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City Of Secrets

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 11:27 PM

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Nick looks at Orgulas, as if he did not hear what Orgulas just said. Well.. the last part. Nick's brain is blocking it.

Nick: Sorry you wasted your phone calls. But Philip is dead. Killed him myself.

Orgulas: You're going to hell. Besides.. now you brag about killing someone?

Nick: I'm not bragging. Something happened to him. He tried to attack me. He helped people kidnap Frodi. So I had no choice.

Orgulas: Is she alright?!

Nick: Yes, she's fine. I saved her. Once again.

Orgulas: I believe these people who kidnapped Frodi.. I think they are working for Jack.

Nick: ...

Orgulas: Nick? Don't you remember him?

Nick: Jack has been dead for years. Drove off a cliff.

Orgulas shakes his head.

Orgulas: I can tell you and Frodi what I know. But you'll have to let me in.

Nick opens the door.

One hour later..

Nick, Frodi, and Orgulas have been sitting at the kitchen table.. with Orgulas telling everything he knows about Jack.

Nick: So here I am.. feeling bad about Miles.. mostly for my last visit with him.. and it turns out.. the son of a bitch lied to me all these years.

Orgulas: From what I saw Nick, he wasn't given much choice. Jack shot him when Miles was going to run off and tell you. I don't know what kind human Jack is. He uses non-wand magic, and hasn't aged from any of the pictures I've seen.

Frodi: So it's true then.. possibly everything that's happened to us.. from Franco to Tom Riddle.. was because of Jack.

Nick: I never listened to my gut. I knew something was off. I knew something was wrong. I always wondered how information got leaked through factions, plans were mentioned, and even Stengolas.. who told him our location years ago? Probably Jack. That BASTARD is responsible for it all!

Orgulas: Nick, do not jump to conclusions. You don't have proof.

Nick: Proof? In my pocket I have a picture from THEM! A picture of something that rat perverted bastard Stengolas did to Frodi! The woman you are STILL in love with! That picture alone, should be enough. HOW did they get it, if they weren't involved with Stengolas? I WANT THEM DEAD! TODAY! *pounds on table*


Nick calms down.

Nick: Where was Jack hiding out?

Orgulas: Some kind of lab in the mountains. It must have been in the magical region. It's all a blur.. but the day I can last remember, I was being carried into the Shire. By some travelers. I had frost-bite.. and other health problems.

Frodi: I'm so sorry you had to go through this Orgulas.

Nick: ...

Frodi: Oh come on Nick! He almost died!

Nick: ... I still don't trust you Orgulas.

Orgulas: Well that makes two of us. Jack was running experiments on me. All I can remember, are some dreams I was having.. I was in the past. My childhood. I don't know what Jack did to me.. and it's worrying me.

Nick: ... That doesn't sound good.

Orgulas: I'm concerned. What if.. what you said happened to Philip.. happens to me?

Nick: ... There's a medical research hospital in Rome. I used to visit there in the old days. Needless to say I had some criminal operations there.. but that's another story. Point is, I have contacts there. They will let me use their lab when I need to. We can run tests, if need be.

Orgulas: Do you forgive me?

Nick: I'm not like Frodi. I don't forgive.

Nick leaves the table.

Orgulas: Gondien is proof of that. God we could use him now.

Nick walks back into the room.

Nick: Get out of my house.

Orgulas: Nick.. come on.

Nick: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! DO NOT SPEAK OF GONDIEN IN MY HOME! DO NOT INSULT ME! Remember who did what. You are a lowlife who worked for trash, in order to just get pay. You could have come to me. But no. So guess what? Jack should have shot you. You wasted a trip. Get out.

Orgulas leaves the room quietly, despite Frodi trying to mend the situation.


Jack is wearing his classic leather jacket. He hasn't aged a bit. Jack walks into a tall office building, and is brought upstairs. He enters a dark office, where a man is sitting in a chair.. faced away from Jack. Jack can not see the man's face.

Man: I heard.. about the shooting.. *weak, and wheezes* And the child.. is the body of the man disposed of properly?

Jack: Yes. It's done.

Man: So what is your plan Jack.. now that the baby has been returned.

Jack: The baby was simply a distraction. My main plan has been developing for the last 5 months.

Man: But the heir..

Jack: Don't put all your legs in one basket. Believe me, this plan will work.

Man: Really? At last recall our plans failed. Sumonsar was killed. Tom Riddle went rogue. What exactly have you planned now?

Jack: *changes subject* Did you talk to Ian?

Man: Ian Mercer is in our pocket. He is going to be the new Prime Minister. And we.. will have total control. But let's not forget about the runaway.. the hobbit must be found. He knows too much.

Jack: With our program sir, we will be able to track and control him.

Man: Then do it.

Jack leaves the office, and heads to an unknown location. He walks into a dark room, and glances at his computer.

Jack: It's time for the big reveal.. such a simple little video.. can do so much damage. Some have guns. Some have wands. I have this.

Jack turns on the computer.


Frodi watches Nick leave the house, to get some air. It's clear he is pissed over Orgulas. Suddenly, Frodi hears her cellphone beep. She checks it.

Frodi: A new text message? With a video attached.. Who's at.. oh god..

Frodi sees the number.. it came from CO77X. Her mind immediately thinks "Franco". It's been years since she's seen that number.

Frodi stares at her phone for a few seconds. Should she.. or wait for Nick? Frodi decides it's better to know now.

Frodi presses play.

The video opens, showing a man sitting in a dark room, in front of a camera.

Frodi: … Jack?!

Video: This video was sent to Frodi Zarano's cellphone. Or as I knew her.. Frodi Greenhand. So if anyone else is watching, stop now. No? Okay.. good. Here we go. I'm sure you've heard Frodi about my sudden reappearance. But in all honesty, I was never gone. Your gut-feeling that I was never killed in that car accident was correct. You see, I'm like your husband. Only.. I don't need a wand. Remember Sumonsar? I'm like him. Except.. I told Sumonsar to do what he did. Til you killed him yourself. I never did get the chance to give you points for managing to kill a demon. Nice work. Anyway, yes.. I've been behind it all. I told Stengolas to come and find you, hoping it would destroy your marriage. I sent Franco after Nick. I, working for the group known as the Illuminati.. have been controlling this "plan" for years. Way before you and Nick were even a thought. Kind of shocking ain't it? So I'm sure you will run off and tell your husband. I'm counting on it. But first, I thought I'd tell you how I used mind control to control Philip.. and soon.. Orgulas. But I wonder who else I've controlled through the years... maybe even you? You see Frodi.. mind control is an amazing thing. You can control someone.. without them ever knowing it.. let me refresh your memory..

A video begins to play. It shows Nick and Frodi's bedroom in Rome.. on a date which would be about 5 months prior to this day. Jack is seen walking into the bedroom, and quietly injecting something into Frodi's neck. Jack waits.. and steps back. Frodi wakes up, and gets out of bed.. as if not controlling herself.

She looks at Jack.

Jack: Hello there Mrs. Zarano.

Jack kisses Frodi, and Frodi madly kisses him back. They lie back on the bed, madly pulling at each other, as Nick sleeps next to them. Jack takes off Frodi's clothes, and the picture cuts to black.. back to Jack.

Jack: Let's see.. 5 months ago.. aren't you 5 months pregnant?

A horrified Frodi gasps.

Jack: The heir to Tom Riddle was only the beginning. Let's just call this.. revenge maybe? Be sure to tell your husband that you willingly cheated on him in his bed, while he slept. But wait.. maybe you won't tell him? Just let him think the baby isn't half-hobbit half-demon? Maybe he won't notice.. and you'd never have to risk your marriage. After all, if Nick finds out you cheated on him.. you'll be next to Gondien, Claire, Kristina, and all of the others Nick has killed. I hope you enjoyed the video.. and make sure to eat well. Take care of my child Frodi. I'll be by to see you soon.. I want to feel it kick.. and I want to feel you again. Til then.. don't forget about me.

The video cuts to black, as Frodi screams in horror.

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Rome, Nick & Frodi's House...
Frodi drops her mobile phone, screaming in horror. She can't believe what she's just seen. This can't be real. It can't be happening.
She falls to her knees, sobbing uncontrolably. It makes her sick to her stomach... seeing herself kiss Jack... touching him like that... seeing him touch her like that... all the while, poor Nick sleeping next to them. And if that wasn't sick enough... it happened 5 months ago. She looks down at her bump.
FRODI: *sobbing* This... this CAN'T be Jack's baby. It's Nick's! It HAS to be Nick's! Oh god, it can't be Jack's. *cries* I was so happy... after the operation... and I realised I was pregnant again... with Nick. I was so proud to be carrying his child. But what if... Jack...? NO, it can't be true. It can't be real. It can't be Jack's baby. Jack, what did you do to me, you bastard!
She rubs her neck, where she had seen Jack inject something into her, in the video. What had Jack done to her? She has no recollection of seeing Jack that night, but that doesn't stop her from feeling guilty. How could she betray Nick like that? Even if she was under Jack's control... HOW COULD SHE BETRAY THE MAN SHE LOVES? She curls up into a ball on the floor, sobbing desperately. She's just glad the children are upstars playing, unaware anything is wrong.
A Hotel, Somewhere In Rome...
After leaving Nick's house, Orgulas managed to book himself into a hotel. He sits in the hotel room, trying to sort things out in his mind. His attempts to make amends with Nick have failed. His attempt to warn Nick of potential danger... failed. His attempts to tell Nick about Jack... failed. Nick either didn't want to know, didn't care, or just didn't believe Orgulas. But there's something else bothering Orgulas.
ORGULAS: Frodi is... pregnant! Veeeerrrryy pregnant! But just how far along is she? Was she pregnant before I... disappeared? She certainly didn't look it. *gets up, and stands by the window, looking out onto the street below* How much of my life has been stolen? How long have I been gone? Hooked up to machines... living in the past... living in my memories. What did you do to me, Jack?
He pours himself a drink, hoping he'll have another chance to make things up to Nick tomorrow.
ORGULAS: One thing Nick's right about though... I'm still in love with Frodi. I never stopped loving her. *sighs* I envy Nick, being able to hold her, see her sweet smile every day, hear her laugh. I had those things once. Now all I can do... is love her from afar.
He walks back to the window, lost in thought.
ORGULAS: But Jack is a threat to all of us - Frodi included. If only I could remember where that lab was!
Bing & Alessea's House...
Alessea is busy feeding the baby, Bing cooing over them, every bit the doting dad. They are delighted to have their baby back, and in every way that matters, Bing is the baby's father.
ALESSEA: *to the baby* Are you a hungry boy? I think you are. You're enjoying your din-dins. aren't you? *smiles*
BABY: *gurgles*
BING: You're a good boy, aren't you? You're my brave little soldier.
BABY: *gurgles again* *sucks milk from Alessea's breast*
Bing & Alessea look at each other, and smile. But there's a part of Alessea that's finding it hard to cope. Knowing how the baby was conceived - that Tom raped her, and finally coming to terms with that... having the baby so cruelly stolen from inside her womb, and having to come to terms with that... being robbed of the first few months of the baby's life, before finally being reunited with her baby. Alessea is finding it hard to adjust. Nevertheless, Aurelius and Cassima are over the moon to have a baby brother.
Nick & Frodi's House...
Frodi doesn't know how long she's been lying on the floor, crying. Suddenly, she hears the front door slam.
Frodi struggles to get up, which is not so easy, when you're 5 months pregnant. She runs through to the hall, and throws her arms around Nick.
FRODI: NICK! Oh god, Nick! I love you so much. I love you Nick. *sobs*
The fresh air and long walk have calmed Nick down slightly, although he is clearly still pissed about Orgulas.
NICK: What's wrong Frodi?
FRODI: Nick, I... I...
NICK: Has that backstabbing Orgulas been back? *raising his voice*
FRODI: No, Nick, I... need to tell you something. It's... it's the baby...
NICK: *puts his hand on her bump* *looks concerned* What happened? Is the baby okay? Are *you* okay?
Frodi looks at Nick, her eyes full of tears. How does she tell him about Jack? How does she find the right words? She can't keep this from Nick... she can't lie to him. She puts her hand over his, for a moment, then walks into the kitchen, with Nick following close behind.
NICK: What do you need to tell me? *still pissed over Orgulas*
Silence. Only the sound of Frodi sobbing. She picks up her mobile phone, and stares at it, her hand shaking in horror. She still can't believe what was in that video.

FRODI: I love you with all my heart Nick. I hope you know that.
Frodi presses 'Play' on her mobile phone, and the video starts playing again. She hands it to Nick, wishing it was all just a bad dream. The sound of Jack's voice makes her want to scream... cry... and vomit... all at the same time. She watches Nick's face, as he watches the video, looking for some clue as to what's going on in his head, as he sees this. He turns pale. How can he forgive her, when she can't forgive herself?
Finally, the video comes to an end. Guilt at betraying Nick, and hatred for Jack, fill Frodi with equal measures.
FRODI: *eyes full of tears* I'm... so, so sorry Nick! I don't remember any of that! I would NEVER, EVER hurt you.  *reaches out to touch his face*   You are everything to me. It makes me sick, seeing that video.  You've no idea how much I hate myself now.
Nick slowly raises his head, and looks at Frodi.
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Nick's eyes flicker open. Nick glances at his hands.. covered in blood. The grass nearby a dark red, instead of green. He looks down at the body of Orgulas.. eyes wide open. A hobbit.. a man of his own.. who had died years ago. Nick closes Orgulas's eyes.



Nick looks up at Frodi. He grabs her, and hugs her. He kisses her head.

Nick: We'll get through this.

Frodi: But.. what if Jack..

Nick: After seeing what happened to Philip, I'm taking you to the hospital. Forget Orgulas. You are more important. I'll call Bing, and have him come over to watch the children.

Frodi is glad Nick didn't fly off the handle. He's unusually calm.

Frodi: Nick.. I don't remember that ever happening.

Nick: I know. I know.

Centro Diagnostico, Rome..

Nick and Frodi walk into the hospital.

Clerk: Posso aiutarla?

Nick: English?

Clerk: Si, but barely.

Nick: ​Fine, Italiano. Mia moglie ed io siamo alla ricerca di un vecchio amico. Lavora in laboratorio. Jason Loveitt.

Clerk: Si, lo conosco. E 'il capo della ricerca in laboratorio. Io lo squillare, e fargli conoscere il vostro arrivo. Prendete l'ascensore al decimo piano.

Nick: ​Grazie. Have a nice day.

Nick holds Frodi's hand tightly, as they take the elevator to the 10th floor.

Once on the 10th floor, a bald man hugs and kisses Nick. They embrace warmly, briefly talking about their past. Nick asks to use the lab for his wife, but making sure it's a private matter. Jason doesn't object, since the lab is just about to close anyway. Once everyone leaves, Nick is given free reign.

Nick: *goes to computer* I know for a fact Philip's body was brought here, and they did the autopsy here.

Frodi: Who called the police?

Nick: I did. I wanted to see what the medical examiner would find. I know, bold. Considering I killed him, but nothing links it back to me. Right now it's being ruled an attempted robbery.

Frodi: Try not to mention murder too much Nick. *touches her bump*

Nick: Hmmm.. Bingo. "Patient had exceedingly high doses of metalic fluid in his bloodstream. Mostly concentrated around the brain." So whatever those people did to Philip.. they use a metallic fluid. That's what we should look for in your blood, and hopefully not find it. And if hell freezes over, I'll test Orgulas. Hop in. *points to a nearby chair*

Frodi: I hate needles.

Nick: Join the club. We have that in common. I also hate seeing blood. Especially when it's my own. You'd think with all this technology, they'd find a better method. Like those wrist-strap things they used in that dream heist movie.

Frodi: Well I'm sure my brilliant husband the inventor could come up with something. *smiles*

Nick: Maybe, but I wouldn't be able to test it. No takers. This may pinch..

Nick inserts the needle, and begins drawing blood into the machine.

Frodi: I love you Nick.

Nick: *smiles* I'll never stop. Never stop loving you that is. But I will stop drawing blood.

Frodi: *sticks tongue out*

Nick takes out the needle, and applies a bandage.

Nick: There, all done.

Frodi: Do I get a lollipop?

Nick: Don't worry. I'll give you something to suck on later.

Frodi punches Nick in the arm.

Frodi: How can you kid at a time like this?

Nick: Someone has to. At this point, we've seen and been through so much, we can handle anything.

The machine beeps, and Nick looks over the result.

Nick: Let's see.. high does of ice cream, coffee power, and Advocaat. But that's it. No metallic.

Frodi: You're being serious?

Nick: About the food, no. About the metallic, yes. So whatever Jack gave you.. wait..

Frodi: What's wrong?

Nick: Philip's body had released most of the metallic. Just like you should have. But traces of it still remained in the cell-walls. For years it would normally stay there.. until it was eaten by other cells. At least, that's what I remember from my brief training in labs.

Frodi: ...

Nick: Your cell-walls should be showing some traces of it.. unless.. you were never given it. Give me that cellphone.

Frodi hands it to Nick, and Nick plugs it into the computer.

Frodi: ... What are you doing?

Nick: The lab has research software on it, some pretty advanced. There should be a video editor on it.. bingo, found it. Let's watch this video in full-screen.. frame by frame.

Nick skips each frame.

Nick: Now it cuts to the bedroom scene..

Frodi: Everything looks normal.

Nick: Hold up.. look at our clock.

Frodi: The time says 1:00.

Nick: Watch as the minutes pass... the clock never changes. On top of that.. *goes back frames* As you know, I have a stomach. Ever watch me sleep? What does my stomach do?

Frodi: Yes of course I have. It.. wait.. it's supposed to move. You should be breathing.

Nick: But during this entire video, I never breathe. Time could not have been frozen. Even if it was, people still breathe. Using some advanced technology, and somehow a photo of our bedroom.. I'd say this video was faked. Only used as a method to torture us. I just don't know why. Why bother? Why go through all the trouble, especially if you had access to our bedroom..

Frodi: So Jack didn't..

Nick: No, he didn't. I'm certain of it. No need to test DNA. Let's get out of here.

Frodi jumps into Nick's arms, and they embrace.

Orgulas's Hotel Room..

There's a knock at the door. Orgulas answers.

Jack: Hello Orgulas.

Jack stabs Orgulas in the stomach with a needle, and injects the fluid into him. In the other hand, Jack shoots a taser gun at Orgulas, causing him to drop to the floor.

Jack: It's showtime Orgulas. You ran, now you pay. You work for us now. Even though your job.. will be short-lived.


Nick and Frodi head back to their home. On their way.. something catches them off-guard. Orgulas is standing in front of the house. Holding something..

Nick: Orgulas! What the hell are you doing here..

Orgulas raises his hand.


Frodi ducks behind Nick, as Nick reaches for his gun. Orgulas fires, as Nick uses magic.. Nick reached his wand first. Nick reverses the direction of the bullet. The bullet flies backwards, hitting Orgulas in the neck. He drops the gun, and falls to the ground.

