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Make A Word

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#1 Nick


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Posted 09 December 2009 - 10:22 PM

This thread is pretty simple. We will make a word using different words and endings. For example:

Member 1:Sex
Member 2:Sexium
Member 3:Sexiumreality
Definition: To be sexy to the maximum, in reality.

This could go on for a while, and when a word has pretty much reached it's max, we will start a new one.

Old Words:

None yet.

I'll start.


#2 nextinline



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Posted 11 July 2010 - 08:23 PM

wait :doom: isn't freeware, its shareware...
cons: only one map? at least theres a map editor. laughing.gif , wait noob-ar00b? nooby obby wooby

#3 MrFlibble


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Posted 30 April 2011 - 07:31 PM

If I'm allowed to bump an old thread, may I say that it was an interesting idea for a game, and it's sad it didn't catch on. Your example word reminded me of Orwell's Newspeak :thumbsup: it would also had been very interesting to see how far the construction of a word would go, and whether or not the elements would be used in trivial or non-trivial ways (e.g. the non-trivial -ium suffix in the example with the apparent meaning of 'being X to the maximum').