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Sins Of The Past

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Posted 13 July 2011 - 05:39 AM

As 2 months pass, Nick is enjoying his life in London. Running his successful pub, and his on and off again relationship with Sarah. But eventually, the relationship ends badly.

Sarah's Apartment..

Nick decides to surprise Sarah with a special dinner. He doesn't tell her that he's coming. Upon walking up to the apartment door to knock.. he finds the door open just a tad. And laughing is heard inside. Nick opens the door.. and finds Sarah's shoes lying on the floor. He dress lying on the floor.

Nick walks in further.. and finds Sarah naked.. in the arms of another man.. on the couch.. This is not a customer.

Nick: Hello Sarah.

Sarah screams, as she turns around.

Man: What the fuck?!

Sarah: Nick.. I.. I..

Nick looks at the nearby baseball bat Sarah keeps near the door to ward off break-ins. Nick picks it up.

Nick: I was coming here to suprise you with a nice dinner Sarah. But from that stuff on your lips, I see you've already ate.

Sarah: NICK!

Nick swings the bat, and breaks a vase Nick bought for her. Then he smashes the glass table he also bought.


Sarah: It's not love Nick! I did something for you. I was your first. You don't love me. Your too young for love.

Nick: You lying slut.

Man: Hey! Get out! NOW!

Sarah: Mark.. don't.. don't mess with him.

Nick: So.. that's this piece of shit's name? Mark? Well hello Mark.

Nick hits Mark over the head, throwing him over the couch.

Sarah: NICK! NO!

Nick: You want him? Congrats. You have him. But you damn won't keep the things I bought for you.

Nick goes around the apartment, breaking all the random items he bought for Sarah.

Nick: Goodbye Sarah.

Nick throws the baseball bat on the ground, and leaves the apartment. Sarah gets down on her knees, and cries.

As the next month passes, Nick spends his days getting wasted in his pub. To the point of getting even more drunk than the customers.

Eventually, Nick begins to ponder his life.. leaving behind Krissy in New York.. and abandoning his friends in New York. His ponders become thoughts of suicide.. until one day..

London normally has rainy weather. But on the day that a particular woman walks into the pub, it could be a possible sign.. of what would happen during the relationship. An event that would change Nick's destiny.. forever.

As dark storm clouds and pouring rain moves through London, a woman with long black hair, and high black boots walks into the pub. Her face of a more tough nature than the past women of Nick's life.

She crosses her legs, and sits at the bar.

Nick: What can I get for you?

Woman: A beer please.

Nick and the woman lock eyes.

Her name is Ami Delina. Nick has no idea what will happen during this relationship.

As the months pass, Nick has known Ami for 10 months. And he is wasting no time. With no one else in his lonely life.. he asks Ami to marry him. She says yes.

After being away on business in New York, Ami returns to London.

Nick is standing in his pub, behind the bar. He wipes down the counter.. it seems like the pub isn't very busy tonight. Suddenly, the door opens.. and in walks a woman with long black hair. It's raining outside, so she's a bit wet from the cold London weather.

Nick: Well hello there stranger. Beautiful weather isn't it?

Woman: Oh yes, just lovely. How can the weather get any better? *laughs*

Nick: Can I get you a drink? You seem like the shy type.

Woman: How did you know Nick.. come over here and I'll show you that I'm not shy.

Nick laughs, and they kiss.

Nick: Hello Ami. You finally made it here.

Ami: Dragging me away from New York wasn't easy.. and now that I'm here, how can you say this is beautiful weather?

Nick: Eventually the sun will come out. But when your around.. I don't need any sun.

Ami: *giggles* Yeah sure.. keep flirting Nick. We're already engaged. No need to flirt.

Nick: But you deserve it. *touches her face* So, tomorrow we can meet with the wedding planner in town. It should be a fun day.

Ami walks over to Nick, and kicks her high-heels off, wrapping her arms around Nick.

Ami: Your the greatest thing to ever happen to me.. I can't wait to be your wife.

Nick lifts up Ami, and places her on the bar. They spend the night making love.

Next Day..

Ami and Nick wake up in the Pub's back room.

Nick: What a night..

Ami: *giggles* Had fun?

Nick nods.

After a quick breakfast, they both get dressed.

Ami: Ready to leave?

Nick: Yes! Let's go. *smiles*

As Nick and Ami prepare to leave, the phone rings.

Nick: Hold on.. let me get this.

Nick: Hello?
Caller: The boss wants to speak with you. It's important. Be at your pub. He's arriving in about 20 mins.

Ami: Who's that?

Nick: *sighs* The boss needs to speak with me.. hopefully it's going to be quick. You head to the wedding planner. I'll catch up.

Ami: No. I'll stay!

Nick: Go. Get started. I'll be there soon.

Nick and Ami kiss.. for the last time.

Ami: Alright.. be careful.

Nick: It's my boss.. nothing is going to happen. *laughs* See you later! Love you.

Ami walks out.

Minutes pass...

Nick sits at the bar.

This song plays through the following events.

Nick taps his fingers on the bar.

He looks around.. it's calm.. like the calm before a storm.

The door opens.. Don Leone walks in.. with his men.

The men are armed with AK-47's.

(Taken from The Reloaded Pub. Remixed to fit COS.)

Nick: What the hell is going on in here?!.... Sal? What are you doing here?

Sal: I came to see you. We need to talk in private.

Nick: I'm not going any place.

Sal: Your damn... guards... or whatever the hell they are, shot at MY guards. One of them is my brother, and one is my nephew, if something bad had happened, you would not have been happy.

Nick: I'm already not happy. So what do you want, you never come to see me personally. Instead you send assholes like Vinny, who don't know their ass from a hole in the wall.

Sal: Watch yourself Nicholas, that's my cousin your talking about. And by the way, couldn't I've just have come to say hello? And just have a drink? In fact, pour me one.

Nick: No, Sal. You always have a alternative motive. Come sit the at Bar. What do you want to drink?

*Sal sit's at a barstool and Nick walks behind the bar. The guards walk back into the room and stand, guarding the front door.*

Sal: I'll have a glass of the bubbly. After all, we're celebrating. *Sal motions to the guards with his finger, the guards nod their heads, and close the front door, lock it, and then proceed to close the blinds. Nick is too busy serving the drink to notice anything.*

*Nick pours the drink for Sal*

Nick: Celebrating what? You've been accepted into the insane ward?

Sal: Very funny Nicholas. I always liked your style.

Nick: Cut the shit. Get to the point.

Sal: Ah! Strictly business huh? Well, I'm celebrating. Your not.

Nick: ...What...?

Sal: Oh yes, you see, I have decided that you are no longer profitable to me. You do not give me the Pub's earnings, and on a lighter note, I discovered the fuckin rat who has been giving information to the Braco family.

Nick: Okay first off...
*Sal interrupts Nick*

Sal: Don't even bother Nick. I know it was you.

*Sal takes the bottle of scotch and hit's Nick over the head with it. Nick falls over behind the bar, and collapses.

Sal: You damn rat! You want to play games? I'll play games!

Nick: I did not do it! Your framing me!

*Sal whispers*

Sal: Maybe I am. But, now I have a reason to do this!

*Pulls out his hand gun and points it at Nick*

Sal: The family has ordered the hit. So, as the Don, I have no blood on my hands. So in case the cops are looking for the killer, it would not lead to me! Perfect isn't it? Do it boy's!

*The guards throw molitav cocktails into the assorted rooms of the Pub. The fire alarm goes off*

Sal: Not only will you burn in hell, but your Pub will too!

Nick: Please Sal, don't do this, remember who I am? We used to be great friends.

Sal: That's right. 'Used to". Not anymore. Goodbye Nicholas. Rot in hell.

*Sal fires a shot into Nick's head.*

Sal: Go kill the rest of them!

*The guards run into the back room, while avoiding the flames, and open fire on the remaining people in the pub* *Blood spatters everywhere*

*Suddenly a explosion in heard from the vault in the back room, the fire has detonated a bomb, blowing the Pub apart.*


*A policeman quickly runs inside, while avoiding the flames and debris, and follows the trail of blood leading to behind the bar. It appears a body might have been there. A note lays on the floor. The policeman starts reading:

"I leave with satisfaction. My life is just beginning. This Pub, was just the beginning." *Suddenly ink appears on the paper, the wet ink starts spelling & forming out the words "Liberta."

*Puzzled by the note and mortified, he looks at the dead bodies of Don Sal, and three body guards. He quickly drops the note and runs outside, scared to death. He calls for back-up, and a firefighter squadron.*

The Police leave, and the Firefighter's leave.
All that's left are ruins.
A state inspector comes by, and seals off yellow tape around the lot.

*A figure cloaked in a black robe walks up to the lot and looks at the ruins. He bends down and hammers a sign post into the dirt.* The sign reads:

"You can find the past again in Liberta, the City of Secrets. If you are a Pub patron, you will receive a letter with a map. That is how you can find your way to happiness. To a city of magic and joy. If your not a patron, you'll find the way in your dreams."

*The dark figure, using his finger nails, etch's a signature onto the sign*


*And just like that, the figure evaporates, and disappears.*

In time, the land will be cleared.
But the history, will never be cleared.


Ami walks around in the wedding planner store, waiting for Nick.. suddenly, her eyes turn to the TV.

TV: Famous pub destroyed, 4 bodies found.
It is a sad day for residents of Reloaded. The world famous Reloaded Pub, owned by mobster and conman Nicholas Zarano, went up in flames yesterday. The police have deemed the fire deliberate arson, and are also investigating the murder of four people. Three Leone family body guards, and the reported boss of the family Don Sal Leone. When we asked the police what would happen to the pub, we were told "We are not certain at this time. Owner Nicholas Zarano has gone missing. We are still investing the disappearance of Nicholas Zarano, and we plan on arresting Vinny Castorlia of the Leone family for 2nd degree murder." Patrons of the pub feel saddened by the loss. But what's even more mysterious, is that the Pub's land has already been donated to charity. Even though Nicholas, who is believed to be dead, has ownership of the land. So, through all of this, we remember the Pub, the good times, and the bad. And we hope for a better future. Rest in peace Reloaded Pub.

Ami screams in horror. She gets down on her knees, and cries.

The wedding planner runs over, and tries to comfort her.. unsure what has happened.

Ami: He's dead! HE WAS GOING TO BE MY HUSBAND! THEY KILLED HIM! *cries* I told him to leave the business. I LOVED HIM! *cries and can't control herself*

The camera pans out.. showing a crying Ami on the floor.. and then.. cuts to black.

