bug..

Anna: Well now that most of Soterios is infected, it open links on Infinitum's network of computers. We are able to access files on the local computers. Most notably.. files on the traffic commissions computers.

Nick: ... The mission was called off. Why would this interest you?

Anna: I was bored. I found nothing of interest in most of the computers files, except for news on the latest murder. So I opened up the traffic commission, thinking.. oh what the hell. And I discover.. that the Soterios traffic commission controls all of the traffic cameras around Soterios. Including some local security cameras on buildings. It's like one large camera network for the entire town.

Nick: And what did you find?

Anna: Listen Nick.. as you know, I love being right. But honestly.. I did not want to be right about this. Nor did I come here looking to burst your bubble. I almost ripped up my ticket coming here. But eventually, I decided to leave this up to you.

Nick: Okay.. now you are starting to freak me out.

Anna: There is camera footage.. clear-cut.. camera footage. Footage the traffic commission has yet to review, or send to the police station. So what you do with this footage.. I leave it up to you.

Nick: If this is something.. really bad.. I don't like what you are hinting at..

Anna: This involves Emma.

Nick: And you are hinting at.. No.. No. This video can't be anything bad.

Anna: The video is incriminating to say the least. And if deleted.. the commission would never find it. But I would never tell you how to run your love life. I will just say this.. you have poor choice in women.

Nick: You have your tablet?

Anna nods.

Nick: Show me the video.

Anna takes out her tablet, and finds the video.

Anna: Are you sure? You could have deniability?

Nick: Show me the video.

Anna: This was recorded by a traffic camera located on an intersection right before the woods. Early in the night, you can see something running from the top, to the bottom of the screen.

Nick: *squints* It's.. I don't know. It's too dark to tell. Some kind of animal? A wolf maybe? But what hell is all that color on it's back.. I can't even tell if it's a person or an animal.

Anna: It appears the wolf-type-creature is wearing a piece of clothing. Might have been ripped.

Nick: ...

Anna: We'll fast forward time.. and here's the next shot. This is much time after the first part of the video.

Nick watches in horror.

As the wolf creature comes into view, it transform into a person..

Nick: ... Oh my god.. OH MY GOD! What the.. what.. what the fuck! That's her! She.. She.. She was wearing THAT! That night! The night of the murders!

Anna: *zooms in* And you can also see blood on her hands. She's almost trance like though, as she leaves the camera's view.

Nick sits down on the railroad tracks.

Anna: All I can say, is something strange is going on here in Soterios. It may not be hobbits, elves, and magic, but it's something else. If I were you.. I'd get the hell out of this town.

Nick: ... Copy the video to a flash drive for me. Then delete that video.

Anna: What?

Nick: ... You said it was my choice. Do it.

Anna: You do understand.. this means you are covering for her.

Nick: If she did this.. if she killed those people.. and she did it on purpose.. and there are no reasonable excuses.. I'll turn her in myself.

Nick walks away from the railroad tracks.

Anna: Nick, you don't know what you are getting into!

Nick: Damn straight I don't. And you know what, it's too late now. She's lied to me.. she's kept covering her ass. Now I will find out the truth.

Anna: Nick.. did you sleep with her?

Nick: .. No. But I almost did.

Anna: Then get on the train with me. Let's go back to London. I'll put in a word for you at the company. They'll find you a job. You can put this behind you.

Nick: Why are you so determined to get me out of Soterios?

Anna: Maybe.. maybe I'm worried about you.

Nick: I can take care of myself.

Anna: That's the thing Nick. In all honesty, none of us can. But you.. you don't act like that. You don't act like the other guys I know in the company. You are not cocky and arrogant. You know.. deep down, you can't do everything alone.

Nick: ...

Anna: I was your age.. many years ago. *sits down on the tracks* A new recruit. I had to do things to get into the company.. things men don't have to do. But I did them, in order to get the job.. over everyone else in my rookie class. One of the men I did them for, was a professor. A professor teaching Sociology for the company. Eventually, we began dating.. got married. It was the second day of my marriage when there was a knock at our hotel room door.. we were on our honeymoon. It seems at the wedding, Infinitum was launching their final stage in an investigation against my husband. It seems they had been investigating him for years.. mostly on sexual assault charges. But they also took his DNA from a champagne glass.. and it matched DNA on a crime scene from years ago. He had killed a woman, simply because she refused to sleep with him. My marriage went down the drain when they pulled him out of our hotel room, in handcuffs. On my second marriage years later, I'd face a similar problem. Except this time, he fled. Is still on the loose.

Nick: ... I'm so sorry Anna.

Anna: So now maybe you see why I don't trust relationships, or people. Everyone lies. Even the most perfect people. Everyone has a secret. I just don't want you getting burned.

Anna unplugs a flash drive from her tablet.

Anna: The video has been deleted, and copied on this flash drive. I suggest you use this wisely. If you change your mind, I'll be waiting at the train station. My train leaves for London tomorrow morning. Take care Nick.

Anna gets up, hands Nick the flash drive, and kisses him on the cheek.

Nick looks down at the flash drive in his hand.

Heartland Manor..

Nick walks in, and heads into the kitchen.

Emma: Nick, I was beginning to think you left for good.

Nick: Maybe I should have.

Emma: What?

Nick: I'm going to give you one chance to tell me what the hell is going on. Or.. *holds up flash drive* We can watch this video. Then I'll decide if I should turn my murdering girlf.. whatever you are, in.

Emma: Nick! What are you talking about?

Nick: Actually, I better grab my gun. Just in case you turn into some kind of wolf, and decide to attack me.

Emma: Nick I..

Nick: Not only did you lie to me, you let me dive into an investigation that YOU ALREADY KNEW INFORMATION ABOUT! Hell.. you are the killer right? Killing innocent people? And do not give me that act about you not knowing anything.

Emma: ...

Nick: You can either tell me what the hell is going on, or not. Either way.. I'll be packing my bags. I'm going to leave. With Anna.

Luke's House..

Anna knocks on the door.

No answer.

She knocks again.

No answer.

Anna takes out her lockpick, and picks the lock.

She enters the house..

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Posted 21 April 2012 - 09:04 PM

Heartland Manor...

Emma looks at Nick, completely distraught. He knows her secret... her terrible secret. She backs into the wall, and slides down to the floor. sobbing uncontrolably. All the while, Nick keeps his gun focused on her.
EMMA: *sobbing* So you know? You know what I am? I'm a killer!
NICK: *stares coldly at Emma* You don't deny it then?
EMMA: *shakes her head, still sobbing*
NICK: Your tears won't work this time Emma.
EMMA: How... how did you find out?
NICK: It doesn't matter how I found out. All you need to know is *holds up the flash drive* I have evidence right here. Want to watch it?
EMMA: NO!  PLEASE!   *pause* I have to live with the things I do... every single day. And it sickens me!
NICK: Then why do them? Do you get some thrill out of your sick little game? All this time... people dying... brutally murdered. AND ALL THE TIME, IT WAS YOU! YOU'RE THE ONE THAT KILLED THEM. And then lying to me... pretending to be pleased for me, when the sheriff wanted my help in the investigation, as if you had nothing to do with it. But of course, no-one would suspect poor, sweet, shy little Emma, would they?
EMMA: *shaking* It's not a game, Nick. It was never a game. *sobs* I've spend the last 2 years of my life... trying to stop this from happening.
NICK: ...
EMMA: Do you think I like this? Do you think I like being like this?
NICK: I don't know. DO YOU?
EMMA: *sobs grow louder* Of course not! When I... change... I have no control over what I do. But the day after, when I wake up covered in blood... and I know it's happened again. And the guilt is overwhelming! *buries her head in her hands*
NICK: Oh, spare me the drama. You've been lying to me since the day we met! Now I've found you out, you expect me to believe you feel guilty about killing innocent people?
EMMA: No, I don't expect you to believe me. Why should you?
NICK: ...
EMMA: The room you broke into... in the basement. I told you it was a reminder of the past... of when I was attacked. And I never lied Nick. It *is* a reminder. But what I never told you was... it's also the room where I chain myself up every month. The shackles on the wall, the chains on the table, the leg restraints. I keep hoping that, maybe this time, I won't get out... maybe this time, the restraints will hold me.
Nick looks at Emma coldly, not knowing what to think. Then he gets a determined look in his eyes, and focuses his gun on her once again.
NICK: Well you're not tied up now. And just so you know... I'm an ace shot with this. *waves his gun* So don't even think about turning into a wolf, or you'll have a hole in your head so fast, you...
EMMA: I won't change Nick. Not until the next full moon.
NICK: I'll be long gone by then, thank god! All the same, I think I'll keep my gun handy... just in case.
Emma looks at Nick and his gun.
EMMA: *quietly* Your gun won't kill me. It will hurt a lot... but it won't kill me. You need silver bullets for that.

NICK: ... What?

EMMA: Silver. It's the only thing that will kill me.
Nick is confused. Did she just tell him how to kill her? He hadn't expected that. He stares at her for a moment, then cocks his gun.
NICK: How do I know this isn't more of your lies? To get me to feel sorry for you?
EMMA: You want to shoot me? Fine!
Emma stands up, and stretches out her arms to the sides.
EMMA: Go ahead. Shoot me. I won't try and stop you. It's what I deserve.
NICK: ...
Nick looks at her, as she stands there sobbing. Somehow, he just can't bring himself to pull the trigger.
NICK: *lowers his gun* I'm leaving!
EMMA: Um... where will you go?
NICK: Tonight? I dunno. Some hotel, probably. Tomorrow? Me and Anna are leaving this demented town.
Nick leaves the room, to go and pack his belongings. Emma sinks into a chair at the kitchen table, shaking uncontrolably. She knew this would happen if Nick found out the truth.
An hour later, Nick reappears, suitcase in hand. He throws his key onto the kitchen table, and turns to leave.
EMMA: *very sad* Nick...
Nick turns back, and looks and her.
EMMA: For a short time, you were my friend. And when you kissed me... you don't know how much that meant to me. *sniffs* You made me feel... like I'm not a monster. Thankyou for that.
But Nick doesn't say anything. He just turns, and walks out.
EMMA: *whispers to herself* Be safe Nick. And wherever you go... be happy.
Elsewhere in Soterios...
Lauren had taken Mark to the hotel, and he booked a room for himself. He dumped his stuff, and has a shower to freshen up. It's getting late, so he ventures out to find somewhere to eat. After walking around for a while, he finds a nice cafe.
MARK: *Australian accent* G'day. What's on the barbie?
WAITRESS: *baffled* I'm sorry?
MARK: Ahhh, no need to be sorry, sweetheart. What's good to eat?
WAITRESS: *points to the menu above the counter*
MARK: *looks at menu* Ah... cod in batter, eh? Sounds good. I'll have that. And lots of chips please. And don't skimp on the vinigar.
A few minutes later, Mark is tucking into his fish and chips.
MARK: Mmm, best fish & chips I've had today.
Back At Hearland Manor...
Emma is still sitting at the kitchen table, feeling miserable. She hates the way things ended with Nick. She stands up, and makes her way through to the living room. She picks up the photo of her parents from the mantle piece, and looks at it sadly.
EMMA: *to the photo* Well, I asked you what I should do... and I got my answer. Nick and I were not meant to be. He's leaving town tomorrow, so... I guess he doesn't want to be friends even. Not that I blame him. He knows what I am... he knows I'm cursed...so why shouldn't he leave?
She puts the photo back, then goes up to bed.
Next morning arrives...
Emma wakes with a heavy heart. Yesterday's events are still fresh in her mind.
EMMA: Nick said him and Anna were leaving Soterios this morning. They've probably already gone. *long pause* I wish I could just run away from here... far away... where nobody knows me. But I can't. It's too dangerous. I need to keep looking for a way to stop the change.
With that though in mind, Emma forces herself to get up out of bed. She makes her way down to the East Corridor, and unlocks the door at end of the corridor. She enters through the door, locking it behind her, and climbs down the stairs. Then she opens the door to her secret room. Inside the room, she looks at the shackles on the wall, and sighs.
She walks through the archway to the other section of the room. This section is smaller. It has a large lab-table in the middle, with all sorts of chemicals, testubes, and equipment lying on top of it. There's also a fridge in the corner. Underneath the lab-table are a pile of journals. Emma picks up the top journal, and begins writing in it.



N knows my secret. He knows of the monster within me. The way he looked at me sent chills down my spine. I knew he would react this way if he found out the truth. But what else could I expect? He said he's leaving town... and so he should. He should get far away from here as possible.
I told N that silver bullets is the way to kill me. Part of me wishes he would come back with silver bullets, and put an end to my existence. I've had to live with this curse for 2 years now... knowing I kill, and not being able to do anything about it. The werewolf that attacked me in Greece... does he suffer like this? Does he torment himself and despise himself? Does he even know what he is? This life... this existance... is hell itself.
Emma checks back over the last few pages, reading formulas and notes she has written. Then she starts a new page.


The latest formula I made has failed. The change happened as always. Where did I go wrong? I increased the sedatives in the formula... and the chemical mixture should have sapped my strength. The window is high, and as a human, I can't reach it. But it seems to pose no problem for the wolf in me. I MUST find a way to stop this! I must find a way to stop the wolf from coming, or knock myself out so I won't be able to break out of this room. At the very least, neautralise the wolf in me, so it's harmless.
Emma stops to think for a while. She looks at the fridge, and frowns. Then she goes back to writing.


What if one dose isn't enough? I've only been taking the formula on the night of the full moon. But what if I need more? What if I need several doses throughout the month? Would that be enough to make a change come the next full moon? I have to try. I'm going to take another dose now, in the hopes that the increased dosage will stop the monster inside of me
Emma closes her journal, and puts it back under the lab-table. She opens the fridge, and takes out a vial of green liquid. She takes a syringe, and fills it with the green liquid, then puts the vial back in the fridge. She taps the syringe, braces herself, and injects the liquid into her arm. Emma knows what's coming - she screams, as a searing pain shoots up her arm.
EMMA: The pain is worth it - it will stop the change. The pain is worth it - it will stop the change. the pain is worth it - it will stop the change. The pain is worth it - it will stop the change.
She repeats the words over and over again, until the pain subsides. She looks at her arm, and slowly clenches her fist.
EMMA: Please... let this work.
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Posted 23 April 2012 - 08:12 AM

Soterios Train Station..

Nick and Anna sit in the terminal.

Anna: When is your train leaving? Also, I have to tell you about Luke.

Nick: I did not buy a ticket.

Anna: You what?

Suddenly, the terminal doors open. Detective Thompson walks in.

Nick: *stands up* Detective?

Detective Thompson: Fleeing the town?

Nick: No. What is this about?

Detective Thompson: You did not show up for work today. Now normally, I wouldn't take this as anything substantial. But when you disappear on the day that key evidence in our case is reported missing.. well.. I get concerned. Then of course, one of my contacts reported back that you were here. In this train station. I wonder why..

Nick: ​Do not throw around accusations. What evidence are you talking about?

Detective Thompson: Camera footage from the night of the attack was deleted. The file's deletion record was found. But no file itself. It seems someone was clumsy.

Nick: ​Well Detective.. even if I did delete it.. I'm a skill hacker. I wouldn't let someone find the deletion record.

Detective Thompson: True. *takes out handcuffs* But that is enough to bring you down to the station. Forcibly. Put your hands behind your back.

Anna: Oh come on! You have no right to arrest him.

Detective Thompson: Oh really? Do us all a favor lady. Go back to the big city. And take your high-heels with you. Nicholas Zarano, you are under the arrest for the suspicion of murder, tampering with evidence, and lying to police. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, will and can be used against you in the court of law.

Nick stares at Anna, as he is arrested.

Hours later...

​Nick sits in the interrogation room. After being interrogated for hours, Nick is allowed to see his attorney. To Nick's surprise.. Anna walks in.

Nick: What the fuck? You are not my attorney!