Nick stands over a bleeding and dying Orgulas.

Orgulas: Frodi..

Nick: .. You knew I'd do this somehow... you knew I could defeat you Orgulas.. why.. that.. was suicide! Why do this?!

Orgulas: The book.. they have it..

Nick: ... The diary?

Orgulas: The.. Illuminati. Frodi.. tell Frodi I'll always love her..

Frodi walks over.

Nick: ... He's dead Frodi. And it seems.. he'll always love you.. *emotionless*

Nick runs into the house.

Frodi: Nick! Where are you going?!

Nick finds the house ransacked. The diary has been stolen once again.


Nick's eyes flicker open. Nick glances at his hands.. covered in blood. The grass nearby a dark red, instead of green. He looks down at the body of Orgulas.. eyes wide open. A hobbit.. a man of his own.. who had died years ago. Nick closes Orgulas's eyes.

All this bloodshed.. it seems as if all of this is just a dream. Ever since Nick was shot, and killed. And came back to life.. years of drama, lies, secrets, and betrayal. Meanwhile the most important thing in his life, his family.. is being pushed to the side.

Mostly all of their allies, friends, and enemies have been wiped out. Either by Nick's hand, or others. Bing and Alessea are really the only friends left.

​Nick looks at the world the way it is. Something has to change. This endless cycle of murder and secrets is destroying the world, and Nick's family.. along with his sanity. Nick is growing tired of being the immortal hero. Nick decides to make an announcement. Even if this so-called Illuminati have the diary.


Nick stands in front of a podium in the Atrebil construction site.. Frodi by his sides, Bing and Alessea watching the kids in the audience. Everyone is wearing black.

Nick: Thank you all for coming.

Nick goes silent for a few minutes, as his eyes turn glassy.

Nick: This has to stop. The magical world has been at war for thousands of years. However.. there have been years of peace. Even centuries of peace. It wasn't until around 2009 that a magical war emerged, bringing magics and non-magics full-fledged into a bloodbath. My family.. has been at the center of it. Mostly me.. and my father. But I am now here to call an end to this war. This 20 plus years war needs to end. Tom Riddle is dead, Sumonsar is dead, the locker has been destroyed, and souls are reaching their destination after death the way it should be. Meanwhile as one of the few immortals, I will make sure this world stays peaceful. However.. I do have other things to say. We are all wearing black to mourn the passing of good men, and good allies. Some killed years ago. All dying so we could finally end this war, and have peace in this world. Orgulas was the final death I will allow on our side. I will not build another city like Liberta. Atrebil looks to be another City of Secrets.. that is to say another piece in a massive chess game to wipe us out. I have decided to continue construction.. but by letting the elves build their new Amadar. The hobbits can expand the Shire. The humans can expand Korgo. And the like. By rebuilding our region, we are returning to some normalcy. Liberta brought us into this mess. I won't let another Liberta continue this mess. I am now asking for our enemies.. you know who you are.. to come forward. There is only one group left. I do not care why you controlled my people, and had us kill them in self-defense. I do not care why you had us executed one by one through the years. I do not care of your intentions, or your reasoning. What I care for is a truce. We won't attack you, and we won't invade your space. If you don't do the same for us. This is not a guarantee for peace forever. But we can have peace for now, and rebuilt our forces. Meanwhile I can enjoy some nice retirement from this mess. It's kind of funny really.. I used to think if my children enrolled in a non-magic school, they would face bullying.. and the like. But in reality.. they would face that in a magic school as well. Because there is no perfect race. No perfect people. But we can strive.. to do better. And I've seen through my travels.. people doing better. To conclude, I am asking for our enemy to come forward. Meet me in a neutral location.. what is left of the old Liberta. Where it all began. Meet me by tomorrow at noon. If you do not show, I will assume the war continues. But in the sake of our future.. our children.. let's end this war.

Slowly, one by one, audience members stand.. and they begin to applaud, as Nick gets slightly choked up.

Bing and Alessea lead the applause. Nick looks next to himself, and sees Frodi clapping. He kisses her.


As the noon-time sunlight shines, Nick waits in the ruins of Liberta by himself. He picks up a random object in the rubble.. a piece to a restaurant sign. Nick's old restaurant. He puts the piece back down on the ground.

Nick notices three men approaching..

Jack, Ian Mercer (the new Prime Minister), and an older man in a hood.

Nick approaches them, and they stand facing each other.

Jack: You have called for peace..

Nick: I have. But I think you owe me the decency to tell me who you are. Dark lords?

Older Man: *weak, and wheezes* You may have heard of us in your history books. We are the current leaders of the Illuminati. Well, aside from Ian.

Ian gives the older man an annoyed look.

Nick: Illuminati?

Older Man: There are many things you don't know yet. Many secrets. But all of this.. was for your own good.

Nick: Killing my friends wasn't for my own good. Sending a rapist after my wife wasn't for my own good.

Older Man: We have done good and bad through the thousands of years we have been around.. for magics and non-magics. We kept you alive, until you had to die.

Nick: What is your name?

The older man reveals his face.
Posted Image

Older Man: Palpatine. Palpatine Riddle.

Nick appears shocked.

Nick: Riddle?

Palpatine: My birth name was Palpatine Marvolo Riddle.

Nick: The same middle name as my father..

Palpatine: I am your grandfather.

Nick: This.. this can't be real.

Palpatine: I was a young recruit working for a church, in Africa many years ago. When I caught wind of a political corruption scheme, with plenty of reward involved. A group known as the Illuminati were involved. I rose up through the ranks quickly, just as you have. We are both talented. It's in our blood. I met a young woman.. and I let myself give in to her radical notions. I took the risk to be with her.. and she fell pregnant. What I didn't know.. is that she was the wife of the current leader of the Illuminati at the time. If he found out, I would have been murdered. So the child was switched out through various methods, using the money and power my married lover had. Birth records were changed, memories were changed, we went to all lengths to cover it up so no one would know the truth.

Nick: And when you took over, and you needed a dark lord of his type..

Palpatine: I knew his blood would contain power. Magical power that could lead us. I did not know.. that he would have HER cheating personality. It poisoned our bloodline, made the Riddle's cheaters and liars. It is because of her, my son went against us.. tried to kill us all, while wiping out the Dark Lords. He never knew the truth.

Nick: What about your great grandchildren?

Palpatine: I have seen them.. you did well.

Nick: I may have. But you have tried to destroy my family. For reasons I will never know, nor do I want to know. I am offering peace here. No more killings. And Mr. Mercer keeps his PM nose out of the magical world's business.

Palpatine: In exchange?

Nick: I killed your son, my father. What'd make you think I wouldn't kill you? I will instead let you all walk. Even Jack. Just stay the hell away from the magical region. I'll also let you keep your sons diary.. the one stolen from me.

Palpatine: I say this seems like a good deal Jack. A good way to restore our power in this world, wouldn't you agree?

Jack nods.

Nick: I'll bite my tongue. Here's an insurance deal.. if you attack my men.. Jack dies. If we attack your men..

Palpatine: Your wife dies.

Nick: ...

Palpatine: Insurance.

Nick: ... Fine. Do we have a deal?

Palpatine: We have a deal.. grandson.

The men shake hands.

Palpatine: By the way.. mind if I ever just show up to see my great grandchildren?

Nick: ... Don't ever come near them. Or I'll kill you myself.

Nick walks away.

Palpatine: Enjoy your peace Nick Riddle. *under his breath* But it won't last..


Unknown amount of time later..

Lights flicker on. Palpatine walks into a lab.

Posted Image

It's a very high-tech lab, possibly having technology even more futuristic than what the world currently has. Tubes of bodies are lined up.. it's unknown who they are, or if they are alive.

Palpatine glances at a tube.. "Patient #CO77X - Name: Nicholas Zarano".

He grins.

Palpatine: Maybe you should wake up now..

Palpatine presses a button on the tube.. and within seconds, the body's eyes open.



​ Vatican City..

Posted Image

A man in a hood walks past groups of Cardinals and other church members. He sticks out like a sore thumb, in his black clothing. The man stops near a church building, and looks up.. lowering his hood. It's Jack.

He enters the building.

Among the crowd, Nick, Frodi, and the kids walk out of the Vatican Library. Meanwhile Bing and Alessea walk out of the Vatican Pharmacy with some bags.

Bing: Who'd think you could buy some cheap cream in place over a hundred years old, in a beautiful place like this?

Alessea: This was a wonderful vacation idea Nick.

Nick: Well after everything that has happened, I thought we could enjoy some relaxation. Plus this is history for our children to see. Next up.. the museum.

Frodi and Nick hold hands.

Frodi: This truly is an amazing place.

Nick: No matter how corrupt the church may or may not be, this place is stunning.

On the way towards the museum, Nick's eyes turn to someone in a black robe.. as they pass, Nick glances.. making eye contact with the old man. Nick stops, and looks back.

Frodi: Something wrong Nick?

Nick: .. No.. my eyes must be playing tricks on me. Let's go.

A woman in high-heels stands still among the crowd, watches Nick and Frodi walk away. She takes out her cellphone, takes a picture of them, and disappears among the crowd.

The world is peaceful. The war is over. The heir to Tom Riddle's bloodline seems to be a fine, healthy baby. Bing and Alessea are giving it all the love in the world. Meanwhile the remains of the Illuminati have showed up in Vatican City. It's unclear why such a possibly "unlawful" group would have business with the church. There are still many secrets unanswered.. many questions unanswered.. why was Nick Zarano targeted? Who else is a member of the Illuminati? What kind of powers do they have? Many questions.. unanswered.

Hotel on the outskirts of Vatican City..

It's night. The kids are asleep in their rooms, as Nick sits down on the bed next to Frodi.

Nick: *pulls Frodi's feet over, and takes off her shoes and socks* *he massages her feet* Strangely this also helps me to relax. I feel good making you feel good.

Frodi: Something on your mind?

Nick: I know all of this happened so fast. The change and all. But our oldest children are also teenagers. They will need both of us. And I'd like to be around more for our next child, rather than being away fighting the next villain, like I wise for our other children. I also want to be home with you more. Fact is.. I don't care about the Illuminati. I don't care that they have the diary. Let the magical world handle it.

Frodi: So where do you want to go?

Nick: Well, we have some money leftover. Not alot, so I may find work wherever we go. I have skills, and some fame attached to me. Good and bad. Maybe I can work my way in somewhere. But mainly we need to choose a new place to call home.

Frodi: Where?

Nick: *kisses up her leg* Maybe Scotland, Ireland, maybe here in Italy, maybe the United States, maybe the islands..

Nick lifts up her clothing, and goes down on her.

Frodi: Oh.. yes.. well, maybe.. maybe.. oh.. maybe somewhere.. oh oooohhh..

Nick: To think a baby will be coming out of here soon.

Once again, Frodi punches Nick.

Nick: Ow! Fine. You choose the new destination. But first I think my pregnant wife needs a shower.. with that big bump, I think you'll need to let me do all the work cleaning you up..

Nick takes Frodi's hand, and leads her into the shower.

Suddenly, a knock at the door.

Lilla: MOM! DAD! Michael broke the lamp! A hotel lamp!

Rosie: *in the background* Michael! I'm telling daddy! He's gonna kill you! And I'll get all your toys!

Lilla: ROSIE! Stop that!

The world is peaceful, and the Zarano family now has some normalcy.

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Vatican City, Nick & Frodi's Hotel Room...
Frodi & Nick look at each other, Nick's hand on the shower door.
NICK: *whispers* Raincheck on that shower?
FRODI: *nods & whispers* I'll hold you to that. Their timing is... awful. *giggles* *kisses*
MICHAEL: *scared voice in the background* I didn't mean to... *sniff* You won't really take all my toys, will you Rosie?
VINCENT: Pffft. She's a *girl*. Girl's don't get boys toys.
Frodi goes to open the door, while Nick sits on the end of the bed. As soon as she opens the door, 4 small faces look up at her.
FRODI: Why aren't you lot in bed? It's way past your bedtimes.
LILLA: Michael broke the hotel lamp!
MICHAEL: *scared voice* I didn't mean to. It just kind of... fell over.
FRODI: How did it just 'fall over', Michael?
MICHAEL: We were playing Tag. I was chasing Rosie, and... it just fell. *looks at Nick* Ro... Rosie said you're gonna kill me, dad, and she'll get all my toys.
NICK: No-one is killing anyone, Michael!
FRODI: *puts on a stern voice* What were you doing playing Tag at this time of the night?
MICHAEL: We... we couldn't sleep.
FRODI: And now the lamp is broken!
NICK: Michael. That lamp wasn't our property. It's going to have to be replaced.
FRODI: This hotel suite isn't as big as our own home. You have to be careful, and look where you are going.
MICHAEL: *cries* I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
FRODI: *looks round at all the kids* Are any of you hurt?
MICHAEL: *sniff* No.
FRODI: Okay, let's go and see this broken lamp then. *looks at Rosie* And no-one is getting Michael's toys, okay Rosie.
Frodi take the children back to their room. The broken lamp lies in several pieces on the floor. Thankfully, the damage doesn't seem to be too severe. The lamp top lies in several chunks, and the bulb is broken, but the lamp base remains in tact. Frodi puts the lamp base back on the table, then picks up the broken parts, making sure there is nothing left that the kids could accidently walk over and cut themselves with. She puts the kids back to bed, and gives them all a kiss. Then she takes the broken lamp parts back to her own room.

FRODI: *puts the broken lamp bits on a table near the bed* *looks at Nick* The kids are back in bed. Urgh! I feel horrible, giving Michael a row like that. It was an accident, after all. *puts her hand to her head, and sighs*
NICK: Maybe so. But if he had gone to bed like he was told, then the lamp wouldn't have got broken.
FRODI: *looks at Nick* Yes, and *you* always do what you're told, don't you? *smiles*
NICK: *grabs her, and pulls her towards him* Oooh, I love it when you're all masterful like that. *kisses*
FRODI: *giggles* *kisses* Are you going to be a good boy, Nicholas Zarano?
NICK: No, I'm a bad boy. What are you going to do about it.
Nick starts kissing her passionately
FRODI: Then I'll have to... um... have to... oooohhh Nick.
NICK: Have to go for a shower with me?
FRODI: *nods* *still kissing* Yeah... go for a shower... Oh... OOOHHH
Once again, Nick leads her to the shower. This time, there's no banging on the door.
NICK: So far, so good.
Nick helps Frodi into the shower, then climbs in after her. She stands against the wall, as he turns on the water. She puts her hand up, and strokes his cheek, looking into his eyes.
FRODI: We should do this more often. *kisses his soft lips*
NICK: I think that could be arranged... if you're very nice to me. *kisses her chest*
FRODI: Aren't I always nice to you? *kisses his forehead*
Nick picks up the sponge, and lathers it up with soap. He gently washes her big bump with the sponge.
FRODI: Oh, that feels good. *wraps her arms around him*
NICK: Just how did that bump get so big, Frodi Zarano? *kisses her bump*
FRODI: *teases* Do I need to explain about the birds and the bees to you?
NICK: None of your cheek, woman!
Nick dabs the soapy sponge on her nose, leaving a blob of lathery foam there.
FRODI: HEY! *sneezes*
NICK: Sorry. But you look so cute with soap suds on your nose. *grins*
FRODI: *sticks her tongue out*
Nick pushes her against the wall, and they kiss. Frodi slides round, so she is behind him. She starts massaging his back, kising it at the same time.
NICK: Mmmm, we make a good team, don't we?
FRODI: We definately do!
Nick turns round, so he is facing her again. He puts his hand on her bump.
NICK: We need to start thinking of names for the baby. How about... 'The Bump'?
FRODI: *laughs* The Bump?  Ha ha ha. You want to call our baby 'The Bump'? *playfully punches Nick's arm*
NICK: Ow.  Okay then, have you got a better name?
FRODI: How about 'Numero Cinque'? *clasps his hands*
NICK: My child is not a number. I got it. Considering what you've been eating recently, how about 'Ice Cream, And Coffee Powder Victim'? *winks*
Frodi errupts into fits of laughter.
FRODI: Your names get worse. *giggles*
NICK: *playfully pins her against the wall* But you love me anyway? *kisses*
FRODI: *nods* Always! *leans forward and kisses him*
Vatican City, Bing & Alessea's Hotel Room...
Bing & Alessea are giving their son a late night feed. Alessea holds him against her breast, and he sucks away hungrily.
BING: *puts his arm around Alessea* You're a natural at this, Alessea. *smiles, and kisses her*
ALESSEA: I'm just glad we got a second chance. I don't think we'll ever know who took him, or why. But I'm so glad to have our son back. Look at him Bing. Just look at him. Isn't he perfect? *smiles*
BING: *coos over the baby* He has his mother's dimples.
ALESSEA: Everything that's happened... I couldn't have got through it without you. Thankyou for sticking by me. I love you Bing.
BING: The feeling goes both ways, you know.
They share a tender kiss. Then Bing looks down at his son. A smile spreads across his face.
BING: He's fallen asleep, mid-feed.
ALESSEA: *looks down* Hahaha. So he has. He's still latched on. *gently shakes the baby awake* Come on little one. Finish your feed, then I can put you to bed.
The baby sleepily starts sucking again. After a few minutes, he gives a big yawn, and pushes himself away from Alessea's breast.
ALESSEA: *to Bing* I think he's had enough. *looks at the baby* Have you had enough, my little man?
The baby looks around, then closes his eyes.
BING: *takes the baby* I'll put him to bed now. Then how about *we* get some sleep as well? We've had a busy day.
Vatican City, Nick & Frodi's Hotel Room...
Frodi & Nick have finished their shower, and are lying in bed. The baby is kicking, and Nick has his hand on her bump, feeling it.
NICK: The baby is being very active tonight.
FRODI: He or she is objecting to your name suggestions. *smiles and strokes his hair*
NICK: And what's wrong with my name suggestions? *pretends to look hurt* I know, let's call it 'The Kicker'. *winks*
FRODI: *giggles* NICK! You are impossible! *kisses him*
Suddenly, Frodi turns serious. She sits up, and looks into Nick's eyes.
FRODI: Nick... joking aside... what do you think of calling our baby, Eurus? If it's a girl, I mean.
NICK: *gets emotional* I like that! I like that a lot! I'm sure Eurus would like that, as well.
FRODI: *strokes his back* Or Alastor, if it's a boy?
NICK: Or Sabag?
FRODI: Sabag Alastor Zarano? Named after 2 great men.
NICK: Perfect names! I love them!
Frodi looks at Nick, and sees sadness in his eyes. She knows he misses Eurus and Alastor, despite how things ended. This is the best way she knows to honour them. She puts her arms round Nick, and holds him tightly.
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Part 1..

Vatican City..

Posted Image

It is nighttime. The city is quite. Everything is going as normal. Normal being, that armed guards and police officers known as the Corpo della Gendarmeria dello Stato della Città del Vaticano (English: Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City State) walk the perimeter, keeping watch over the city. But this night is not going to be quite.. this night will never be forgotten.