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Posted 13 July 2011 - 06:21 AM

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I walk up the walkway of a beautiful house in France. I open the doors and walk into the house. The maids quickly take my things. I walk up the long flights of stairs towards the nursery. A small child’s voice is heard.
Leilah: “Twinkle twinkle litta staw ow I wonda oooh you awww”
The little girl giggles as several other little hands clap. I look around at my beautiful children all of them looking polar opposite from their siblings. My first child Clover is eleven. She’s tall and slim with pale blond hair, pale blue eyes, and thin pink lips, wearing a pale pink dress. My other daughter sitting next to her is River. River is a red head, with big red glossy curls, and green-blue eyes, she’s got a sprinkle of freckles across her little button nose.  
Brock is tall and stocky he’s only nine years old with golden blond hair and deep brown eyes. He’s tan and he’s full of love and forgiveness. Brock’s twin brother is Blaine has Black hair and blue eyes. Blaine is deep and very insightful.
Misty claps her hands enthusiastically. Misty is eight years old and she can already play almost every song ever made on the piano. This little girl is a genius! She’s slim like the rest of her sisters, with honey brown eyes, rimmed by a golden-yellow color. She has a slight tan and long auburn hair.
Leilah curtsies, in her little green dress. Her green dress makes her emerald green eyes pop. She’s five years old and the toughest of all of her older sister s. She’s tan like me, with soft, silky shoulder length curly black hair. She’s a chubby little girl with big puppy dog eyes, chubby cheeks and little heart shaped pink lips. She turns around and sees me standing there.
Leilah: Mommy! Mama!
Leilah jumps up and down her arms out stretched. I have a sad look on my face which she doesn’t understand. I look up at her siblings who all nod in turn and stand and march to their bedrooms. Leilah continues to jump up and down. I pick her up and take her to her room. She naps in her baby bed as I pack up her bedroom the third time this month.
Midnight comes, I wrap little Leilah in a blanket and slip my little bundled up baby under my cloak. My Other girls are all swaddled in their large cloaks as well.
Shane: On the count of three we run for the train…
My husband Shane whispers.
Shane: One…Two…Three.
All of us take of running hard Me in the front leading the way I open the cold hard door of the train and stash little baby Leilah in a shipping crate. The other kids climb in single file silently. My husband takes up the rear ever so brave. I climb in and he follows shortly after. He shuts the cold metal train door. The kids all make beds in hay in the back of the train car.

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Posted 13 July 2011 - 06:27 AM


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The dark depths of the Underworld roll on like the tides of lava that surround it.

On the shores of the lava, the burned body of Nick Zarano. A fresh arrival. Sumonsar, the leader of the underworld, kneels over him.

Posted Image

Sumonsar: You had such potential.. such a strong bloodline.

Sumonsar touches Nick, and instantly Nick regains consciousness.

Sumonsar: Your name?

Nick: Nick.. Zarano.

Sumonsar: You understand you have died?

Nick: I... can't be dead.. I have so much.. to live.. my fiancée..

Sumonsar: Your dead Nick Zarano. Regrettably. You never discovered your bloodline.. nor your powers.

Nick: What?

Sumonsar: Your father was a very powerful man Nick Zarano.

Nick: My father was a bastard. Where the hell am I? Who are you?

Sumonsar: This is the underworld. I'm Sumonsar. The leader of the underworld. I'm here to process you into the underworld.

Nick: Like hell you will process me. I want to be alive!

Sumonsar: Your not the only one.

Nick: If my bloodline is so strong.. then why can't I live again?

Sumonsar: Nick Zarano.. just let go.

Nick: I WILL NOT LET GO! I AM ANGRY! I WAS KILLED BY A LYING BASTARD! A bastard I spent my life working for! He killed me in cold blood!

Sumonsar: If it makes you feel better that bastard was killed as well. I just processed him.

Nick: Great. Now his daughter is without a father. BUT I AM STILL PISSED! I DID NOT WANT TO DIE! I will make you a deal.. I want to be alive again.

Sumonsar: A deal? What kind?

Nick: I'll work for you..

Sumonsar: Your quite the business man Nick Zarano. Normally I would say no. But.. you have great power.. you just haven't discovered it yet.

Nick: So..?

Sumonsar: I need someone to escort souls into the underworld. I need a sort of purgatory for restless souls, while they are being processed. You can create a location to house them.

Nick: I'll do it.

Sumonsar: Hold it.. coming back to life means you will be immortal. You will not have the same feelings other humans have. You won't be able to feel love, and other emotions. You will also have to abandon the lives of the people who knew you.. some of them.. at least for now.

Nick: Including..

Sumonsar: Ami Delina. Yes. I know all about her. You won't be able to see her right away. You will wear a scar on your head.. as a result of your gunshot wound. Do you agree, even if you might not be able to live a normal human life?

Nick: I agree.

Sumonsar: Welcome back to the land of the living.. Nick Zarano.

Sumonsar touches Nick, and in a flash.. Nick gaps for air, and wakes up in a forest.


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Posted 14 July 2011 - 07:36 AM

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I am sitting in class chewing my gum rudely. My teacher glares at me. She hurriedly walks to me with a large ruler in hand. She smacks my desk hard.

German Teacher: Leilah hört auf, Ihr Gummi zu schlagen!

I flinch at the loud noise. I look up at her my green eyes narrowing into slits of hatred.

Leilah: You old hag! I don’t even know what you are saying.

One boy out of everyone in the class laughs. He laughs as if he understood what I said. But that’s impossible, no one here speaks English. He looks at me smiling. I smile back at him.


After class I stand and smooth down my plaid skirt. I slide my books into my book bag and head for the door. I am stopped by Abel the school bully. He grabs my wrist and pulls me with him.

Able: Sie dumme Schlampe, die ich Sie mein Weibchen machen werde.

I cry out in pain as he forces me to my knees and tries to pry my mouth open. His friends come up from behind me and forcibly hold my head.

Able: Sie Sind glücklich Sie Sind heiß, saugt mein Dick Weibchen.

He unzips his pants and pulls out his thing. I close my eyes disgusted as he tries to force it into my mouth. He’s been molesting me since the day I moved here. His friends would hold me down in the bathroom as he slipped his hands up my skirt and he’d rub me. He’d sit on me and grind on me. He’d force his tongue in my mouth while he felt me up and made me touch him. I cry. Suddenly a force of wind blows the boys onto their backs. I slowly stand up ready to thank whoever saved me. It was that boy who laughed at what I said in class. He holds out a hand a warm smile on his white face. I take his hand.
Boy: Come with me Leilah, you’ll be safe with me.

The boy says in a strong Irish accent.

Leilah: You…you know my name? And you speak English?

He smiles at me his ocean blue eyes sparkling, his hand is warm. I trust him by the look on his face. I’ve always been good at being able to tell if I can trust people, just by pure facial expressions.
I walk with him to a little community. The people all smile at me as if they have known me my whole life. The boy takes me to his mother Barbra Dunn. Her house is beautiful and bright with pictures of flowers and animals all over the place. Barbra smiles at me knowingly.

Barbra: Leilah, you have grown so much. You’re just beautiful, isn’t she?

Barbra looks at the boy again who blushes and shrugs slipping his hands in his pockets and looking down at his feet shyly. I smile at him.
Leilah: How do you know me?
Barbra looks at me nicely. She walks to her stove and puts some tea on the burner. She pulls out three cups, sets them on the counter and then walks back over to me grinning.
Barbra: Your mother and I grew up together. She has been my best friend since we were little. You know that you are special right?
She asks me slowly not knowing how much I know about my history. I smile at her.

Leilah: I’ve known that I am witch since I was five years old.

She nods.

Barbra: Okay well, your mother and I were born into the same coven.

I cock an eye brow not understanding what the word coven meant. She smiles at me. She then explains to me what a coven is. Apparently it’s like this a small community of witches that stick together and love each other. Most coven raised witches breed with other witches they don’t believe in mixing…but my mother is different than most coven raised witches, she met my father who is a French Royal Elf, he’s tall and thin with pale white skin and shoulder length bleach blond hair. She tells me that her and my mother were the best of friends. She says that I look just like my mother and that I’m one of the most beautiful girls she has ever seen.
I blush and smile.
Leilah: Thank you. You are so very kind to me. I love your house its beautiful…and your son…is the sweetest boy I have ever met.
I peck him on the cheek. And he blushes. Barbra claps her hands excitedly.


I leave their house. Feeling a little more secure, a little less alone…I feel beautiful and powerful…and maybe I really am all of those wonderful qualities. For the next four years I’ve been going to their house ever day after school with mom. Mom would sit with Barbra drinking lemonade and both of them would teach Gabe and I magic. I was a fast learner. A little faster than Gabe, so when we had our free times I would teach Gabe some extra stuff.

Posted Image

One day Gabe took my hand and pulled me into his room while our parents were out at the community barbeque, he shut his door and whispered in my ear a question that I’ll never forget.

Gabe: Leilah I love you so much….can you please...Please help me with something? I want us to teach each other how to…make out.

I smile; little did he know that I was honestly thinking about the same thing. Dreaming about the day he’d ask me to do this. He touches my arm lightly and my skin prickles in excitement. I take his hand and we walk over to his bed. He sits next to me. I lean in and kiss him softly, our mouths not knowing exactly what to do. He runs his fingers through my long black hair. He uses his tongue to push my lips apart. His tongue slides in my mouth and touches my tongue. My first French kiss. I lay back and he climbs on top of my kissing me hard. He runs his hands up and down my body not knowing where to start. He looks down at me his eyes hungry his mouth watering.

Gabe: You are so sexy.

He kisses my neck and grinds down hard on me. I roll over on top of him, my long hair hanging to the side of his face. I kiss his nose and climb off of him. He looks like I just kicked him in the balls.

Gabe: Did…did I do something wrong?

I smile.
Leilah: No but I think that we should take it a next step farther every day….and in the end….

I kiss his neck sexually. I whisper into his ear

Leilah: In the end…we can go ALL the way.

I walk away swinging my hips, he must be getting dizzy because I know his eyes are watching me walk. He enjoys looking at my body, I can tell. And I enjoy him enjoying my body.

The next day

We are in his room making out. I sit on my knees and slowly pull of his shirt. I push him down on his back and kiss and lick his chest. He closes his eyes breathing hard. I sit on his waist and nibble on his nipple. A smile plays across his beautiful face. I run my fingers lightly though his shaggy sandy blond hair. I kiss his chest as I climb off of his waist. I use my teeth to unbutton his pants. His hand is stroking my hair. My hands are clammy from being nervous. I lightly kiss his waist over and over again. He shivers. I pull down his boxers and smiles kissing him down there. I put him in my mouth and give him the best oral he’ll ever know. During the whole oral experience, he closed his eyes and his hands got shaky in my hair. Next after he released in my mouth, I sat up and took my shirt off. He helped me undo my bra. My bra falls into my lap exposing my perky c cup boobs.  He looks at me his mouth watering.