Anna: Settle down. Technically I can handle legal cases.. but that is besides the point. I needed to get in here. You can not go down for this. You CAN NOT go to prison because of some girl.

Nick: That wasn't my plan.

Anna: What is your plan?

Nick: I don't have one.

Anna: Well that's a brilliant plan then.

Nick: Listen, these idiots only arrested me to prove a damn point.. I'm not going anywhere. And no.. I am not turning Emma in.

Anna: But she can plea guilty, get the insanity plea, and be sentenced to a mental hospital. She'll get the help she needs.

Nick: Emma doesn't appear to be criminally insane. I'd rather investigate this for myself. You know.. after sitting here for hours.. it dawned on me. All my life, I've been searching for inspiration. I was willingly to give up my entire life, to work for your company. In order to make a life for myself. I was even willingly to give up my personal life. But you know what.. inspiration is staring me right in the face now.

Anna: For what?

Nick: My next book. The Mystery of Soterios.

Anna: You are insane. You are in lock up, charged with murder.. and you are thinking about your next book. Go to prison for murder, and you'll have plenty enough time to write it with your new cellmate slash husband. *sarcastic* It should really be called the Curse of Soterios.

Nick: Are you going to get me out of here?

Anna: Yes. Hand over the evidence. Or I will.

Nick: How about you come up with another option?

Anna: Well don't expect Luke to come running to the rescue. He's run off again, as usual.

Nick thinks.

Anna: Wait.. no. NO!

Nick: ...

Anna: I know what you are thinking. The answer is no.

Nick: ... I tell them I covered for my friend Luke. Only because I'm still looking into it. After all, Interpol doesn't want to get involved. As long as Luke stays out of Soterios, I'll have time to investigate, while still having a job with the police department.

Anna: So you are going to pin this on your best friend, so in case he ever does show up in Soterios.. they will jump him for murder. Boy don't ever let me become your best friend.

Nick: It's the perfect plan!

Anna: In who's sick mind? You have lost your mind!

Nick: Look Anna.. I need to figure this out for myself. I can't just turn Emma over.

Anna: Fine. But from what I saw earlier.. well, I think it will be a sweet memory to share years from now.. you and Emma will sit on the settee, near a roaring fire.. and you'll say.. "Remember the time I held you at gun point? When you were turning into a werewolf?" Ah.. sweet memories.

Nick: I'm just laughing my ass off. Next time, don't spy through windows.

Anna: Hey, not my fault that house has so many windows.

Nick: Look.. tell the company I'm taking a break. And.. leave. Just leave. I'll sort this out.

Anna: It takes a village Nick. Not one man. And here I am.. being kicked out.

Nick: I know you mean well.

Anna: You know what Nick? Pin this on our old good friend. Go ahead and take the fall for some cheap slut who you know nothing about. God knows if she even killed her own parents. And while you're at it, be sure to save any other damsels in distress. Then write a book about it. I'll burn the first copy.

Anna walks out, and slams the door.

Nick: Women.


After Nick is released from lockup, he is given a second chance by the Soterios Police Department. Nick begins to see maybe why his journey led him to Soterios. He decides to begin writing again.. all the while investigating the murders. The book will help him piece together the investigation.. the title of the new book.. "The Curse of Soterios". A mystery thriller about murders in a mysterious small town. To get in the mood, and to have a place large enough for Nick to experiment with.. Nick begins searching the newspaper. He finds an ad of interest..


Caretaker for old manor. Renter will have cheap rent, if the manor can be taken care of.
Call for information, and a tour.

Nick: Well that's odd.. no name for the manor. No name for the ad lister. Sounds like a mystery. Sounds like the place for me. *circles the ad*

Hours later..

Nick's taxi drops him off at the old manor. It's massive, a bit rundown.. but a beautiful place. Local citizens have stayed away from the manor. It's rumored that the place is haunted. Home to vampires. Plus many more rumors. It seems an old family once owned this mansion.. a rich powerful family.. friends of the Lockharts.

Nick looks at the mystery man who will give him the tour.. he stands in front of the manor, with his cane.

Posted Image

And the inside, is just as beautiful.

Posted Image

Nick knows his journey.. is just beginning.

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Posted 29 April 2012 - 10:56 PM

Old, Run-Down Manor...
Nick and the strange man stand in the entrance way of the old manor.
MAN: Welcome to Hyperion Manor.
NICK: Thanks. *looking round* It really is quite beautiful.
MAN: It is... if you can excuse the dust and the cobwebs. Such a shame it's been allowed to get into this rundown state.
NICK: Well it's just perfect for me. Anyway, what do I call you?
MAN: Tsk, where are my manners? I'm Caleb, you're official tour-guide. Shall we begin?
NICK: *grins* Lead the way.
As Caleb gives Nick a tour of the manor, they chat, and Caleb tells Nick more about the old building.
NICK: So who owns the manor?
CALEB: The Undomiel's. Lovely family they were. Friends with the Lockharts.
NICK: Emma's family! Where are the Undomiel's now? They obviously haven't lived here in quite some time. Surely they wouldn't just leave this place to rot?
CALEB: Hmphh! You'd think that, wouldn't you? But that's just what they did! Upped and left and moved away, oh... it must be a good 3 years ago now. Very sudden, it was, too. They still own this manor though, and I don't think they have any intention to sell. *leads Nick through a door* And in here we have the main living room. As you can see, the whole house is still fully furnished.
Caleb pats the settee with his cane, meaning for Nick to sit down. A cloud of dust flies up, making Caleb cough.
CALEB: *HACK HACK COUGH* Oh, excuse me. I did warn you about the dust.
NICK: It's fine. So what happened to the last caretaker?
Caleb stops, turns round, and looks hard at Nick.
CALEB: Not from around here, are you?
NICK: What's that supposed to mean?
CALEB: Everyone knows there's been no caretaker here. The locals don't come near this place. They say it's haunted. Although between you and me, I think that's just an old wives tale.
The tour continues, and Caleb takes Nick upstairs.
CALEB: And through here, we have the bedrooms. *opens one of the doors* This is the master bedroom. As caretaker, it's up to you where you want to sleep. But this is the best room.
NICK: *looks out the window* Great view.
They go back downstairs, and into the large kitchen. Caleb unlocks the back door.
CALEB: Out here we have the back garden. Large, but as you can see, somewhat overgrown.
NICK: Wow! Must have been very impressive in it's hey day.
CALEB: *sits down on a kitchen stool* So... that concludes the grand tour of Hyperion Manor. Still interested?
NICK: You bet!
CALEB: So when can you start?
NICK: I got the job?
CALEB: Seeing as no-one else has even applied... yes, you got the job. When can you start?
NICK: *grins* ... Um... tomorrow?
CALEB: Great! Here are the keys. *gives Nick a large keyring with all the keys to the manor* If you need anything, you know where to contact me.
Caleb walks off, leaving Nick dumbfounded. All he has to do now, is pack up his things at the hotel.
The Next Day...
Heartland Manor...
Emma sits in the kitchen, eating her breakfast. Or rather... trying to eat her breakfast. She looks at the empty chair where Nick would have sat, and sighs. She had a taste of companionship... and now it's gone. She feels lonelier than ever. Nick leaving the way he did just reinforced what a monster she is, and why she should stay away from people.
EMMA: *sadly, to herself* Have a good life Nick. And wherever life takes you, be happy. I'll always treasure the friendship you gave me.
Little does Emma know... Nick is still in town...
Hyperion Manor...
Nick arrives bright and early at the manor. He's already checked out of the hotel. Now, once again, he stands outside the magnificant building, admiring how beautiful it is.
NICK: *smiles* This is just PERFECT for my investigations.
Nick pulls out the large keyring Caleb had given him yesterday. He finds the right key for the front door, unlocks it, and walks into the entranceway.
NICK: Home, sweet home.
Back At Heartland Manor...
Breakfast is over. Emma had picked at her food, not eating much. Now there's nothing she'd like more than to just go back to bed and do nothing all day. But she knows there's something she HAS to do. She digs out the business card the blacksmith gave her, and phones him.


Phone conversation
EMMA: Hello, um... It's Emma Lockhart here.
BLACKSMITH: Oh, Miss Lockhart! What a pleasure to hear from you again.
EMMA: Thankyou. Um... that work we discussed - when is it convenient for you to begin?
BLACKSMITH: I can be there in half an hour. I have supplies ready, thanks to your payment.
EMMA: Thankyou. Do you know the address? Heartland Manor?
BLACKSMITH: I'll find my way. Don't you worry ma'am. I'll be there soon.
End of phone conversation.

Emma had paid the blacksmith well, so he'll go out of his way to keep her happy. He packs up some stuff, and puts a 'Out On Private Business' sign on the door to his workshop. Then he makes his way to the manor.
Town Centre...
Mark is out and about, exploring Soterios. He likes to get to know his surroundings.
MARK: Hmmm, Lauren said she worked in a florists, didn't she? Now where was it again? Eldritch Street? Eldritch Lane? Eldritch Avenue? No... Eldritch Square! That was it!
After asking directions to Eldritch Square, he finds the florist Lauren works in. He enters the florists, and starts browsing.
LAUREN: *surprised to see him* Oh, hey... Mark, isn't it?
MARK: That's right. *grins* Glad you remembered.
LAUREN: Well... you serenaded me... twice. *giggles* That's hard to forget. Anyway, how can I help you Mark?
MARK: I want to buy some flowers. Not sure what to get. *looks around* These pink ones are nice.
LAUREN: Yes, the lillies are beautiful, aren't they? Are they for someone special?
MARK: Maybe.
LAUREN: *gets some lillies for him* Would you like them wrapped?
MARK: Umm... yes, I think so.
LAUREN: *wraps them* Okay, here you go Mark. *smiles*
Mark pays for the flowers.
MARK: Thanks. You have a nice day now, you hear? *tips his sunglasses, and looks at Lauren*
Mark picks up the flowers, and walks out the florist. Seconds later, he walks back in... flowers still in hand.
MARK: G'day. I'm here to deliver flowers to a Miss Lauren Jackson. *grins*
LAUREN: Wha...?
MARK: *holds out the lillies to Lauren* Pretty flowers for a pretty lady.
MARK: Come out with me. Tonight. What do you say?
LAUREN: Are you asking me out on a date? *smiles*
MARK: Sure. *sings* I plucked up courage to ask for a date. And I promise I won't even make you wait. Oh Lauren, you can't deny your fate. So what do you say, will you be my mate?
LAUREN: *laughing* You buy me flowers... you sing... how can I say no?
MARK: So is that a 'Yes'?
LAUREN: It's a 'Yes'.
LAUREN: Hahaha. You're crazy!
MARK: Only a little bit. *grins*
After making arrangements for their date, Mark leaves the florists.
Heartland Manor...
The blacksmith arrives at Heartland Manor.
Posted Image 
BLACKSMITH: *whistles* WOAH! What a place!
He rings the bell, and after a short delay, Emma opens the front door.
EMMA: Hey, um... thanks for coming so promptly.
BLACKSMITH: It's my pleasure Miss Lockhart. So... where do you want me to set up?
EMMA: It's um, through here.
Emma looks at the outside world, and shudders, before closing the front door. She leads the blacksmith into the manor, and takes him to where she wants him to work. The blacksmith thinks the whole things is very strange, but it's not his place to ask questions.
BLACKSMITH: I brought a sample with me, just so you could see it. *takes something out of his bag, and gives it to Emma*
EMMA: *grips the item* And it's steel?
BLACKSMITH: Yes ma'am. Solid steel throughout.
EMMA: Good. So, um, how long will it take to finish?
BLACKSMITH: Two days ma'am. Today, I'll need to take measurements and stuff, then go back to my workshop to get it all ready. And the second day, when you call me again, I can actually build it.
The blacksmith gets to work, measuring this, and measuring that, and taking lots of notes. He discusses a few details with Emma, then takes some more notes. Finally, he's ready to leave, and go back to his workshop.
BLACKSMITH: Okay, I'll get working on this then. I'll wait for your call.
EMMA: Thankyou. You've been most helpful.
Hyperion Manor...
Nick is settling in nicely to his new home. He still can't believe that he is actually living in the beautiful, albeit rundown manor. He sets up his laptop, and starts thinking about the book he is going to write.
Heartland Manor...
Several hours have passed. It's now mid-afternoon. Emma is in the library, reading a book.


EMMA: *looks up* It that the blacksmith again? Did he forget something?
Emma goes to answer the door. But she gets such a shock, when she sees who is standing there.
ANNA: Hello Emma. You and I need to have a little chat. May I come in?
Without waiting for an answer, Anna pushes past Emma, into the manor. She remembers the way to the living room, and makes her way there, with Emma folloring behind. In the living room, Anna calmly sits down on one of the setees. Poor Emma doesn't really know what to do, except watch.
ANNA: *looks around* You know, it really is a lovely place you've got here.
EMMA: Um... thankyou?
ANNA: It's so big though. It must be lonely, now Nick has gone.
EMMA: *sad* Um, how is Nick? Is he okay?

ANNA: *ignores Emma's questions* It must have been re-assuring to have a big, stong man around... what with all these murders that are happening.
EMMA: ...
ANNA: Still, there hasn't been any murders for a few days now. That's good news, isn't it?
EMMA: Yes.
ANNA: *looks directely at Emma* It's terrible that some maniac walks around free, killing innocent people. I hope the murderer is caught soon, and locked up for life!
EMMA: ...
ANNA: Did you know Nick was arrested?
EMMA: *shocked* WHAT?
ANNA: Yes. They suspected him of being the murderer. Ridiculious, isn't it?
EMMA: But why would they suspect him? He's innocent!
ANNA: It seems some evidence leading to the killer's identity conveniently 'went missing'.
Emma puts two and two together, and realises that the flash drive Nick had, is the missing evidence Anna is talking about now. So Nick must have covered for her with the police. And now he's in trouble. She can't let that happen. She can't let Nick take the blame for her. The police will have to release him, when they know he's innocent. She'll go to the police department, and tell him to hand over the evidence. She can't let him be punished for her crimes.

EMMA: He didn't do anything! He...
ANNA: Oh, don't worry. He's been cleared of all charges. They let him go.
EMMA: He... he's free?
ANNA: Yep.
EMMA: Um... where is he now?
ANNA: *thinks to herself* She doesn't know where Nick is? So he hasn't been in touch with her? Good. I don't know where he is either, but I'm not going to let her know that.
EMMA: Anna, is he safe?
ANNA: Oh yes, he's perfectly safe. Did he tell you we had planned to leave Soterios yesterday... TOGETHER? *half gloating*
EMMA: *looks down at ground* Um, yes, he told me that.
ANNA: He's such a sweet man, isn't he.
EMMA: *bites lip*
ANNA: Anyway, I must be going now. I did enjoy our little chat. We must do it again sometime. *stands up, and heads for the front door*
EMMA: Um, Anna. Tell Nick... Tell him... I wish him well.
Anna gives a 'I Won' smile, and leaves. Emma leans against the door, shaking. Anna was just as intimidating now as she had been before. But one thing still stays in her mind - Nick had covered for her with the police. He had protected her. But why?
While things for Emma get worse... things for Lauren are just getting better and better.
That Evening...
Lauren meets up with Mark for her first date. He sits on the fence, smoking his cigarette.
Posted Image
MARK: You came then. I'm glad about that. Thought a would have to get out the old gee-tar, and serenade you again, before you would come out with me. *grins*
LAUREN: I like hearing you sing, Mark. I hope you serenade me again soon. *smiles*
MARK: Really? I think that can be arranged.
Mark takes Lauren to a nearby meadow, when he has laid out a picnic on a blanket. Pies, juice, crisps, and other snacks lie waiting.
LAUREN: Wow! This is amazing. I love this!
They sit, and eat, and chat, having fun.
LAUREN: So what brought you to Soterios in the first place, Mark?
MARK: Simple really. I'm a traveller. Love to travel all over the place. I saw the 'Welcome To Soterios' sign, and the name just appealed to me. Think I'll stick around for a while though. There's something about this town that I like. *winks at Lauren*
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Posted 01 May 2012 - 08:45 AM

Hyperion Manor..