A black van crosses the bridge into Vatican City. As it nears the Palace of the Holy Office, the van stops.. at a roadblock. Two officers approach the van, one on each side.

Officer: Licenza per favore. Poi ci sarà bisogno di controllare i documenti.

Slowly, the windows are lowered.. two quick sounds are heard, and both officers drop to the ground. The van speeds off, breaking through the roadblock.. leaving two dead officers with silencer-equipped pistol bullets in their foreheads.

The van stops near the Holy Office, and two men in dark clothing get out of the back. They run towards the main doors, guns drawn. Meanwhile the van speeds off, using a secret passage way leading straight to St. Peter's Basilica.

More silencer shots are heard, as two more officers are killer. But the shots are so quite, it doesn't alert the Corpo della Gendarmeria dello Stato della Città del Vaticano forces.

The van nears St. Peter's Basilica. As it draws closer, a swarm of 10+ officers draw near.

Officer: STOP! STOP! Non puoi entrare qui!

Officer #2: GET OUT OF LA VIA!

All of the officers jump out of the way, as the van crashes right through the roadblock. Two men get out, and they throw grenades onto the ground. All of the men have masks on, as toxic gas floats through the air. The officers roll on the ground, coughing, as two more men exit the van. Four all together. They use silencers to pick off any remaining guards.

Meanwhile on the rooftops, snipers are being thrown off roofs by more men in dark clothing.

The four men walk into St. Peter's Basilica.

Posted Image

The men take off their masks. One of them.. is Jack. The other.. a face from the past... a dreaded mafia hitman notorious for being bloody. Vinny. The same Vinny who has been dead for years.

The other two men aren't known.

Vinny: No shit. This place is kinda fancy.

Jack: Watch your mouth damn it.

Man: So.. what are we doing now boss?

Man #2: ​Yeah.. what now? Palpatine never told us what to do once we're inside.

Jack: Oh, sorry about that.. your job is to play dead. Kill them.

Vinny shoots both men with his Uzi, knocking them both down onto the floor.

Jack: That should alert them.

Suddenly, doors open. Men dressed in red.. cardinals, walk in. They are lead by a priest.

Priest: *gasps* Alert the police!

Jack: That won't be necessary. *points gun at the priest*

Priest: Do your worst. Our god will protect me.

Jack: There is no god. But right now.. I am your god. I decide if you live.. or you die. Where is Father Carlo Yusuf?

Priest: ... He is in the back room. The main cathedral. Do not bring harm to him.. please.

Jack: Vin, keep watch over these birds.

Jack walks into the back.

He sees an older man, leaning over the altar.

Older Man: Hai .. venuto a uccidermi?

Jack: In matter of fact, I have come to kill you. Carlo. You are the one who wronged someone many years ago. I am simply righting a wrong.

Father Carlo Yusuf: You do not know.. la verità.. of what happened.

Jack: I know enough.

Father Carlo Yusuf: So it took this many years.. for the vendetta to be carried out.. but he sent you. A debole. Nothing more.

Jack: You.. do not.. know me.

Father Carlo Yusuf: Ne so abbastanza. I just wonder.. why it took so long.

Jack: Palpatine was busy. He had you near the bottom of his to-do list. But now.. you've suddenly become important. More so.. your death is more important. After all, we have a clearer vision of what needs to be done.

Father Carlo Yusuf: "We". There is no we.. In the Illuminati. As if I did not know who you are working for.

Jack: *takes out some rope* You don't know me.. but you are about to.


Minutes later..


Police cars swarm the plaza..

Officers run into St. Peter's Basilica, guns drawn.. all shouting in Italian. They pass the two bodies of the assisting men.

The officers find doors blocked.. and the smell of smoke.

Officer: Fuoco! Abbattere le porte! Andiamo! Andiamo!

Officers bust down the doors.. and what they find.. startles them.
Posted Image

Father Carlo Yusuf is tied above flames, as chairs burn. The officers rush into the room, but they unknowingly activate a trap. The rope snaps, dropping the priest into the flames. Followed.. by an explosion, throwing the officers away from the fire.

The chief runs in.

Chief: Mother of god.. bless us all. *blesses himself* Questo è terribile!

Officer: *runs in* No sign of the van sir. The suspects are gone.

Chief: Alert the Camerlengo.



Posted Image

The Camerlengo walks back and fourth, cardinals gathered around.

Camerlengo: Today is a dark day for our church.. but we can not let hatred for these attackers consume us. The police are doing their jobs.. to find who is responsible.. as we mourn Father Yusuf.

Older Cardinal: Who is responsible? Who did this to us?

Younger Cardinal: What are we telling the press?

Camerlengo: The press know nothing of the matter.. we are being advised to follow the story that this was indeed only a security test for anti-terrorism.

Younger Cardinal: But that is a downright lie!

Camerlengo: But it is a lie that is necessary. God help us.. but Chief Fache believes this was an attack by the Illuminati.

The room goes silent.

Older Cardinal: The Illuminati is a fake organization. They haven't been heard from in years.

Camerlengo: Then explain this symbol carved into Father Yusuf's chest.

The Camerlengo passes out a paper.

Posted Image

Camerlengo: It is believed that this is one of the new seals of the Illuminati.. with the Triforce.

Older Cardinal: What do these letters mean?

Camerlengo: I do not know. But I have an idea who might. See the bottom left triangle? Liberta. As in the island.

Older Cardinal: Lucky McKenna..

Camerlengo: That is Camerlengo Lucky McKenna.

Older Cardinal: Lucky, do not disrespect me, or this church. I am a man of solid belief. That belief does not waiver. That belief leads me to follow rules. We do not associate with magics.

Camerlengo: In this case.. we'll need to make an expection.

Camerlengo McKenna walks off.

Older Cardinal: Lucky! Do not push this any further! I will take this to the others!

Posted Image

Camerlengo McKenna looks back.. and continues to walk away.

To be continued.

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Part 2..

Unknown Location..

Posted Image

Nick stands by a lake, as fog covers the ground and the sky. Men stand around him, digging in the nearby sand pits. Nick is dirty, and unshaven. He takes out a lighter.. and lights a cigarette.

Man: Mr. Zarano.. no sign of the vault sir.

Nick: Keep looking. Humanity depends on it.



Office of the Camerlengo..

Nick and Frodi walk into the dimly-lit office. They are seated by the fireplace, as Camerlengo McKenna stands by the window.. drink in hand.

Camerlengo: I'm sure you are wondering why you are here.

Nick: It isn't everyday you get summoned by the church, while taking a vacation at the Vatican. I mean, besides my son busting a hotel lamp, I don't think we're in trouble.

Frodi: *whispers to Nick* Bing and Alessea are already on the plane.

Camerlengo: While I am glad you are enjoying everything this city has to offer.. to tourists that is, I have to say.. if you planned on going home.. you may need to delay your return home.

Frodi: Why? And who are you?

Camerlengo: Sorry for my poor manners. I am Camerlengo Lucky McKenna. Consider me the "CEO" of the church. Two steps under god, one under our pope. And believe me, I never thought I'd be contacting your husband Mrs. Zarano. I know his business.

Nick: So you do.. and what business is that? *annoyed*

Camerlengo: Listen Mr. Zarano.. you are the one who will deal with your sins. You and god. You and only god. But.. I do have to say "thank you" for saving our world. We read the news.

Nick: Ah.. so the church does keep tabs on my world.

Camerlengo: We don't believe in it, but it doesn't mean we can't keep well informed.

Nick: Why am I here?

Camerlengo: ... Mrs. Zarano..

Nick: My wife is not going anywhere. You talk to me, you talk to the both of us.

Camerlengo: Fine. You may have heard about our security test last night. Only.. it was not a test.

Camerlengo McKenna hands Nick some papers.

Camerlengo: There was a murder. But due to sensitive circumstances, it's best not to let the world know. That symbol was found carved onto the victim.. who was one of our priests.

Nick: Sorry for your loss.

Camerlengo: I contacted you, despite the reservations of my peers. They feel.. your methods.. are.. well..

Nick: Sinful?

Camerlengo: Extreme. But alas I only knew why to contact you.. because of that symbol. Notice anything?

Nick: No.. I.. wait.. Liberta.. Liberta..

Camerlengo: It's also rumored you know about the Illuminati. But I won't pressure you with that.

Nick: These other symbols..

Camerlengo: You know them?

Nick: I think they represent things.. people.

Camerlengo: That triangle itself is an old legend. The Triforce.

Nick: 1.. Dark Lord Sumonsar.. 2.. Tom Riddle.. 3.. Destiny. This is a road-map! A road-map of destruction!

Nick stands up, and paces towards the window, Frodi watches.

Camerlengo: No one seems to believe me that the Illuminati are real. Very real. They all think this attack was some random copycat. But believe me.. we have the footage.

Nick: Footage?

Camerlengo: At night, cameras record activity in the church. *turns on television* In this shot, you can clearly see the 4 attackers.. who eventually become 2..

Nick: Freeze that frame..

Frodi: That's Jack and Vinny!

Nick: Vinny.. he's been dead for years.. this isn't possible. I.. I pretty much made it impossible for people to be brought back.

Camerlengo: I do not honestly want to know anything more than this. But I know there is something you are not telling me.

Nick: Deniability.

Camerlengo: ... I just want to know what happened. Why this happened.

Nick: It seems my peace treaty with the Illuminati was a lie.. but if I come after them.. they will.. *looks at Frodi* ... I can't go after them.

Camerlengo: Then at least do your research. Before more people get killed.

Nick: Frodi, let's go.

Camerlengo: Will you help us?

Nick: I'll do my best. But I won't make any promises.

Nick and Frodi walk out.

Frodi: What are you going to do now?

Nick: There's something I am not seeing. But that quote from Sao Feng's will keeps flowing through my head. "Nick Zarano.. take this box. It will open all possibilities to you. It has been written.. that you, the chosen one, should have the contents of this box. Only you can find the key to open this box. Protect your family, and don't let power cloud your mind. Ad infinitum." I remember that.. and it's stuck with me. I know Sao Feng knew secrets, since he kept research on mostly everything. But what was he telling me.. it has to do with my grandfather. And the Illuminati. It HAS TO! Come on.. we're going to Singapore.

Frodi: What about the kids?!

Nick: Let Bing and Alessea watch them. Tell them we need a vacation. God knows Bing and Alessea owe us, I saved her life for god's sake.



Posted Image

Nick and Frodi catch a long bus-ride into the city.. from the ports, to the bustling business empire of Singapore.

On the bus..

Frodi: I have to ask Nick.. why are you bringing me along this time? Usually you tell me it's too dangerous.

Nick: Because this time it's a story about me. You. Us. Our family. What we discover.. what final secrets about my family are finally revealed, could change our lives. We both need to know. *holds her hand*

Frodi kisses Nick, as Nick touches her bump.

An hour later, Frodi drifts off to sleep. Nick slowly gets up, and heads out to the back of the bus.. where the restroom is. But something catches Nick's eyes. Rather.. someone. Standing in the back of the bus.. a teenage girl. With long brown her. He can't see her exact face.. but Nick knows that face from the side.. he'd bet his life on it. He watches as she touches her hair. But part of him wonders.. if it really is Kristina.. she should have aged.

Nick: Kristina?

The girl looks at Nick, then quickly opens the bathroom door. She runs in, and locks it. Nick bangs on the door.

Nick: Kristina! Open up! Open the goddamn door! You can't be alive!

An assistant walks over.

Assistant: Tuan, yang bilik air wanita .. tidak membuat saya memanggil pengawal.

Nick stops, as the assistant walks away.

Nick turns the knob.. and the door opens.. it slowly glides open.. with no one inside.


Is Nick's mind playing tricks on him? This is a moving bus! Where could she have disappeared to?

As Nick walks away.. words appear on the mirror.. written using lipstick.

"Ini adalah akhir."

Nick doesn't tell Frodi about the Kristina sighting.

Singapore City..

Posted Image

Nick and Frodi arrive in the middle of the night. They catch a taxi.

Driver: Ke mana?

Nick: English?

Driver: Yes.

Nick: Headquarters for Singapore Legal Associates of the Greater China Sea District. *hands paper*

Driver: Saya tahu di mana itu adalah. I take you.

The car begins to drive off.

Nick: I hope this isn't too much for you.

Frodi: Of course not. I just deserve some massages later. *smiles*

Nick: Don't worry, we'll book a hotel for the night.. and my pregnant wife will get a nice foot massage or two. *smiles* First it's off to see Hengsha. By the time we get there, he should be just opening up.

Frodi: Do you really think he can help you?

Nick: Well, he said if I ever needed his services.. and I brought the box with me. We'll see.

Headquarters for Singapore Legal Associates of the Greater China Sea District..

Posted Image

Nick and Frodi walk into the very modern, very high-tech building. They head over to the receptionists desk.

Receptionist: You have appointment?

Nick: No. But I am here to see Mr. Hengsha. It's an emergency.

Receptionist: Please take seat. *looks at Frodi* You pregnant?

Frodi: Yes. *smiles*

Receptionist: I am too. Not showing yet. First pregnancy, worried.

Frodi: Oh it's nothing to be worried about! It's a beautiful thing! This will be our 5th child. Maybe even more. Hehe.

Frodi and the receptionist talk about children for awhile. Eventually the doors open.

Chinese Man: He will see you now. Just you.

Frodi stays outside and talks with her new Chinese friend.

Nick is taken into a familiar room.

Posted Image

Nick is seated at the table.

Nick: Last time I sat here, I was being held at gun-point almost..

Mr. Hengsha walks in, and sits down.

Hengsha: I knew you would come back.

Nick: Sorry for the early hour. But I am in need of your assistance.

Hengsha: What can I do for you?

Nick: *takes out box, and puts it on table* This.

Posted Image

Nick: I need the key.

Hengsha: What makes you think I have it?

Nick: You never denied it.

Hengsha: I said "Only you can find the key to open this box." Nothing much has changed. But if one was looking.. I'd say maybe it was time that person was given a freebie. After all, Sao Feng's sense of puzzles were rather.. odd. Plus I've had to hold the damn key for all this time, to prevent others from finding it. Check under the table.

Nick puts his hand under the table.. and feels something. A key.

Nick: You've got to be kidding me..

Hengsha: It seems Sao Feng had someone plant it there. In almost plain sight. My cleaning crew found it.

Nick: Thanks for calling to notify me.

Hengsha: It was not my call. Besides.. from that look on your face, I think you need the key now more than ever.

Nick: I need whatever is in this box.

Nick inserts the key, and turns it. The box clicks open. Nick lifts open the box..

Nick: ...

Hengsha: What is inside?

Nick: ... Among other things, papers and folders.. including a family tree..


Hengsha: Bunyi tembakan!

Mr. Hengsha takes out a gun from his desk, as Chinese guards run out into the lobby. More shots are heard.

Nick: Frodi!

Guards bring Frodi into the room, and Nick protects her.

Hengsha: Who did you bring with you?! Pengkhianat!

Nick: No one! Why would I want this?!

Hengsha: Then you were followed.

Glass shatters, as some guards are killed. Mr. Hengsha walks out into the lobby, and finds dead men.. attackers. They are dressed in black. His men search the attackers clothes.

Chinese Guard: Tiada apa-apa jua tetapi senapang ..dan tuan ini.

The guard hands over a small triangle pendant.

Hengsha: Each man has one of these.. Illuminati hitmen. Anak haram.

Nick: You know about the Illuminati?

Hengsha: More than I care to admit. But I have to ask.. why did they come here? More.. WHY DID THEY FOLLOW YOU? What do they want with you?

Nick: ... I don't know. *doesn't mention his grandfather* But do I have your word of secrecy?

Hengsha: Anda mempunyai kata-kata saya. You have my word.

Nick: ... There was an attack on the Vatican. I assume these are Illuminati men.. just like the last attack.

The receptionist comes out from hiding behind the desk.

Hengsha: You will leave my offices.. now.

Nick: I have to question what else you are not telling me. You kept the key a secret.

Hengsha: I am a powerful man Mr. Zarano. You should know the feeling. I like to consider myself.. a keeper of secrets.

Nick: *takes out gun, and points it at Hengsha* Let's do this my way then.

The remaining guards point their guns at Nick.

Frodi gasps.

Frodi: Nick! What are you doing?!

Nick: I think you should tell your men to drop their weapons. I'm immortal remember? And I think you are the type of man who wouldn't bring women into our battle.

Hengsha: Menurunkan senapang anda.

The men drop their guns.

Nick: Frodi, take the woman into the back.. go with her.

Frodi: Nick!

Nick: Do it! Now!

Frodi takes the Chinese woman in the back, and closes the door. Nick turns his gun around, and quickly shoots each of the guards.. Nick still has his skills. The remaining guards drop to the ground, moaning in pain.

Hengsha: You are not making me an ally.

Nick: I'm going to make you a deceased enemy if you don't answer my questions.

Hengsha: I am not a man of patience.

Nick: How do you know about the Illuminati?

Hengsha: One of my clients had his life destroyed by the Illuminati. I can not legally tell you who, and that client privacy right will die with me. But this older man was forced to make a choice, and he paid the price. Needless to say, I needed to do research on them.

Nick: Do you know what their plans are?

Hengsha: From research.. one world order. But I think their plans have changed. They have become.. more deadly.

Nick: Final question. Where can they be found?

Hengsha: ​That is a mystery. But two locations were discovered in my research. A mountain fortress in the magical realm, near the Shire. And one in our world. In Italy, possibly around Italy. Maybe not.

Nick: *lowers gun* Then we are finished here.

Hengsha: ​I take back my statement. Do not ever come back here. If you do, I will find a way to kill you myself.

Nick: Frodi! Let's go.

Hotel Room in Singapore..

Posted Image

Nick collapses on the hotel bed. Frodi sits next to him. She kicks off her shoes.

Nick: What a day..

Frodi: But what a beautiful hotel room.

Nick: You are ignoring the fact that I could have killed multiple people. Guards.

Frodi: I see the best in you. You got things done, your way. And you didn't kill them.

Nick: It just worries me.. you are used to violence.. and our children.. this child.. may get used to it.

Frodi: But we can't shelter them either Nick. There are plenty of bad people in this world. God knows we've met most of them. Or we're related to most of them.

Nick: Speaking of which..

Nick places the box on the bed.

Frodi: Open it?

Nick opens the box, and takes out some of the papers.

Nick reads the title on one of the brown folders.


Bloodline of NICK ZARANO
Archives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Interpol, etc.

Files compiled for SAO FENG.

Nick: Well it seems Sao Feng ordered this research.. before he died. It's my bloodline.

Frodi: Let's see what we can find out.. once and for all..

Nick: *opens folder* It's... a chart.

Posted Image

Frodi: So.. what does this all mean?

Nick: Well, let's see.. the records are a bit lose together.. but it seems my great great grandfather was named Sidious Riddle. And.. oh.. my.. god.. "Riddle bloodline is connected to the bloodline of the Knights Templar. Last known connection was to"..