Gabe: Leilah Dawn you, are so….beautiful…

I smile. He’s still got his pants down and I’m wearing only my panties and Sophie shorts. He helps me slip them off and I climb into his lap kissing him slowly, his tongue mingling with mine. His mouth goes directly to my breasts. I lay back and he leans over me kissing my chest and breasts. He licks and nibbles and sucks making me sigh over and over again. We get dressed and hug. He kisses my slowly on my mouth.

Gabe: I love you Leilah.

Leilah: I love you too Gabe.

We walk outside hand in hand. Our parents see us together like that, and they both look so happy.

A few weeks go by….

It’s bright outside. I’m wearing my lime green belted summer dress. I am lying in the grass, looking   up into the sky the sun reflecting off of my bright green eyes. Gabe is lying next to me our fingers entwined. He points with his other hand.

Gabe: Are you serious Lei, that is not a freaking rabbit it’s a dinosaur!

I giggle.

Leilah: Gabe what are you talking about? That looks nothing like a freaking dinosaur I could punch you right now!

Gabe: Do it!

I tackle him and pin his arms down.

Gabe: Take me I’m yours!

I giggle rolling off of him. He kisses me hard. He jumps up and grabs my hand. We find an abandoned shack near his home. We go inside and he pulls off my clothes. That was the first time someone has even eaten me out, and it was amazing! He ripped off my shorts, and kissed my legs on the insides; he tore my tiny panties off of me and feasted. It was a feeling I’ve never met before. I loved it, craved it even. As he was feasting on me, my eyes rolled back in my head and I was making noises like an animal moans that I’ve never made in my life. I clawed the ground and pulled his hair and arched my back. After he finished he holds me close and we fall asleep like that. A few hours later, I stand up and put my clothes back on. I sit down next to him and pull his head into my lap, I’d rather not wake him up…he looks so peaceful when he sleeps. But we need to get back to our parents.
A whole year later

Leilah and Gabe had it planned out to lose their virginities to each other. We were going to come home from school and just do it. But that morning I wake up and my mom is crying. I ask her what’s wrong and she says that Gabe has gone missing. My whole world spins and I get dizzy. Gabe, my Gabe missing. We spent months looking for him. I had to go to school without him there to protect me. I again was sexually harassed by the bullies at my school. I’d come home crying every night with bruises all over my body, bite marks and kissing marks on my neck. I was always afraid to tell someone.

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Day by day I continue to be emotionally and physically tortured. I’ve never been fully raped, they never penetrated me; but they didn’t have to, to keep me in check. They beat me enough to where they told me to do something I do it. If they yell Erhalten Sie auf Ihren Knien for instance I drop to my knees and prepare to be forced into doing oral. I don’t fight back anymore, I just give in. Go with the flow. I participate and he enjoys it. I’m the best he’s ever had. After I finish he makes me swallow. It’s disgusting. I always want to spit it out but he grabs my throat and says: Wenn Sie es aus ich spucken, werde Sie lecken es ausdenken. Which in English means if you spit it out I’ll make you lick it up. So I never fight him I just close my eyes and swallow. Sometimes he’s not as rough about it though. Sometimes he’ll just want to make out and pleasure me. I have no idea why but he enjoys making me moan by eating me out or just rubbing me. He always lets me go and never has to threaten me if I don’t come back because I always come back, there’s no point in hiding. He always finds me.

Posted Image

One day after finishing oral with him he moaned:  Ich liebe Sie, which means I love you. I was speechless. I obviously didn’t love him…how in heavens name could he love me? If you loved someone you didn’t make them your bitch and force them into sexual actions. That’s not love, that’s lust. I’m like his sex slave. I’ve thought about telling someone but I can’t trust anyone with secrets like this. At night I’ll lie in bed and cry for Gabe. One day my mom and Barbra saw that my eyes were puffy from crying over my loss of my boyfriend. Barbra and my mom spoke in hushed tones. Barbra had me sit down in a chair and did a spell on me. Now the name Gabe is only a name to me. I have no more memories and if I do they are blocked by a strong wall, a wall I found unbreakable. Sometimes I’d get subtle hints on memories like shack…or bed, but I was never able to dig deep enough to remember. In time I gave up trying to remember. I’ll wake up in the morning. Have breakfast with my brothers and sisters and the day would start over. I’d go to school, I’ll be cornered in the bathroom and I’d do my duty with mainly one boy the leader but sometimes he’d have me shred off all of my clothes and ride the leader, without penetration, and give oral to two of his friends. One day I decided to ditch and they found me hiding behind a dumpster. The leader kicked me in the face while the others continuously kicked me in the back, the legs my stomach my face everywhere. I went home with a broken shoulder and dislocated wrist. I refused to ever tell my teachers or mom who did it to me. My mom finally understood what was going on and decided to move us somewhere else more peaceful. That was the last time I ever saw Barbra. I was going to turn seventeen in two more months. I moved to a small town with kind people who all spoke English. I made new best friends but mainly I made friends with the animals around me. I went to a small private school where I learned to speak Spanish, and Chinese and Japanese.  All three are required to pass high school. One night after getting ready for bed, I climb under my blankets and lie there staring at the roof trying to get to sleep, but I can’t. I try to remember what the name Gabe means to me. This for some odd reason makes me cry. After that night I stopped trying to remember and I forgot all together about the name Gabe.

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The Shire...

It's been 3 months since Forsco last beat Frodi.  Frodi & Orgulas have become very close.  In fact... they've become more than just friends.  Frodi cares a lot for Orgulas, and he cares for her.  Frodi has never known anyone like Orgulas before - he is her strength.  Both of them are sitting by the stream, with their feet dangling in the water

ORGULAS:  *leans in for a kiss*  Your cuts and bruises have all healed now Frodi.  

FRODI:  *kisses back*   Yeah, it doesn't hurt anymore.  My dad's been like that for as long as I can remember.  I don't know what I did to make him hate me so much though.  

ORGULAS:  *kisses Frodi's forehead*  You don't deserve this Frodi.  You really don't.  When did he leave town again?   *holds her hand*  

FRODI:  Two months, 3 weeks, and 3 days ago.  *smiles*    It been so peaceful recently.  But I'm afraid to bring flowers into the house now, in case he shows up again.  It was the flowers that set him off this last time.  

Orgulas looks around.  He sees a small, black, shiny pebble sitting in the edge of the stream.  He reaches down, and picks it up out of the stream.  He places it in Frodi's palm, then closes her fist around it.  He keeps hold of her closed fist as he speaks.  

ORGULAS:  Here Frodi, take this pebble.  Keep it safe.  If things get bad for you, hold it tightly in your palm, and think of me.  Take strength from it.  I'll be with you in spirit.  

Frodi looks at Orgulas, then down at the pebble, then back at Orgulas.  She squeezes the pebble in her palm, then smiles at Orgulas.  

FRODI:  Why, Orgulas?  Why do you stay with me?  You could do so much better for yourself.  

ORGULAS:  *gently brushes a wisp of dark hair away from her face*   No Frodi.  You're wrong.  I can't do better for myself.  You're the one for me.  Your father lied to you, when he told you that you're worthless.  

FRODI:  *puts her arms around Orgulas, and cuddles him tightly*   Thankyou Orgulas.  You're so good for me.  I'm so glad I met you.  Even if my dad came back right now, I wouldn't care... cos I have you.  You mean everything to me Orgulas.   *smiles and kisses him*  

Orgulas starts fidgeting.  

FRODI:  Orgulas?  Are you okay?  

ORGULAS:  Yeah, I'm fine.  I was thinking Frodi.  You know how important you are to me.  I want... I want you to meet the other important person in my life.  My brother.  

FRODI:  Stengolas?  You always speak so highly of him.  I know how close the two of you are.  Orgulas, I would be honoured to meet your big brother.  But... what if he doesn't like me?   *nervous*  

ORGULAS:  *chuckles*  Haha, don't be nervous.  Of course he'll like you.  What's not to like.  He'll love you, just like I do.   *pauses*   Well... not *just* like I do, I hope.  I don't want to compete with my brother for your affections.  

FRODI:  Heeheehee.  Like that could ever happen.  I know he's your brother, and he's important to you.  That makes him important to me, too.  But he'll never be as good as you, Orgulas Smallburrow.   *kisses Orgulas on the lips*  

It's agreed then.  Frodi Greenhand would meet Stengolas Smallburrow next week.  Orgulas is so excited that the two most important people in his life - his brother and his girlfriend - are finally going to meet.  Stengolas playfully teases his younger brother about falling for a member of the opposite sex.  Frodi is also excited about finally meeting Orgulas's brother that she's heard so much about.  Finally, the big day comes.  Frodi meets Orgulas by the stream, and he takes her back to his house.  

FRODI:  Ooh, Orgulas, I'm so nervous.  What if he doesn't like me?  What if he hates me?  What if...

ORGULAS:  *laughing*   Frodi, breathe!  Relax.  He's only my brother, not some evil monster out to get you.  

FRODI:  *takes deep breath*   Okay, I'm ready.  

Orgulas opens his front door, and leads Frodi inside.  Standing there, is a tall (well, tall for hobbits, anyway, :sweat:) hobbit with floppy dark hair.  He looks at Frodi, and smiles.  

STENGOLAS:  Frodi!  Glad to finally meet you.  My brother hasn't stopped talking about you for months.  

ORGULAS:  *turns red with embarressment*  

FRODI:  *shakes Stengolas's hand*   He talks about you all the time, as well.  He looks up to you so much, Stengolas.  And I'm glad to finally meet you.  

STENGOLAS:  Well, gotta look out for my little brother, don't I?   *ruffles Orgulas's mop of hair*   Gotta keep him on the straight and narrow, and make sure no-one takes advantage of his good nature.  

Stengolas gives Frodi a strange look... a look that sends shivers down her spine.  Frodi gulps hard.  But Orgulas doesn't notice it.  He's just so happy that Frodi and Stengolas seem to be getting on.
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My mom and Daddy need help to move things into our little Cabin but they telll me over and over that i'm too small and that i'm just going to get in the way. So some men next door came over and helped. They would look me up and down observing my body which made me feel uncomfortable, so i decided to go for a walk. I decide to walk down the road to the market. I see tiny people, some with red hair some with brown...some with all diffferent colors. This person looks like a hobbit. I smile at them and they smile back. I keep walking and am stopped by a stooped over old lady with a black cloak and a big juicy red apple in her wrikily little hand.

Old Lady: Excuse me miss. You are so fair.

I smile and curtsy.

Leilah: Thank you.

The old lady intrrupts.

Old lady: You know what will keep your complexion even more fair?

I look puzzled for a moment, da ja vu.

Leilah: Uhm, i haven't a clue...what would?