Nick spends most of the day writing the introduction to his book. Eventually, Nick begins to feel a cold draft. He gets up, and checks the windows. All of them are sealed shut.

Nick: Odd. Hmm..

Nick goes back to sit down. Once again, a cold draft.

Nick: Bloody hell. Maybe it's coming from upstairs then.

Nick gets up once more, and walks slowly up the cracking staircase.

Nick notices one open door down a large hallway.. some light is coming out from the small opening. Nick slowly walks down the hall. He passes room after room, finally reaching the semi-open door. Nick pushes it open.. and finds the open window. He walks into the room.

Posted Image

The room is creepy, to say the least. And the 3D-ish paintings on the wall don't help. Nick closes the window.

Male Voice: YOU!

Nick jumps, and turns around.. his heart-pounding. The door slams shut.. and the room is empty. Just Nick inside.

Nick: ... Hello?

Suddenly, the figure of a man walks straight through the closed door. He stands in front of Nick.. pale-skinned, long hair.. long beard.. dirty 17th century clothes.. as if he is lost in time.

Man: So I finally caught you.. sneakin' around our manor. What do you want lad? Tryin' t' steal somethin'? Tryin' t' learn our secrets?

Nick: I'm.. I'm.. the caretaker here.

Man: Caretaker? We don't need one. There be plenty o' people in this manor. We don't need another.

Nick: ... Who are you?

Man: The more important question is.. who are you lad?

Nick: Nick Zarano. I'm a writer.. among other things. I'm living here now.

Man: Are you now? Well that explains a lot. So tell me Nick Zarano.. what year be it?

Nick: 2012.

Man ... *glances out the window* No... NO! You are a liar! You get out of my manor! Before I have the guards through you out!

Nick: THERE ARE NO GUARDS! This place has been empty for years. Who the hell are you?

The man appears to be sad, as he walks towards the window.

Man: Desmond. Desmond Undomiel.

Nick: Are you.. dead?

Desmond: Funny thin' is.. I don't know. My memory is so.. foggy. It seems as if I've only been here for a week.

Nick: I think you've been here for.. judging by your clothes.. over two hundred years?

Desmond: Maybe. But I am not dead..

Nick: If you are a ghost.. you shouldn't be completely.. full-figured.. like this. You should have passed on.

Desmond: And if I am.. this said ghost.. shouldn't you be.. 'fraid?

Nick: I was. And part of me still is.

Desmond: I've been.. well I think I've seen.. people. The people I used to know.. *grasps his own fist* It's as if I can see them.. hear them, but I can't feel them. I can't feel.. anything. As if life has slipped from my grasp.. I can't remember the names of anyone I used to know. Days are just blurred together..

Nick: I can't believe I am seeing you though.. *reaches out to touch Desmond, but Nick's hand goes right through him*

Desmond: I'm.. dead.

Heartland Manor..

Emma wonders why Anna is coming off so strong. She doesn't want to be apart of some romantic love triangle. But then again, Anna is older than Nick. Maybe she is just being protective. But Emma even begins to question her own motives at this point.

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door.

Emma opens.. and finds Anna again.

Anna: Sorry to bother.. just had a thought. Did you really think Nick wouldn't see right through your lies? I mean.. if Nick hadn't moved into your fantastic little rich-bitch mansion here, you'd be in prison. No, I am not giving you credit for being that devious. I don't think you're THAT smart. However.. I give credit to your subconscious, for protecting you. You must have loved praising Nick when he got that job with the police department. Floating your ego, knowing you are the real killer. And you lied to his face the entire time.

Emma: Enough Anna! You made your point.

Anna steps in closer to Emma.

Anna: I don't think I have. You took advantage of an innocent man. If you mean't it or not, I don't know. But you have.

Emma: Why are you so protective over him? You're his boss! Why don't you back off, and mind your own business?

Anna: Whoa.. the innocent kitten has claws I see. Maybe too sharp of claws?

Emma's face turns red.

Anna: Tell me.. did you kill your parents? What did they do to you to deserve it?

Emma: You no-good *stops*.. I did NOT kill my parents! I loved them!

Anna: It doesn't take a genius to figure it all out. I just wonder how Nick could ever be with you.. knowing who you've killed. The blood that's been on your hands, your body. Do him a favor. Stay away.

Emma: And if I don't?

Anna gets in Emma's face.

Anna: Nick isn't the only one with a copy of that security footage.

Emma: Did you tell him that? That you too have a copy?

Anna: None of your business. What Nick and I do.. is our business. So unless you want to be locked up in the nut-ward, back off. My suggestion to you.. turn yourself in. Or.. leave this town, and never come back. Maybe that will force Nick to snap back into reality. But if you stay.. and continue to play this game.. don't forget who will be watching you every step of the way. I know you are hiding something else. And I'm going to find out what it is.

Anna walks off.

One hour later..

Hyperion Manor..

There's a knock at the door. Nick runs downstairs, and opens the door. Anna walks right into the manor, past Nick. Nick gives Anna a pissed-off look, as he closes the door.

Nick: Nice to see you too.

Anna: So this is the place you bought? *looks around*

Nick: Renting. I'm the caretaker.

Anna: So.. when are you coming back to reality?

Nick: Excuse me?

Anna: Come on Nick. Wake up! Renting out this old manor.. acting like your a cop.. this is not normal.

Nick: Entering the minds of our clients and targets, corporate espionage, and political corruption aren't normal either. But we work in it. You have no room to judge.

Desmond walks down the stairs, and watches.

Anna: That is different Nick. It's an actual job. This.. this.. I have no bloody idea what the hell this is.

Nick looks at Desmond.

Anna: ... What the hell are you looking at?

Nick: Oh.. nothing.

It's clear that only Nick can see Desmond. But why?

Anna: I hope you are not falling for her.

Nick: ...

Anna: She's a murderer. Whether she is doing it subconsciously or not.

Nick: Why are you here Anna? Shouldn't you be in Africa?

Anna: Luke is still missing. I've been assigned to track him down. I was hoping you would help.

Nick: I'm not going to leave. Not when I'm in the middle of this.

Anna: Okay Nick, enough. Do not give me that bullshit. Just be a man, grow some balls, and admit why you are doing all of this.

Nick: Since you're so damn smart, why don't you tell me?

Anna: You are doing this for Emma. You are thinking with the brain in your pants. Not the brain in your head. You think life is some kind of romance novel.. you can save Emma, cure her, love her, and the two of you will live happily ever after. Only problem is.. in most horror stories the man trying to cure her usually winds up with his head chewed off, or is never seen from again.

Nick: I have to wonder.. are you jealous?

Anna: Me? Jealous? Get real. You could be my son.

Nick: That's part of the attraction. We're humans after all.

Anna: Don't flatter yourself. I'm just trying to look out for you.

Nick: Listen Anna.. if you hadn't left me with no cash in this god forsaken town in the first place, I probably wouldn't be in this mess. So don't give me that speech.

Desmond: This is quite entertaining.

Nick: Shut up.

Anna: ... You didn't even give me time to speak!

Nick: Not you.. oh, never mind.

Anna: Nick.. I'm worried about you. You look.. tired. Stressed.

Nick: Do me a favor Anna.. leave town. While you still can. God knows this town grabs you.. puts you in a tight grip.. and doesn't let go. See yourself out.

Nick walks upstairs.

Anna sighs, and leaves.
Desmond: The seductive sassy woman does have a point Nick. Why stay around here? God knows this town has drove me mad.. I'm hungry. *picks up a piece of toast from Nick's breakfast plate*

As Demond tries to eat the toast, it just falls to the floor.

Desmond: Well that's bloody terrific. *spits on the toast* Shoo. Run along now. Oh great.. I'm taking to toasted bread now.

Hotel Room..

Anna walks in, and throws herself onto the bed. She kicks off her heels. What is she feeling for Nick at this point?

Anna: Nick was wrong.. there is nothing between us. I'm a mature, older woman. He's young.. immature.. undecided.. and god help him, stubborn. But there has been times.. where I've let my imagination get the best of me. Gah. *pulls on her hair in frustration* I need a strong man.. a mature man.. not him. Better yet, I don't need any man.

A knock at the door.

Anna gets up, and grabs her gun from the desk. She peeks through the hole.. it's John. He's back in town. Anna opens the door, and John walks in.. bags in hand.

Anna: John? What are you doing here?

John: The same people that we believe took Luke made a move 24 hours ago. They killed one of our agents, and they almost got me. I've come here not only to protect you and Nick, but to hideout. You should call headquarters. Something bad is going on. Real bad. Where is Nick?

Anna: Playing knight in shining armor. Maybe you can knock some sense into him.

Hyperion Manor..

Nick grabs his coat, and runs down the stairs.

Desmond: Where are you going?

Nick: Out. I need to clear my head.

Desmond: But I'm..

Nick slams the door closed.

Desmond: Hungry.

Nick walks down the path, and into town. Moments later, John Blake walks the same path. He heads to the large manor doors.. and knocks.

No answer.

After numerous knocks, John stands back.. and looks up. In one of the top windows, he can see Desmond.. watching him. John watches.. horrified. The ghostly figure of Desmond fades away.

John can't believe what he just saw.

Town Centre..

Emma walks through town centre, trying to wrap her head around what Anna said. She passes by the fountain, when all of the sudden.. she notices someone walking towards with her.. it's Nick.

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Town Centre...
Emma gasps. She can't believe what... or rather, who... she's seeing.
EMMA: *softly* Nick!
So he hadn't left town after all. Emma's heart skips a beat, as she looks at him. He hasn't seen her yet - he has his head down, and he looks as though he has a lot on his mind. Emma's first instinct is to go to him, and ask him if he's okay. But a million thoughts suddenly race through her mind, in just a few seconds... all the reasons why she should keep her distance. Not because of Anna's threats - Emma doesn't care if Anna turns her in... she deserves to be punished! And she would gladly turn herself in if it was to protect Nick. But she knows that a police cell or a mental ward wouldn't be able to hold her when the wolf comes. But because of the other things Anna said - if Anna thought Emma took advantage of Nick... does Nick think that as well? The last thing she wants to do, is hurt Nick. Anyway, why should Nick even want to be with her, now that he knows the truth, that she's a monster. And... if there's something going on with Nick and Anna... Emma doesn't want to come between them.
Emma looks towards the nearby alley, wondering if she should hide, before he sees her. She wants to talk to him again. But the look in his eyes the last time he spoke to her, as he pointed his gun at her, was gut-wrenching! She can't bear to see that look in his eyes again. But...he had kept evidence from the police, and got himself arrested, rather than turn her in! He had protected her! She never thought anyone would do something like that for her. He should know how much that touched her. But what if he just shouts are her again? Emma is so confused, she doesn't know what to do. Should she hide in the alleyway, or should she stay and talk to Nick, despite Anna's warnings? She looks towards the alleyway...
NICK: Emma?
Too late. Nick has seen her. But he doesn't sound angry.
EMMA: *nervous* Nick, it's really good to see you again.
NICK: It's good to see you too, Emma. And look... *holds his hands up* no gun this time.
Emma bites her lip. She looks around, half expecting to see Anna jump out from somewhere, and warn her away from Nick again.
NICK: Everything okay?
EMMA: Yeah. Is Anna with you?
NICK: No. Why would she be?
EMMA: Um, no reason, I guess. So how have you been? You looked a million miles away, just now.
NICK: I'm doing good.
EMMA: ... Are you still in a hotel?
NICK: No, I'm renting my own place now. Much better than a cramped hotel room.
Awkward silence...
EMMA: I'm glad you didn't leave Soterios afterall, Nick.
NICK: Yeah, well, you know how it goes. Plans change.
EMMA: *bites lip* Nick... Anna told me you were arrested. She said they suspected you of the murders, and they arrested you.
NICK: Anna wasn't very happy about that. She wanted me to turn you in.
EMMA: Why didn't you? You had evidence. You could have easily proven you were innocent.
NICK: I'm not going to turn you in Emma. Not until I figure this whole thing out.
EMMA: *gets emotional* I'm so... sorry Nick. I never meant for you to get mixed up in all this. I never wanted you to get arrested.
NICK: Hey, I asked Anna to copy that footage onto a flash drive for me, and delete it from the police records. You never forced me. It's just unfortunate they found the deletion records.
EMMA: Nick, I... I never expected you would do that. You could have turned me in to save yourself. I wouldn't have blamed you, if you gave them the evidence. You've been so kind... I don't know how to thank you. But PLEASE Nick... don't get in trouble because of me. I don't want you to go to jail for something you didn't do.
NICK: Don't worry. I've been cleared of all charges. And like I said, I want to figure this thing out for myself.
Nick puts his hand on her shoulder. His touch gives her goosebumps. What is it about this man that excites her? She remembers his tender kiss, and it makes her smile. But then Anna's words jump back into her mind:


Anna: You took advantage of an innocent man.
Emma has already caused trouble for Nick - she feels so guilty that he got arrested because of her. She doesn't want cause any more trouble for him. Besides... she still suspects there could be something going on between Anna and Nick, and Emma doesn't want to come between them. Anna may not be her favourite person, but she doesn't to spoil things for Nick. She doesn't want to hurt him. She looks around nervously again, afraid that Anna will see them.
EMMA: Um... I should go Nick. Take care of yourself.
Emma turns and walks away.
EMMA: *to herself* Don't turn around. Don't look back at him. Don't let him know that you care, and that you miss him. Be strong! He doesn't need you!
A tear trickles down Emma's cheek.
EMMA: *to herself* I hope Anna treats you right, Nick. I hope she knows how lucky she is.
Emma heads for the park - a place where she always goes when she needs to think, and clear her head.
The Park...
Emma makes her way to her favourite spot by the duck pond, and curls up on the bench next to the pond. She watches the ducks, as they swim about the pond.
EMMA: It's so easy for you, isn't it? You have nothing to worry about. You don't have to be afraid of hurting anyone. *sigh* You don't have to be afraid of the monster that lives inside you.
DUCKS: Quack!
EMMA: *sad* Will I ever find a way to stop the wolf?
DUCKS: Quuuaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!
Emma sits there for about an hour, before returning home.
Heartland Manor...
Emma arrives home. She stands for a moment, in the hallway. Then she heads towards the East corridor, and down to the room in the basement. She stands at her lab-table, opens her journel, and begins to write.