Frodi: Leonardo Da Vinci.

Nick: I'm a descendant of Leonardo Da Vinci.. that can't be possible.

Frodi: ​But that would explain your creative blood! Your science and inventive abilities.

Nick: Leonardo Da Vinci.. maybe he was a member of the Knights Templar.

Frodi: ​Who are the Knights Templar exactly?

Nick: The Templars were among the most famous of the Western Christian military orders. The organization existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages. It has been rumored that their bloodline.. their knights, fought the Illuminati. So much so.. it's been believed for all these years, that the original magics were knights. Members of the Templar. I just assumed they had vanished, since the age of knights had finished.

Frodi: ​But the Illuminati never disappeared.

Nick: And the knights became wizards.. at least, that's what we've assumed. Hence the orders.. the ministries..

Frodi: "Palpatine turned the tides. Riddle family was known for being good knights.. Palpatine turned sides. Became evil."

Nick stands up, and paces.. processing all of this.

Frodi: Nick.. this explains everything! You have knight blood! You have the blood of heroes and great men in your veins! But.. starting with Palpatine, he poisoned you. He poisoned Tom! His own son! No wonder they have tried to kill you, or get you on their side. You are the last remaining "good" blood family member. Tom was evil. And your grandfather started it.

Nick: So they planned my death.. so I could fall into the destiny they planned out for me. That I would be groomed with anger, and take over this world.. a one world order.. it was all supposed to start with Liberta. I was being groomed for slaughter.

Frodi: So all these years Nick.. you blamed your ancestors. You are a good man Nick. And this is the proof.

Nick: ... My grandfather is behind all of this. And that is why I became the hero. I must be one of the last remaining of the Knight Templar bloodlines.

Frodi: And not many are connected to Leonardo Da Vinci. Let's not forget that.

Nick looks for more paperwork in the box. He finds something at the bottom.. a DVD.

Nick runs over to the hotel TV, and places the disc into the DVD player.

Frodi: What could be on a blank disc?

Nick: Only one way to find out..

Nick presses play.

It's a recording.. a phone call conversation.


UNKNOWN WOMAN: So the plan is in place?
PALPATINE RIDDLE: Yesss.. in the coming months, we shall have all the power we need..
JACK: What about the one world order?
PALPATINE RIDDLE: Our plans have failed. It isss.. time for a change of plansss.. We will find the antimatter, build our weapons.. and use it to threaten the weak. Then no one will be able to stop us. Not even my grandson.
UNKNOWN WOMAN: We searched Liberta for the vault sir. We have yet to find it.
PALPATINE RIDDLE: Then go to plan B.. one way or another.. the world will know.. we will destroy the four pillars. We will brand the Preferiti and sacrifice them on the altars of science, then bring the church down upon itself. Vatican City will be consumed by light, a shining star at the end of the path of illumination.

The DVD ends.

Nick: Antimatter.. they are planning an attack on Vatican City using antimatter! Like the antimatter I created years ago.

Frodi: Why were they searching Liberta?

Nick: Well some containers of antimatter were stored under the first Liberta, in a vault deep underground. For emergencies. It likely survived all the destruction. The containers I developed ran on oxygen. So after all these years, with a small amount of oxygen in that vault, the containers must still be filled with active antimatter. That is what they were after. But of course.. my technology was made years ago. I'm sure they have come up with a better method. It took one huge machine of mine just to generate antimatter.

Frodi: So what now?

Nick ... Tomorrow I'll drop you off with Bing and Alessea. Then I'll head to Liberta. I have to see if the vault is still there. Then.. I need to end this. They have taken enough from us.

Frodi: Always saving the world.

Nick: I don't want to. But I have to. I have to end this. As it is, I'm on my own. None of the magics really give a damn. And none of the non-magics know that their prime minister is likely being controlled by the Illuminati. Something has to be done.

Frodi: Feel like enjoying the rest of our mini vacation?

Nick: ... For the first time, no. All I keep thinking about.. is my grandfather. He caused all of this. Tom. Forsco. Stengolas. Franco. Sumonsar. They were all sent one way or another by my grandfather. I was even shot because of him. It all fits. Every piece. Every damn secret.

Nick stares out the window.


Frodi goes to stay with Bing and Alessea, as a struggling-to-stay-sane Nick heads to Liberta.


Posted Image

Nick stands by the lake, as fog covers the ground and the sky. Men stand around him, digging in the nearby sand pits. Nick is dirty, and unshaven. He takes out a lighter.. and lights a cigarette.

Man: Mr. Zarano.. no sign of the vault sir.

Nick: Keep looking. Humanity depends on it.

As the hours pass, finally a loud metal cling is heard.

Man: I hit something! Where the castle used to be!

Drilling begins, drilling deep underground.. through layers of sand, rock, rubble, and finally metal. Metal mixed with steel, and over materials. The vault Nick put underground many years ago has withstood all of Liberta's attacks. Finally, the drilling machine beeps.. and a hole is punctured into the vault. A cloud of dust comes up..

Man: *coughs* That smells like over twenty year old dust.

Nick: Make the hole wider, then hand me some rope. I'm going in.

Once the hole is wide enough, Nick slides down into the vault.. finally hitting the metal floor. He turns on his flashlight.

Nick sees a bunch of blinking lights in the corner.. he finds containers of antimatter. All of them.. still working. All of them.. running on oxygen. If the container is cut off from oxygen.. the battery dies. If the battery dies, the antimatter implodes.. taking everything nearby with it.

Nick picks up a container of antimatter.

Posted Image

Nick: Looks like I now have a bargaining chip..


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Posted 28 April 2012 - 05:16 AM

Rome, Bing & Alessea's House...
While Nick is in Liberta, looking for his old vault, and the antimatter it contains... Frodi is back in Rome. She can't help feeling sad that Nick went back to Liberta on his own. She would have gladly gone with him, if he'd let her. Besides, Nick and antimatter together make her uneasy, considering his sacrifice all those years ago.
As it is, she sits in Bing & Alessea's house, talking to them. Michael, Lilla, Rosie, and Vincent were glad to see Frodi & Nick again, and after some hugs and kisses, wemt out to the garden to play with Aurelius and Cassima.
BING: Well, I'm glad to see you all back safe and sound, although Nick didn't stay for long. Is he okay?
FRODI: Yeah, there's something he has to take care of in Liberta.
BING: Something for the church? What exactly did the Vatican want, anyway? All I know is, you and Nick had to stay behind, while Alessea & I came home with the kids.
FRODI: I'm sorry Bing. Thankyou for looking after the kids. I really appreciate it. The Vatican wants Nick's help. *pauses* It seems Vinny has made an appearance.
Bing turns pale at the sound of that name. He sits up, and looks at Frodi.
BING: Vinny???
FRODI: *nods* He was in the church.
BING: ... It can't have been Vinny. You must have made a mistake. Maybe it was just someone who looked like him.
FRODI: There's no mistake. It was Vinny. We saw footage of him.
BING: But... how is that possible?
FRODI: ... I don't know. All I know is, Vinny is back.
Alessea looks at Bing, then Frodi, then back to Bing.
ALESSEA: Who is Vinny?
BING: Vinny is a demon. He caused a lot of trouble for Nick, back in the early days of Liberta... before Nick was sent to Shutter Island.
ALESSEA: And now he's back?
BING: ... He can't be!
ALESSEA: Why not?
BING: Because Vinny died years ago.
ALESSEA: *gasp*
Frodi decides not to tell Bing & Alessea about what her & Nick discovered in Singapore. The documents they found in the box - Nick's bloodline chart - is a lot to take in. She also keeps quiet about the dvd phone conversation they found, discussing antimatter.
ALESSEA: Oh, excuse me. My son has woken up. *smiles*
Alessea leaves the room, then returns a few minutes later, carrying the baby.
ALESSEA: There we are. He just wanted some attention, didn't you, little one? *kisses the baby*
BING: My brave little soldier likes to know what's going on, don't you? *tickles the baby's foot*
BABY: *gurgles happily*
FRODI: *smiles* It's wonderful seeing you with him... playing with him and talking to him like that.
ALESSEA: Thanks. *bounces the baby on her knee* It's been hard... knowing how he was conceived. But that's not my baby's fault, and he is NOT going to suffer because of it. Bing & I love this baby, Frodi. And nothing will change that.
FRODI: I'm glad for you both. I really am. *smiles*
BING: Thanks. I'm just glad my Alessea is okay. *kisses Alessea's forehead* But what about *your* pregnancy? How are things going with you?
FRODI: *strokes her bump* Things are going wonderfully. *smiles* I'm so excited to be pregnant again. And when the baby kicks... it's such a wonderful feeling.
ALESSEA: *nods in agreement*
FRODI: But my feet hurt, and my ankles are swollen, hehe.
ALESSEA: Have a nice, hot bath when you go home. That will sooth your aching feet.
FRODI: You know... I might just do that. *smiles* Anyway, I better get the kids home. They'll be wanting their tea soon. Thanks again for looking after them... both of you.
BING: It was our pleasure.

Rome, Nick & Frodi's House...
Frodi takes the kids home, and makes some tea for them all. After tea. the kids play Straw Wars, as Frodi washes up. Finally, she sits down.
VINCENT: Play with us mummy? *tugging at Frodi's arm*
ROSIE: Yes, play with us.
MICHAEL: Aww, come on mum.  Please?
FRODI: *teases the children*   You want to play Races?  You want to play races with your poor, old, worn-out mother?
LILLA: Play with us mum.  .
FRODI: How about I tell you a story, and you four act it out for me? How does that sound?

ALL THE KIDS: Yeah, tell us a story, mum.
Frodi begins to make up a story in her head, and she tells it to the kids.
FRODI: Okay, once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a castle. *looks at Lilla and Rosie* Who's gonna be my beautiful princess?
FRODI: Ohhhh, I think Rosie just got in there first. Sorry Lilla.
ROSIE: I'm a beautiful princess! *twirls round*
FRODI: Princess Rosie lived in a big castle. But one day, she was playing down by the lake. An evil dragon saw her. Do I have an evil dragon?
VINCENT: RAWR RAWR. I'm an evil dragon.
FRODI: *grins* The evil dragon saw Princess Rosie, and saw how beautiful she was.
ROSIE: *twirls round*
FRODI: The dragon wanted to keep Princess Rosie all to himself. So he decided to take her to his cave. *looks at Vincent* Evil dragon... come here please.
Vincent runs up to Frodi, and she whispers in his ear.
VINCENT: RAWR. I want this princess all to myself. I'll take her to my cave, and keep her there. RAWR.
Frodi can't help smiling at Vincent's imitation of an evil dragon... roars and all.
FRODI: Evil dragon, your cave is behind that chair over there.
Vincent takes Rosie's arm, and pulls her behind the chair, still roaring away.
FRODI: *continues the story* So poor Princess Rosie has been taken by the evil dragon. But the Fairy Queen saw what happened, and she saw that Princess Rosie was sad. Do I have a Fairy Queen? *looks at Lilla*
LILLA: Me! I'm the Fairy Queen.
FRODI: Now the Fairy Queen was as kind as she was beautiful. She saw that Princess Rosie was sad, and decided to help her. She flew down to Rosie, and said.
Frodi beckons Lilla to her, and whispers in her ear.
FRODI: The Fairy Queen said...
LILLA: Do not be sad Princess Rosie. I am here to help you. I have sent a brave knight to rescue you.
FRODI: Where's my brave knight?
MICHAEL: Here I am! *jumps around, pretending to be a brave knight*
Now everyone has a role in the story. Frodi continues making up the story as she goes along. Finally, the brave knight rescues the beautiful princess, and (reluctantly) get married. The kind Fair Queen helps the evil dragon see the error of it's ways. Everyone lives happily ever after. And the children really enjoyed being a part of the story, acting out their roles.
Finally, it's time for the kids to go to bed. Frodi tucks them all in, and kisses them goodnight.
MICHAEL: When's dad coming home?
FRODI: Soon Michael. He'll be home soon. *smiles*

Now the kids are in bed, and Frodi is alone, she starts thinking about Nick again, and the reason why he's in Liberta. She decided to send him a text message.


Hey Sweetheart
How are things going in Liberta? Did you find your old vault, and the antimatter? I'm thinking about you, wishing I was there with you.
The bloodline chart we found proves you are a good man, Nick. But I always knew that anyway.
Stay strong, Nick. And stay safe. Love you lots.
All my love.

After sending the text message to Nick, Frodi decides to have a nice, hot bath before bed, to help her relax. As she lies in the bath, she looks down at her bump - her & Nick's baby. She strokes her bump, and smiles to herself.
FRODI: *to the bump* Soon, you'll be out in the big wide world, little one. I can't wait to see you, and hold you in my arms. You are gonna know so much love - me, your daddy, your big brothers and big sisters, uncle Bing and Aunte Alessea. You're gonna be spoiled rotton. You know, less that a year ago, I never thought I could get pregnant again. But your daddy did something kinda wonderful. He took me to a hospital, and they gave me an operation to repair my insides, so I *could* get pregnent again. And then you were conceived. Your daddy stayed with me all throughout the operation, and also while I recoved afterwards. He's pretty amazing, is your daddy. But you'll know that for yourself, soon enough.
Frodi lies in the bath for a while longer, gently stroking her bump.
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Part 1..


A small boat pulls up to the shore line of Liberta, in the thick foggy air. Two men get off the boat, and head towards the beach. Both men have guns drawn at their sides.. handguns. Possibly glocks. It's Jack and Vinny.

Jack: Let's move.

Vinny: She's supposed to be here.. right?

Jack: Maybe near the old town centre. Let's move.

Jack and Vinny make their way across the deserted island. It's a creepy place. The ghosts of good times, bad times, and war.. are still lurking here. Life never left Liberta. Life just moved on.

Finally, Jack spots a woman standing near a large hole in the ground.

Jack: Finally. What the hell happened to waiting for us by the..

Suddenly, the woman turns around.. and points a gun directly at Jack. The woman's face.. and identity.. remain a mystery.

Woman: Everyone thinks you are running this show Jack. Little do they know.. you did. You had your chance. Now drop your gun Jack.

Jack: What about Vinny?

Woman: I did not say for him to drop his gun.

Jack looks back at Vinny uneasily. Jack slowly places his gun on the ground, and puts his hands up.. near his chest.

Woman: It seems your little expedition here on Liberta a few months back was a complete failure. Not only did you completely fail on finding the vault.. but you left the vault here to find. BY NICK ZARANO!

Jack: How did you know he was here?

Woman: The vault is empty. And.. he left this behind. *holds up a Vatican City keychain* The bastard is playing with us. He knows. He must know.

Jack: Did you tell the boss?

Woman: I did. He's not pleased. Nick Zarano is working too fast.. and you are working too slow.

Jack: What do you need me to do?

Woman: Nothing.

Jack: Nothing?

Woman: Just stand still. *cocks gun*

Jack: Oh come on..

Woman: Hand over your Triangulum.

It appears a Triangulum is the small triangle each member of the Illuminati carries. It's unclear what kind of power the Triangulum gives the beholder.

Jack: What? So you can kill me? I'm not going to die for you. For Palpatine. For any of this.

Woman: Either you hand it over.. or Vinny will take it from you.

Jack looks back at Vinny. Vinny is caught in the middle..

Jack: No he won't. We have been through more through the years than you will ever know. He won't betray me. Not for you.

Woman: But Jack.. this is all apart of the plan. You have said so yourself. What? Suddenly not feeling so powerful..?

Jack: You used me. Just like you used Tom. Sumonsar. The others. And Vinny.. you brought him back to use him.

Woman: Palpatine brought Vinny back because of his expertise. And his.. well, unstable nature. Isn't that right Vinny?

Vinny: ...

Jack: Vinny.. SHOOT HER!

Vinny raises his gun, as Jack quickly picks his up.

The woman casts magic onto Vinny and Jack, throwing them across the island. It appears the Triangulums must give each holder some sort of magical power. It is not full magic.. and no wand is needed.. this magic.. is different. Hence the need for guns. It also appears teleportation through this kind of magic is limited. It's almost as if.. this kind of magic.. is a mock magic. Based on the real thing, but less powerful.

Jack stands up, and begins shooting at the woman. Vinny also stands up. Jack makes a run for it across Liberta, as shots are fired back and forth. Vinny chases after Jack, unsure where he stands at this point.

Woman: You won't survive Jack! Not with us after you! Not on your own! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE FATE!

Once near the beach, Jack turns around... and looks at Vinny. As Jack points his gun at Vinny, Vinny points his gun at Jack.

Vinny: What the hell are we doing?!

Jack: You always were stupid.

Vinny: I'm with you! I'm not with her.

Jack: Oh really? Nice shot then. *cocks gun*

Vinny: Come on Jack.. let's get through this together. They will hunt us down!

Jack: There is no word such as "together". Not for me. I work alone. Those bastards used me for decades. It's time this ends. And you.. you are just getting in the way.

Jack shoots Vinny in the chest. Some blood runs down Vinny's shirt, as he falls onto the sand.

Jack: *takes out his Triangulum* Ah such a precious little triangle.. as long as the main Triforce pieces are together, it grants special powers to the holders. Including.. partial immortality. Cuts won't heal. So in other words, you'll have to walk around with that painful chest wound bleeding alot. But hey.. your alive. Unless someone takes way your Triangulum.. then you die. Well, have fun. I have a boat to catch.

Jack walks over to the boat, and takes off. Meanwhile the woman walks over to Vinny minutes later. Vinny is lying in the sand. He glances at her boots.

Woman: Get up. I have plans for you.

Vinny: My.. chest..

Woman: Take some pain pills. I'm going to call for a boat.. and a team. Jack won't survive much longer. *takes out cellphone*


Frodi lies in the bathtub, soaking nicely. She is so relaxed, she doesn't hear the bathroom door open.

Suddenly, Frodi feels someone kiss her neck. She jumps, and finds Nick leaning over the bathtub.

Nick: So this is what you do when I'm not around.

Frodi: *kisses him* You spooked me! When did you get back?

Nick: About an hour ago. Not too long of a flight by helicopter. It's all on the Vatican's tab. Which is good, considering we can't afford private helicopters. Or private anything at this point.

Frodi: Did you find what you were looking for on Liberta?

Nick: I did. Let's just say.. there's a bag up in the bedroom closet. Don't let the kids play with it.

Frodi: I take it you are storing dangerous antimatter in our home.

Nick: It's sealed. And we only have one container.

Frodi: So what now?

Nick: We wait. Meanwhile I should probably get out of these clothes.. I'm dirty and sweaty from all that digging.

Frodi: Mmm.. I could help you with that. *pulls his shirt off*

Vatican City..

Office of the Camerlengo..

Camerlengo McKenna sits at his desk, filling out paperwork. Suddenly, the door opens.. a man with mail walks in.

Man: Camerlengo, your mail.. one package from "Nick Zarano".