I smile at her twirling a finger through one of my curls cluelessly.
The old lady smiles at me and lifts her arm gesturing to the beautiful small apple.
Where have i seen this before? Its in the back of my mind.
I take the apple and sniff it. The lady frowns.

Old Lady: Arent you going to taste it?

Leilah: Yeah, i will later.

I slip it into the pocket of my dress.
I need to go pick up some bread and milk for mama and papa.

I curtsy again and smile before walking away from the snickering old lady.

I keep walking and stop at a waterfall where a beautiful girl sits reading a book. I sit down next to her and gaze at my apple. She looks at me and smiles.

Girl: That's a beautiful apple.

I smile back at her.

Leilah: Yeah it is, some random old lady gave it to me.

The girl shuts her book and turns to face me.

Girl: My name is Belle, are you new here?

Leilah: My name is Leilah, and yeah i was born here, but we've been all over.


Belle: Leilah, that's such a beautiful name. You have such pretty eyes and such gorgeous hair.

Leilah: Thanks.

Belle stands and curtsys. I stand and do the same.

Belle: Well it was nice meeting you Leilah.

I nod and smile wavnig.

Leilah: you too Belle.

I continue on down the road and see a boy tending to some sheep. I bend and pet the beautiful fluffy sheeps wool. The sheep eyes my apple hungrilly. I start to hand the apple to the sheep but the boy grabs my arm softly.

Boy: We arent allowed to feed the sheep human food.

I look at him shyly.

Leilah: Oh, i'm sorry i didnt know. He just looked so hungry and i didnt want to tease him with my apple.

The boy looks at me and smiles sticking his hands deep in his pockets.

You are such a kind girl, we dont have alot of girls like you out here. I'm assuming your new here?

Leilah: Well i was born here, but we moved out to visit my father's family in France, lets just say i've lived all over Europe.

I smile at him. My phone rings. I look down at it and see that it's mama and papa.

Leilah: Well i better get going its my mama and papa. Bye.

I answer the phone and scurry off to the shops purchasing some bread and milk before heading home.  Once i'm home i set the milk inthe refridgerator, then place the bread in our cupboard. I sneak out into the garden and sit on our stone bench that over looks all the beautiful roses, dafadils, dandilions, sun flowers and much more beautiful flowers. I look at the red juicey apple. Something is telling me to take a bite, that its juicey and delicious...but something deep deep down says that this isnt the first time this has happened. I ignore the latter and take a bite of the apple. Its so good. I take another bite and another...i cant stop. Suddenly my hands start feeling clammy. The apple slips out of my hand and hits the ground. My green eyes roll back into the back of my head and i pass out. My body starts convulsing. I start screaming at the top of my lungs, i knash my teeth together and kick my feet and scream over and over and over. I feel a burning pain all over my body. I see things...people lunging at me. Trying to kill me. I cry out in pain again. Mama and Papa run out of our house paniked.

Mom: Leilah!!!!

I keep screaming, and thrashing around.

Dad: Someone call the ambulance.

Everything goes black. I've stopped screaming but i can still hear the weeping from my mother and paniked voices of people who have heard my pain filled cries.

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Posted 20 July 2011 - 02:48 AM

I wake up in a hospital bed. Mom is fast asleep in a chair at the corner of my room. The lights are dim. I hear a dull beep...beep...beep of the machine attached to me. I look around. I feel dizzy. The room goes black again. I can’t see a thing, only hear voices. The door opens and shuts. I hear dad's muffled voice. He's talking to someone. Mom's pained voice answers. I have no clue what they are saying, but they sound worried. I close my eyes and then open them again.

Posted Image

I'm looking down at my body fast asleep. I have no idea what's going on. I start to panic. Am I dead? This isn’t how I pictured death. I climb off of my "death bed" and walk up to mom and dad.

Leilah’s spirit: Mommy?

She doesn’t reply, doesn’t even notice me. This freaks me out. I grab her arm and my hand goes right threw her. She continues to talk to dad as if nothing has happened. The machine is still beeping which means I’m still alive. What the hell! I walk out of the door and through the long dim hallway of the hospital.

Posted Image

I see other spirits around. One is a little girl around my age. She smiles at me. Thank goodness, someone who can see me. I walk over to her and smile

Leilah's spirit: Hi, my name is Leilah.

My words float to the girl. I watch them leave my mouth like a glob, a glob of bright blue stuff it floats in an eerie way to the girl...it sucks into her ear and a smile crosses her face.

She opens and closes her mouth as if she's speaking, the glowing blue stuff leaves her mouth and heads to me, it enters my ear and I hear...

Spirit girl: My name is Malinda

It comes like a whisper. We talk back and forth for what seemed like an hour. The only information i got from her is that we aren’t dead...in fact my body went into a deep sleep kind of like a coma and my soul became restless so it slipped out. They call it soul traveling. I glide over to her and shake my head. My strands of hair slowly float left and right. This is weird. She watches me and giggles. A thought suddenly enters my head but it isn’t mine.

Malinda: "Leilah, it’s easier to speak this way, just think it and direct it to me."

I smile, and she smiles back at me.

Malinda: "Follow me; I have people I’d like for you to meet."

I follow her without hesitation. I'm so scared. Everything seems dark and creepy besides that girl, and myself included. She leads me to an empty room.

Leilah: "There's no one here."

Posted Image

I cock my head to the side confused. My hair floats up and before it falls back down and touches my shoulders I see shimmering lights start to appear all over the room. I grab the girl's hand and she just smiles at me. A boy suddenly appears then two girls and another boy.  The first boy looks at me and smiles. He sends this thought to all of our heads.

"We have a newbie."

He smiles kindly at me.

"My name is Camren, and those two little girls are my sisters Carmen and Carrie."

The two young girls wave at me. The older one Carmen looks at me untrusting. I smile. She smiles still unsure.

Camren: "She's okay guys, I can tell her aura is pink she's a pleasant little beauty."

I blush; well at least I think I do. It doesn’t come up though because I don’t have blood. The boy motions to the other boy.

Camren: "This is Greg."

Greg smiles at me. His blue eyes flash at me as he smiles.

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So over the next few weeks I was learning new ghostly tricks. Ghosts or spirits or whatever you like to call them tend to walk or float agonizingly slow. Greg taught me a cool thing, it’s called flashing. All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere else. Only problem is you have to be very specific about where you are going. Like one time I tried to flash to my hospital room so I could check on my body, but I ended up in a bathroom. Anyways Greg and I have spent a lot of time together. The way he looks at me would make my heart beat quicken if it was still connected to my soul. Sometimes I will sit in his lap and cuddle on the couch while he tells me stories of his past. Malinda, Carmen, Camren and I have gotten very close as well. Camren tells me that I am the most peculiar beautiful looking girl in the world. He says that my beauty is literally out of this world, because of my abnormal sparkly emerald green eyes. I explain to him what I truly am. I am not human, well maybe a small part of me. But I tell him about the Lamia, and the Warrior elves and the Witch Coven my family belonged to. He seemed very fascinated. His sister Carmen likes to sleep with me at night sometimes. She says that I remind her of her cousin Elodie before Elodie got old and passed away, but most of all Malinda has became my best friend. Malinda and I just have a billion things in common. For one she loves to write, when she was younger she wanted to be an author but during the early years they looked down at girls who strived to do anything but be the perfect house wife.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Malinda died at fifteen during the Great Depression, in America. She and her mother escaped their drunken, abusive father and went out into the world on their own. It was frightening seeing all of the hoboes and dying starving children, especially knowing that they too, will soon become one of them. Malinda and her mother traveled all over America by train. Of course they didn’t have the money so they would sneak on late night trains in the middle of the night. One day in Oklahoma, Malinda's mother died of starvation. Malinda was stricken with grief and realized that she was now on her own. She stole money, pick pocketed expensive looking accessories and begged for food. Lonely rich men would offer her a roof over her head, and food for her to eat if she agreed to sleep with them. Malinda was beautiful with her golden blonde hair and deep brown eyes, but she never agreed. She would rather starve to death than sleep with a man she was not in love with and married to. One day, in December her wish came true. She caught a horrible sickness called Yellow Fever. Malinda dropped dead after three weeks of no food, no shelter, and no medicine for her sickness. Her spirit woke up in the house she lived in before her and her mother left. She had nothing but anger and revenge left so she thought. So she followed her father and haunted him and his new wife. After her father's passing she haunted his child, and his child's child. So on so fourth until she landed her in the hospital. She was considering haunting the hospital until she met Camren and his adorable little sister Carmen. Malinda instantly fell in love with Camren and they have been a thing ever sense.

Posted Image

Camren and Carmen died a sad and tragic death. Camren and Carmen's mother started becoming an alcoholic and started into drugs after their father's passing. That's the only thing that could numb her pain, which didn’t do anything to help her poor grieving children. Camren and Carmen's mother also had a thing for bringing home random men. One day, their mother is stoned out of her mind, sitting on the couch watching Deal or No Deal, her drugged up one night stand pacing their house nervously. Camren sees the bugging man and orders Carmen to her room and for her to not leave until this man is gone. Carmen does as he says and stays in her room. Camren goes into his as well and starts on his homework. Things are going pretty well until he hears his sister screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. He drops what he's doing instantly and dashes to his little sister room. He finds his sister butt naked lying on her bed, pinned down by their mother's boyfriend. The man is rubbing his hands along her bare legs and kissing her neck while she is crying in fear. Camren grabs his baseball bat and hits the man several times on the back. The man doesn’t immediately understand what's going on, until he falls to the ground in pain. Cursing and yelling. By then Camren and Carmen have fled the room and are begging their mother to leave with them. She barely glances up from the TV and tells them that she isnt going anywhere, using the "He loves me and wants to be your guy's new daddy" excuse. Suddenly Camren hears a gunshot and turns to find his sister on the ground blood spurting out of her head. Camren drops his bat and turns around slowly.

Camren: Kill me, I no longer have a reason to live.

Another gunshot and everything goes black. Camren awakens to sobbing close by. He opens his eyes to find his body lying next to him. He sits up and spots his sister sobbing over her dead body. Camren stands up and wraps his long arms around his little sister comforting her. She was molested and murdered at eleven years old. Camren ushers his little sister out of the room, but before doing so he was able to write a note on a piece of paper on the desk. He writes down the man's name and his usual hangout. They end up at a hospital down the road. They find a small dark basement and decide to reside here, assuming that since it’s a hospital they are bound to meet more lost souls like themselves.

Posted Image

Greg's death is a little more depressing than the rest. Greg was a Jewish citizen living amongst German's. Greg was very well liked. He was handsome and strong and popular, but when Hitler ordered all Jew's to be taken to a concentration camp, his life went into a downward spiral.