Week 2 ot the cycle
I'm going to take another dose of the formula. The chemicals I mixed together should be enough to counteract the wolf's strength. I hope it builds up in my system, thus preventing the change when the full moon comes.
PLEASE, PLEASE let this increased dosage work.
Emma takes out a vial of green liquid, and a syringe, from the fridge. She loads the syringe, and taps it. Then she puts the syringe to her arm.
EMMA: This will not hurt. This will not hurt. *injects herself* This will... AHHH... not hurt... AHHHH. This... *gasps* does not hurt. It does not hurt it does not hurt it does not hurt. AAAAHHHHHHH.
The searing pain shoots through her arm. It feels like hours until the pain eases. Emma rubs her arm, feeling weak and tired.
Two days later...
Rainbow Dreams Cafe...
Emma is with Lauren in the Rainbow Dreams cafe. Emma isn't feeling very sociable - the whole situation with Nick and Anna is still bothering her. But Lauren has insisted they meey up at least once a week. And Emma doesn't want to let her best friend down.
Lauren is busy telling Emma all about Mark.
LAUREN: ... And I've never met anyone quite like him before, Em. He's... he's so... different.
EMMA: In what way?
LAUREN: He's a musician. And I never know when he's going to burst into song!
EMMA: He's sung to you?
LAUREN: *nods* 3 times! Well... sort of. He came to Soterios a few days ago... he likes to travel, you see... anyway, he was looking for a place to stay, and I told him the name of a cheap hotel. And he sang to me twice, to try and persuade me to act as his 'guide'. Well... that day, it was more like... *clears her throat* *sings offkey* "I thought I'd take a walk today...", sort of messing around kind of thing. But on our date. he sang me one of his songs. You should have heard him Em, he's so talented.
EMMA: You seem quite taken with this guy, Laur.
LAUREN: I am! *smiles* We've only been on one date, but... I really like him Em.
EMMA: I'm pleased for you Laur. You deserve someone that will make you happy.
LAUREN: Anyway, enough about me and Mark. What about your Mr Fedora?
EMMA: *sad* He's not *my* anything, Laur. We were never together.
LAUREN: Well, you know what I mean. Has he kissed you again?
EMMA: ...
LAUREN: Em...?
EMMA: No... he hasn't kissed me again. He's um... he's not at Heartland anymore. He moved out.
LAUREN: *her face falls* Oh Em. No!
EMMA: He was going to leave town, but I think he's renting somewhere now.
LAUREN: Did you two have a fight?
EMMA: *looks down at the ground* You could say that.
LAUREN: I'm really sorry to hear that Em.
EMMA: ...
LAUREN: You miss him, don't you.
EMMA: *nods sadly* Yeah, I miss him. But he shouldn't waste his time on someone like me, anyway. Even as a friend, he can do so much better for himself.
LAUREN: You're always so hard on yourself Em. It breaks my heart! Whatever you fought about... go and make up with him. Find out where he's staying, and go and talk to him.
EMMA: I don't know if he wants that. I don't know if he wants anything to do with me now.
LAUREN: *tries to comfort Emma* Oh, Em. I'm sure he does. You two got along so well before. And he kissed you, didn't he?
EMMA: It's not that simple, Laur.
LAUREN: Why isn't it that simple?
EMMA: *bites her lip* I think... I think there's something going on between Nick and Anna.
LAUREN: *shocked* ANNA? Dragon-lady?
That brings a smile to Emma's face. Dragon-lady is a good way of describing Anna.

LAUREN: No way! I don't believe it. Go and talk to him, before the dragon gets her hooks in to him any deeper.
EMMA: I just don't know what to do for the best, Laur.
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Hyperion Manor..




Nick is leaning back in his chair, at the desk. He is throwing little erasers against the wall of the roaring fireplace.




Nick: The king and his men.. THUMP .. stole the queen from her bed. THUMP .. And bound her in her Bones. THUMP .. The seas be ours and by the powers..

Voice: Where we will well roam.

Desmond comes down the stairs.

Desmond: What in god's name are you doing? And why on earth are you singing that dreadful song?

Nick: I have writers block.

Desmond: How many lines have you written?

Nick: Two and a half.

Desmond: After one hour? That IS dreadful.

Nick: I see your internal clock is still off. It's been one day and a half.

Desmond: Ah.


Desmond: You aren't from this world are you?

Nick: Excuse me? You are the one who's dead.

Desmond: For the last time.. I'm not dead. And as I was saying.. I know I don't know many people..

Nick: *mumbles* ​That's an understatement..

Desmond: But I don't think most youngins know that song, wear a fedora, or know all of the classic oldies.

Nick: Youngins?

Desmond: Your odd.

Nick: ​I never did get along with people. Always shy, awkward.. felt as if I was older than everyone else. I always felt as if I was born in a different time era.

Desmond: Unlike me. In my prime, I was the eligible bachelor. I wined, dined.. made my mark in this godforsaken world.

Nick: ​Great. So you'd be the guy who would pick on me, and beat me up. Lucky for me, I can't feel you.

Desmond: So I assume there is nothing to eat?

Nick: ​You can't eat. We've been through this.

Desmond: Doesn't hurt to try.

Nick: ​... There's a bag of chips on the kitchen counter. Just don't make a mess.

Desmond: I will forever be in your debt.

Desmond goes into the kitchen, moments later a loud pop is heard.. and the sound of chips falling all over.

Desmond: Oops.

Nick shakes his head.


Nick runs to the front door, and opens. It's Anna.

Anna looks Nick up and down.

Anna: God you look terrible!

Nick: Thanks.

Once again, Anna pushes her way inside, and Nick slams the door closed.

Anna: So much for you being the caretaker. This place is a mess.

Nick: Glad you like my decorating.

Desmond walks out of the kitchen, and stands next to Anna, eyeing her up. Anna of course, doesn't see him.

Desmond: Mmm.. aged to perfection. Maybe a little too old for me, but if she's not too old for you.. maybe.

Nick: *ignores Desmond* Anna, why are you here? I'm busy working on my book.

Anna: Sorry to bother your precious book-time. But I'm here to warn you..

Nick: Warn me?

Anna: John was here. He wanted to warn you as well, but said he saw someone upstairs.. a ghost.

Nick thinks.. Desmond. So Nick isn't the only one who can see him. Nick gives Desmond an angry look.

Anna: He must be working too hard.. so I have him resting for now.

Nick: I'm sure it was nothing.

Desmond whistles innocently.

Nick: So what is this warning?

Anna: The people that took Luke.. we believe took Luke.. killed one of our agents. They almost got to John.

Nick: No one knows I'm here. Or even if I work for Infinitum. So I don't need to be warned.

Anna: Yes, but the company is concerned. So much so, they feel Soterios isn't safe. We're being moved to a new location.

Nick: "We"?

Anna: John and I.

Nick: Good to know. Well I wish you luck then.

Anna: So let me get this straight.. you won't come with us, nor even bother caring about Luke's disappearance.

Nick: Anna, you are my supervisor. If you can't find Luke, what makes you think I can?

Anna: ... Of course. I must have forgotten. If Luke is found, your safety net for Emma disappears. Both of you will get locked up. Her for murder, you for purgery.

Nick: Now you are going too far.

Anna: Am I? Struck a nerve?

Nick: You have got one hell of an ego Anna. You stand here, all proud.. as if you are better than everyone else. And Luke.. are you forgetting? You are not room to judge when it comes to Luke. I've kept a secret for you for awhile. So you have NO ROOM to judge me, or anyone else. Get off your high-horse.

Anna: You know what Nick? Go fuck Emma. Do what you want with her. Maybe you have some kind of sick twisted sexual feelings for her and her issues. But when you get hurt, don't come running to me for help. I won't answer the call.

Nick: Do us all a favor Anna.. go to hell. And.. stay the hell away from Emma. I know you went to see her.

Anna: OH! So this is what it's all about! Poor innocent Emma came and cried to you, that big-bad Anna hurt her feelings. Tell her to grow the fuck up. She should take some responsibility for her actions. But then again, she knows you will fall on the sword for her.

Nick: Anna, get the hell out. Take John with you. I'll keep tabs on Luke myself.

Anna: Here.

Anna takes out a flash drive from her purse.

Anna: It's all out in the open now. I have a copy of Emma's camera footage on this. I made a copy.

Anna throws it on the ground, and smashes it with her heel.

Anna: Now only you have proof. So go fuck her, screw her, do her, and whip her. I don't really give a shit.

Anna storms out, and slams the door.

Nick holds his head, and sits down.

Desmond: I'll go in the other room..

Desmond walks away.

Nick looks up.

Nick: DESMOND! Watch the manor. I'm going out.

Heartland Manor..

Emma walks in, frustrated over her situation. She didn't have it in her to go and see Nick. Emma walks into the kitchen. She sees a bottle of Advocaat sitting on the counter. Emma doesn't normally drink.. but she's frustrated, angry, upset, a mix of emotions. Emma pours herself a glass, and drinks.

A few minutes later, Emma has tossed down a few glasses.

Train Station..

Anna and John stand in the terminal, and get ready to board a train to London.. it's from there their destination is unknown.

John: Nick isn't coming?

Anna: No. He's decided to play hero.

Voice: The hero has arrived.

John and Anna turn around to see Nick.

John: Oh.. Nick, no hard feelings.

Nick: Don't worry about it John. We've always gotten along. Stay safe. *glares at Anna* I came by to give this to you. It's Luke's.

Nick hands Anna Luke's chess piece.

Nick: From the man who doesn't care about Luke, I figured you could use this.

Nick walks off.

Anna: Nick.. wait! *looks at John* Get on the train. Hold it for me.

John: *sarcastic* Yes boss.

Anna runs after Nick, and stops him.

Anna: I'm sorry Nick, I know I was too rough on you.

Nick: I have to wonder why.

Anna: ... It's not romantic Nick. It's not. It's.. listen to me. I have worked with people, countless people through the years. All of them, had the book-smarts. They could do every mathematical calculation asked of them in their head, in a split-second. But when it came to.. properly loading their gun, or simple self-defense tips.. or even just street-smarts, they failed. Some paid the ultimate price for it. Their lives. None of them had the drive. None had the ambition. None are like you. I saw you, even in the worst situations, looking at the bright-side of life. Enjoying the places around you. We need more of that in the company.

Nick: It's just a shame no one else sees it that way.

Anna: Most people are focused on money and power. I see you focused on something else.. but I don't know what.

Nick: Your point?

Anna: I don't want you throwing your life away in this small town Nick. I don't want you to take this case too personally, and you wind up never coming back from it. You are going up against alot of things Nick, including a rebel police department with all intentions of finding a way to screw it to you.

Nick: Fortunately I can take it. I remember a certain woman teaching me everything I know about that. *smiles*

Anna hugs Nick.

Anna: You know I didn't mean what I said earlier. If you're in trouble, you call me. You call us. And don't forget what is important in life.. don't become obsessed either.

Nick: I'll do my best.

Anna: And Nick.. don't let her play you.

Anna walks away.

Nick: Stay safe, and find Luke.

Nick watches Anna look back, as she boards the train. Moments later, the train departs.

Heartland Manor..

​Emma stops drinking after a few glasses. She's not drunk, and the alcohol is not helping ease the pain.

Emma gets up from the kitchen table, and walks around the kitchen. It's so quite in the empty manor.

Seconds later..

A buzzing sound is heard. Someone is at the door. Emma walks out to the front door, and checks.. to her surprise, it's Nick. She opens the door.

Emma: Nick.. great to see you.

Nick: Can I come in? Sorry if it's dinner time, I got caught up with something.

Emma: That's okay, come in.

Nick walks in, as Emma closes the door.

Nick: *looks around* Like old times.

Emma: Yeah.. *smiles*

Nick: So you are probably wondering why I stopped by. Well, first off Anna is no longer going to be bothering you or me for that matter. She left town.

Emma: *surprised* Why?

Nick: Business. And for her safety in some ways. I can't say much about that though.

Emma: So they didn't want you to go along with them..?

Nick: Well, kinda. But I don't work for the company full-time. In fact, I don't work at all for them right now. So I didn't have to go. I'm staying here in Soterios for now. I'm going to stay here.. continue to write my book

Emma: Having any luck with your book?

Nick: Yeah, the normal writing process. Today was a writers block day.

Silence for a few minutes.

Nick: Well, I should probably go.

Emma: No Nick, you don't have to.

Nick: Well I have Desmond to look after.. *stops*

Emma: Desmond?

Nick: Oh he's my err.. pet. My pet cat. A stray. Found him in the woods.. wait, not the woods.. woods is a bad place for us to talk about.. I mean in town. That's it.

Emma: ...

Nick: I should go. See you.

Nick walks out, and Emma closes the door. She leans up against it, wondering.

Emma sighs, and goes into the kitchen.

Moments later, another buzz.

Emma goes to check the front door. It's Nick again.

She opens the door.

Emma: Nick?

Nick: Do you like me?

Emma: Well yes Nick. Of course, you're a great guy.

Nick: Do you love me?

Emma: *pauses, surprised*

Nick: Because I'm pretty sure I'm falling in love with you.

Emma: Nick..

Nick walks up to Emma, and kisses her. He pushes her into the manor, and against the wall. They kiss passionately, as Emma kicks the door closed with her foot.

Nick lifts her up, kissing her.

Nick: I think dinner can wait.. because I think we've both waited long enough for this.

Emma kisses Nick, as Nick french kisses her back. He pulls her top off, and carries her upstairs. They lean against a wall, as Nick kisses Emma's chest.

Nick's hands move Emma's down to his trousers, and he motions for her to take them off.

Nick: I want this Emma. Just you.. and me tonight. But I'm also going to be a gentlemen.. do you want this too? *kisses her*

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Heartland Manor...
Emma looks into Nick's eyes. Is this really happening? How could he love her... knowing the truth about her? But as he holds her against the wall, kissing her... her fear vanishes. Right now... his gentle touch is all that matters.
EMMA: I'm falling in love with you Nick. *kisses him*
Nick smiles. He holds her hand down at his trousers, and looks at her.
NICK: Do you want to go to the bedroom?
EMMA: *looks unsure* Um... I'm not ready for... that.
Nick sighs. He lets her go, and takes a step back.
EMMA: *grabs him* Don't be mad at me Nick. Please. We've only just admitted our feelings to each other.
NICK: I'm not mad. Just... disappointed.
EMMA: When we do it, I want it to be... special... something that we're BOTH ready for. *kisses him*
NICK: "When"?
Nick smiles. He strokes her hair, and french kisses her.
NICK: I'm not going to rush you Emma. I can wait. I'm just glad to know you feel the same way as I do.
EMMA: I tried not to. I tried to resist. But I can't help myself. I'm falling hard for you Nick.
NICK: Who can resist this face? *grins*
Emma looks into his eyes. Such beautiful, dark eyes, full of warmth and kindness. She puts her hand up to his cheek, and gently strokes his face.
EMMA: Not me. Ever since I first saw you in the cafe... I never dared hope you could feel the same way.
Their lips meet, and they kiss, slowly and tenderly. The kiss becomes a passionate french kiss as they run their hands through each other's hair. Emma slides down to the floor, with Nick sliding with her... still kissing each other. Nick kisses her neck, and Emma moans softly. She never dreamed she could feel this good. She reaches down for his hands, and their fingers intertwine. She kisses his face, his forehead, his eyes, his nose, his soft lips... but then suddenly, she pulls back.
EMMA: Wait... what about Anna?
NICK: *surprised* What about her?
EMMA: I thought you and her were... you know?
NICK: Me and Anna? No. Anna's my boss... WAS my boss... still is my boss... kinda. Anyway, there's nothing between me and Anna.
Emma gives a relieved smile. She puts her hand behind his head, and leans in for another kiss.
EMMA: That's one of the reasons I tried to resist you - I never wanted to come between you and Anna.
NICK: Anna's just being protective of me. She spent time training me, and she doesn't want to lose 'her' agent. Anyway, she's gone now, she won't bother you anymore. So can we talk about something more interesting?
EMMA: *giggles* Like what?
Nick leans down, and kisses her chest. Emma wraps her arms around him... her feelings for Nick, stronger than ever.
On A Train, Somewhere Between Soterios And London...
JOHN: It's a shame Nick didn't want to come with us, Anna.
ANNA: He's too busy playing the big hero. He has this crazy idea that he can save that little bitch Emma.
JOHN: Emma? That woman he met? Save her from what?
Anna looks at John. Of course, John doesn't know that Emma's a werewolf, or at least *thinks* she's a werewolf. Anna still doesn't believe it herself. Emma's just a cold-hearted murderer, and the sooner Nick realises that, the better, as far as Anna is concerned.
ANNA: Who knows? What goes on in Nick's mind is one of the great mysterious of the world. Hopefully he'll join us, once he gets over his little infatuation, and comes back down to earth.
JOHN: If he likes this Emma woman, why not let him enjoy himself? He's a sensible man... got a good head on his shoulders. He knows what he's doing.
ANNA: ... Indeed. Excuse me for a moment...
Anna gets up, and goes to the restroom at back of the train. She opens her bag... and pulls out a flash drive.
ANNA: *smiles, and holds up the flash drive* Did Nick really think I would destroy the evidence so easily? The flash drive I smashed in front of Nick was blank. THIS shows Emma's little killing spree. And *someone* has to watch out for Nick, until he comes to his senses.
Heartland Manor...
Emma and Nick are still sitting on the floor upstairs, kissing and cuddling.
NICK: Urgh, I have cramp in my leg. *rubs his leg* Shall we move through to your bedroom? *looks at her bedroom door* I seem to recall it had rather a nice bed in there. And don't worry - I don't mean for *that*. I just mean, it'll be more comfy sitting on your bed, than sitting on this hard floor.
Emma nods, and smiles. Both of them stand up, and limp towards the bedroom, trying to shake of the cramp in their legs. Nick looks at Emma, and she smiles back, and kisses him again.