Camerlengo McKenna looks up.

The man leaves the office. Meanwhile the Camerlengo begins opening the package from Nick.. it is clearly marked "FRAGILE".. "TOXIC".. once the box is opened.. Camerlengo McKenna can see that the box contains a small metal box.. and inside that box.. a container of antimatter. A note is attached to it.


I am trusting you with the lives of millions. This is for the Vatican's own protection. Use this vial of antimatter as a bargaining chip. I advise nothing more. When you get this, please call me. - Nick Zarano

Camerlengo McKenna: *looks up* God help us..

Small plane flying over an unknown location..

Jack sits in his seat. The plane is rather small. 10 passengers. 2 crew. 1 pilot, and 1 co-pilot. Jack tries to keep his cool, as he pieces together a survival plan. He slowly gets up from his seat, and heads back into the bathroom. Once inside, he locks the door.. and quickly takes out a gun from his pocket.. along with rounds of bullets. He attaches a silencer attachment to the gun, along with a special device to prevent the plane's cabin from imploding due to the gun fire.

Jack takes a breath.. unlocks the bathroom door, and heads out down the walkway. He begins shooting each of the passengers from the back, each one taking a fatal shot in the back of the head.. each one leaning forwards in their seats. Then Jack quickly shoots and kills each crew member, laying their bodies across empty seats. Finally.. Jack goes into the cockpit. He emerges seconds later with two more bodies.

Once Jack is the last person the plane alive, he goes into the cockpit. Jack plugs a small device into the plane's control panel, disabling the tracking device.. now air traffic control can't track the plane. Jack charts a new course, and sets the plane to auto-pilot.

Uknown Location..

Posted Image

Palpatine stands with a man in his office.

Palpatine: The time to strike has come upon us.. I can not trust my own agents. As if this is a surprise. So now we will speed things up. Do as I say.. before we give Nick Zarano the time to use our own weapon idea against us. You grab the child.. I'll take care of the execution.

Man: Yes my lord. I'll give the orders to our men on the ground in Rome.

The man pulls up his hood, and walks out.

Palpatine: By this time tomorrow.. the world will have changed. Forever. And my grandson will not stand in my way.


Nick and Frodi kiss passionately in the tub, massaging each other, getting close to each other..

Frodi: When Nick.. will this all be over? When can we have complete peace, without the threat of some other enemy?

Nick: Trust me. We won't have to worry about enemies coming after us. At least for awhile! I'm keeping my grandfather at bay.. we have a peace treaty.. Everyone is safe, and right now.. we're in a good place. *kisses*

Bing and Alessea's House..

Bing and Alessea are fast asleep. As well as the children.

Suddenly, men appear from the woods.. they surround the house.. each man holding a gun.

One man walks towards a bedroom window.. the nursery. He uses a tool to carve a hole quietly into the window.. eventually remove the entire window. Another man climbs in, and stands over the child. The man takes off his hood. It's Vinny.

Vinny: Don't worry little one.. I won't let them hurt you.. you will be back with the people who had you from birth.. the people who are rightly your owners. Your bloodline.. I'm told it's rather special.

Vinny picks up the baby, and carries it outside. The other man replaces the glass window, and seals it. The only mistake of Vinny's.. blood from his chest wound dripped onto the nursery floor.. in plain view.

Vatican City..

A helicopter flies over Vatican City.. in restricted airspace.

Pilot: Waiting for order to execute.


To be continued..

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Part 2..


Nick sits on the steps of a police station in Rome. This would seem to be a very unlikely place for Nick Zarano to be. It's clear he hasn't shaved.. hasn't eaten.. because 23 hours ago, all hell broke lose. Once again Bing and Alessea's child was taken. A helicopter flew over the Vatican, as a warning that if someone makes a move.. they have the power to fly over again, and this time do something more volatile. Nick thinks back.. "Trust me. We won't have to worry about enemies coming after us. At least for awhile! I'm keeping my grandfather at bay.. we have a peace treaty.. Everyone is safe, and right now.. we're in a good place."

That was far from the truth. Now the whole world is falling apart, under the impression that a terrorist attack is on the way. Most people don't know who would be behind it.. but the Vatican, and the Zarano clan know. The Illuminati.

Hours pass, with no sign of Bing and Alessea's child. Nick doesn't want to tell Bing and Alessea what he is thinking.. that they were never supposed to know the child lived. But maybe something went wrong. Maybe Jack went soft, and gave the baby back.. only for his actions to come back to bite him. Now the child is gone again.. and Nick worries.. maybe this time for good. They want that heir.. and for only one reason: power.

But what no one realizes, is that Palpatine has an even devious plan. "By this time tomorrow.. the world will have changed. Forever. And my grandson will not stand in my way."

There's one hour left til "tomorrow".. til 24 hours pass.. what will happen.. in that one hour?


Nick answers his cellphone.

Nick: Hello? ... What do you mean? Now? ... Alright, I'm on my way.

Bing comes walking out of the station.

Nick: Any luck?

Bing: They filed a missing child alert. But nothing yet.

Nick: Listen Bing, something has come up.. it's the Vatican. I have to go, now. I'll only be minutes away.

Bing: Alright, want me to get Frodi?

Nick: No. It's nothing life or death. I should be back in about a half-hour. She can wait with you and Alessea, with the kids. Then maybe we can grab something to eat.

Bing: Well Alessea is a mess, but I agree. We all need to eat.

Nick: Alright, I'll be back. I hope for good news when I get back. *whistles* Taxi!

Bing watches Nick get in a taxi, and drive off. Part of Bing's subconscious makes him stand and watch the car drive off.. part of him concerned that maybe.. no.. Nick said it was nothing. Bing shakes it off, and goes back into the station.

Vatican City..

Office of the Camerlengo..

Camerlengo McKenna sits at his desk. Nick is brought into the office.

Nick: Camerlengo, can I help you?

Camerlengo: Yes, in matter of fact you can. Have a seat.

Nick sits down.

Camerlengo: Oh.. pardon me. I forgot my paperwork I needed you to sign. It's out in the hall. I'll be right back.

Camerlengo McKenna gets up from the desk, and goes to leave the room. He turns around.. looks at Nick.. and then looks to the ceiling with a "god help me" look. He leaves the office.

Nick sits alone.

Eventually, the doors open.

Nick: Found the.. GAAAAAAACK!

Nick can't turn around fast enough, as someone begins choking Nick with a garrote wire. He feels the sharpness of the wire cutting into his flesh, as Nick tries to fight back. Out of the corner of his eyes, he can see 2 other dark dressed men. Both men take Nick's wand, and his gun. One man snaps Nick's wand in half.. the magical particles imploding midair. Gone is the history of that wand. The other man pockets Nick's gun.

Nick kicks the lamp over on the desk.

Nick: Youggggg son of a bittcchgges! *grabs at the man*

Finally, Nick finds the knife he hides in his sock. He uses one hand to lash at the man with the wire. Nick manages to cut the man's finger off. He screams in pain, and drops the wire. Nick picks up the chair, and throws it at one other man, as a fist-fight begins. Nick punches, kicks, and chokes the men, eventually throwing one of them onto the desk, breaking it into pieces.

Nick is grabbed, and pushed against the glass window.. with a long drop to the city streets below. Nick uses his knife to cut a hole in the glass behind him.. and with one quick punch, he shatters the glass. When the attacker is caught off guard by the glass shattering, Nick changes positions, and pushes him out the window.. down to the city below.

The man with the cut-off finger stands up.. holding his bloody hand.

Man: You are making a mistake..

Nick: By what? Defending myself? Who sent you? My grandfather?

Man: You are making a mistake..


Nick looks around. No sign of a gunman. Suddenly, Nick feels a sharp pain in his back.. he begins to wobble, his head dizzy.. his vision blurred.

The doors burst open.. and Nick can barely make out who it is. Nick falls towards the window.

Man: Catch him! I want my grandson alive remember? Don't kill him.

The men catch Nick, as he falls unconscious.

Attacker: Bastard cut off my finger. But your sniper did a nice job. Those sedative bullets are brilliant.

Man: Shut the fuck up, and clean up. Get him on the plane, and then we're getting the hell out of here before this place blows. And make sure you do this quietly. Leave no witnesses.

Attacker: Yes sir.

Man: My plan has been over 50 years in the making. It's finally time to execute. I will be the first Illuminati leader to take down the church.. and now our little problem won't stop us. Bring him, and lock him up. *walks out*

St. Peter's Basilica..

Camerlengo: Lord forgive me, for I have sinned. I have.. I have.. I am fearing I might have let things fall into motion.. things that could destroy the church, and my faith. I beg for forgiveness, and for divine intervention. I fear the worst. Please god.. watch over Nick Zarano. Forgive him for his sins, and protect him.. and his family..

Moments later Camerlengo McKenna walks into his office..

He finds it in a mess, papers and wood everywhere.. a large hole where a window used to be.

He stands by the open space, and watches a helicopter approaching in the distance.. it's drawing closer.

Camerlengo: God help us.. Forgive me father..

Camerlengo McKenna closes his eyes.. and leans forward. He falls out the window, attempting to commit suicide. People scream from the city streets below.

Rome Police Station..

Everyone is waiting for Nick at a cafe.

Frodi: Bing, shouldn't Nick be back by now?

Bing: Maybe he got caught in traffic.

Frodi goes to answer, but her thoughts are interrupted by the sudden shaking. The windows shake, and glasses on the nearby tables shake. All of the patrons get up from their seats, as the room turns quite. Bing walks out into the street, and looks up.

Bing: Oh my god..

Patrons run out into the streets, as screaming can be heard. Frodi walks out.. and sees what everyone is looking at.

Posted Image

An explosion is seen in the sky, above Vatican City. Far enough from Rome to prevent any kind of serious damage in Rome, aside from shaking. Suddenly, Vatican City is consumed by a bright light, as dust and dirt forms.. moving right into Rome.


Bing pulls Frodi inside, as patrons retreat back into the cafe. They close and lock the doors, as the dust cloud turns the bright sunny day into night.

The wind blows cars, streets signs, and random objects around.. as windows and doors are pasted with dirt, dust, and debris.

Frodi keeps screaming in her mind.. "NICK!".. where is he.. and what could have happened to him? The explosion could have killed him.

Once the dust storm is over, the patrons head out into the empty dirty streets, fires all around.. car alarms going off.

They look to the sky over the Vatican..

Posted Image

Bing: My god Frodi.. that's antimatter. That's what.. what..

Frodi: NO! Nick wasn't there! He wasn't in that explosion! He.. he.. he didn't stop it.. He.. oh god..

Frodi passes out, but a stranger catches her.

Man: Everyone backup! I'm a paramedic!

Alessea helps the man with Frodi, as Bing looks towards Vatican City.. the buildings are still in place, since the explosion occurred in the sky. But it's unknown how much damage was done.. and how many people have been killed.

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Cafe In Rome...
Things are looking very bleak. Bing & Alessea's baby has been kidnapped, and both of them are understandibly devastated. Nick is... missing. Frodi is passed out from the shock. And the children are scared by the storm. They don't understand that it's antimatter... but the explosion, and the building shaking, and the sudden darkness, and cars being blown around as though they were toys, have terrified them. They cry, not understanding what is going on.
Bing looks around. Devastation everywhere. It's hard to believe that just minutes before, this had been a bustling street, with so many people going about their businiss. He looks towards Vatican City, where the explosion occurred. His oldest, and dearest friend... his former master... could have been in that explosion. Could *ANYONE* survive an antimatter explosion? Even an immortal like Nick? Surely Nick would have called them by now, if he had got out in time? Bing fears the worst. His friend... gone. His child... kidnapped. Bing doesn't know what to do. With a heavy sigh, he leans against an over-turned car, and calls Aurelius and Cassima to him. He holds them in his arms, trying to comfort them.
AURELIUS: Dad... why did Vatcan blow up like that?
CASSIMA: And why did it get so dark? And why did all the cars blow around?
BING: *sad* I don't know why Vatican City blew up, Aurelius. I'm sure the police will try and find out as soon as they can. And it got dark, because the explosion hid the sun from us, Cassima. I think the explosion also made the cars blow around. But they've stopped now.
Bing avoids mentioning antimatter to his children. They're frightened enough, without knowing what antimatter is.
AURELIUS: I'm scared, dad.
BING: *holds Aurelius and Cassima tightly* I know Aurelius. I know. But we're still here, aren't we. You, your sister, me, and your mother. And that's the main thing, isn't it?
Cassima and Aurelius nod, but stay in the safety of their father's arms.

Meanwhile, Michael, Lilla, Rosie, and Vincent are also scared at seeing their mum lying unconscious on the ground. Alessea stays with them, while the man\paramedic deals with Frodi. The man had caught Frodi as she passed out, and he gently lowered her to the ground. He takes off his jacket, and puts it under Frodi's head, like a pillow.
MAN: *to the crowd* Give her some air. Let her breathe. Don't crowd round her so much. *checks her pulse*
ALESSEA: I'm glad you were there to catch her. Thanks.
MAN: It was my pleasure. I guess seeing that explosion, and the subsequent dust storm was a little bit too much for her to handle. Especially in her condition. *indicates her bump* Never seen an explosion quite like that before, though. *looks towards Vatican city*
ALESSEA: Can you do anything to help her?
MAN: No, I don't have my medical bag with me. But it seems she merely passed out - she should wake up soon. Until then, I want to make her as comfortable as possible. What's her name?
ALESSEA: Her name is Frodi.
MAN: *looks at Vincent, Lilla, Rosie, and Michael* And... I'm guessing she's your mother?
KIDS: *nod*
ROSIE: *scared* Is... is mummy okay?
MAN: She'll be fine. She just fainted. Nothing for 4 brave children to worry about. *tries to keep the children calm*
Frodi begins to wake up...
FRODI: *mumbles* Ni... Nick? Nick?
MAN: *checks her pulse again* Frodi? Can you hear me?
FRODI: Wh... where's Nick?
The man doesn't know who Nick is.
MAN: I don't think Nick's here right now. Can you sit up?
FRODI: ...
MAN: *shouts* Water? Can we get some water out here please?
CAFE OWNER: *standing nearby* Water! Of course, right away.
The cafe owner runs back into his cafe, and fetches a glass of water. The man tilts Frodi's head up, and makes her drink a few sips of water.
MAN: Can you tell me your name?
FRODI: *still groggy* Frodi Zarano.
MAN: And do you know where you are, Frodi?
FRODI: *looks around* *starts crying* The cafe! There was an explosion outside. Oh god... Nick! Where's Nick?
MAN: We'll find him. But first, we have to get you more comfortable.
The man looks at Michael and Lilla.
MAN: I'm guessing you two are the oldest? I have very important jobs for you. Can one of you carry this glass of water in to the cafe for me, and can the other one carry my jacket for me? *points to his jacket on the ground*
Michael picks up the man's jacket, while Lilla takes the glass of water that Frodi had been drinking from. The man lifts up Frodi, and carries her into the cafe. Michael, Lilla, Vincent, and Rosie follow behind. Bing, Alessea, and their kids also go back into the cafe. The man places Frodi down in a corner, against the wall, so she has something to lean against. He gives her a few more sips of water.
MAN: How are you feeling now?
FRODI: ...
Inside her head, Frodi is screaming 'NICK... WHERE ARE YOU? PLEASE, PLEASE BE OKAY! PLEASE... YOU CAN'T HAVE BEEN IN THAT EXPLOSION! PLEASE! NOT AGAIN!', but the words don't come out. She looks around for her children, and sees them standing close by, pale-faced and scared-looking. She holds her arms out to them, and they fall into her, glad to see their mummy awake again.

FRODI: *to her kids* Hey, it's okay... it's okay. Mummy's here now. I'm fine. It's okay.
MAN: *smiles, and helps Frodi to her feet* Well, I'm glad to see you're looking better. I should check if anyone else needs my help. If you need me for anything, I'll be around here somewhere. *wanders off*
Frodi is beside herself with worry about Nick, but she doesn't want to upset the kids. She pulls out her mobile phone, and dials his number... only to get a 'We are sorry, this call cannot be connected' response. Frodi rubs her head, trying to think.
Now that the man has gone, Frodi, Bing, and Alessea can talk a bit more freely.
ALESSEA: I'm glad to see you awake, Frodi. And I'm glad that man was there to catch you. He really knew what he was doing.
FRODI: *nods slowly*
ALESSEA: How are you feeling now?
FRODI: Going out of my mind, Alessea! Have you seen Nick? Is he...
Frodi looks at Bing & Alessea... her eyes pleading with them to tell her Nick is okay.
BING: *shakes his head* I'm sorry Frodi, we still haven't seen him.
FRODI: He definately went to Vatican City?
BING: *nods* I came out the police department, while we were filing our missing child report. Nick was holding his mobile phone. He said something had come up, and he had to go to the Vatican. Then he jumped in a taxi, and they drove off in that direction. I'm sorry Frodi.
FRODI: Did he say *why* he was going to the Vatican? What came up, that made him rush off like that?
BING: *shakes his head* No, I'm sorry Frodi. He never said why.
FRODI: What if he's still there? What if he's trapped somehow? Or hurt? I need to go there, Bing. I need to go to him.
BING: *grabs her* Frodi, you CAN'T! Look at the sky. It's antimatter. You know what that means.
FRODI: *cries* But what if he's lying there... alone... and hurt. Please Bing...
BING: Frodi... I...
FRODI: NO! DON'T SAY IT! I know what you're thinking, and you're WRONG! Nick isn't dead! I won't believe it! Maybe he got out of there in time. Maybe he left the Vatican before the explosion?
Bing looks sadly at Frodi. He wants to believe that Nick somehow survived.
FRODI: *deperate* I need to find him Bing. I NEED to!
ALESSEA: *sharply* Nick isn't the only one that's missing, you know! Our son is... is... *sobs*

Alessea breaks down in tears. Bing pulls her into his arms, and holds her.  She may have been sharp with Frodi, but Frodi knows it's because Alessea is desperately worried about her child.
BING: We're gonna find our son, Alessea. Don't ever give up hope.
Bing has tears in his eyes - tears for his child, and tears for his dear friend.
Frodi walks over to the cafe entrance, and looks out. The sky over Vatican City is stil... distorted. It brings back bad memories of the last time an antimatter bomb went off... when Nick sacrificed himself to save everyone from Tracker.  She shudders! Frodi thinks back to yesterday, when her and Nick were in the bath together, kissing each other... touching each other... loving each other. Now, just 24 hours later, everything has changed.
FRODI: *cries to herself* Where are you Nick?
Something stirs in Frodi's mind. Nick had gone to the Vatican. Why? She doesn't know. But... didn't Camerlengo show them footage of a previous attack on the church? When the Cardinal was murdered? And wasn't Jack and Vinny in that footage? Could Jack and Vinny be responsible for this antimatter bomb exploding?
FRODI: *turns to look at Bing & Alessea* Nick & I saw footage of Jack and Vinny. I think I told you that. What if they're involved somehow? What if they did something to Nick?
FRODI: Okay, it's a long shot. I may be completely wrong. But I HAVE to do something. I can't just sit here, not knowing where Nick is... or... even if...
Frodi can't bring herself to finish that sentance. She can't let herself even think that Nick could be dead. Besides... her gut tells her that he's still alive... somewhere.
FRODI: I'm going to find my husband! I don't care if I have to tear up every building in the world... I'm gonna find him! And we're gonna find your child, as well.