Posted Image

He lost all of his belongings, and all of his friends and his family and him were separated. His mother and sisters were sent to Auschwitz, an extermination camp, for being too skinny to work. Greg, his father and his brother were forced to watch their mother and sisters burn to death, along with a million other skinny Jewish citizens. After that disturbing night, they were carted onto a train to a work camp in Austria. Greg instantly became good friends with a boy named Andrei who's six year old sister Ania was burned along with his mother and sisters. They stuck together and took care of Greg's fathers and brothers. One day, Greg's ten year old brother Antoni was condemned to be brutally whipped and tortured for working slow. Greg just wouldn’t have it. Greg decided to step in and take the whippings. He was slowly and painfully tortured and whipped and Andrei, Antoni and his father were obligated to watch. Several times Antoni would squeeze his eyes shut to close out the pictures of his brother's torment, but Antoni would pat his shoulder and whisper to him to watch so no one else has to be punished again. After that, Antoni and the rest of the gang made sure to be double careful not to mess up. They spent years in the concentration camp until the American's came and saved them. The day before the arrival of the American troops, Greg was forced to be burned alive for getting too weak. His spirit floated all over and somehow ended up in this hospital.

Sometimes when Greg and I are cuddling he will tell me stories of his sisters, and his mom and his father and Antoni during the good wholesome times. He also told more stories of Andrei and Greg when things weren't too bad at the camps. His stories made me love him more. I fall asleep in his arms after a story about his sister Nadia. I pictured the beautiful Jewish girl, with her dark auburn hair and big brown eyes. Carmen still has nightmares about her death so sometimes I’ll let her sleep with me, when Camren is snoring too loudly. Carmen is the sweetest little girl and it kills me to think about how all these amazing souls lost their lives at such young ages.

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S I N S  O F  T H E  P A S T

Unknown Location..

Nick is laying in the grass. It's evening, and fog is rolling in.

The smell of the sea fog.. the sounds of bugs.. it also seems... so real. Nick.. is alive again.

He stands up, and begins walking through the woods, unsure where he is. Eventually he finds a small lake.. that's where he first discovers his new reflection.. his head marked with a scar where the bullet hit him. That scar represents Nick's loss, his death, and his resurrection.

He looks into the distance, and sees a clearing.. he walks towards it.


In the middle of the bustling centre of the Shire, a young teenage man walks through the dirt paths. He dresses like a man, with dark clothes, and a messenger bag strapped around him, but he appears to be only about 17, 18, or 19.

The man walks into a nearby building, before he is stopped by two elf guards.

Elf Guard: Sir, this building is off limits to uninvited guests. I'm sorry.

Teenager: As you can tell, I'm not from here (human race). But I know of Gondien. I know he is the unelected leader of your people, here in Amadar. I was told to come and see him, for my request.

Elf Guard: And what is your request?

Teenager: Passage. I need passage to The Shire. I heard that there is a war going on, between magics. So the paths are blocked.

Elf Guard: Yes, all major connections outside of The Shire, and Amadar are mostly at war. The main war is taking place in Volfiridge. Luckily, the war doesn't involve the hobbits, or the elves, so we stay out of it. As should you.

Elf Guard #2: *to the other guard* I hear some Dark Lord named Tom Riddle is behind it.

Elf Guard: *to the other guard* Nonsense. No such thing as a Dark Lord anymore. They disappeared years ago, after peace was made.

Elf Guard #2: *to the other guard* What about Sumonsar?

Elf Guard: Don't speak of him! We don't need any trouble from him!

Teenager: *ahem* I have no real interest in the war. After all, there always is yet another war in this magical world. I am here on business, and my business is in The Shire. I understand Gondien has strings to pull, and may be able to help me cross the ocean, in order to get to The Shire, safely.

Elf Guard: ... What do you have to offer Gondien?

Teenager: I can give him this, as a gift from my father, Doctor Jonathan Crane.

The teenager holds out a bag.

Teenager: It's a medical supply bag. Filled with tools from western medicine. I'm sure you and your people could use it.

Elf Guard: .,, What is your name boy?

Teenager: Aaron. Aaron Tate.

Posted Image

Gondien's Building..

Aaron is seated across from Gondien's desk. The room is small, more like a hut, with random objects and weird elf-like creations. This room contains most of Gondien's items from his travels, and his life.

Gondien: Mr. Tate, what brings a human to our land? Passage?

Aaron: Yes. To The Shire.

Gondien: *takes off glasses* You do realize most hobbits don't know you or I exist. They are very odd creatures. No one has yet built a place for everyone to live in harmony.

Aaron: I realize that, but call me skeptical.. I never see elves, humans, and hobbits living in harmony.

Gondien: True. Look Mr. Tate, you seem like a good boy. But, I don't know the reason of your business, or your employer. Why should I pull strings you get aboard one of our cargo boats to The Shire? Besides this medical bag?

Aaron: Fine. I knew you would ask questions like this. Good thing I came prepared.

Aaron reaches into his bag, and pulls out a small handgun. He points it at Gondien.

Gondien: Human. I should have known better. You all resort to violence when you don't get your own way.

Aaron: Self-righteous elf. I should have known better. You have a choice, put me on a ship to The Shire, or you die. And judging by your family photos around the office, you have alot of people that will miss you.

Gondien: ​As if I am going to let someone who obviously has bad intentions, waltz into The Shire.

Aaron: Correct me if I am wrong, but hobbits are a bunch of stupid little glorified monkeys. Hairy feet, short, brains half the size of human brains.. basically what happened when monkeys didn't fully morph into humans. Why protect them? When in reality, they won't align with you anyway.

Gondien: ​I have a heart.

Aaron: I'm only after one person in The Shire. I don't plan on starting a new war. In exchange.. I might even make a donation to your cause here in The Shire.

Gondien: ​A donation?

Aaron: From my father. He's a doctor. I'm not a low-life. How's one-hundred thousand American dollars sound? Get it converted, and Amadar will have a nice pillow in it's bank account. In exchange, you never saw me come here, and leave for The Shire.

Gondien: ...

Aaron: Think of the good that money will do for the elves.

Gondien: ... Fine. We have a deal. I'll get you passage, tonight. You will leave Amadar, and never return. Understood?

Aaron lowers his gun, and shakes Gondien's hand.

Aaron: We have a deal.

The Shire..

Orgulas and Stengolas are walking in the forest, near a lake.

Stengolas: So you're happy with her?

Orgulas: Very. We've known each other for awhile. We're good friends, and now, more than that.

Stengolas: Have you slept with her yet?

Orgulas stops walking.

Stengolas: What?

Orgulas: No. I haven't.

Stengolas: Silly brother. Then you really aren't "more than that" yet. You are just friends still.

Orgulas: *starts walking again* Oh come on Stengolas, sex isn't everything. We've kissed.

Stengolas: All I'm saying is, if you haven't slept with her, she isn't your girlfriend. And if she doesn't want to sleep with you, hehe.. then something is up. Honestly, I don't think she's the right girl for you.

Orgulas: You wouldn't know Stengolas. So stay out of it.

Stengolas: If you truly think this girl is for you, than test her out. See if she wants to sleep with you. Then, after you've screwed her.. you've got her.

Orgulas stops. He's never heard that kind of language before. He's not sure what to do, or think. But he's always grown up to think.. his brother is usually right.


Aaron reads a letter he wrote, outside, by a mailbox.


To Hugo S.

I am taking passage to The Shire. It will be months until the job is complete. I will report back when I am ready to begin phase one of your plan.

Under your command master,
Aaron T.

It is widely known that about 20 years later, Sumonsar still uses the name Hugo S. (Hugo Strange) as a secret identity.

Aaron seals the letter, and drops it in the mailbox, before heading off towards the docks.. where he will begin the long journey to The Shire.


In an office building, a group of people are gathered around.

A man begins to speak.

Man: Hello everyone, my name is Mallory. I will be assisting in the formation of Britain's first secret intelligence agency branch dedicated, to the unknown. Our missions, our work, will remain secret. With the goal, of keeping the magic and non-magical worlds safe. It is my honor, to introduce the leaders of MI13.. Eurus, and Alastor.

Eurus and Alastor walk into the room.

Eurus: Looks like we have some cleaning up to do. First order of business.. help me find a location on a man we should be interested in. He's disappeared off the grid completely.

Mallory: What's his name?

Eurus: Nicholas Zarano. Be a good boy Mallory, and go fetch the information for me. After all, you are my Quartermaster, are you not?

Mallory: Yes I am. My first big promotion here.

Eurus: Good for you. I'll call you Q, if you don't mind.

Mallory: Q's fine.

Eurus: Good. Now find me Nick Zarano, Q.


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The Shire...

Orgulas and Stengolas are walking through the woods


STENGOLAS: So when are you seeing her next?

ORGULAS: This afternoon. *smiles* I can't wait.

STENGOLAS: Test her. See if she'll sleep with you. I only hope she's good enough for my little brother. *grins, and ruffles Orgulas mane of floppy hair*


That afternoon, Orgulas makes his way to the old watermill, where he had arranged to meet Frodi. He's excited about his date... he's always excited to see Frodi. But his brother's words are still fresh in his head. Orgulas has always looked up to his older brother, and if Stengolas thinks that sleeping with Frodi is the right thing to do... then... it *must* be the right thing to do. And while the thought does scare him a little, Stengolas has never been wrong before. He just has to wait for the right moment...

He reaches the watermill, and sees Frodi standing there, waiting for him, her dark hair blowing gently in the breeze. He smiles, running up to her, and clasping her hands.


ORGULAS: Frodi! You look so pretty today. *kisses her cheek*

FRODI: *blushes* Thankyou Orgulas, you say the sweetest things. And you are very handsome! *smiles*


They smile at each other, as they hold hands.


FRODI: I had a dream about you last night.

ORGULAS: Really? What did you dream?

FRODI: That we were running throught the market place, and then we stopped. And we kissed. Right in front of the flower stall.

ORGULAS: I like the sound of that dream. Did you enjoy the kiss? *pulls a strand of hair away from her face*

FRODI: *nods* Uh-huh. Very much! *bites her lip, shyly*


Orgulas looks at her. He takes both her hands, and leans in slowly... and kisses her lips. Frodi doesn't pull back. She likes the kiss. She smiles, and kisses him back.


VOICE: OI! ENOUGH OF THAT! There'll be no hanky-panky around MY mill, thankyou very much. Who do you think you are, carrying on like that? And in PUBLIC, too! Tsk tsk, you kids today have NO sense of decency!


Frodi & Orgulas look round, to see the mill-keeper walking towards them, waving his cane furiously. The mill-keeper is a stern old hobbit, who firmly believes in traditional values.