NICK: You know, this is the first time I've seen you smile. I mean, REALLY smile... not just a half-hearted, 'I have the weight of the world on my shoulders', nervous, kind of smile. *sits on the bed*
EMMA: *sits next to him* I haven't had much to smile about... until now. I never knew it was possible to feel this good. How did I get this lucky? If this is a dream... I don't ever want it to end.
NICK: It's not a dream.
They kiss again, both of them touching each other's faces.
NICK: So are you glad I came by this evening?
EMMA: *nods* VERY glad! I was so sure you wanted nothing more to do with me. *clasps his hands*
NICK: ...
EMMA: So are *you* glad? That you came here tonight?
NICK: Yep.  Best writer's block day ever! *kisses her*
Emma cradles his face in her hands, and french kisses him.
EMMA: Wow! I'm falling in love with you so hard, Nick Zarano! *looks into his eyes*
NICK: Me too.
EMMA: *in his arms* So, um, tell me about your book?
NICK: It's about... what's been happening here, in Soterios. Helps my brain focus, while I figure things out.
EMMA: *squints rounds to look at Nick* You're being so amazing about this whole thing, Nick. I don't know if you really believe that I'm a... a... werewolf *she shudders as she says those words* or if you think I'm just crazy. Either way... you're not condemning me. Thankyou for that! *gently kisses him*
NICK: Well, as a writer, I have to keep an open mind. *kisses*
EMMA: *smiles* So how much have you written so far?
NICK: Oh well um... *mumbles* a few lines.
EMMA: *kisses his neck* You'll get there Nick. I know you will. I believe in you.
Another kissing session occurs.
EMMA: Anyway, where are you staying now? You said you had left the hotel, and were renting somewhere now?
NICK: Yeah, I kinda have a new job, to go with it. You're now looking at the caretaker of Hyperion Manor.
EMMA: *grins* Hyperion Manor? Now there's a place I haven't heard mentioned in a long while. It's been empty since the Undomiel's left a few years ago. They were friends of my parents, but they just left one day. The manor has been lying empty ever since.
NICK: Yeah, I heard. I got the grand tour from someone called Caleb.
EMMA: How are you settling in there?
NICK: Good. The place is run down, but it suits my purposes.
Emma pauses. She looks at Nick, and wraps her arms round him.
EMMA: Nick... I know it's a bit late now, but... do you want to stay for tea? I'm sure your cat would be okay for a while longer.
NICK: My cat?
EMMA: Desmond, your cat.
NICK: Oh yes, Desmond.
EMMA: *bites her lip* So... do you want to stay?
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Hyperion Manor..

Desmond: *paces back and forth* My beloved home, what have they done to you?

Minutes later, while thinking about Nick..

Desmond: Something is not right.. something.. is off.

Desmond goes through papers on Nick's desk. He sees the book.. "The Curse of Soterios". Desmond uses wind to flip through the pages.

Desmond: *glances* What is your name.. mystery woman who has a hold on Nick Zarano.. ah! Emma Lockhart. *thinks* Lockhart Lockhart.. that rings a bell. But.. what bell? *looks at Nick's laptop* ​What kind of sorcery does Nick use on this thing..

Desmond sits down, and with his long long fingernails.. slowly hits keys.

Desmond: E..m..m..a.. damn. Where's the big.. ah! *hits space bar* L..o..c..k..h..a..r..t.. GO!

Nothing happens.

Desmond: Search away beastly thing.

Nothing happens.

Desmond: To hell you plastic prostitute! *randomly presses keys, til he presses the enter key*


Desmond: Ah.. there it is. And a picture of this Emma...ugliest woman I've ever seen.

Suddenly, Desmond is drawn to her eyes.. there is something about Emma.. something he can sense. Those eyes.. send Desmond's memory soaring back. He has a flashback.



A young, handsome well-dressed Desmond walks hand-in-hand with a woman. The woman has long blonde hair, and fancy clothes. The room they are in appears to be a massive ballroom, with windows all around.. so many windows, the moonlight of the full moon lights up the room.

Desmond: My love.. I have something to ask you.

Woman: Don't.. Desmond, I can't.

Desmond: *lets go of her hand* You can't what?

Woman: I can't marry you. And you know why.

Desmond: But we are in love! The other man.. he won't be a problem.

Woman: But he IS the problem. I had this horrible affair with you.. behind his back.

Desmond: Horrible?

Woman: And I still love him Desmond. I don't love you.

She turns to walk away. Desmond grabs her arm.

Desmond: Now listen to me young lady.. I may be a slight coward, but I am not a fool. I know what you and your drifter have been up to. I know the truth. I know your plans to steal from my family, and just willfully slash me in the process. But alas.. *leans into her face* You've been caught. I was hoping marriage would clean things up.. since I did fall for you. But I can tell that you will just be the shady whore you've always been.

The woman tries to get away.

Woman: Let go of me!

Suddenly, the windows smash around them.. as wolves come crashing into the room.. swarming Desmond. Each wolf is drooling, with their red eyes situated on Desmond's throat.

Desmond: What in bloody hell is this?! HELP! HELP!

Desmond watches in amazement, and horror, as the lead wolf morphs into a man.

Man: They won't hear you. We're in our own pocket of time. You can scream all you want. Look at the clocks.. not moving.

Desmond: Who in the devil are you?

Man: My name is not important. What is.. is your name. Your family's name. And soon, it will be mine.

Woman: Ours.

Man: I never said anything about us.

Woman: But.. that was our agreement!

Man: Until you slept with the mark. So you like sexual fantasies? Live out this one.

The man raises his hand towards the woman, as the wolves begin to swarm her.. eyeing her up, and growling. In a fast motion, the wolves attack, ripping her clothes off, biting her, and fighting over her.

Desmond turns pale.

The wolves finally back away from the woman, leaving her bloody naked body, and almost-dead.

Man: Don't double-cross me.

The man takes out a knife, and carves into her chest.. killing her. He then raises the bloody knife, and turns to Desmond.

Desmond: I'll give you anything.. just leave me alone!

The man walks up to Desmond, and stabs him in the chest.. he then whispers in Desmond's ear.

Man: Give me your blood. Once it's spilled all over this floor.. you can die.

The man turns back into a wolf.

Desmond leaps out of the chair.

Desmond: I was killed.. by a werewolf.. Emma's a werewolf!


Posted Image

Anna and John are in a hotel room.

John sits shirtless in the bed, as Anna comes out of the bathroom.. her clothes wrinkled, her hair a mess.

She stands by the mirror, and puts her earrings back in.

John: Going somewhere?

Anna: No. But you are.

John: And you're not..?

Anna: Change of plans. Headquarters wants you in Mombassa. Rumor is that Luke has been spotted at a casino there. You'll be meeting up with an extraction team outside the airport.

John: And you?

Anna: I have plans of my own.

John: Nick again?

Anna: Don't assume.

John: I don't get it. Why the hell are you so protective of him? I mean.. you "break-in".. all of your male recruits. But this.. is borderline stalker.

Anna just continues to fix herself up.

John: Plus headquarters won't say anything about Nick. His age, his past.. not even where he's from. The guy is like a ghost. Plus, he gets some stupid easy test missions? Even the botched Soterios job. All he needed to do was hack into the town's network. Pretty easy, yet the guy gets called specifically for that. Something's fishy.

Anna turns around.

John: ... You know. You know about him.. don't you?

Anna: I'm not authorized to give information about him. It's a need-to-know basis for level 5's, and some level 4's. You are only security level 2.

John: Anna, I worked with him. I have a right to know what's going on.

Anna pauses.

Anna: Nick Zarano is not who he says he is.

John: Figured. Lying son of a..

Anna: He doesn't know who he is.

John: What?

Anna: You don't need to know Nick Zarano's real name. But the reason why Nick's past is kept hidden, is because it was deleted from all media. That is what happens to all level 5 agents when they die, disappear, or become captured.

John: *baffled* Nick was a level 5? That young? But now he's only a level 2..

Anna: During a mission many years ago, one of our agents was in danger. He was at risk of being killed. A young teenage drifter saw what was happening, and took down the attacker. Saving the agents life. The only problem.. our agent left his wallet at the scene. With the address to headquarters. The boy we now know as Nick Zarano made his way there.. and bravely asked for a job. When refused, he showed off his martial arts technique on a nearby intern. This boldness led to Nick enter training before the age of 18. His street smarts paid off. Nick became one of the youngest, and one of the best in his field.. and at his age, targets never suspected that this young teenage boy.. was an assassin.

John: My god.. you people made him a killer!

Anna: I'm not proud over what happened John. And to make matters worse, this boy.. was in a car accident. On a routine job. A job I was supervising. He was supposed to just go in, and kill the intended target. I was the hacker. My job, was to control the traffic lights. One miscalculation.. and I had almost killed our best agent. The accident almost killed him. Put him in a coma. When he woke up years later, his personality had changed completely. He had no memory of his life. When I saw him John.. laying in that bed.. lost.. I knew I had to help him.

John: So you and Luke made sure you trained him.. *shakes head* And you brought him right back into the company.

Anna: I taught him what I knew. The safer side of our jobs. He became a better hacker than I ever was. We gave him a new name.. Nick Zarano. A fake past.. and a totem. A totem that he can use, to make sure he is not in a coma.. a dream.. or insane.

John: So Nick has no idea of this?

Anna: According to Nick's memories, he's just an innocent man who needed work.. took work from his professor, and that's it.

John: You sick people.

John gets out of bed, and grabs his clothes.

Anna: Oh come on John. Like you are so holy. Now you know why I have to protect him. Why I want to make sure nothing happens to him.

John: Did you ever think about not bringing him into this life? Did you ever think about MAYBE letting him live a normal life?

Anna begins to tear up.

Anna: I was selfish.

John: Oh my god.. don't tell me you were in love with him.

Anna: He was young. I was older.  I knew it was wrong. And I didn't want to take that job John. Plus headquarters was already planning on taking me out for possibly sleeping with a minor. Never mind a fellow agent. But by the mercy of god, I was able to redeem myself.

John: Before the accident.. did you sleep with him?

Anna: ...

John: So I guess you have a habit of sleeping with male recruits. Even if they're younger than 18.

John puts his shirt on.

Anna: John, you don't walk away from me.

John: Like hell. I'm getting out of here, before I wind up losing my memory.

Anna grabs her purse, and reaches in.

Anna: Don't touch that doorknob..

John: Goodbye Anna. Oh.. and by the way.. start wearing some anti-aging cream.

As John turns to open the door, Anna pulls out a small black object from her purse. It's shaped like a gun. She fires it at John, as an electronic pulse knocks John to the ground. Anna shocks John, knocking him out.

Anna: I warned you. DAMN IT! I can't let headquarters know I told you. You couldn't just work with me? *looks through her purse* Ah.. here it is. When you wake up John, all of this will just be dream.

Anna injects a needle into John's neck.

Anna: Anti-aging cream.. pfft. Young bastard.

John awakens on a plane.. he looks around.. just passengers. He looks on his lap.. documents for the mission.

Pilot: Attention passengers, we'll be landing in Mombasa momentarily.

John touches his neck.. must have been a bug bite.

Heartland Manor..

Nick looks at Emma.

Nick: I'd love to stay.

Emma: Great! I'll head down to the kitchen.

As Emma walks downstairs, Nick's heart pounds. He sees Desmond standing on the staircase.

Nick: Desmond! What the hell are you doing here?! ... How?!

Desmond: It seems when I force myself to use quite a bit of my energy.. I can leave the manor. Or maybe I'm just attached to you.

Nick: Why are you here?

Desmond: Emma's a werewolf! I used your computer!

Nick: .. You what?!

Desmond: Nick, please listen to me. It triggered a memory. I think that is why I can leave the manor. I'm getting more energy now.. as I peace together my past. I was killed by werewolves. I was killed by a man.. he has eyes like Emma's. I can sense it.

Nick: Desmond, I have to see Emma downstairs.. please go.

Desmond: Nick, I saw the article. What if she killed her parents.. then she kills people she loves.. you'd be next. And if she feels bad about being a werewolf, if she knows.. why not turn herself in for treatment? She's a killer Nick!


Desmond: Fine. Why don't you tell her about your book? How you didn't change names, and tell the entire story.. why don't you publish it as it is? Then Emma would get locked up for good. If you didn't write that book as fiction.. then part of you must realize Emma is not completely innocent. She's a killer.

Nick: My book is my business.

Desmond: Or maybe you are playing her.. to do what they call.. blackmail? There are so many more layers to you Nick Zarano. I just don't want you to die tonight. After all.. look outside.

Nick looks out the window.. it's a full moon.

Emma: *from downstairs* Nick? You alright up there?

Nick: Yeah.. I'm coming down.

Desmond: You should have brought your gun.. I am not saying Emma doesn't have issues. But if she knowingly kills people, and doesn't turn herself in.. that makes her a killer. She's not innocent.

Desmond walks downstairs.

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Part 1

Heartland Manor...

Emma looks in the fridge, wondering what she can make for supper, for her and Nick.

EMMA: Hmmm, what can we have? *sees a carton of eggs* Got it. Cheesy scrambled egg.

Emma takes the carton of eggs, and also some cheese out the fridge, and puts them on the counter. She goes to the cupboard, and gets out 2 plates. Suddenly...


Emma drops the plates, and they smash on the hard marble floor, as a sharp pain shoots through her body. It's a pain that's all too familiar. She looks out the window.

EMMA: NO! No, it can't be! Not the full moon!

Emma had been so distracted with Nick, the moon had caught her off-guard.

Meanwhile, Nick and Desmond are on the grand stairs, out in the hallway. Nick looks at Desmond, alarmed.

NICK: What was that crash?

DESMOND: *shrugs* How should I know?

NICK: *shouts* Emma? Are you okay? *starts running towards the kitchen*

Back in the kitchen, all thoughts of supper with Nick have gone from Emma's mind. The pain she feels is growing more intense by the second. The broken plates lie on the floor, and the carton of eggs remains untouched. Emma runs from the kitchen, moaning in pain, and heads towards the East Corridor. She runs into Nick (and Desmond) out in the hallway.

NICK: Emma, are you okay? I heard a crash...

EMMA: *terriried for Nick's safety* You have to leave. You have to get out of here... NOW!

DESMOND:  *looks at Emma, and pulls a face*   EURGH!  Just as ugly in person, as she is in the photo on your computer, Nick.  

NICK: *ignores Desmond*   But Emma...


Emma continues running towards the East Corridor, with Nick chasing after her. She hurridly takes out her keys that she always carries, and unlocks the door in the East Corridor leading down to the basement. Her hands shake as she opens the door. In her haste, she doesn't lock the door behind her. She runs down the stairs, and along the corridor. She flings open the door to her secret room, and slams it shut behind her.

NICK: *calling after her* Emma, what's wrong?

DESMOND: What's wrong? Let's see... full moon's out... Emma's a werewolf... I'd say she's about to show her true killer nature.

In the basement, Emma glances at the archway, seperating this part of the room from her lab table\experiments part of the room. But she doesn't have time to inject herself with the formula. She's been taking the formula every week for the past month... would that be enough, since she can't take it right now? She runs towards the far wall, and locks herself in the shackles.

Posted Image

She's almost doubled up in pain by this time. It feels like her skin is being torn apart. She moans in pain, as she locks the shackles around her wrists.