Fine words!  Frodi is trying to act brave in front of Bing and Alessea and the children.  But inside... she's scared.  Scared for Nick.  Was he caught in the antimatter explosion?  And if he was, could he have survived it?  But if he left the Vaticon before the explosion happened... where is he now?  Why hasn't he contacted her somehow?  Is he lying somewhere, injured... maybe unconscious... unable to get help?  The thought of Nick being hurt tears her up.  

She steps outside for a moment, to get away from the busy cafe.  Her hand goes to her bump, and she starts stroking it.  A tear trickles down her cheek, as she looks towards Vatican City.

FRODI:  *sadly*   Where are you Nick?  I can't bear it, if anything happens to you.

Frodi feels the baby moving around inside her.  She looks down at her bump.

FRODI:  Hey little one.  Are you feeling restless?  You're kicking hard, aren't you?   *long pause*   *sigh*   I wish Nick was here... to feel this.
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After more than one thousand posts, 5 writers, and more than two years in the making..

City of Secrets main storyline, comes to a close. The climatic ending has been planned since the first post. Every secret, will be revealed. Every lie, will find truth. Nothing will be the same for our characters. The main chapter began back in Liberta, the City of Secrets, in that faithful first post.. and now it comes to a close.

Shocking secrets, devastating loss, and the fight of their lives await our characters.

The epic ending is coming.

Now enjoy our first-ever matching collection of character posters. Fourteen in total.

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Nick's eyes open. He yells out in pain.

​His vision is blurry. But from what he can make out, Nick is in a dark room, lying on a metal slab. A bright white light shines from the ceiling, as a man comes into view. The rest of the room is pitch black.

Nick is bloody, and sweaty.. he has never felt this kind of pain before.

Attached File  injured.png   212.09K   4 downloads

Nick: Why didn't.. *wheeze* you just kill me?

Man: Your punishment must be more severe. When the One World Order is in control, and the magical world is ashes, you have my permission to die.

Nick can tell.. that the man is Palpatine. His grandfather.

Nick: I.. can't move.

Palpatine: The brave never-able-to-die Nick Zarano.. or should I say Nick Riddle, has finally fallen. The mighty has fallen. You're paralyzed.

Nick: What.. have you done..

Palpatine: ​The tides have turned my grandson. It seems you are.. slightly incapacitated. Now you can't run off to stop our plans. But I assure you.. Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

Nick: You.. have no morals.. no guilt, over what you've done to me and my.. *gasps for air* family. You killed innocent people.. What are you?

Palpatine: ​Earth's reckoning. The time has come, for a new leader. This has been thousands of years in the making. I'll be damned if my grandson is going to stop it. Think of it.. no countries, no governments. One leader, leading this world.

Nick: Tyranny..

Palpatine: No. Freedom.

Palpatine walks away, turning out the light.. leaving Nick to suffer in darkness.



The room goes white, as Nick sees his mother standing before him.

Nick: Mom..

Nick's Mother: Fight Nick.. don't let him get to you. Don't let them break you. I won't bury you, I've buried enough members of the Zarano family.

Nick: But.. you're dead..

Nick's Mother: We are never truly dead Nick. Haven't you learned that yet?

The room goes black, and Nick's mother disappears.

Nick: If I must die.. I will die a hero. Not a man filled with regret. *coughs up blood*



African Man: Ndege! Ndege! Angalia!

African Man #2: Lazima atakuwa kugonga hapa. Kuangalia kama anahitaji msaada.

African Man #3: Kunyakua vifaa baadhi!

The men run towards the scene. A massive plane has crash landed in the woods. Fire burns everywhere, as the men try to find survivors. Suddenly, a man wobbles out of the plane..

African Man: You! Sir! You okay? Wanahitaji msaada?

The man reveals a gun, and opens fire on the men. He shoots the first African man in the chest, and manages to shoot the other two men down. The two men are still alive, but barely. The man stands over them.

African Man #2: Please! Family! Don't kill! If you let us go.. you can find forgiveness with your god.

Man: I am not seeking forgiveness. I am seeking revenge.


The man then walks over to the other African man, and watches him bleed.


All three men, are dead.

The man gathers his supplies, as the plane explodes behind him. The fire reached the fuel-hold.

Walking away from the flames, the man thinks only about himself.. setting himself on a path for revenge. A dangerous, self-destructive path.. this man, is Jack.

Jack: *to himself* I trusted the wrong people. Now it's time for some change. I even named my own plan. I call it, kill the son of a bitches.


Frodi feels numb. She is sitting in the hotel room, as Bing and Alessea argue about what to do in the next room. The kids are in the other room.

TV: We continue to follow breaking news this hour of the terrorist attack in Vatican City. An antimatter bomb went off above the city, blowing up a helicopter. Luckily the helicopter was high in the air, and none of the buildings were destroyed. Just some minor damage inside the buildings. A clean up process is already underway. Sadly we do have some deaths to report, and some major injuries. But this could have been alot worse. Scientists are already debating the possibility that the bomb wasn't as powerful as it could have been, and that something went wrong during the explosion. No terrorist group is currently taking blame for the attack. It has also been reported that during the attack, Camerlengo McKenna of the Vatican committed suicide. The Vatican is releasing a statement later this evening, on the events. Meanwhile access to Vatican City has been completely shut down. No tourists are allowed in, or out.

Knock at the hotel room door.

Frodi gets up, and puts her hand on her bump. She walks over, and opens the hotel room door.

Frodi: ...

Frodi sees Hengsha, all dressed in business attire as usual. It's always made clear that Hengsha is very rich, very powerful, and very connected.

Frodi: Mr. Hengsha..

Hengsha: May I?

Frodi nods, and Hengsha enters. Bing and Alessea walk in.

Frodi: Bing, Alessea, this is Mr. Hengsha.

Hengsha: Please. No mister.

Frodi: How did you know we were here?

Hengsha: I have connections. *pours himself a drink at the mini-bar*

Frodi: WHY are you here? I don't think things ended well back in.. *doesn't get to finish*

Hengsha: I am not thrilled with your husband, to put it that way. But when I heard of this attack, I knew the Illuminati were behind it. So I had my assistant *whistles* find security camera footage.

The hotel room door opens, and the Chinese woman walks in. She and Frodi exchange a smile.

Hengsha: *takes tablet from the woman* The Illuminati haven't been kind to me, or my business partners. So I have always been aware of the Illuminati's presence. But they struck a new low this evening. I was immediately concerned about your husband's safety. And thanks to the hacking abilities of my firm, we have access to the security cameras in and around Vatican City. Sure enough, my concerns were right.

Frodi: ... Did they kill him?

Hengsha: Nick's alive.

Frodi breathes a sigh of relief.

Hengsha: The footage shows Nick Zarano's grandfather and his men dragging Nick out of the Vatican. After which point, they head to a local air strip. My team is still attempting to find the tracking number for the plane on which they departed, as we speak.

Frodi: I have to ask though Hengsha.. why are you involved? Why do you care?

Hengsha: Because I want to stop these people. I was close friends with Sao Feng. And.. I still do not believe he died of old age. It was just storyline perfect, that he would die right after finding records on the Illuminati, and their secret location.

Frodi: You think he was murdered? But.. you never mentioned this to Nick before.

Hengsha: I wasn't sure. But now.. I think we have proof. If they could do this, they could kill Sao Feng. Together with a tracking number, and Sao Feng's work, we should be able to track these people down.

Bing: They took our child Hengsha. Again.

Hengsha: I know. Rumor on the market says that they hired Vinny to do the job. It appears the Italian police found DNA at the scene.

Bing: Yes, blood. But.. they never told us who's blood.

Hengsha: The police here in Italy are as corrupt as the Illuminati themselves. It's all apart of their "plan". We need to find that Triforce, and stop these people. If we don't, we lose everything.

Alessea: Why come to us?

Hengsha: Do not flatter yourselves. You are only part of the team I am assembling. But I chose you because you are some of the most known people in the remains of the magical world. Plus Frodi is a skilled person in her own right.. she broke into prison once.

Frodi gulps.

Hengsha: The world won't know what is going on. The news will spin this as some sort of random, almost-failed terrorist attack. But I.. even a non-magic, know the truth. The Illuminati are close to finishing their plan thousands of years in the works. We need to put an end to it.

Bing: Sorry to burst your bubble Hengsha, but Frodi is pregnant. She's in no-shape to travel around.

Frodi: I can speak for myself Bing. I'm not 8 months pregnant. And until I am, I am going to find my husband. No matter what it takes. I would think you could see that, and feel that.

Hengsha: I'm going to work with my team on tracking that plane. If you are in, meet me in the hotel lobby at 8 am.

Bing: What about the kids?

Hengsha: I have people who can watch them. We'll talk.

Hengsha and the Chinese woman walk out.


Frodi, Bing, and Alessea meet with Hengsha in the lobby. He has 5 people with him, his assistant, and 4 men.

Hengsha: I am glad you showed up.

Frodi: It's time for us to save Nick. It's time for us to end this. I am done being the good homely wife. Let's find the bastards who took my husband. *pauses* But.. we'll do this on one condition..

Hengsha: ​Mrs. Zarano, frankly.. I don't think you are in the position to give me conditions. You want to find your husband. Just as the.. excuse my simplicity, elves.. want to find their child. I am your ticket. Without, you are on your own.

Frodi: My children come with us.

Alessea: As will ours.

Hengsha: ​This mission is not child friendly. Plus your son Mrs. Zarano, is a target. He is the next Riddle heir.

Frodi: I am not leaving my children behind. We will take them with us. I will make the exception, that your people can watch them once we arrive somewhere. I won't bring them into a dangerous situation.

Hengsha: Fine. Your choice.

Frodi: Did you get a tracking number on that plane?

Hengsha: Yes. The plane landed in your homeland.. The Shire. That is where we will be headed. We'll be meeting with the rest of our team there. For now, you need to know nothing else. The Illuminati have eyes and ears everywhere.. traitors are everywhere.

Frodi can't help but feel as if Hengsha doesn't trust her, or anyone else.. But, Frodi has seen for herself through the years that even the most trusted allies can betray them. Jalow, Gondien, and others.

Unknown Location..

Nick looks around, and notices a man once again has returned into the room. He lights a cigarette. It is Palpatine. Nick tries to focus in the pitch black. All he can make out, is the shape of Palpatine's hood, and the small glowing flame of the cigarette. Nick can barely move.

Palpatine: Secrets.. I honestly don't know why people keep them.. well, secret. All they do, is come back to bite you in the ass.

Nick: ... Secrets..

Palpatine: Actually, it's time we talked about that.. grandson. If  I remember correctly, you.. the great hero, the great husband.. slept with a teenage girl. One of many. And, you fathered her children.. but never told anyone. You kept said DNA papers in a vault.

Nick: How.. did you find out..

Palpatine: I had your place bugged. I've had pretty much everyplace you've ever lived in, worked in, been in often.. bugged. I needed to keep tabs on my grandson. Made sure everything was going according to plan. Which most often, it wasn't. And by the way.. *holds up DNA paper* Looking for this?

Nick: ...

Palpatine: ​I was married once. And I have to say.. if I held back that not only did I sleep with a teenage girl, but I impregnated her, and never told anyone.. well that wouldn't go over well.

Nick: ..  What.. do you want.. from me...

Palpatine: She's really a pretty girl. Leilah Dawn. And you were right too. She's living a pretty good life with her boyfriend. Well, fiancé. I bet you didn't know that they are engaged to be married. I'm kind of surprised she didn't invite you to the wedding. After all, you are her babies daddy. But then again.. it would be kind of arkward. The slut, her new husband, and her lover.

Nick: .. Shut up..

Palpatine: I think I'd be doing you a favor if the happy couple were knocked off. You'd never have to worry about your wife finding out. Oh, and your poor children.. Michael would be devastated to find out he had more siblings, because of his father's infidelity.

Nick: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! *spits blood*

Palpatine: You have your father's temper. What do I want from you? Everything.

Palpatine turns to leave.

Palpatine: And while we are on the topic of secrets, Frodi wasn't fate.

Nick: ... What?

Palpatine sits back down.

Palpatine: Do you honestly think most women would stick around while their husband ran off and slept with every woman who would spread their legs? We sent Frodi to Liberta.

Nick: You are lying..

Palpatine: We knew we could have double control over you if we also took your heart, literally. And when little miss hooker showed up, and tried to take you as her own, we had to take action.

Nick: Sarah.. so you.. had her killed.. you had her killed! *yells in pain*

Palpatine: She was one of the first people we killed in your clan. Meanwhile, I'm sure you are wondering why we sent Frodi your away.. we didn't care about looks or personality. We only cared about blood. Of course, we also hoped she would turn out to be the woman who would never leave her man.. and instead continue to reproduce..

Nick: Please.. don't..

Palpatine: Tom Riddle had 3 known children. Nick, Bethany, and another child.. one conceived with someone who was already or was going to see someone else.. needless to say, when Forsco found out.. he wasn't happy. Poor Forsco was led to believe that Frodi was his own child. When in reality, Frodi got her magic and her blood from another man.. my son, your father.. Tom Riddle.

Nick tries to break-free.

Nick: LIAR! It's not true! I've seen Frodi's blood DNA for myself. She is not related to me!

Palpatine: Frodi was the experimental child! Tom wanted to try something new. He wanted to have a hobbit as a child, and see if the child's magic would be greater than a humans. He changed the DNA, gave her pieces of himself, while most of her blood is from science.

Nick: She lived in The Shire! YOU ARE LYING!

Palpatine: When the experiments failed, and a less than beautiful child was born.. Tom ended all connections to Frodi. She would grow up in The Shire, and never be seen from us again.. til I showed up. And made sure the plan lead her to Liberta. You slept with your half-sister. That is why your children will be stronger than you. My grandchildren. You are just lucky that hobbit DNA and human DNA blocks the same diseases. If it didn't, one of your children may have been retarded.

Nick tries to attack Palpatine, but instead breaks the restraint, and falls onto the floor.

Nick: I'll.. kill you.. I WILL KILL YOU! YOU SORRY SON OF A BITCH! YOU LYING SON OF A BITCH! *screams in pain, and holds his wounds*

Palpatine: Loud bark. No bite. I think it's time some secrets came out.. Frodi's usefulness has run it's course..

Palpatine leaves the room, as Nick rolls on the floor.


The door opens, and men in white-coats pick Nick up.


Man: Inject him.

One of the men injects Nick with a needle, slowly knocking him out.

Palpatine walks down some dark hallways, and intro a room filled with computers.

Posted Image

Palpatine: *to a woman* It's time. Find him, give him the orders.. he must kill them all.

Woman: And the children?

Palpatine: .. Let them live. Kill the woman, and the young man.


Nick has woken up. Time has passed. But it's unknown how much time. Palpatine sits down next to Nick.

Palpatine: Do you know what the worst kind of punishment is?

Nick: ...

Palpatine: Guilt. Wearing the blood of others. I gave it some thought. What good would it be if I let everyone know your secret right away? About your children. Then I thought.. maybe I could help. What if the happy couple.. suddenly met their demise?

Nick: ... No.. NO! I never asked.. for them to get killed. They can't die.. because of me.

Palpatine: Oh but they will. You see, I'm doing you a favor. Their blood.. will now be on your hands. You lover, her husband, and your children.


Palpatine: Oh don't worry, I didn't touch the children. You get to make the decisions. You see, now you can decide what to tell everyone.. what to say. The blood of Leilah Dawn and her husband.. is now on your hands Nick Zarano. Not me. If you want to stay quite forever, put the children in an orphanage. As for Leilah.. the dead don't talk.

Palpatine leaves the room.

Island in the Caribbean...

Rain pours down. Rain has usually been considered a bad sign at a wedding. And this day, is no different.

​The beautiful Leilah Dawn and her soon-to-be husband stand under covering, with a packed audience of soaked guests. Leilah's children sit in the front row, thinking that their father is the man under the covering.. not knowing who their real father is.

Priest: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join this happy couple in matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together – let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

Voice: Da da dada... Da da dada.. Da dadadada dada! *sings the wedding march*

Everyone in the seating turns around, and finds a man in a purple suit.. wearing a clown mask, walking down the aisle slowly.

Posted Image

Priest: Sir.. we are in the middle of a ceremony here. Do you object to this holy matrimony?

Man: Object? Hell no. Oh, excuse me father.. *ahem* I would never interfere with young love. Umm.. *looks around* Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am tonight's entertainment! I only have one question. Where is Leilah Dawn? *walks over to people, and pokes them* You know where Leilah is? You know who she is? You know where I can find Leilah? I need to talk to her about something. Just something, a little.

Voice: I'm Leilah.

The man turns his head slowly, looks towards the covering.. and sees Leilah in her wedding dress.

Man: Ah.

Leilah: You wanted me, here I am. Who are you?

Leilah's potential husband, Gabe, watches curiously.

Man in Crowd: He's crazy! Someone drag this idiot out of here.

Leilah: Wait..

Man: I'm not. No, I'm not. *responding to being called crazy* Leilah, I'm here to let everyone know the truth.

Leilah: ... Who sent you? What truth?

Man: THESE CHILDREN! *points to Leilah's children* Were not conceived by this couple. Well, at least not by 50% of this couple. Tell them Leilah.

The crowd gasps, and gossips.

Gabe: What is this manic talking about?

Man: You didn't tell him? Oh dear oh dear. She slept with a married man.

Gabe: ... W..wwhat? You.. LIED TO ME? Made me think those kids are MINE?

Man: Ah-ta-ta-ta! Let's not blow this out of proportion. I just thought I'd let everyone know.. let everyone know how much of a slut a woman can be. How women are lying.. cheating.. back-stabbing sluts.. who spread their legs for any man with money..

Leilah: ENOUGH! He's.. he's.. lying!

Gabe: LIAR! You bitch! You.. you have kept this from me.. and you.. I almost married you!

Man: *to Leilah* Oh, and by the way, the suit, it wasn't cheap. You oughta know, you bought it.

Leilah: LEAVE! I can't do this!

Leilah cries, and tries to run off.

The man pulls out a gun from his suit, as people scream.

Man: Oh no no no.. no I can't let you do that.

Gabe: What the hell is this? Lower the gun! Leilah, who the hell did you sleep with? I sense someone less than legit.

Man: Sadly, I've been hired to do this. It's a shame really. Young love.. ah. Oh, father.. take a walk.

The priest walks backwards, towards the beach.

Leilah: Do what?

Man: This.

The main raises his gun.

Gabe: NO!