Orgulas grabs Frodi's hand, and pulls her along, as they both run from the mill-keeper. He pulls her to a nearby field, and they hide behind a large tree, trying to catch their breath.


FRODI: *giggles* Old Mr Banks is such a grump!

ORGULAS: True. Let's just hope he doesn't find us here.

FRODI: He probably went right back into his mill, as soon as we ran. *peeks round the tree, to make sure Mr Banks hasn't followed them*


Orgulas takes a deep breath. This could be it. This could be his big moment... putting Frodi to the test, like Stengolas said. He grabs both her arms, taking her by surprise, and kisses her.


FRODI: Wow, where did that come from?

ORGULAS: *takes a deep breath* Um... will you sleep with me?


Frodi looks at Orgulas, not quite sure what to do. She hadn't expected this at all.


FRODI: Um... what?

ORGULAS: *repeats himself* Will you sleep with me?

FRODI: *laughs nervously* Hehehe. Don't be silly Orgulas.

ORGULAS: Why is it silly? You *do* love me, don't you?

FRODI: You know I do. *takes his hand*



Frodi looks at Orgulas, and realises he's serious. She gulps hard, suddenly feeling very anxious.


FRODI: I'm not that kind of hobbit, Orgulas. I'm not ready to sleep with you.

ORGULAS: When will you be ready?

FRODI: I don't know. Orgulas, what's got into you? Why are you being like this?


Orgulas hesitates. Is he doing the right thing by pressuring Frodi? But then again, maybe his brother is right - if she won't sleep with him, maybe she doesn't love him at all.


ORGULAS: I just want us to prove our love for each other. Is that so bad?

FRODI: You doubt that I love you?


Frodi looks so sad, it almost breaks Orgulas's heart. Her voice grows small and weak.


FRODI: Why? What did I do?

ORGULAS: *takes her in his arms* Prove you love me. Make love to me, Frodi Greenhand.

FRODI: I... I can't. I'm sorry Orgulas. *runs her fingers through his hair* I do love you... I really do. And I'm sorry you don't believe that. But I can't do what you want. I'm sorry I let you down. *pauses* I always knew I wasn't good enough for you.


Frodi has tears in her eyes, as she turns and runs.

Orgulas stares after her, and sighs. He's hurt the hobbit he loves, and that was the LAST thing he wanted. How can a date that started out so well, go so horribly wrong? Should he go after her? No... he's probably the last person she wants to see right now. He sighs again, and heads for home





Gondien sits in his office, holding his head in his hands. Deep worry lines cloud his face, as he thinks of what has just happened.


GONDIEN: What have I done? Oh goodness, what have I done? That human will surely bring ill will to The Shire, and I cannot deny my hand was responsible for granting him passage.



Someone knocks at the door.


GONDIEN: *looks up* Enter.


Alessea walks into the room.


ALESSEA: Father, I have come to walk you home. You should not spend so much time in this stuffy office.


Gondien stands up, and embraces his daughter tightly.


GONDIEN: Ahhh, Alessea, my child. My daughter. You bring so much comfort to your father.

ALESSEA: *sees the sadness and concerrn on Gondien's face* What is it father? What troubles you?


Long pause...


GONDIEN: I fear my decisions today may have dire consequences. But I was faced with a choice that could aid Amadar considerably.

ALESSEA: Tell me what happened, father?

GONDIEN: *pats her cheek affectionately* Do not concern yourself with such matters. You are young - you must enjoy yourself.

ALESSEA: *concerned for her father* Your choices are never easy, father. You are constantly faced with many problems, and you are always fair in your decisions. I believe in you, father. Whatever choice you made, I believe it was the right one.

GONDIEN: Ahhh, if your mother could only see you now, she would be so proud of you, my child.

ALESSEA: I would wish to make her more proud, by ensuring my father came home to rest. *takes his arm, and guides him to the door*

GONDIEN: You take good care of your father. *smiles*


Gondien and Alessea both leave the office, and make their way home.




The Shire, Ogulas's Home...

Orgulas arrives home, sad about the way things went with Frodi. Stengolas appears


STENGOLAS: So? How did it go? *grins*

ORGULAS: ... Badly!

STENGOLAS: *blinks* Badly?

ORGULAS: Very! It started out so well. We were having a wonderful time. But then, I put her to the test, like you said, and things turned sour.

STENGOLAS: She didn't sleep with you then?

ORGULAS: *shakes his head* No.


Stengolas puts his hand on Orgulas's shoulder.


STENGOLAS: I'm sorry brother, I was afraid of this. She doesn't love you.

ORGULAS: But things were going so well. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

STENGOLAS: Then she would have continued playing you for a fool.

ORGULAS: Frodi isn't like that. She's sweet and innocent.

STENGOLAS: Why do you still defend her?

ORGULAS: Because I still love her.

STENGOLAS: But she's proved she doesn't love you.


STENGOLAS: Don't tell me you still want to see her?

ORGULAS: *nods* I love her, Stengolas. I can't help it. You and her are the most important people in the world to me.

STENGOLAS: *sighs* So what are you going to do?

ORGULAS: I don't know. *thinks* Tomorrow's Wednesday. That's our special day. We ALWAYS meet by the lake on Wednesdays. I hate how things went today. Maybe I can sort everything out tomorrow.



The Shire, Frodi's Home...

As Orgulas and Stengolas are talking in thier home... Frodi arrives at HER home, still upset about the confrontation with Orgulas. She runs into the living room... and stops dead in her tracks. Someone is lying passed out drunk on her sette.. Someone she hasn't seen for several months.



FORSCO: *wakes up, extremely drunk* What? Wassat? *sees Frodi* Oh gawd! I wash *hic* having shush a nish dweam, and yous... yous had to goes and shpoils itsh. *drops his beer bottle*


Frodi turns pale with shock.


FORSCO: Now look... now... now... now looksh whit you madesh me do! Dropped my beersh! *hic hic*

FRODI: What are you doing here dad? You left town months ago.

FORSCO: Ish that anshyway to greets your loving *hic* loving fathersh?


Forsco struggles to drag himself off the settee. He staggers through to the kitchen, stumbling a couple of times, and grabs another beer from the fridge.


FORSCO: Yoush never have... *hic* have the housh shtocked *hic* up proshperly, sho I... I broughtsh my ownsh thish time. *burp*

FRODI: *scared* Dad, you're drunk. Maybe you should sleep it off?



Forsco, even more drunk than normal, stumbles and falls. Frodi looks at him - the man who has terrified her since she was a child - and tries to gather all her strength to stand up to him.


FRODI: *shaking with fear* Dad, you can't treat people like this. You can't treat ME like this.


Forsco glares at her, with pure hate in his eyes. He uses the table to haul himself back to his feet. Then he looms over Frodi.


FORSCO: You DARESH to talks backsh to *hic* me? You needsh to learn shome mannersh, BRAT!


He spits out those words in anger, then grabs Frodi's arms, twisting it behind her back, almost breaking it. Frodi cries in pain, but Forsco just laughs.


FRODI: *cries* Please dad, let me go.


Forsco's grip on her arm grows tighter, forcing Frodi to her knees.


FRODI: Dad, please, you're hurting me.

FORSCO: Itsh nice to see yoush on your kneesh, like the trash you are.

FRODI: Dad... *cries in pain*


Forsco continues to twist Frodi's arm behind her back, relishing in the joy of seeing her in pain. Eventually, he releases her arm, kicking her hard in the stomach. Frodi lies there for a moment, wanting the pain to stop.


FORSCO: Let that... let *hic* that besh a leshon to yoush. DON'T talk back to me! Got it?

FRODI: *weakly* Yes dad.

FORSCO: Good! Now I'msh hungry. Get me shumthing to eatsh!

FRODI: What would you like dad?

FORSCO: A shandwish. Cheesh and picklesh. With tomatoe onsh the shide.


Frodi tries to stand up.


FORSCO: Hurry upsh! Haven't got allsh daysh, you know. *hic*


Forsco staggers back through to the living room, while Frodi stays in the kitchen to make Forsco's sandwich. She looks at the door, and thinks about making a run for it... running away, where no-one will find her. No-one will hurt her. And if Orgulas wants someone he can sleep with, then he won't want Frodi for very long. What reason has she to stay here? She quietly creeps over to the back door, and tries to open it... only to find it locked. There's nowhere to run... no way to escape... she's trapped. Frodi leans against the door, tears falling from her cheeks.



Frodi fights back the tears, and begins making Forsco's sandwhich. It isn't easy, since her arm hurts so much, but eventually she manages it. She carries the plate with his sandwich, and tomato on the side, through to the living room, where Forsco is sprawled out on the settee.


FORSCO: *looks at the sandwich* Whatsh thatsh?

FRODI: Cheese and pickle sandwich, dad. With tomato on the side. Just like you asked for.

FORSCO: GODDAMMIT! The tomashtosh on the wrong shide! CAN'T YOUSH DO ANYTHING RIGHTSH?


Forsco grabs the plate, and smashes it across Frodi's face, causing it to swell up like a balloon.


FORSCO: Gawd, thosh bumpsh on yer fash make you look ugshly. I meansh, uglier than ushual. I cansht bear to even looksh at you!


Forsco grabs Frodi, and drags her through to the hall. He opens the door to the cellar, pushes her in, and locks the door.


FRODI: *bangs on the door with her good arm* Dad! Let me out! Please!

FORSCO: Keep it dowsh, will yash? Yoush giving me a headachesh! *thinks* Ackshully, makes ash much noiesh ash you wantsh. I'm off out to the tavern!


Without another word, Forsco staggers out, and heads to the tavern, leaving Frodi locked in the cold, dark cellar.



The Next Day...

Forsco wakens, face down on the living room floor. He snorts, and turns over


FORSCO: Oh, my head! Never again!

FEMALE VOICE: Hee hee hee. Never again? That's what they all say, sugar-lips. Until the next time, that is.


Forsco looks up, to see a blonde hobbit lying on the settee.


FORSCO: *puts on the charm* Well, hello there. And who might you be?

FEMALE VOICE: Don't you remember? Oh honey, I'm Marigold. *giggles*

FORSCO: Well, I'm very pleased to meet you, Marigold. *grins*

MARIGOLD: You too, Sugar-lips. Now what does one have to do for breakfast around here?

FORSCO: You just have to show me them pearly-whites.


Marigold smiles.


FORSCO: That's what I'm talking about. *kisses her, and pats her backside* Now what say I take you out for a tasty breakfast?

MARIGOLD: I say... lead on honey.


Forsco and Marigold head out to a tavern to get some breakfast. Forsco has a vague feeling there was something he's supposed to do, but he quickly puts it out his mind. Whatever it was can wait. He'd much rather flirt with his new friend Marigold.




The Shire, Lake...