EMMA: OOoooooohhhh!

NICK: *looks at Desmond* ... I'm going down there.

DESMOND: I don't think that's a very good idea.

Desmond tries to pull Nick back, but his arm just goes straight through Nick.

NICK: Why not?

DESMOND: Think about it Nick. If you go down there, and Emma's changed into a wolf, and she sees you... you'll end up wolf-snack. And call me sentimental, but I just don't want you to die.

NICK: *thinks* Go to her, Desmond. Watch over her.

DESMOND: She won't know I'm there.

NICK: I know, but... I'll know.

Desmond sighs. He walks down the basement stairs, along the dark corridor, and through the door at the end of the corridor. He sees Emma shackled to the wall, and he walks up to her.

DESMOND: I know all about you, Emma Lockhart. I know a werewolf when I see one. After all... I was killed by a werewolf.

But of course, Emma doesn't see him. She wrythes around, clearly in a lot of pain.

Suddenly, Desmond gasps in horror. The young woman he sees before him... changes. Her mouth becomes a hairy snout... her ears grow pointy... her hands and feet become huge hairy paws. And as her hands and arms grow larger... they break the shackles holding her to the wall. Her groans of pain become snarls and growls. Desmond takes a few steps back, not quite sure what to do now.

Wolf-Emma looks around the room, then looks towards Desmond's direction, as though sensing he's there.

DESMOND: *gulps* Ni...nice wolfy. Good wolfy. *takes another step back*

Wolf-Emma takes a step towards Desmond, and sniffs around. But she can't see Desmond. She turns away, and with one mighty bound, she leaps through the high window that Emma had boarded up.

DESMOND: ... I need to sit down. *sits on the floor*

Wolf-Emma is already roaming through the forest at the back of Heartland Manor... excited by all the sights and smells.

Several minutes pass, before Desmond is able to pull himself together enough to go and report to Nick. Desmond walks back along the corridor, and back up the stairs to the East Corridor, where Nick is impatiently waiting.

NICK: *sees Desmond* Desmond! What happened? Is Emma alright?

DESMOND: *slowly* It... changed!

NICK: What changed!

DESMOND: It! Right in front of me... it changed! One minute it was Emma... the next minute... it was a wolf.

NICK: So she was telling the truth then. She really is a werewolf. I was kinda hoping that...

DESMOND: That it was lying to you? That it wasn't really a werewofl?

NICK: Well, yeah.

DESMOND: It looked right at me. I think it knew I was there.

NICK: Don't call her an 'it'.


NICK: *sarcastic* Well... what a perfect end to a perfect evening. *thinks* Wait a minute... Emma told me about a formula she was taking, to try and stop her changing into a wolf.

DESMOND: I'm gonna go out on a limb here... the formula didn't work!

NICK: Maybe I can find out more about this formula.

Nick walks through the door in the East Corridor, and makes his way down to the secret room.

Soterios Docks...

Wolf-Emma is prowling through the docks. It's late, and most of the workers have gone. Those that are left, are winding down, ready to go home for the night. One of the workers walks out from a warehouse. Wolf-Emma jumps down from the roof, landing on top of him. She growls slightly, and bites his throat, as well as knawing at his arm.

VOICE FROM BEHIND: What... the... hell...

Wolf-Emma turns, and sees another worker behind her. But before the man can shout for help... Wolf-Emma snarls, and lunges at him, ripping his throat out. Her claws rest on his chest, leaving deep, bloody gashes on his body.

Both men lie dead on the ground, as Wolf-Emma looks around, then trots silently away...

Heartland Manor...

Nick walks into the basement room, remembering when him and Emma kissed here. He looks at the far wall, and sees broken chains on the floor.

NICK: What happened here? *indicating the chains*

DESMOND: Oh, it was shackled to the wall, but then it broke free.

NICK: So she tried to restrain herself then?

DESMOND: Yes. I never knew how high a wolf could jump before. *points to the window high up in the wall, that Wolf-Emma had leapt through*

Nick looks at the archway seperating the 2 parts of the room. He walks through to the archway - he's never been in this part of the room before - and looks at the lab table. On the table lies various test tubes, test tube holders, beakers, tongs, microscopes, syringes, chemicals, and various other lab equipment.

DESMOND: What is this trickery?

NICK: I'm guessing it's where Emma tried to work out different formulas. She told me she was trying to neautralize the wolf inside her.

Nick sees a small fridge in the corner of the room, and goes to open it. Inside, he sees more chemicals, and vials of liquid. He takes a vial and looks at it closely. It contains a bright green liquid. He guesses this is the formula she had been injecting herself with, to try and stop the wolf.

DESMOND: *reads out loud from an open journal on the table* "Since I've been taking this formula every week now, instead of just on the night of the full moon, I am hopeful this increased dosage will stop the monster in me from killing people. The guilt I bear is overwhelming. I feel as if my head is going to explode." *stops reading* Pfffft! If it feels so guilty, why doesn't it turn itself in?

Nick glares at Desmond. He walks over and looks at the journal on the table.

NICK: *reads from the journal* If the increased dosage doesn't work, and the change still occurs, I'll have to go back to the drawing board, and figure out a new formula."

Nick flicks back a few pages, and sees various notes, scribbles, and formulas written down.

DESMOND: What language be this?

NICK: Um, science language, I think. Looks like formulas and stuff.

Nick sees a pile of journals lying on the floor, and picks up the one marked '1'. He opens the journal at the first page, and starts reading.


I know now what I am... what I've become... the reason I heal so fast.

I have to write it down, to make myself believe it.

I am a werewolf!

Oh god, I cannot stand it! Changing into a monster every month... taking the life from others. I can't bear to look at myself in the mirror any more... knowing what I do. I don't want to live like this. I want to find a way to end it. But where do I begin? I tried to take my own life, but the healing properties of the wolf blood prevented me from dying.

God has cursed me with this existance. I believed god to be kind and loving... but he is cruel and heartless.

I have lost my faith.

Nick looks at Desmond, before turning the page, and reading the next entry.


Two women are dead. Because of me. The guilt is overwhelming! I went to the police, and tried to confess, but the sergeant refused to listen. He thinks I'm just distraught over my parents death. I miss my parents deeply, but that has nothing to do with those poor women. I deserve to be punished. Why can't the sergeant see that?

Another entry...


I called the doctor, asking for help. He did not believe me either. He told me to stop being so hysterical, then injected me with a sedative. I suppose I cannot blame him. A few months ago, I would not have believed it either. But now... how do I deal with the guilt?


I went back to the police sergeant, and tried to confess again. He still doesn't believe me. He threatened to lock me in a cell, for wasting police time. I cannot risk that. I cannot be locked in a flimsy cell. Come the full moon, it will not hold the wolf. And a building full of people... it would be like slaughter.

It is painfully clear I must try to find a cure on my own. The beast in me cannot be allowed to kill again. The journal, and any future journals will become a diary for my attempts.

NICK:  *closes the journal*   I still can't believe she's really a werewolf.
DESMOND: You're having a hard time dealing with this, aren't you?
NICK: Ya think?
Soterios Train Station...
Wolf-Emma slips quietly into the train station. It's deserted at this time of night, and won't be open again until morning... but there is a homeless man sleeping on one of the benchies on the platform. Wolf-Emma spies her prey, and slowly approaches him.
WOLF-EMMA: *bears her teeth* Grrrrrrrrrrrr
HOMELESS MAN: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
HOMELESS MAN: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Wolf-Emma jumps up, and rests her front paws on his shoulders... her snout right up against the man's face.
HOMELESS MAN: *sleepily* Waaassssssaaaaaaa... *opens his eyes, and sees Wolf-Emma" *starts muttering* Holy fuck. Holy fuck. Holy fuck. Holy fuck. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. Holy fuck shit. I'm gonna die... right here... on this bench.
Wolf-Emma bites into his chest, and the blood comes pouring out. Wolf-Emma moves her paw, resting it on his face. Her sharp claws pierce his face, leaving marks all the way down the side of his face. The man's head rolls to the side, as he draws his last breath. Wolf-Emma jumps down, and trots off into the darkness.
Heartland Manor...
DESMOND: So what are you going to do now?

NICK: *shrugs* I dunno. I need to think. Might as well go home. You coming?

DESMOND: Nick, I don't think you should go outside tonight. It's out there... probably killing as we speak. What happens if you see it? I hate to bring this up again, but... wolf-snack!

NICK: *sighs* I suppose you're right. Maybe I'll stay here tonight then. I can sleep in my old room.

DESMOND: Your old room?

NICK: Yeah, I lived here for a while, when I first arrived in Soterios.

DESMOND: ... I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat in this place? *looks around*
NICK: You're always hungry. And you can't eat, remember?
DESMOND: Have a heart, Nick. I was almost killed by a werewolf... again. I need *something* to calm myself down.
NICK: Okay, okay. The kitchen is this way.
Nick leads Desmond to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Nick sees the eggs Emma had left out on the surface, as well as the broken plates on the floor. Nick decides to boil the eggs, and have them for his supper. He finds a packet of crisps for Desmond, who ends up spilling them all over the place.
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Part 2

Heartland Manor...


It's morning. Emma awakens in the basement room. As always, the change takes it's toll on Emma, and leaves her weakened. She sits on the floor, with her head in her hands.
EMMA: It failed. IT FAILED! THE FORMULA FAILED! Taking it more frequently didn't make any difference! I STILL changed. GARGH! *hits the wall in frustration* WHY? *hits wall* WHY? *hits wall* WHY??? *hits wall*
Emma looks at the blood on her hands, and sighs deeply. The guilt of knowing she kills is tearing her apart. She struggles to stand up, then walks through the archway to the other part of the room. She washes her hands and arms at the sink. She has so much on her mind, she doesn't pay any attention to the lab table.
EMMA: What did I do last night? Who did I kill? *sighs*
Suddenly, something stirs in her mind.
EMMA: Oh god! Nick... he was here yesterday. I remember telling him to leave, before it was too late. Did he leave... or... did he see me change? *another thought enters her head* Oh no! Oh, please, no! Don't let me have hurt him. Please... please...
Emma runs out the basement room, along the corridor, and up the stairs to the East Corridor. She sees the open door, and realises it's been left unlocked all night. She gasps in horror, and runs on.
As she passes the Grand Staircase, she hears noises coming from upstairs. She goes up to investigate.
EMMA: Nick?
No reply.
Emma follows the noises, and as she approaches the bedroom corridor, she hears a voice coming from one of the bedrooms. A man's voice. Nick's voice.
Inside the bedroom, Nick is having a conversation with Desmond. Of course, Emma can't hear Desmond.
NICK: Are you still here?
DESMOND: Well, good morning to you, too!
DESMOND: I'm thinking... as long as you're here... I'm here.
NICK: *sigh*
DESMOND: So have you decided what to do about it yet?
NICK: No... I don't know. And I told you, Emma is not an 'it'.
DESMOND: You can't trust it, Nick. Just look at it's eyes.
NICK: *tries to change the subject* Have you remembered anything else about your past?
EMMA: Nick? Are you in there?
Emma opens the bedroom door, and sees Nick.
DESMOND: *jumps* AAAHHHHH! It's back! *hides behind Nick*
Emma is overjoyed, and so relieved, to see Nick standing there, unharmed. She runs over to him, ready to throw her arms around him.
EMMA: Oh Nick, are you okay? I was so afraid the monster in me would hurt you.
But Nick backs away. Emma sees him back away, and stops mid-run. Her face falls, as she looks at him.
NICK: Yes, I'm fine Emma.
EMMA: *sad* Why are you backing away?
DESMOND: *from behind Nick* Cos you're a killer, that's why. An ugly one, at that.
NICK: ...
EMMA: *nods slowly* I see. Everything has changed now, hasn't it? Now that you know for sure I was telling you the truth about me.
NICK: No, um...
EMMA: Don't lie to me Nick. I see it in your eyes. You don't look at me the same as you did yesterday. *pauses* So why don't you just kill me, Nick? The thought must have crossed your mind. Just one silver bullet is all it takes. You'd be doing us both a favour.
DESMOND: *to Nick* Told you, you should have brought your gun.
NICK: I'm not going to kill you, Emma.
EMMA: *looks at Nick* I was so happy yesterday... when you came here, and we finally admitted our feelings for each other. You made me think I had a chance with you. But I should have known better. I should have known it was too good to be true.
Emma sits on the edge of the bed, and looks down at the ground.
EMMA: I don't deserve to be happy, anyway.
NICK: ... I should go...
Nick turns to walk out the room. Desmond walks up to Emma.
DESMOND: You don't scare me!  I'm not afraid of you!
Desmond follows Nick out the room.
Seconds later, Emma hears the front door open, and close again. Nick has left. She looks at the bedroom door, as a tear trickles down her cheek.
EMMA: Goodbye Nick.
Nick reaction had hurt, but could she really expect anything else?  He reacted just as she thought he would... as anyone would have.  And it's a hard reminder of why she should stay away from people.  She bites her lip.

Emma doesn't know how long she sits on the edge of the bed for. Eventually, she stands up, and walks through to the bathroom. She looks at herself in the mirror... looking at the monster that stares back at her. Maybe everyone would be better off, if she just stayed out of the way, and hide in her manor.  She lets out an anguished scream, grabs an ornament from the bathroom shelf, and uses it to smash the bathroom mirror... over, and over again.
Lauren's House...
At the other side of town, Lauren wakes to the sound of guitar playing. It takes her a while to realise it's coming from outside. She opens her curtains, to see Mark standing there. He smiles up at her.

Posted Image
Lauren's heart skips a beat. She opens her window.
LAUREN: Mark, what are you doing? *smiles*
MARK: Morning princess.
Mark strums a few more chords on his guitar, then starts singing.
MARK: *sings* Come sail your ships around me, and burn your bridges down. We make a little history baby, every time you come around. Come loose your dogs upon me, and let your hair hang down. You are a little mystery to me, every time you come around.

The song brings a tear to Lauren's eye, she loves it so much. And by the time he's finished, many of the neighbours are at their windows or doorways, listening to him playing and singing. They applaud him loudly.
NEIGHBOUR 1: Ahhhh, that's so sweet.
NEIGHBOUR 2: He's seranading her. How romantic.
NEIGHBOUR 3: *to Lauren* I'd hold on to this one, if I were you.
NEIGHBOUR 2: If you don't want him... I'll gladly take him off your hands. *chuckles*
MARK: *grins* Sorry, Lauren's the only one for me. *looks up at Lauren, and smiles*
Lauren runs down to her front door, and flings it open. She runs out to Mark, and wraps her arms around him.
LAUREN: Mark... that was so... beautiful. Thankyou! *kisses his lips*
MARK: Glad you like it. I've been working on it for a while... just for you. So... how do you fancy breakfast down by the lake?
Lauren nods, overwhelmed by Mark's beautiful song.
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Part 1..

Hyperion Manor..

Nick opens the doors to the manor, and slams them closed behind him. He throws his keys onto a nearby table, and heads straight for the old lounge. Nick opens the liquor cabinet, finds some old whiskey, and places it on the table.

As the bottle touches the table..

Desmond appears.

Desmond: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Nick jumps. He hunches over the table, and slams his hands on it.

Nick: FUCK! Do you ever just disappear?

Desmond: ... Well excuse me for saving your life. I remember very little. But I do remember my family storing poison and explosives acting as liquor.

Nick: *picks up bottle, and looks at it*

Desmond: That's nitroglycerin.

Nick: Why the hell would someone store explosives and posion in mother fuckin' liquor bottles?

Desmond: I don't appreicate that language. And we did as a defense tool. In case we needed it, no one would expect us to find these kind of materials in liquor bottles. If someone pissed us off, we made them a nice pot of tea. They never saw it coming. Oh.. stay away from the tea.

Nick places the bottle back, and heads into the living room. Desmond follows.