People scream, as Leilah's potential husband jumps in front of Leilah.

The man in the clown mask fires the gun four times. One shot hits the husband-to-be in the neck, and the chest. The other two hit Leilah in the stomach, and her chest. Both victims fall onto the ground, as people lunge towards the clown masked man.

The man fires off warning shots into the air, and makes a run for it. A getaway pulls up to the scene, and the masked man gets in. The car speeds off.

The wedding crowd pour around the wounded bride and groom, blood everywhere. Family members try to get the children out of there.. witnesses to their own "parents" attempted murder.

Gabe dies in the arms of a bleeding Leilah.

On the highway..

Driver: What the fuck happened back there?!

The man pulls off his own mask.. it's Joker.

Joker: I was hired to do the job. Apparently I'm useful to those people after all. No one would kill people in front of children. Except me.

Driver: You sick bastard..

Joker pulls out his gun, and puts it to the driver's head.

Joker: Do me, and yourself.. a favor. Just drive. I'm going to the airport.

Driver: ... Are they dead?

Joker: Well I was hired to kill them. So if they don't die, well.. I'm fish-food. Hence the airport part. DRIVE!


The Shire..

Posted Image

After the devastation from war, Forsco's reign of terror, and Joker's appearance, The Shire has been rebuilt. The new Shire is made up of farmland, homes, and a main town. It's a pretty large town at that.

Amathon has risen from being the leader of the elves, to being the leader of the hobbits as well. He has created a new faction called the E&H Trading Company. E&H stands for Elves and Hobbits. The new faction is a ministry focusing on providing for and protecting elves and hobbits, while trading invaluable goods to the humans and non-magics. In this part of the magical world (what's left of it), life is good.

Hengsha leads the gang of people through the streets, as people either smile, wave, or give dirty looks to Frodi. Frodi and company are surrounded by armed Chinese guards. Hobbits are no longer scared of guns, after the war. But when strangers enter their own.. with someone they know, with guns.. it can be alarming.

Hengsha leads the group into a pub, where he plans on recruiting some hobbits.


Hengsha: Excuse me, gentlemen.. ladies.. we are here to recruit individuals to join our ranks. We come to The Shire as a peaceful group, only searching for someone who has been kidnapped. Any takers?


Bartender: You know where in The Shire you goin'?

Hengsha: At this time, no.

Bartender: *snickers*

Bing: Well this is going well.

Voice from the corner bar: *talking to someone at the bar* The guy goes into the hospital, okay? His wife's just had a baby and he can't wait to see them both. So he meets the doctor and he says, 'Oh, Doc, I've been so worried. How are they?' And the doctor smiles and says, 'They're fine. Just fine. Your wife's delivered a healthy baby boy and they're both in tip-top form. You're one lucky guy.' So the guy rushes into the maternity ward with his flowers. But it's empty. His wife's bed is empty. 'Doc?' He says and turns around and the doctor and all the nurses wave their arms and scream in his face. 'April fools! Your wife's dead and the baby's a spastic!!' Get it? *the man walks away from the bar, not liking the joke* ... Oh what a senseless waste of human life! Life's a bowl of cherries and this is the pits. *drinks*

Frodi: I know that voice..

Frodi walks over, and taps the purple suited man on the shoulder.

Man: Get you hands.. AH! Well look what the stork dragged in. An impregnated hobbit. Nice to see you again Miss Zarano.

Frodi: That's Mrs.. and hello Doctor Crane.

Joker: Well, you won't be Mrs. too much longer..

Frodi: What the hell is that supposed to mean? And what are you doing in The Shire?

Joker: I could ask you the same thing. Aren't I just good enough to eat?

Hengsha: *walks over* So you are the criminal everyone is talking about..

Joker: In the flesh. So why is everyone here?

Frodi: Nick's been taken by the Illuminati.

Joker: Nick? Nick is harder to kill than a cockroach on steroids. I'm sure he'll be fine. *drinks* And besides.. in terms of the Illuminati, I'd like to bet you have no idea what you dealing with, I bet double or nothing, Tom Riddle, Sumonsar, or Jalow crawl out of their shallow graves with their faculties intact, and hunt all of you down like the dogs you all are.

Frodi punches Joker, knocking him off the stool. Joker just laughs, as Alessea runs to hold a pregnant Frodi back. All of the hobbits watch, as Hengsha raises an eyebrow.

Frodi: Why are you here Joker?! Enough with the games! You've been playing games for months!

Joker: Funny.. *touches his bloody lip* I had a dream the other night.In my dream, the world had suffered a terrible disaster. A black haze shut out the sun, and the darkness was alive with the moans and screams of wounded people. Suddenly, a small light glowed. A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions. A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark. I laughed and blew it out.


Joker: That dream, is our future. The Illuminati have been around for thousands of years. What makes you think you can stop them now? A pregnant hobbit, a guy from the local Chinese restaurant.. two elves..

Hengsha: I own a multi-billion dollar empire.

Joker: Which is based mostly on illegal funds right? .. Right? .. I read the papers.

Frodi: ... You worked for them, back when you planted the bomb that almost killed Eurus. What do they want?

Joker: Let me tell you about these people.. some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Those people.. those men.. are the men who took your husband. If you want to ruin them, and get Prince Charming back, you'll need to go after what is aiding them.. what is fueling them..

Bing: The triforce.

TV: We continue to follow some shocking news from the Caribbean. A couple on vacation, actually getting married on one of the local islands, was attacked by a masked man during the ceremony. The man was wearing a clown mask.

Everyone looks at the TV except Joker.

Joker: Bad timing..

TV: The police released a statement giving some detailed information. The groom died on the scene, while the woman.. Leilah Dawn, is alive.. but in critical condition. She was transferred to a hospital, and has since fallen into a coma. Doctor's believe she may never wake up again, but they are hopeful. Meanwhile the couple's children are being taken care of by family members. The children were at the ceremony, and witnessed the attack.

Frodi: ... Turn it off.

Bartender: Miss, I..


The bartender quickly turns the TV off. The room goes silent, as Joker and Frodi stare at each other.

Frodi: Did you.. try to kill those people? Did you honestly try to kill Leilah Dawn? IN FRONT OF HER KIDS?!

Joker: I was hired.

Frodi: By who?

Joker: The same people who will kill me now that they know I didn't kill Leilah. The same people who think I didn't finish the job. The same people who took your husband. That is why I am here. To run from them.

Hengsha: Bad place to run to. The Illuminati are based here.

Joker: I know. Better to hide in plain site. If anything.. judging by the look in Frodi's eyes, maybe this will keep me alive? Before I get killed by the pregnant woman.. I ahem, know where the Illuminati are based. Been there, know the route.

Frodi: You are truly a sick person. You need help.

Joker: There's alot wrong with me..

Hengsha: It's all a lie. There's nothing wrong with you.

Joker: Nice of you to say, but you of all people should know... there's plenty wrong with me.

Frodi: Why did they have you attack Leilah? Why would they do that.. this must have something to do with Nick.

Joker: Maybe it's because Nick is the biological father to Leilah's children.

Alessea gasps, and covers her mouth.

Frodi: ... What did you just say?

Joker: I see Nick never told you. I guess four and number five on the way was already enough for him. There's alot I know. I'm quite useful actually.. so if you still want to find your husband, I'm more useful alive.

Frodi walks out of the pub, in tears.

Joker: What did I say? Geez.. you tell the truth, and this happens. I'm better off lying to people.

Unknown Location..

Nick wakes up, restrained once again.

Woman's Voice: Shh..

Nick: Who's there?

Woman's Voice: All you need to know, is that you can survive this. You just need to fight.. you aren't paralyzed forever. They gave you a drug.. and since they will be too busy to give you another round of the injection, you will slowly begin to move again. But it will take time.

Nick: ... Who are you?

Woman's Voice: Don't you know who I am Nick Zarano? You should. We have much in common.. maybe we've met in past lives.. But alas, my name is not important. The people I was working for.. your grandfather.. their vicious. He's vicious. They.. and myself, screwed over Jack. And I received word that he is coming here tonight.. to not only kill me, and your grandfather.. but to seek revenge, and take control of the Illuminati. I am making my escape before I get killed.. and I must go into hiding.

Nick feels a woman's hand opening the restrains. He can make out the woman's body.. she's wearing leather, and wearing a small mask. Her perfume is distinctive.. Nick has smelled it before.. and if he ever smells it again.. he'll know.

Nick: Why.. are you helping me?

Woman: I'm not helping you. I'm making this a fair fight. You have a chance Nick.. take it. Now I must go.. you have some hours to rebuild your strength before Jack gets here, then all hell will break lose. Meanwhile your grandfather will be.. slightly distracted.

Nick: Wait.. before you go.. give me your name. At least, your nickname.

Woman: .. Selina. Call me Selina. Goodbye Nick Zarano.. may we meet again.

The door opens, and Selina runs off. Nick leans over, and falls off the slab. He wiggles and moves on the floor, trying to regain his strength.

The Shire..

Frodi sits on the steps outside of the pub. Alessea joins her.

Frodi: This can't be true..

Alessea: Maybe someone altered the results. And if they didn't.. Frodi, I don't know.

Frodi: ...

Alessea: If Nick lied to you again, maybe you shouldn't forgive him again. Maybe this should be the last time.

Frodi: ... But how was Nick supposed to tell me this? Counting month wise.. if Leilah got pregnant from Nick's first encounter with her, that would mean Nick and I were doing great marriage wise nine months later. He had told me what happened, and things were okay. I think Nick wouldn't want to wreck it. Then.. in order for it to believable, Leilah must have slept with Gabe around that time too. I'm not calling her a slut or anything, but I don't think Nick would want to ruin her relationship with Gabe either. And the kids.. he was probably protecting them. So they didn't face what our kids face.

Alessea: Frodi, listen to yourself. You sound desperate! You are not ugly Frodi. Nor are you stupid. You don't need Nick, since at last check.. he's not the last man on earth. Don't get me wrong, I like Nick as a friend. But he has lied and cheated on you way too many times. If Bing did that, I would have left him the first time.

Frodi: I just want to find Nick, Alessea. That's all. Then.. I'll decide on how to handle this.

Hospital in Rome..

In a dark hospital room, guarded by private security.. a man lays in a hospital.

Someone knocks at the door.

Voice: Siamo venuti. Cerchiamo di vedere in lui.

The guard opens the door, and let's two members of the church in. They sit down, next to the bed.

​The man in the bed is badly injured, his face unrecognizable.. his identity unknown.

Cardinal: Camerlengo McKenna.. or should I now call you.. Lucky McKenna.. we have come to relieve you of your churchly duties.

Lucky McKenna: I.. am.. sorry.. But.. I.. will.. n.. n.. not.. step.. down..

Cardinal: The decision has been made for you. I am under orders to read you this. *reads paper* To Mr. McKenna, you are hereby relieved and banished from all duties of our church. Your actions in regards to our enemy resulted in fatalities. Only you and your relationship with god can heal that scar in your soul now. Your attempt at suicide has made us come up with the easiest method for you to keep your honor, and ours. It has been told to the media that you died from suicide. Your identity in the media will stay the way. Once you are recovered, we will ask the Italian government to provide you with a new name, and a new identity. At which point, once healed.. you shall move on. You will never be a member of our church, or participate in our church. Capito?

Lucky McKenna: ... Capito.

Cardinal: We only hope with prayer, the lord can save your soul. God knows you need saving.

The men turn to leave.

Cardinal: Goodbye Camerlengo McKenna. Goodbye Lucky McKenna.

The men leave the room.

Pub in The Shire..

Hengsha: Where is the Illuminati hiding out?

Joker: The Misty Mountains. It's a long journey, so you will need some hobbits familiar with mountain-climbing, and the small villages along the way. Also they need to be able to ward off any of the potential killer wildlife..

Hengsha: Alright! Listen up! We need hobbits. The pay is good, fame is even better. We're going up into the mountains. If you want to join us, sign up on the roster sheet at our table.

Unknown Location up in The Misty Mountains..

Nick manages to stand up. Not stable, but he's standing. Nick places his hand on a door control scanner.. the door opens. Nick limps out into the hallway, leaving a trail of blood behind.

Posted Image

Nick walks down the halls.

Suddenly, an alarm sounds. Nick quickly gets back into the room, and closes his door. Only one thing.. the alarm wasn't caused by Nick.

Computer Voice: WARNING! Unknown aircraft entering airspace. WARNING! Unknown aircraft entering airspace. DING! DING! DING! DING! Aircraft within meters of fortress.. WARNIN..


The explosion rattles the building, as guards run down the halls. Nick fell to the ground from the rattling.

Nick: It felt like a damn plane crashed into the building.. fuck!

Nick stands up, and once again ventures out into the halls.

Over PA System: You are all experiencing fear in anticipation of some specific pain or danger. This is perfectly understandable. I simply call this.. revenge.

Nick: Jack? Fuck! Jack is here.

Nick notices a fire extinguisher case, with a hatchet. Not the best weapon, but it will work. Nick takes the hatchet, and holds it with two hands.. ready to strike.

Pub in The Shire..

Older Hobbit: Well fuck ya then. But I ain't risking me life to take ya all the way up to those bloody dangerous mountains for that little pay.

Hengsha: But the fame!

Older Hobbit: Screw fame! I need money!

Hengsha: This is not a time for negotiation.

Joker stands in the corner, surrounded by hobbits.. with his own methods of recruiting.

Joker: Look around you. This awful bunch of psychopaths are all begging to join up with me, but unfortunately for them, I only take the best. And today, the best means whoever can kill you. So.. I say.. BAR-FIGHT!

A bar-fight begins.

Unknown Location up in The Misty Mountains..

Nick walks through the halls slowly, as suddenly a guard appears.. walking out of an elevator.

Guard: HEY!

As the guard prepares to attack, Nick waves the hatchet at the guard's waist, cutting him open. Nick watches blood pour out from the man, as he falls to Nick's feet.. dying seconds later..

Nick vomits off to the side, while glancing at the blood on the hatchet. After recovering, Nick boards the elevator.

Nick looks at the buttons.

Nick: Medical floor.. I need to get there. Maybe steal some meds and supplies. Or maybe the armory.. damn.. I guess armory..

Nick presses the armory button. The elevator takes off, going lower.. moments later, a loud bang is heard.. followed by some metal-on-metal grinding. The lights go out in the elevator, as the cable snaps.. sending Nick down the elevator shaft. It crashes in the basement.

Pub in The Shire..

Frodi and Alessea walk into the pub, finding complete and utter chaos.. but some hobbits luckily, have decided to come on the mission to find Nick.. the triforce.. and to stop the Illuminati for good.

This song plays.

Leilah Dawn lies in a hospital bed, in a coma. Lucky McKenna lies in a hospital bed, with a long way to recover.. it's unknown who.. and what.. he will become. Meanwhile most of the secrets in this world of secrets.. have finally come out. But what is the fake truth of a lie.. and what is the real truth of reality? As the Nick Zarano once again begins to fight for his life once again, Frodi will fight for the truth.. and her husband. And as evil faces the possibility of falling.. we must not forget, evil is never gone. Just like the truth, evil never goes away.

Back in the unknown location.. the elevator door opens.. and Nick emerges, hatchet in hand.


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Pub In The Shire...

Hengsha sees Frodi and Alessea enter the pub.  He approaches them, feeling sorry for Frodi, having learned that her husband fathered children with someone else.

HENGSHA:  Do you still wish to find your husband?

ALESSEA:  And our child!

FRODI:  *nods*   Yes, I do.  I *NEED* to find him, Hengsha.  Just like Alessea needs to find her child.

HENGSHA:  Very well.  Your... um... friend, Joker, has informed me that the Illuminati are based in the Misty Mountains.

ALESSEA:  Why would Joker just tell you where the Illuminati are hiding?

HENGSHA:  Perhaps he wishes for my protection.  It appears he has a lot to lose, if they were to find him.  He failed to complete a task set by them, and the Illuminati don't take kindly to failure.

FRODI:  His task?  HE TRIED TO KILL TWO PEOPLE, HENGSHA!  AND HE SUCCEEDED IN KILLING GABE!  And Leilah's in a coma now.  God only knows what those poor kids are going through right now.

HENGSHA:  Indeed.  I did not say I approved.  But if we wish to stop the Illuminati, and find your husband,  *looks at Alessea*   and your child, we need him.

FRODI:  ...

HENGSHA:  Now I have managed to recruit a few hobbits to accompany us, but we will need more.

ALESSEA:  *looks over at the bar fight*   What's going on over there?

HENGSHA:  It seems Joker has a different method of recruiting than I do.   *raises eyebrow*

Frodi walks over to Joker.  He is clearly enjoying himself, watching the bar fight he started, and he is so engrossed, he doesn't even notice Frodi until she speaks.

FRODI:  Dr Crane...

JOKER:  *jumps*   Uh-oh.  Pregnant hobbit on the warpath.

Frodi is finding it difficult to stay calm in front of Joker.  She would love to tell him exactly what she thinks of him.  But... he knows where the Illuminati are based, and if she has any hope of seeing Nick again, she needs Joker to show them exactly where.

FRODI:  *glares at Joker*   Is... this   *indicates the bar fight* ... your idea of getting people to help us?  By getting them to kill each other before we even leave this pub?

JOKER:  You want to find Mr Father-Of-The-Year, don't you?  Well, this way, we'll know who's worth taking, and who's... too beat up and dead to bother with.

FRODI:  *clenches her fist*   You sick bastard!  You...

JOKER:  *interupts*   Oh, did you see that?   *points to the bar fight*   The hobbit with the blue shirt tried to bash his friend, who ducked, so he ended up hitting Mr Not-So-Tall-And-Blonde.  Priceless!   *slaps his knee, and laughs loudly*   I want him on our team.  I do. I want him!

FRODI:  This is not the way to persuade them to help us.

JOKER:  Oh, but it's fun.  IT'S FUN!   *grins and laughs*  

FRODI:  *stares in disbelief*  I don't like you Dr Crane.  Not one little bit!  You're selfish and arragont.  You don't care about anyone but yourself.  You sell yourself out to the highest bidder, and you hurt people.  You threatened my kids, and that's not something I forget.  You killed Gabe, and you tried to kill Leilah.

JOKER:  I was doing your husband a favour.  Now he doesn't have to worry about anyone finding out his little secret about him being the father of Leilah's kids... oops, I guess that cat is out of the bag now, anyway.

Frodi looks at Joker, with tears in her eyes.  Joker looks back at her for a while, then he leans his head in a bit.

JOKER:  *looks at her*   Do your nostrils always flare like that, when you're about to cry?  It's not very attractive, you know.

BING:  *runs over*  Frodi, don't listen to him.  He's just trying to get you upset.

FRODI:  I know... you're right, I know.  I wish we could leave him behind, but we need him, to lead us through the Misty Mountain... to where Nick, and your child are being held.

JOKER:  Did I say I would lead you there?  Maybe I will... maybe I won't.