That afternoon, Orgulas arrives at the lake, hoping Frodi will show up. He's still upset about yesterday, and has brought some flowers to try and make amends with her. But as the hours tick by, and still no sign of Frodi, Orgulas fears she has no intention of showing up. He sits down, by the lake


ORGULAS: Oh Frodi, are you still so angry with me? We *ALWAYS* come to the lake on Wednesdays... where are you? Have I wrecked everything we had together?


Another 2 hours go by, and still no Frodi. Orgulas sighs, knowing she won't appear now. He starts plucking the petals from the flowers.


ORGULAS: She loves me *pluck* She loves me not *pluck* She loves me *pluck* She loves me not *pluck* She loves me *pluck* She loves me not *pluck* She loves me *pluck* She loves me not... *sighs deeply* She loves me not then. Why else would she stay away?


Orgulas throws what's left of the flowers into the lake, then heads for home.




The Shire, Orgulas's House...

Orgulas arrives back home, and sits down in the living room, without a word. Stengolas sees his brother's sad face


STENGOLAS: She didn't show?

ORGULAS: No. *sad*

STENGOLAS: I'm so sorry Orgulas. You're my brother, and I hate to see you upset like this.

ORGULAS: I just... don't know what to do now.

STENGOLAS: There'll be others.

ORGULAS: Not like her.

STENGOLAS: She's hurt you Orgulas, and I won't forget that.

ORGULAS: Stengolas... thanks for looking out for me. I'm lucky to have you as my older brother.

STENGOLAS: *grins* That's what brothers are for, isn't it? To look out for each other?




The Shire, Frodi's Home...

Forsco and Marigold have returned home, and are busy playing a drunken version of 'The Alphabet Game'. They take it in turns, using the next letter of the alphabet to name a food. ANd for each food that's mentioned, they take a swif of beer. Needless to say, they get very drunk, very quickly. Eventually, they pass out drunk.

The next day shines bright and clear, the sun shining brightly through the bedroom window, waking Marigold. She stretches out a sleepy hand, reaching for the beer. But the bottle is empty. She pokes Forsco in the back.


MARIGOLD: *pokes* Forsco...

FORSCO: *sleepy* Hmmm?

MARIGOLD: Are you awake?

FORSCO: I am now. What is it?

MARIGOLD: We're out of beer.

FORSCO: We're out of beer, cos you drank it all.

MARIGOLD: I did not! You drank half of it!

FORSCO: Whatever! I'm going back to sleep.

MARIGOLD: *pokes again* Forsco, we need some more beer.

FORSCO: *mumbles* If I get you some beer, will you leave me alone?

MARIGOLD: If that's what you want, sugar-lips.

FORSCO: Okay, maybe there's some in the cellar.


Forsco sits up, rubbing his head, cursing his hangover. He makes his way out into the hall, and unlocks the cellar door. He gets a surprise when he seeis Frodi sitting there on the dirty floor - he had completely forgotten she was there. It's been 2 days since he locked her in there, after all. She blinks hard as the daylight hits her eyes.


FORSCO: Oh, not you again! You just keep popping up everywhere, don't you! Ruining things for me!

FRODI: ...

FORSCO: Well you're not gonna ruin this for me. I have a tasty little hobbit in the bedroom, if you know what I mean! And I don't what her to see your ugly face! I only came in here to look for more beer. So git out of here, before I give you what for!


Frodi looks at her father. Weak from hunger, dizzy with the pain (her face and her arm), and sick with fear, she manages to crawl past Forsco, and makes it to the front door. She uses the door to pull herself up, then opens the door, and leaves.




The Shire, Lake...

Frodi slowly makes her way to the lake, away from the house where her father is. She doesn't know how long she was locked up for - in the darkness, she couldn't tell what was day and what was night. All she knows now, is pain and misery. She looks down at the lake, watching how the water flows. It would be so easy... to just take... one step forward. One step... then all her pain would end. She would be free!  So easy
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The Shire, Orgulas's House..

Stengolas: How about we go out tonight? Just us brothers? What do ya say?

Orgulas: Maybe. First I have to go take a walk.. clear my head. I'll be back.

Stengolas: Alright. Just don't go looking for HER.

Orgulas looks back as his brother, and then walks out.

The Shire, Lake..

Frodi looks down at the water, and closes her eyes.

She slowly raises one of her legs.. holding it over the water.

Slowly, she lowers her leg.. her toes touch the cool water. Her eyes open. Frodi stares down at the water, her eyes glassy.. with a hazy look on her face.

She takes a step into the water.

Suddenly, she flinches. Her ears ring from a memory of Forsco's yelling.

Her body shakes, as a chill passes through her body. She feels dead inside.

A tear begins to fall down her cheek, as memories pass through her mind. She looks down at her body. She hates herself! She lifts her arms, looking at her wrists.. how easy it would be to slice them. Meanwhile a sharp pain begins to grow in her head.. a pain caused by stress.

Frodi: How easy it would be to die.

As Frodi lowers herself into the water, the pain in her head grows. She rubs her forehead.. sweat beginning to appear.

Then.. she turns pale.

​Frodi collapses into the water, unconscious.

In her mind, Frodi hears screaming, and the sound of being hit. She cries in the darkness of her mind.

For what seems like hours, Frodi dreams of nothing. Then, a dream comes into being.


Frodi's Dream..

Frodi is standing in the woods. She doesn't know why she is here, but all she knows is.. this is a time for sadness. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are all in the woods.. near a clearing. That is where a coffin is sitting, upon a table. A priest is standing over the coffin, reading from a book.

Priest: And so the day has come, to mourn the lose of a true hero. A man who saved our world from true horror, while giving himself to our society. He was a family man, and a good man. A man of many talents.. but in his own words, many flaws. For the only person he ever truly loved, besides his mother, and his children.. was his wife.

This is clearly a funeral, for someone very important.

Then, the sunny day turns dark. Storm clouds roll in, and rain begins to pour down. Thunder booms from the heavens.. but no one moves. The priest stops talking, the woods are silent.. and no one.. moves.

Frodi looks up from the ground, and glances across the woods. She sees a man standing by the trees. Unlike mostly everyone else, who is facing the coffin, the man is facing Frodi.

​The man is human, and is unknown to Frodi. The man lifts up his hand, revealing a book of matches. The man grins evilly at Frodi, and then strikes a match.

​Once the rain drops hit the fiery match, it explodes in flames. Fire consumes the woods, and heads directly to Frodi in a blaze, causing her to black out.

Orgulas walks near the lake.

He picks up a rock, ready to throw it.

He aims..

But then..

Orgulas: ... What the?

Orgulas spots someone floating in the water.

Orgulas: ... Who... OH MY GOD! FRODI!

Orgulas drops the rock, and runs into the water. He swims across the lake, and to Frodi's cold body.

Frodi continues to dream.


Frodi's Dream..

Frodi is standing in an old rundown castle. She hears voices whispering all around her.

Voices: ​Fire.. fire.. fire.. fire.. the fire will burn.. the fire will reign.. the fire will rise.

The whispering suddenly stops.

Frodi hears the sound of laughter. Like that coming from a small child. She quickly turns around.. only to spot a disappearing shadow.

Frodi: Who's there?

A male voice begins to whisper.

Voice: ​Your importance in this world is unnecessary to me.. changing fate is an easy thing to do. All you need to do.. is die.

Frodi glances across the room, and notices that a rope has appeared.. hanging from the ceiling.

Frodi: A way out.

As Frodi walks over to the rope, ready to finally kill herself, she stumbles and falls.

From the floor, she looks back.. what did she trip on?

She spots a pair of handcuffs. Their symbolic meaning is unknown to her. She also spots a wedding ring on her finger. Then.. something catches Frodi by surprise.

Frodi looks in shock, as something is playing out down the hall..

Frodi sees a shadowy man standing at the end of the castle hall. He is holding a gun.

Voice: Please! Don't! Not for my daughter's sake!

Frodi can quickly see.. that it's Forsco who is on the floor, below the gun, begging for his life. The gun is fired.

Frodi jumps. She sees the blood splatter, and Forsco's body fall onto the floor.

The man with the gun turns, and walks towards Frodi. He steps over Forsco's body. As he comes closer.. his face comes into view.


Frodi gasps for air.

​She awakens inside a room unfamiliar to her. A doctor stands over her, and she sees Orgulas standing in the corner.

Doctor: Welcome back to the living Miss Greenhand.

Frodi is not sure what the dreams meant.. but she is sure of something. That look on Orgulas's face.. he was worried about her. He saved her! Frodi knows she is in love with him. And in that moment.. Frodi thinks that maybe.. just maybe.. that wedding ring in the dream means.. that maybe one day she will be marrying the love of her life, Orgulas. Now she knows.. she can feel it.. Orgulas is her love. But first.. Orgulas needs to know, about Forsco.. and her bruises.

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Orgulas and Stengolas's House...

Frodi looks around, trying to take in her surroundings. She doesn't recognise this place.


FRODI: Where... am I?


Frodi's words are slow... and barely more than a whisper, as though it's hard for her to get the words out. She's still in a lot of pain - her arm, her face, even her stomach where Forsco had kicked her.


ORGULAS: You're in our guest bedroom, Frodi. *looks at her with concern*

DOCTOR: Do you remember what happened, Miss Greenhand?

Frodi winces, as she remembers Forsco shouting at her, as he held her on the floor, twisiting her arm. Then the blow, as he smashes the plate across her face.


FRODI: ... My... dad...


Orgulas's eyes nearly pop out of his head.


ORGULAS: Your DAD? You dad is back?


Frodi nods.


FRODI: How did I... get here?

DOCTOR: You were very fortunate. Mr Smallburrow here found you floating in the lake. He pulled you out, and called me. Do you remember being at the lake?

FRODI: *nods* Had to get out of the house...get some air. But my head was hurting. I felt so dizzy.

ORGULAS: You must have passed out, Frodi. I was so scared, when I saw you floating there. Oh Frodi, I'm just so glad I found you in time. *takes her good hand*

FRODI: Thankyou Orgulas. *smiles weakly*


Frodi looks down at her arm, and sees it is strapped up tightly in a bandage, and placed in a sling, so she can't move it. She touches the sling, but the doctor puts a hand out to stop her.


DOCTOR: Well, Miss Greenhand. That arm is going to take some time to heal, I'm afraid. You're shoulder is dislocated, there's a bone at the top of your arm (indicates her humourous bone) that's fractured, and you also have a torn tendon in there. Now, I managed to pop your shoulder back in, but you should try not to move it, until it starts to heal. As for the bruising and swelling to your face, that should subside in a week or two.


The doctor reaches out to check a bruise near her eye.


DOCTOR: I'm concerned about that eye, Miss Greenhand. *thinks* I'd like you to follow my finger, wherever I move it. Can you do that?