Desmond: ​You know this.. it.. won't go away. And drowning yourself in a bottle of poison won't solve the problem.

Nick: Oh really? I thought it would. I need a damn drink!

Desmond: No. What you need, is a woman.

Nick: Have one. She's a real killer.

Desmond: No, I mean a beautiful young princess.. ripe at the age of 13. With hips ready to bear children. With bosoms that could crack walnuts. I know just the girl for you! She's in the neighboring town. I had her, now I'm done with her. She's 13. She's attractive. She's.. she's.. oh wait.. she's probably dead by now.

Nick: ... Are you done?

Desmond: Sadly, yes.

Desmond sits down.

Nick paces back and forth.

Nick: I don't know what to do. I mean, I love her. I think I love her. And I'd like to help her. But.. I'm not a scientist. I don't know how to help her!

Desmond: Maybe you should just kill her. Maybe she'll come back to life.. a little less hairy.

Nick: I'm not going to kill her.

Desmond: Fine. Let more people die. But now things have changed.

Nick has turned to look at Desmond.

Nick: How?

Desmond: Now the blood is on your hands as well. Sure Emma, I mean.. it.. is out there killing innocent people. But you know about it. And you can't stop it. That makes you part of it. You aren't a killer Nick. This isn't for you.

Nick: Oh god..

Desmond: What?

Nick: The people she's killed.. the bodies. If the police find them.. they'll have more deaths on their hands. They'll start asking me questions again. They'll start trouble. I have to find the bodies.

Desmond: Oh please no Nick.. don't do what I think you are doing. DO NOT cover for her. Come on! What on earth could you possibly do?

Nick: I could follow Emma's tracks. I could bury the bodies.

Desmond: Even if you could.. don't tell me the town wouldn't notice likely multiple people suddenly missing from their annual tomato festival, or some other preposterous event. What have these fools down to my town.. *looks out window* Ah, speaking of fools.. look who's here. It seems body-finding is a sport these days.

Nick looks out the window, and sees police cars.. Detective Thompson is leading the way, as officers swarm the grounds.

Desmond: ​HEY! Don't step on my flowers.. eh.. weeds! Don't step on my weeds! BLOODY FOOLS! I'll have you all committed!

Nick opens the front door.

Nick: Detective Thompson, can I help you?

Detective Thompson: Cut the bullshit Mr. Zarano.

Nick: Mr. Zarano? What happened to Nick?

Detective Thompson: I'm going to ask you a question. Only one. You have one chance to answer it. Why haven't you been down to the police station, at work?

Nick: I've.. been busy. With my book and all.

Detective Thompson: Well that's good. But someone else has been down to the police station.

Detective Thompson whistles to the other officers. Two of the men open a police cruiser's door, pulling out Luke.. in handcuffs.

Nick: Oh god.. Luke.

Detective Thompson: You now have your chance to come clean. If not, your friend Luke here fries.

Nick: ... Nice going Luke. Thanks for forcing my hand.

Luke shows no emotion.

Detective Thompson: Well?

Nick: I know who's responsible for the murders.

Detective Thompson: Who?

Nick: Not Luke. But I'm going to utilize my rights. No further answers til my lawyer is present.

Detective Thompson: Fine. We'll play it by your rules. Cuff him.

A sad Desmond watches as the officers once again arrest Nick.

Detective Thompson: Oh, and by the way.. your fired. Take him.

The men take Nick to the cars, as Nick glares at Luke.

As the cars drive away.. Desmond sadly touches the glass window.. and fades away.


Emma walks past the manor, keeping her distance. She is trying to get some fresh air, to clear her head. She notices something odd.. the entrance gates are wide open. Emma slowly walks onto the property.

She walks up to manor.. and stops. A police van is parked out front. Before she can run away..

Officer: HEY! Miss!

Emma turns around.

Officer: Who are you?

Emma: I was ahem, just taking my daily walk. Noticed the police van. Just curious about what's been going on in the neighborhood lately. Not another murder I hope.

Officer: No. I can't tell you much, but it wasn't a murder. We have a warrant to search the property. The owner's been arrested.

Emma watches a box of Nick's writings being thrown into the police van.

Emma: Um.. well thank you officer. I'll get going.

Emma panics. Nick's in trouble. The officer stops her.

Officer: Hey um, don't mind if I'm being too bold.. but what's your name? Maybe we could talk about this.. at dinner sometime.

Emma: *thinks fast* Names Lauren. And um.. I'll take your number then.

Resourceful Emma might need a cops help in the future.

Officer: *hands her a piece of paper* Okay, I'll be waiting for you to call then. *smiles* Can't wait.. Lauren.

Emma walks off.

Officer: The name is... Ah, forget it. She ran off already.


Nick is once again, sitting in an interrogation room. Awaiting his lawyer to appear. This part of Nick's life is becoming quite cozy. This is the second time he's been arrested.

The door opens, and Nick almost falls off his chair.

Voice: My the trouble you get yourself into when I'm not around.

Nick sees Anna.

Nick: So much for leaving town.

Anna: Well I knew you'd need an attorney eventually. I just decided to speed up fate.

Nick: ... What the hell are you talking about?

Anna: You won't like what I'm about to say. But I've forced your hand.

Nick: ... You found Luke. Sent him here.. to fuck up my plans.

Anna: That's just it Nick. You don't have a plan. This woman, is going to either get you killed, or locked up. And right now, I'm guessing the latter.

Nick: No.. YOU got me locked up.

Anna: No. I saved you from lying to more officers about the new investigation. They found more bodies.

Nick sighs.

Anna: You keep burying yourself deeper and deeper into the hole.

Nick: And what am I supposed to do? Emma needs help. The police will just lock her up for life, and she'll likely kill more people even that way.

Anna: So what? You're going to send yourself to prison, to cover for her?

Nick: At first, I thought about pleading guilty. Then I realized.. that won't work. I don't want to be locked up. So instead, get me the hell out of here.

Anna: ​If you mean fleeing to another country, I don't know how well that would work. The police also seized your book. Which from what I've heard.. has pieces of Emma in it. So if it's used against you, Emma may need to flee to this magical place with you.

Nick bangs his head on the table in frustration.

Anna: Can't say I didn't warn you. For you, there's only one way out. Backup the evidence. Tell the truth about Emma. I can even represent her. She'll plead insanity, and get a light sentience, with some psychiatric help.

Nick: ... Get the courts to charge me with the murders. I'm going to plead not-guilty.

Anna: Nick, no.

Nick: At least with not-guilty, I have the chance to make bail, if I appear not be a flight risk. The court system will take months, if not years to build a case against me. I'll have time to sort this out.

Anna: Nick, the judge could decide to deny your bail! You could be locked up for months, even years! Do not do this!

Nick: That book of mine.. could you get it thrown out?

Anna: ....

Nick: You're my attorney. Answer me.

Anna: .... If we stress it's a work of fantasy, only with.. your lovers name, to strike some sexual desires.. the judge wouldn't want to hear anymore. He'd likely throw it out instantly, leaving no other large chunks of evidence.

Nick: Good.

Anna: And if no other evidence is presented, the murder charges would be downgraded to lying to police.. which would likely result in you facing some months in prison.

Nick: ... Fine.

Anna: So let me get this straight.. you want me to get you convicted, saying that evidence points to you.. then I tell them you are not guilty, and we lead into this long drawn out trial process?

Nick: Exactly.

Anna: Nick.. you don't get the court system. No evidence really points to you.

Nick: Correct. But when I refuse to name the real killer, I'll get 2nd degree. Or 3rd degree. Something like that.

Anna: ... Tonight you'll be sleeping in lockup. See how it feels. When I come back in the morning.. maybe then your head will be clear. See if you could spend a long time in a dark prison cell.

Anna gets up, and leaves.


Nick is laying in bed, in a small jail cell. Suddenly, a door down the hall opens.

Guard: ZARANO! You have a visitor.

Nick sits on the edge of the bed, and watches Emma walk up to the bars, tears in her eyes.

Nick: Hello Emma.

To be continued..

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Part 2..


Nick's eyes try to adjust.. he's been in darkness for too long. He makes out a face.. the face of Anna.

Anna: Nick, it's me. Anna. Do you remember me?

Nick: Yeah.. how long have I been in here?

Anna: It's been one month. Do you remember what happened?

Nick is filthy. He now has a beard growing down his face. Not long, but covering most of his lower face and chin. His hair on the top of his head is also overgrown.

Nick: Barely. I remember.. meeting Emma. She wanted to confess.. but I stopped her. I told her I'd be okay, that this would be sorted out. That's all I remember.

Anna: Well at the hearing, the judge knew you were lying, and covering for someone. So to knock some sense into you, and warn you of wasting government resources, he sentenced you to one month solitary confinement. He transferred you here.. to this prison.

Nick: Oh god.. it's been one month? What about Emma? How come I don't remember what happened to me..

Anna: I talked Emma down from confessing. She admitted everything to me.. and I do have some compassion for her. But mainly, if she was to confess now, you'd be in even more trouble. At least once your freed, you will be walking away without criminal charges. If she confesses, they'll have proof that you lied. You'll be going to prison with her. As for your memory.. one month in a cold dark cell of solitary confinement will do that to you.

Nick: I feel.. different. I kept having these.. dreams. These.. memories. They felt real. It's strange what your brain does, when it's tested.

Anna: ...

Nick: So am I free?

Anna: If you agree to my terms. I called in some favors with the company. They are willingly to pull strings, and make this case against you and Emma disappear.

Nick: The company never does anything without payment. What do they want?

Anna: You, and your laptop. If your brain has rotted, we need you as one of our hacking agents. You will work offsite, doing jobs from your computer. You'll hack into databases, transfer funds, all of that stuff. What you are best at. In exchange, this case will be thrown out due to lack of evidence. Sadly your job with the Soterios Doughnut Men.. sorry, Police Department, is gone.

Nick: I'll do it. But I'll need access to the lab.

Anna: I can get you access. Why?

Nick: Emma is going to become my next project.

Anna: That doesn't sound good.

Nick: She's been trying to stop the "change" from occurring. With our research and tools, we may be able to cure her.

Anna: There's no "we". The company can't know about this. Nor can I. Your job is hacking for us. That's it. Anything you do with access to the lab.. I want deniability.

Nick: You got it.

Anna: Fine. I'll draw up the paperwork. Oh.. and since you've been in here, more people turned up dead. I suggest you get onto your next project.. soon.

Nick: Anna..

Anna: Yes?

Nick: Thank you. For everything. I know things.. well, may have seemed complicated..

Anna rudely interrupts Nick.

Anna: Well I'm a better person since I got married. *holds her hand, with wedding ring*

Nick: ... You what? To who?

Anna: His name isn't important. But I've moved on Nick. I suggest you do as well. You spent one month locked up in solitary for her. I hope she is worth it. Anyway, I'll file this paperwork.. then you're free.

Nick: ... This seems like a goodbye. Are you going somewhere?

Anna: Goodbye Nick.

Anna walks out.



Guard: ​Cell door open to solitary number one! Inmate is being released from Soterios Penitentiary.

Nick is walked down the hall, passes snickering and howling inmates. All of them shouting things no one should have to hear. Nick is eventually brought into a different room, where he changes into his old clothes. A guard hands him the items Nick had on him before he was arrested. A cellphone, his wallet, a spinning top, a flash drive, a small kit, and a small piece of paper.

Nick signs some paperwork, and is fingerprinted.

Guard: Nicholas Tom Zarano, you are a free man. Have a nice day.

Nick walks out the front doors, and into the bright sunlight.

Anna is gone.

Nick takes an hour walking through Soterios, and to the old manor. Nick can't believe what he sees.. the manor is in even more ruins, all boarded up. One month has impacted the old mansion. It seems the owner closed up the place, after Nick's arrest. Nick climbs the fence, and walks up to the doors.

Nick takes out his kit from his pocket, and uses a lockpick to unlock the door. Nick walks inside the manor, as dust kicks him in the face. The police left their mark on the old building. Tables overturned, papers everywhere, chairs overturned.. it's a mess. All of Nick's paperwork, now gone.. his book.. gone. All shredded by the justice system, once they were thrown out of court. Nick is never getting them back. Maybe this is a sign, his career as a writer.. may not work out after all. Or it's a sign, to keep trying.

Nick looks around.



Nick: Desmond?!


Nick sees a mouse come down the stairs, and crawl into a hole in the wall.

Nick: What the hell happened in a month..

Nick leaves the manor.

Heartland Manor..

Nick walks up to the manor, and knocks.. unsure if Emma is home. Unsure if she will even know Nick, in his current state. Nick spent one month in solitary confinement for her. That has to say something.

Nick hears a car slowing down. He turns back, and sees dark car. One of the windows rolls down, and a man with dark hair looks right into Nick's eyes. He grins at Nick, almost laughing at him.. the window rolls back up, and the car takes off. Nick noticed one particular thing standing out from that scene.. the man's hand, laying near the window. He was wearing a skull ring. And on the front of that car.. a skull icon where the brand of the car should be. Something was off about that man. Nick just can't put his finger on it.

Nick looks back at the manor. And this time, rings the doorbell.

Moments later, the door opens..

Nick sees Emma. Before Emma can speak, Nick works his way in, and kisses her, once again pushing her up against the wall. Their kiss lasts a few minutes.

Nick pulls back.

Nick: So I assume you remember me. I just hope you didn't find a boyfriend while I was in prison. Because, if you did, then I couldn't take you out on a proper date tonight. Well, actually, that date would be here. Considering I'm broke. But I can cook. And I make the best dessert.. after dinner massage. That is, if you want. Just this time, keep all the blinds closed.. no full moon change.


Anna sits on a plane, looking out the window.

Speaker: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We will be landing in New York shortly. Please fasten your seat-belts.

Anna looks at the man next to her.

Anna: Time to move on.

Man: It's the best for you, for Zarano, and for the company. You'll meet with our agent at the airport. Then it's off on the job. Good luck Anna.

Moments later, Anna gets off the plane.. leaving Soterios behind her, and heading off on her next job.

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Heartland Manor...

Emma wraps her arms around Nick, and holds him tightly.
EMMA: Remember you? How could I forget you? I missed you Nick. *smiles*
Emma continues holding him tightly, as though afraid to let him go.
NICK: You missed me? That's a good sign. *cuddles her, and kisses her cheek* I assume that means you didn't find anyone else?
EMMA: *shakes her head* No. No-one else. Nick... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. *looks into his eyes*
NICK: You're sorry?
EMMA: You ended up in jail... in solitary confinement... because of me. How do you not hate me?
NICK: I wasn't gonna turn you in Emma.
EMMA: What you did for me... I... thankyou... I never dreamed anyone would do that. *strokes his face* I wanted to tell them you were innocent. I wanted to tell them you were covering for me. But Anna grabbed me outside the police station. She said that if I spoke up now, you would get into even more trouble. I didn't want you getting in more trouble. I never wanted you to get in any trouble for me. I'm so sorry. I'm gonna do everything I can to make it up to you Nick.
NICK: Well, the thing is, there's a lot of people in the police station. You being in there, on a full moon... not a good idea. *grins* Anyway, we should talk about something more interesting... like us.
Nick leans in for another kiss. Emma cups his face in her hands, and kisses him tenderly... passionately. He runs his fingers through her long hair. Emma can feel her heart racing away as he holds her. Again, the kiss lasts for several minutes.
EMMA: *touches her lips* Wow! *smiles*
NICK: Wow indeed! *plays with her hair* Anyway, all the charges against me have been dropped. Anna pulled in some favours with Infinitum. I'm a free man now.
EMMA: So it was Anna who managed to get you out of jail? I need to thank her for that.. *feels his beard*
NICK: Well, their condition is I go back to the company, to work as a hacker again. Plus, Anna's already working on her next job. I've no idea where she is.
EMMA: I'm just glad you're out of jail. *strokes his beard* And Nick... I like your beard. It makes you look... distinguished.
Nick smiles, and looks around the hall. Something is... different. He's sure of it. But what? He just can't put his finger on it. But then again, he's just spent a month in solitary confinement. Maybe his memory is playing tricks on him.
EMMA: We should celebrate you getting out. I have some wine in the kitchen...
NICK: *nods his approval* I like your way of thinking. *takes Emma's hand and leads her to the kitchen* The kitchen is... this way, if I remember rightly?
EMMA: *nods, and lets Nick lead her to the kitchen*
Nick takes one last look as he leaves the hall, trying to figure out what's different.
Inthe kitchen, Emma takes a bottle of wine from the cupboard, and opens it. She pours a glass for Nick, and a glass for herself. They clink glasses, then sip their wine.
NICK: So what have you been doing with yourself for the last month? Not finding yourself a new boyfriend, I hope?
EMMA: *shakes her head* No, I haven't really been outside for a while. *looks out the window, and shudders* Um, I thought it would be best if I stayed in here, out of everyone's way. Laur's quite cross with me, cos I couldn't go outside... to the cafe. We've just been having girly chats here in Heartland, instead. *pause* Anyway, enough about me. What about you? Is there anywhere you want to go, now you're out of jail again? *kisses him softly*
NICK: Actually, I went back to the Hyperion Manor, after I was released. That's the first place I went to It's all boarded up now, but I broke in. What happened there Emma? It's in an even worse state than it was before.
EMMA: I don't know. I did go to your manner a few times, early in the morning, when it was nice and quiet, and saw it boarded up. I wanted to find your cat Desmond, and bring him here to look after. The poor thing must wander why he's not getting fed. I couldn't find him though. I did leave some cat food out for him... but he never ate it. I'm sorry Nick.
It takes Nick a while to remember he had told Emma Desmond was his cat.
NICK: I'm sure Desmond can take care of himself. I just want to know what happened to the manor. It's a mess Emma. Tables and chairs overturned. Papers lying everywhere. And my book... gone! Shredded by the police! *sigh* Maybe it's a sign. Maybe I wasn't meant to write this book. Maybe I should just give up!
EMMA: Nick, no! You CAN'T give up! I've read your other book, remember? I KNOW how talented you are. You can't give up on this Nick.
NICK: I dunno. I'll have to think about it.
Nick raises his glass of wine to take a sip... and phases out. Something... in his mind... like a dream, or a distant memory... but in a flash, it's gone again.
EMMA: *touches his arm* Nick? Nick? Are you okay?
NICK: *startled* What? Yeah, I'm fine. Just thought I remembered something. I'll be right back.
Nick stands up, and heads for the bathroom. He sees a mirror on the wall, all smashed and cracked, so he can barely see his reflection.
NICK: *puzzled* What the hell? Why is the bathroom mirror broken? Wait... THAT'S IT! I KNEW there was something different in the hallway. There was a gold-framed mirror on the wall, now it's gone.
Nick pulls out a spinning top from his pocket, and start spinning it on the bathroom shelf. A short time later, the spinning top stops spinning, and falls down. Nick gives a satisfied smile, and pockets the spinning top again. He returns to the kitchen.
EMMA: Nick, are you okay?
NICK: Yeah. What happened to the mirror in the bathroom though?
EMMA: *looks down at the ground* I broke it.
NICK: And wasn't there a mirror with a gold frame out in the hall?
EMMA: I... I... *sighs* I just don't like having mirrors in here now. I don't like what I see in them.
Nick looks at her, pulls a strand of dark hair away from her eyes, and kisses her.
Soterios Market Place
Soterios Market is busy, and Lauren & Mark are having fun looking round. Some of the shoppers recognise Mark as 'the young man who serenaded our Lauren below her window', and smile when they see him.
LAUREN: *whispers to him* You were a hit with my neighbours. They all agree you're a lovely singer.
MARK: *fakes shyness* Awww, shucks. I'm all embarressed now.
LAUREN: You are not, you fibber. *giggles and kisses him*
They come to a stall full of nick-nacks. In one basket, there are several small cotten bags. Lauren picks up one of the bags, and can feel something inside.
LAUREN: *to the stallholder* What is this?
STALLHOLDER: That, my dear, is a bag of worry dolls. They say, if you tell one worry to each doll, all your worries will disappear.
LAUREN: *looks at Mark* I should get this for Em.
MARK: Your friend? You're still worried about her?
LAUREN: *nods* Yeah. I don't think she's been out of her house for a month. She won't even come to the park or the cafe now. I went to her house 2 days ago. She looked so lost and afraid. She was like this when her parents died... not coming outside. She's been starting to come out more in the last few months.. but now... something must have happened to scare her again. I'm worried about her Mark.
MARK: *kisses Lauren's forehead* Get her the worry dolls, princess. She's very lucky to have you for a friend.
Lauren buys a small bag of worry dolls for Emma, then Mark holds her hand as they continue looking round the market.
Back at Heartland Manor...
Emma and Nick are still drinking wine in the kitchen. She reaches out and strokes his beard.
NICK: *grins* Stop playing with my beard.
EMMA: I like your beard. *leans in, and kisses him nervously*
NICK: Hehe.  Just like old times, isn't it?
EMMA: *nods* I'm looking forward to our date tonight... and... after dinner massage.
Emma thinks for a while. She bites her lip, not sure how to say what she wants to say... and not sure how Nick will react.
EMMA: *nervous*   Nick... Um, I know you left here before, cos things were... awkward between us... when you first found out the truth about me. And I know you have a hard time dealing with it, and I don't blame you. I've been working on a new formula that... *stops* What I'm trying to say is, the Hyperion isn't in a fit state to live in right now. I'll do my best to get it fixed up again, and find out what happened... but until then... you can stay here if you want? There's plenty of bedrooms to choose from.  But you don't have to if you don't want to.  I don't want you to feel pressured.  And I understand if you'd rather go elsewhere.  Just... the choice is there.
Somewhere in New York...
Anna sits in a room. Something is clearly bothering her.
ANNA: Oh Nick. You're throwing your life away! And for what? How can I make you see reason? *deep sigh*
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Heartland Manor..

Nick: *takes Emma's hand* I'm sorry I walked out on you, and left.. when I found out the truth. It was just hard to process. But I've processed what I know. And I love you Emma. I want to help you through this. All my life I tried to follow what people told me to do, and try to do the right.. semi-normal.. thing. I'm tired of trying to be normal. Normal is overrated. I'll admit.. the idea of you, being a.. well.. you know.. is kinda intriguing, in a bestiality kind of way. I've always been interested in the abnormal.

Emma: So now I'm abnormal?

Nick: No. But, it does make things interesting. We'll have to see where this could go.. us. *smiles* As for my manor.. it's not mine anymore. I'm afraid I never paid my rent while being locked up. And.. the owner has strangely disappeared. So sadly the manor is going up for sale, once it's fixed up a bit. Besides.. I don't know if I'd go back there. The idea of living with you.. *puts one leg over the other, to hide the bulging rock-hard part of Nick's body.. reacting to the idea of living with Emma* Well.. I'd love it. But I don't know if it's okay with you, me living with you.. leeching off of you.

Emma: You wouldn't be leeching off of me Nick. I'd love to have you here!

Nick looks at Emma oddly, a reaction to the last six words out of Emma's mouth.

Emma: I mean, I'd love if you stayed here. *turns red*

Nick: Good. So then it's settled then. Once I do some work for Infinitum, I'll see about getting my own place I guess. So.. hungry?

Emma: Very.

Nick: Alright.. I'll go start cooking. Ahem. And just in case, don't go far. I may need your help on finding stuff in the kitchen.

Nick walks into the kitchen, as Emma heads into the dining room.

Nick looks around.

Nick: Okay.. pan. Where would a pan be? *Nick looks up* Ah! It's hanging.

Nick grabs the pan, and goes into the fridge.

Nick: Okay.. found the pan. Now what the hell am I making? Would that be too heavy.. no.. But I don't want to make that.. Ohh.. if I make that.. it has liquor in it. Maybe she'll think I'm trying to move too fast. Maybe I should.. no. God damn. Maybe I should just make instant rice and sugar.

Nick notices a box pizza dough mix in the cabinet. He then notices some sauce, and pepperoni.

Nick: Bingo. Pizza it is. Way to go Nick. Pick the hardest thing you know how to make. Hopefully it doesn't come out shaped like Desmond's head.

As Nick turns towards the window..

Nick: Gah!

Nick notices a cat sitting outside the window. Staring at him.

Nick: Bloody cat. *taps window* Hello. What are you doing there?

Nick has always been a cat-lover.

Nick: Want some tuna?


The cat runs off.

Nick: I take that as a no.

Nick goes back to making his pizza. Complete with pepperoni, peppers, onion, spices, and multiple cheeses. Nick puts the pizza in the oven, and starts making up a salad.

Nick: Wait.. garlic. Oh.. that's vampires. I'm good. Whew.

Emma walks into the kitchen.

Emma: Mmmm.. something smells lovely.

Nick: Well that could be me, or the pizza. I'm guessing me.

Emma: I love pizza! *smells* Mmm.. maybe that is you. *laughs*

Dinner goes well, and both Emma and Nick enjoy the pizza. But.. Emma's dinner is short-lived. She begins to have a headache, and Nick notices. He feels bad for her, and makes sure she goes to lay down.

Emma: I hate to leave you alone Nick.

Nick: Don't worry! Just go lay down for awhile. If you feel better, get up. I'll still be up. I'm a night owl. Maybe left over pizza later? Hehe.

Emma: I'd like that. *smiles*

Emma goes to lie down.

Later that night..

Soterios Police Department..

Woman: Alright Sheriff, I'm heading out for the night.

Sheriff: Okay. See ya tomorrow. *coughs, and sips coffee*

The front door closes, leaving the Sheriff alone in the dark offices. He continues to look over paperwork.

Sheriff: *reads file* Nick Zarano.. who is he covering for? *fills out papers* City bastard. *mumbles*

The front door to the police department opens, ringing the bell on the door.

Sheriff: We're closed for the night! Come back in the morning!

Suddenly, the Sheriff sees a flash of light.


He looks down, and sees blood seeping from his chest. He begins breathing heavily. The Sheriff has been shot.

Out of the shadows, it's clear someone is holding a smoking gun.. still pointed towards the Sheriff. It's someone wearing a hood, and gloves.

Sheriff: You.. shot me. *wheezes*

Voice: We all have sins to pay for. Even you. And especially me. But now, you can seek redemption. Goodbye Sheriff.



Two more shots kill the Sheriff, as the man or woman in the jacket leaves the police station.. not after anything other.. than making sure the Sheriff is dead.

Heartland Manor..

Nick walks into the bathroom, leaning over the sink. He takes out his spinning top, and watches it spin on the counter.. once it falls, Nick takes a sigh of relief.

Minutes later, Nick strips down, and gets into the shower. It's a beautiful, big shower.. compared to the old one at his former manor. Nick spends at least a half hour in there, taking in his life.. and figuring out everything going around in his head. Nick gets out of the shower..

Nick: Damn. Clothes. If I had a brain, I'd be dangerous.

Nick grabs a towel, and wraps his lower half. He goes out into the hallway, to grab his clothes.. when he sees Emma. Emma pauses, looking at Nick.

Nick: Um, hi. Nice shower you got in there.. you know I could do your massage, if your feeling better. But I uh.. forgot my clothes. Ahem.

Emma tries to focus on Nick's face.

Emma: *blushing* Um.. yeah, I'm uh.. feeling better. So when.. you're done..

Nick: Glad you're feeling better. Go lie down, and I'll be in. *smiles*

Moments later, Emma lies face-down on her bed. Nick walks in, shirtless, but at least having boxers on.

Nick: Bad news. I forgot my t-shirts. Most of my stuff is in storage, so I'll have to go get it tomorrow. Someone cleaned out the manor, and put all my stuff there. So I'll be sleeping shirtless tonight I guess. Still want the massage?

Emma: Of course. *smiles*

Nick: Alright then.

Emma: Check my drawer there, I actually have some massage oil.

Nick: Massage oil? Wow. You keep it in then?

Emma: Yeah. When you spend enough time alone like I do, you just buy it.. thinking maybe one day.. you'll meet someone you can use it with. And it works really nice as a lotion for my feet and legs too.

Nick: Well you meet your someone. *smiles*

Nick gets on the bed, over Emma's legs. He opens a bottle of massage oil.

Nick: You know, if I'm going to do your back.. you'd have to.. you know.

Emma: Oh. Right. Well, *bites lip* start with a dry massage then. Skip the oil for now.

Nick starts rubbing her neck, and her shoulders.

Emma: Mmmm... that feels great.

Nick lifts up her shirt slightly, and rubs her back. He then works his way down her legs, and to her feet, putting some massage oil on them, and rubbing.

Emma: Oh Nick..

Later that evening..

Nick brings plates of leftover pizza upstairs to the bedroom. A quick snack after Emma's massage.

Nick: So, did you enjoy your massage?

Emma: I loved it. I want more. *laughs, and eats her pizza*

Nick: Wait.. now you have some sauce on your face.

Nick kisses her cheek, and then her lips, french kissing her.

As Nick kisses Emma, someone watches from the window. The person takes a photo with their cellphone, and hides.

Nick: Emma?

Emma: Yeah?

Nick: Do you trust me?

Emma: Of course.

Nick kisses Emma's neck, and her stomach, moving down below, unbuttoning her clothes.. working his way down below.

Emma (still clothed up above) puts her head back against the wall, as Nick goes down on her. She gasps, and pushes Nick's head down further.

Nick stops, and sits back up.

Nick: Sorry.. I got ahead of myself there.

Emma grabs Nick, and kisses him.

Soterios Police Station..




Investigators comb the crime scene.

Detective Thompson: Whoever did this.. they need to pay. Those sick bastards need to pay.

Investigator: Detective! Got something. It's a note, left by the front door.

Detective Thompson: *reads* "We all need to decide for ourselves how much sin we can live with." What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Officer: Well, that's it. We ain't gonna find anything else here.

Detective Thompson: Hold up. You young fellas... no appreciation for the art of the crime scene. Can't you piece this together? Look at the flesh wounds. See the darker blood? He was shot once first. He must have talked to the Sheriff before killing him. Then finished him off in two quick shots. *imitates gun with fingers* Bang. Bang. Someone wanted him dead. And judging by the style.. this could be either a professional, or a rookie. It's not too clean, but not too dirty either.

Investigator: So I assume we all know what this means gentlemen. One of our oldest, and toughest will be taking over.. I assume you would accept the position Detective Thompson?

Detective Thompson: Nice. The old fuck is dead, right there, and we're already swarming to choose a successor.

Officer: All due respect sir, we're a small department. We need a leader.

Detective Thompson: Well, I won't argue there. Why the fuck was the station closed after 7 PM anyway? Even the fucking flower shop is open later than the police station.

Investigator: We don't have the men.

Detective Thompson: Well that is going to change. *walks proudly* I know of only one man in this town.. that had motive.. to kill our Sheriff. I know of only one man in this town.. that had the means.. to kill our Sheriff. I know of only one man in this town.. that had the opportunity.. to kill our Sheriff. Nicholas Zarano. You see.. *points to the dead Sheriff* The difference between me and him is that I do fulfill my promises. I'm making you one now: I will cleanup this town once and for all. I will not only arrest, but hang those that are guilty.. in court, and out.. even if the court says don't. And if any of you.. double-cross me.. as Sheriff.. I will ruin you. All of you. Do I make myself clear?

Men: Yes Sheriff Thompson.

Sheriff Thompson: I can't hear you.

Men: Yes Sheriff Thompson!

Sheriff Thompson: Good. Now dig up anything you can on Nicholas Zarano. I want him hung within 48 hours.

Investigator: Sir, we found something else.

Sheriff Thompson: What is it?

Investigator: A hair. A long hair. It must the killer's.

Sheriff Thompson: Send it off to the lab.