The doctor holds his finger in front of Frodi's face, and she looks at it. Then he starts moving the finger around, with Frodi being able to follow it.


DOCTOR: *smiles* Good. Very good. *stands up, and heads for the bedroom door* Well, the best thing for you now is rest. Lots of it. I'll be back in a couple of days, to see how your getting on. *looks at Orgulas* If there's any problems, just let me know, and I'll come right over.

ORGULAS: Thanks for everything, doctor.


The doctor leaves the room, and Orgulas goes with him, to see him out. A few minutes later, Orgulas returns. He sits by Frodi's side, holding her hand. And the way he looks at her... with such tenderness... such worry... almost brings Frodi to tears.


ORGULAS: *talks softly* My poor Frodi. Tell me what happened. Tell me everything.

FRODI: ... Um, it was the day we fought... about sex. I was so upset that day. I ran back home, and he was there, my dad, passed out on the sette, drunk as usual. But then he woke up, and he was so... ANGRY. He sharted yelling at me...


Frodi tells Orgulas everything that happened to her, after their fight... everything Forsco said to her, and how he attacked her. She tells Orgulas how she was locked up in the cellar, and how afraid she was. Orgulas is horrified to learn what Frodi has been through.


FRODI: ... I don't know how long I was in that cellar for... it was just a never-ending darkness. I thought I would be down there forever. And I hurt so much... all over. I couldn't move my arm anymore. When he finally opened the door, he told me to get out. So I went to the lake... the first place that came into my head. *pauses* I remember looking down into the water... it looked so inviting. I just... wanted the pain to end, Orgulas.


Frodi looks at Orgulas, with a tear running down her cheek.


Orgulas clenches his fist. How can a hobbit hurt another hobbit, let alone his own flesh & blood. He takes Frodi's good hand, and holds it tight.


ORGULAS: I'm so sorry Frodi. Sorry you went through this. Sorry he did this to you. Sorry I wasn't there.

FRODI: There's nothing you could have done, Orgulas. My dad was so drunk, there's nothing anybody could have done.

ORGULAS: He won't hurt you here, Frodi. Forsco Greenand is not welcome in this house!


Orgulas tries to comfort Frodi. But what they don't know... what neither of them realize... is that Stengolas is listening outside the door.


STENGOLAS: *to himself* So... Littls Miss 'I'm So Innocent' Frodi has daddy issues? Well, Boo Hoo Hoo! Why do you have to bother my brother with it?


Stengolas goes back downstairs, and sits in the kitchen, angry that Frodi has invaded their home like this.

Back upstairs, Frodi & Orgulas are still talking.


ORGULAS: When you didn't meet with me yesterday, I thought it was because you were still angry with me, after our fight. And I'm sorry I pushed you Frodi. If you don't want to sleep with me, I can wait... forever as long as it takes for you to feel readly. I'm not going to pressure you again. *kisses her hand*

FRODI: Yesterday? *confused*

ORGULAS: Yesterday was Wednesday. Our special day. We always meet at the lake on Wednesday, but you weren't there yesterday.

FRODI: *quietly* Yesterday was Wednesday... so I've been locked up for... two days.

ORGULAS: *looks at her* Where was the last time you ate anything?

FRODI: *tries to think* Not since I saw you last.

ORGULAS: *gasps* Two days ago? Well, I can do something about that. We have some chicken soup downstairs. I'll bring some up for you. *smiles*

FRODI: Orgulas, you don't have to. I've troubled you enough, already.

ORGULAS: You haven't troubled me at all. I'll be right back.

FRODI:  Orgulas... thankyou for being here.  Thankyou for rescuing me.  Thankyou for taking me in like this, and looking after me.  You don't know how much I appreciate it.  I'm so grateful to you and your brother.  You're both so kind.  


Frodi smiles a 'Thankyou' to Orgulas, as he goes to get some soup for her.

Downstairs, Orgulas reaches the kitchen, and sees his brother sitting there. He sits down next to Stengolas, and talks excitedly.


ORGULAS: SHE'S AWAKE! She's going to be okay, Stengolas.

STENGOLAS: ... Great! *lies*

ORGULAS: *oblivious to his brother's frustration* Her arm is going to take a while to heel, but the doctor said the swelling in her face should go down in a week or two. I'd like her to stay here, with us, until she's better.

STENGOLAS: Sure. Why not? *lies again* Are we still going out tonight though? Just us brothers, like we planned?

ORGULAS: *face falls* Stengolas, I can't. I can't leave Frodi on her own, on her first night here.

STENGOLAS: You're going back to her? After she hurt you? After she left you standing at the lake for hours yesterday?

ORGULAS: That wasn't her fault, Stengolas. Her father had locked her up in the cellar. She couldn't get out.

STENGOLAS: I just don't like seeing you hurt, brother.

ORGULAS: I know you're only looking out for me, and I do appreciate it. But please don't be hard on Frodi.

STENGOLAS: ... If she makes you happy, then she can stay... for a while. But if she does ANYTHING else to hurt you, I won't be so understanding.

ORGULAS: *grins* You're the best brother ever!


Orgulas get a bowl of chicken soup, and takes it back up to Frodi.


STENGOLAS: *to himself* Yeah, sure. Best brother ever! Why do you want to spend all your time with HER, then? You've only known her a short time. *slams hand on the table* As far as I'm concerned, the sooner you go home, and OUT of my house, Frodi Greenhand, the sooner my brother and I can get back to normal!


Stengolas doesn't like this situation. Not one little bit. He doesn't like Frodi staying in his house. He doesn't like his brother spending time with Frodi, instead of him. So maybe he should do something about it. He thinks back to what he had overheard Orgulas & Frodi saying.


STENGOLAS: So your dad was drunk again, was he, Frodi? That tells me he likes a good beer. I wonder if he ever goes to the tavern. And what was his name again? Oh yes, Forsco Greenhand. That's good enough for me.


With this information, Stengolas sneaks out the house, and heads for the tavern.




The Tavern...

Stengolas arrives at the tavern, looking for Forsco. He approaches a punter, sitting at a table.


STENGOLAS: I'm looking for a Forsco Greenhand. You know him?

PUNTER: Who? Never heard of him. *drinks his beer*


Stengolas asks a few more punters, but they all claim not to know Forsco. Eventually, Stengolas walks up to the bar, and asks the barman if he knows Forsco.


BARMAN: Forsco Greenhand? Yeah, he's a regular here. Great for business, he is. You'll find him right over there. *points to a table*


Stengolas looks where the barman is pointing, and sees a drunkan male hobbit, kissing a pretty female hobbit sitting on his knee, both of them obviously having a good time. Stengolas walks over to them.


STENGOLAS: Forsco Greenhand?


Forsco ignores Stengolas, and carries on flirting and kissing his companion (Marigold).


STENGOLAS: *clears his throad* Are you Forsco Greenhand?

FORSCO: *doesn't even look up* Depends. Who's asking?


FORSCO: And you are?

STENGOLAS: Stengolas Smallburrow.

FORSCO: Great. Now stop bothering me. I'm busy.


Forsco whispers something in Marigold's ear, and she giggles.


STENGOLAS: I'd like to talk with you.

FORSCO: You're starting to annoy me, boy. If you know what's good for you, you'll turn around and walk away NOW!

MARIGOLD: *giggles* Oh, Forsco, you are so BAD!

STENGOLAS: It will only take a moment. It's about your daughter.


If Forsco wasn't angry enough before, he certainly is now.  He stands up, and faces Stengolas.    


FORSCO: That worthless, good-for-nothing, snivelling, pathetic piece of trash is NOT my daughter! She brings nothing but shame to the name of Greenhand!


Forsco raises his fist, ready to punch Stengolas. But Stengolas grabs Forsco's arm with a tight grip.


STENGOLAS: DO NOT raise your hand to me old man, or I'll break it right off!


Forsco's jaw drops. No-one has ever spoken to him like that before. But then a grin spreads over his face.


FORSCO: I LIKE you boy. You have SPUNK! *pats Stengolas on the shoulder* *shouts to the bartender* Bartender, a drink for my new friend here!


Stengolas releases Forsco's arm, and sits down at the table.


STENGOLAS: Now... let's talk.

MARIGOLD: Oh Sugar-Lips, you never told me you had a daughter. What's she like?

FORSCO: *to Marigold* SHUT IT! *to Stengolas* So where is the ugly little bitch?

STENGOLAS: She's at my house. Well, mine and my brother's house.

FORSCO: She's out of my hair? Good! She can stay at your house!


The bartender brings over a beer for Stengolas, and he takes a sip.


STENGOLAS: Now that's where your wrong, old man! See... my brother has been... involved with her.

FORSCO: Pffft! Then you're brother's a fool!

STENGOLAS: Don't speak against my brother! *clears throat* I bet you didn't know she was seeing my brother, did you?

FORSCO: Dirty little whore!

MARIGOLD: Why don't we all go out together, Sugar-Lips. You, me, your daughter, and her boyfriend? *smiles*

FORSCO: Marigold, I'm trying to talk to my new friend here. *looks at Stengolas* What's your name, boy?

STENGOLAS: Stengolas.

FORSCO: Stengolas, right. *looks at Marigold* I'm trying to talk to Stenoglas. Why don't you go and look pretty somewhere else?

MARIGOLD: *angry* Why, you arrogant jerk! First you tell me to shut it, now you treat me like dirt.  I don't have to sit here, and take this! *storms off*

FORSCO: *shouts after her* Yeah, who needs you anyway. There's plenty more where you came from.

STENGOLAS: Ahem. The point it... I want her gone! I want her out of my house, and out of my brother's life! I want him to stop wasting his time with her. But if I tell her to go, my brother would never forgive me.

FORSCO: And why should I care?

STENGOLAS: Because you are going to help me get rid of her.

FORSCO: HA HA! I like your humour, boy! You make me laugh.


Stengolas takes another sip of beer, and just looks at Forsco.


STENGOLAS: I want rid of her, so I can get my brother back. But you... she's YOUR daughter... YOUR responsibility.

FORSCO: Not any more, she's not. She's at YOUR house, isn't she? Frankly, I'm glad to be rid of the no-good whore. Hope I never have to see her ugly face again. And if your brother has any sense, he'll do the same.

STENOGLAS: Look at it this way, old man... didn't she make a good servant? Getting meals for you... washing your laundry... obeying your every wish...

FORSCO: *thinks* Hmmm, you have a valid point there, boy. Anything I can think of, I just snap my fingers *snaps his fingers* and she does it! She doesn't dare to disobey me! Ha ha ha. Snivelling brat that she is!

STENGOLAS: *grins* You know... I think this could be the start of a GREAT partnership.

FORSCO: I'll drink to that, boy!
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