Bing pulls Frodi away, and sits her down at a table at the far end, where Alessea and Hengsha are sitting.

HENSHA:  ...

BING:  ...


FRODI:  ...

HENGSHA:  I don't approve of Joker's methods, but the fact remains... we need to recruit more hobbits to our cause.

Frodi nods.  She knows Hengsha is right.  She's devastated after learning about Nick & Leilah, and emotionally drained after her confrontation with Joker.  But she's still desperate to find Nick.  She stands up, and walks over to a group of hobbits at the bar (not part of Joker's bar fight gang).

FRODI:  *nervous*   Okay, my husband has been kidnapped.  We know where he is now... the Misty Mountains.  Will you help us?  Will you join our ranks?

HOBBIT 1:  Why should we help you?  You're well known in these part, Frodi Greenhand.  You went off and married a HUMAN!

FRODI:  *sighs*   I fell in love.  What's wrong with that?

HOBBIT 1:  You fell in love... with a human.

FRODI:  Is there something wrong with humans?

HOBBIT 1:  They're nasty, disgusting creatures.  Far too tall.  And too aggessive.

FRODI:  Humans are too aggressive?   *looks over at the bar fight*

HOBBIT 1:  We were a peaceful race, before humans corrupted us.

FRODI:  Have you heard of my father?  Forsco Greenhand?  Tried to kill me several times... tried to kill his own grandchildren.  Oh, and he tried to take over the Shire in a reign of terror.

HOBBIT 1:  ...

HOBBIT 2:  She's got you there.   *looks at Hobbit 1*

FRODI:  And have you heard of Stengolas Smallburrow?  He helped my father in all his atrosities.

HOBBIT 1:  *drinks*  

FRODI:  Look, the Shire has changed a lot in the last 15 years.  We know for sure now that humans and elves really do exist.   *points to Hengsha, Bing, and Alessea*   It's not just myth and fantasy anymore.  And yes, there are some bad humans, just like there are some bad hobbits.  There's good and bad people in EVERY race.   *pause*   My husband, the human, has saved me from my father's wrath many times.  

HOBBIT 1:  But they're so TALL!

FRODI:  Does that really matter?  Could you turn away from someone who needed help, just because he's not a hobbit?

HOBBIT 3:  I couldn't!  Hobbit, human, elf... we all bleed the same.  We all feel fear, and pain.  I'll help.

HOBBIT 2:  If what you say is true, and a human can help a hobbit... then surely we can do the same, and help a human.  I'll join your ranks.

HOBBIT 4:  You're famous around here, Frodi Greenhand, I mean Zarano.  And I think it's kinda sweet, a hobbit and a human falling in love.  And to be honest, I'm kinda curious about humans, ever since I learned about them.

Gradually, more and more hobbits agree to join the ranks.  Hobbit 1 sees all his friends signing up, and doesn't want to  be left out, so he joins up as well.

FRODI:  Thankyou... all of you.  You don't know what this means to me.

HOBBIT 1:  Pffft.  If nothing else, at least I'll be famous, after this.

HENGSHA:  I suggest we all get some rest now.  We have a long journey ahead of us.  We'll meet here first thing tomorrow morning, have an early breakfast, then head out.  And remember... we will be travelling through the Misty Mountains... please wear appropriate clothing.  Bartender, we will require supplies.  Will you arrange for this?  You will be well payed.

BARTENDER:  Aye, I can do that.  I'll get your food ready by the time you leave tomorrow.

Frodi looks across at Joker, who had been listening intently.  He knows to meet them in this bar first thing tomorrow morning.

FRODI:  No more games Dr Crane.  We need to save Nick.

JOKER:  Who says he wants to be saved?  Maybe he's having the time of his life.

HENGSHA:  ENOUGH!  Let's save our energies for the journey tomorrow.

Hengsha,,, his men... Bing, Alessea and their kids... Frodi and her kids, all book room in the bar, and get an early night.

In Frodi's room, she puts the kids to bed, reads them a story, and kisses them goodnight.  But while the kids sleep soundly, Frodi tosses and turns, unable to sleep.  She touches her neck, remembering the footage Hengsha had shown her, with someone trying to strangle Nick, before dragging him away.  She's afraid for Nick, not knowing what the Illuminati are doing to him.  She's hurt that he lied to her, and that he's the father of Leilah's children.  She misses him like crazy.  She's upset that Joker killed Gabe, and tried to kill Leilah.  And... she longs to be in Nick's arms again.  She touches her wedding ring, and looks out the window.

FRODI:  I'm coming Nick... I'm coming to find you.  I won't leave you to those bastards.  If only I could let you know that.   *thinks*   Wait a minute... maybe there is a way.

Frodi pulls out her wand.  Her magic is not as strong as Nick's, but... maybe... she could cast a spell to communicate with him telepathically... to let him know help is on the way.  She holds her wand tightly, closes her eyes, and concentrates hard.

FRODI:  Nick... Nick...

Somewhere In The Misty Mountains...

Nick walks out the elevator, hatchet in hand.  He's still feeling the effects of the drug they gave him... his vision is blurry, he's still finding it hard to move, everything is hazy.  And after the elevator crash, every step he takes sends pain shooting through his body.  Suddenly, a voice echoes from... somewhere... he can't tell where.

ECHOEY VOICE:  Nick... Nick...

Nick knows the voice.

NICK:  Frodi?

Nick looks around, but sees no-one.  He limps down the corridor.

ECHOEY VOICE:  Nick, it's Frodi... if you can hear me... don't give up.  We're coming Nick.  Help is on the way.

Nick leans against the wall, and closes his eyes.  The voice is coming from inside his head.  Is he imagining Frodi's voice?  Is it wishful thinking?  But in his weakened state, Palpatine's words linger in his brain - that Nick and Frodi share the same DNA.

NICK:  *rubbing his head*   No... no it's not true... it can't be true.  Frodi and I are not related.

ECHOEY VOICE:  I'm coming to find you Nick.  I'm going to get you out of that place.  Just... hold on... please.  Stay strong.    

Hearing Frodi's voice gives Nick some comfort.  It gives him hope that maybe he won't die in this godforsaken place, at the hands of his grandfather.  If only the pain would stop... if only he could think clearly.  He closes his eyes, and tries to concentrate.

NICK:  Frodi, where are you?

ECHOEY VOICE:  Don't let those bastards win Nick.  You're not alone.  I love you Nick.  If you can hear me... hold on to that thought.  I LOVE YOU!

NICK:  *quietly*   I love you too Frodi.

Pub In The Shire...

Frodi lies in bed, tears rolling down her face.  She doesn't know if her spell to communicate with Nick had been successful or not, but she had to try.  She's angry and frustrated that she wasn't able to hold the spell for longer.  

FRODI:  *whispers*   I love you Nick.  Hold on to that thought.  

Eventually, she falls into a troubled sleep.

Early next morning, everyone meets in the bar, as arranged.  All the hobbits that Frodi had persuaded yesterday to join them are there.  No-one has backed out.  Even Joker and his bar fight gang are there.

JOKER:  I decided to offer my services, and help you out after all.  Isn't that kind of me?

FRODI:  My husband has been good to you, Dr Crane.  Even after you almost killed Eurus, he was kind to you, and he gave you a chance to prove yourself.  Now you OWE him!  And it's for his sake, that I'm putting up with you now.

JOKER:  Oh yes... Nick.  Him and Leilah did make a lovely couple.  I wonder how many more secrets he's been keeping from you?   *starts singing*   Only you... can make this world seem right.  Only you... can make the darkness bright.  Only you... and you alo....

Frodi glares at Joker, then walks away.
JOKER:  What did I say now?

The Journey Towards Misty Mountains...

After an early breakfast, everyone prepares to leave for the Misty Mountains.  They pack up their belongings, collect supplies from the bartender and head off.  Michael, Lilla, Rosie, Vincent, Aurelius, and Cassima are not used to getting up this early, despite their early night the evening before.

It's quite a sight - humans, including armed guards, a large group of hobbits, 2 elves, and 6 children, all walking through the Shire.  Frodi, Alessea, and Bing make sure the children stay away from Joker, still shocked at Joker's shooting of Gabe and Leilah.  Bing & Alessea hold Aurelius and Cassima's hands, and Frodi holds Michael and Lilla's hands, with Rosie and Vincent walking along beside them.  After several hours of solid walking, the children begin to gurn.

VINCENT:  *wimpering*   I'm tired mummy.

ROSIE:  Me too.  We've been walking for hours!  I can't go another step.

Frodi looks at her children, and sees how tired they are.  Their little legs are not used to all this walking.

FRODI:  Okay sweetie.  We'll stop for a rest now.  *kisses her kids*   And you know what?  Since you've all been so good, here's a sweetie for each of you.   *gives a sweetie to her kids, as well as Aurelius and Cassima*  

HENGSHA:  It's not even lunch time yet.  We should continue for a few more hours.

FRODI:  The children are tired.  We stop for a rest NOW.

HENGSHA:  *frustrated sigh*   Very well.  We will take a short break then.

The group find a clearing, and unload their baggage, glad of the rest.

JOKER:  *to some of the hobbits*  Okay, it's time for you to prove I brought the right people along.  If it turns out I wasted my time, I will NOT be happy.  So come on people.  BAR FIGHT.

HOBBIT:  This isn't a bar.  And if you don't want our help, we'll gladly turn around and go home.

HENGSHA:  We need good people with us, and I believe you are all good people.  We've come this far.  Why turn back now?

JOKER:  Oh, poo!  Spoil my fun!  And I did so enjoy watching you beat each other up yesterday.  You're a spoilsport Hengsha, that's what you are.  A big fun-spoiling spoilsport.  Oh, I have an idea.  Can I call you Hengy for short?

HENGSHA:  No you may not.

JOKER:  Bah... you're no fun anymore... Hengy.  

The children sit together, away from Joker, and play 'Guess What I See'.  Frodi sits a little way off, looking up at the sky.  Alessea joins her.

ALESSEA:  Are you okay Frodi?  You've been so quiet this morning.

FRODI:  *looks at Alessea, then looks down at the ground*   I just can't get yesterday out of my mind.  What if Leilah's kids really are Nick's?

ALESSEA:  *puts a comforting arm around Frodi's shoulders*

FRODI:  She wasn't the first person Nick had an affair with, Alessea.  And it always hurts.  Each time he had an affair... a part of me died.  But Leilah - he told me he loved her.  *pause*   Imagine if Bing told you he loved someone else.  *fights back the tears*  

ALESSEA:  *shudders*   Oh Frodi, I don't know what I would do if Bing ever said that to me.

FRODI:  I know Nick and Leilah shared a lot of secrets... in his ministry days.

ALESSEA:  What kind of secrets?

FRODI:  Things he wouldn't tell me about.  Remember that black mark he had on his hand, and it kept growing?   *opens her hand, and touches her palm*  He would never say how it got there.  It seemed to really hurt him at times.  But he still wouldn't tell me how he got it, or how it disappeared... but I'm pretty sure Leilah knew.  *pause*   They were often whisering together about some ministry secret or other.  And Leilah was welcomed freely into the ministry building, but I always felt like Nick didn't want me there.  They had plenty of chance to... to sleep together.  Nick swore to me he wasn't the father of Leilah's kids... but what if he lied?

ALESSEA:  I'm so sorry Frodi.

FRODI:  But despite that... I never wanted Leilah or Gabe to get hurt.

ALESSEA:  Frodi... Nick's lied to you time after time.  You don't deserve that... you deserve better.  Why do you put up with him?

FRODI:  Because I love him Alessea.  I love him so much... I'll never stop loving him.  He is my world!  And I know he loves me.  Besides, Nick hasn't cheated for a long time now.  I really think those days are behind him.

ALESSEA:  Nick hasn't cheated... that you know about.

FRODI:  Nick and Leilah... it hurts to think about them together... I can't deny that.  But it's not important right now.  Whether Nick is or isn't the father of Leilah's kids... I can't think about that right right now.  I just need to find Nick, and know that he's safe.  THAT'S what's important right now.  Then I can decide how to deal with all this.

ALESSEA:  When we find him, I am going to give him a piece of my mind.  *gives Frodi a supportive hug*  

FRODI:  *smiles weakly*   Thanks Alessea.  I'm glad you're here.  *suddenly inhales sharply*   Oh... OH!   *puts her hand on her bump*

ALESSEA:  *worried*  Frodi?  What's wrong?

FRODI:  *smiles*   The baby is REALLY kicking right now.  Feel it.

Alessea puts her hand on Frodi's bump, and feels the baby moving.  

ALESSEA:  That's some baby you've got there, Frodi.  *smiles*

FRODI:  *looks at her children, sitting nearby*   Kids, come here a moment.  The baby's kicking. Want to feel it?

Michael, Lilla, Vincent, and Rosie run across excitedly, and put their hands on Frodi's bump.

VINCENT:  Does it hurt, when the baby kicks?

FRODI:  No, it doesn't hurt at all.  It's a lovely feeling.  The baby is just moving around, and having a good stretch.

CASSIMA:  *timid voice*   Can... can we feel as well?

FRODI:  Of course.

Cassima and Aurelius put there hands on Frodi's bump, and giggle as they feel the baby moving.  There are so many hands on Frodi's bump... except the hands she really wants... Nick's hands.  She feels so sad and afraid inside, not knowing what is happening to Nick.  But she keeps it hidden from the kids.

HENGSHA:  We have rested.  Now we should continue on our journey.  We still have a long way to go.

FRODI:  Thankyou Hengsha.  The kids really needed that rest.  Alessea, can you help me up please?

The group pack up their supplies again, and load up their backpacks.
FRODI:  *to her kids*   Okay, I held Michael and Lilla's hands before.  So now I'll hold Vincent and Rosie's hands.

The group continue on their journey for several hours.  Frodi wants to find Nick, Bing & Alessea want to find their child.  All 3 of them hurting inside, but not showing it in front of the kids.  By the time they stop for lunch, the air is starting to get colder.  The warm sun in the Shire is behind them, and clouds fill the sky.  Frodi puts warm jumpers, trousers, hats, and gloves on her kids, and herself, and Bing & Alessea do the same.  But despite the chill in the air, they all enjoy a good lunch.
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Part 1 of the Finale..

Unknown Location up in The Misty Mountains..

Nick leans up against the wall.. every bone in his body aches. Every nerve-ending in his head is ready to burst. This is the worst pain Nick has ever been in. Even dying at the hands of Tom Riddle wasn't this painful. And reality begins to set in.. this was caused by a drug.. by people. Not by magic. Magic is strong, but not strong enough to stop this from happening. Even Nick's immortality didn't stop this kind of pain.

Nick wonders about Frodi's voice.

Suddenly, a television at the end of the hall begins to flash. A video begins to play.

Palpatine steps into view, darkness behind him. A "record" icon is light up.

TV: It seems Jack has joined our party.. to the rest of my men who are still running around the halls, please exit the building and join up with my defense team. We need to stop him before he does even more damage. And as for my grandson.. if you see him, do not kill him. Bring him to me. Right now he's.. *glances at computer* In hall #1QF.

Nick looks up, and notices a camera. He slashes it with the hatchet in anger.

TV: Anger gets you no where Nick. Alright men.. find him. Oh and Nick.. I'll be waiting for you. *cuts to black*

Nick looks down the hall, and sees shadows. Quickly he back tracks, and opens the elevator doors using the hatchet. The doors slam shut on their own.

Nick:*presses buttons* Well, the elevator is dead.. but with the doors sealed shut, this will buy me some time. Alright.. pain is all in the mind.. just focus on Frodi.. just focus on..

Nick climbs up, and pulls down a ceiling tile from the elevator ceiling. He yells in pain.

Nick focuses on thoughts of him and Frodi being intimate. He hopes concentrating on that will suppress his painful nerve-endings.

Once more ceiling tiles are down, Nick climbs up into the elevator shaft.

Lights flicker along the walls, but most of the shaft is dark. Nick grabs onto the snapped elevator wire, and swings himself over to a ladder.. Nick fights off the pain. He can hear the sound of guards talking down below, trying to figure out a way to open up the crashed elevator doors.

Nick climbs up the shaft. He can hear voices from the second floor, through air-vents.

Voice #1: So who exactly are we looking for again?

Voice #2: You must be really stupid. You're either aiding on the defense against this Jack guy, or you're looking for the bosses grandson. Nick Zarano.

Voice #1: Oh yeah.. I've heard of him. The hero guy. I heard he's immortal though.

Voice #2: Not for long..

Voice #1: What's that supposed to mean?

Voice #2: The boss is planning something. If we ever find Nick Zarano..

Nick continues to climb up the ladder, leaving drops of blood on his trail.

Eventually, Nick reaches the top floor. He tries to get in via the elevator doors, but they won't budge. Instead, Nick climbs through an air vent.

The Journey Towards Misty Mountains...

After another long trek, night has come. Joker predicts that they will arrive at the fortress in the morning. His memory is less than reliable..

Everyone is mostly asleep, resting in tents.. the cold wind blowing.

Lilla gets out of her mother's tent, and ventures outside.. she can't sleep. It doesn't help that her brother Michael was snoring. And on top of everything else.. she is worried about her parents. She is one of the oldest children of the family, and she can put two and two together.. her family is in danger.

This song plays.

Lilla walks out in the snow. In the near distance, she can see a glowing light.. as if coming from a lamp. Lilla looks back.. and then decides.

She walks towards it. As she walks past large stones, it seems if the light moves further away.

Finally, the light fades away.. but Lilla runs towards the once-alive flame. She runs for a few seconds, eventually noticing something odd.. a fence. Light from the cities of the Shire below cast light onto the only presence out in the snowy area.. a small graveyard, surrounded by a wooden fence. The graveyard looks lonely, covered in snow.. right on a cliff overlooking the Shire. About ten headstones mark the graveyard.

Lilla tries to open the wooden gate door, but it's padlocked. Instead, she climbs over. As she faces forward.. something startles her. Someone is standing in the graveyard. Their back is turned to Lilla. It appears to be a bald man, with a long dark robe.. a robe ripped in many places, with the end resting on the snow.

Lilla looks back.. she should leave. She turns to leave.. possibly to run.

Voice: Don't leave..

It's a man's voice. One cracked, and weak from years of battles..

Lilla remains frozen.. but she manages to turn around.

Lilla: Why are you out in the snow?

Voice: This is where I was laid to rest.

Lilla: What's your name?

Voice: You probably don't know me Lilla..

Lilla: But.. you know my name. Who are you?

Voice: ... Your grandfather.

The man turns around, revealing himself to Lilla.

Posted Image

It's Tom Riddle.

Lilla drops to the ground, trying to get away. She leans up against a headstone, in the snow.

Lilla: Get away from me!

Tom hasn't moved.

Tom Riddle: It's alright.. I'm not going to hurt you. It never was my intention to hurt my grandchildren.. But I sense.. you know who I am?

Lilla: You're the man who tried to kill my father. The bad man.

Tom Riddle: So my nickname bestows me I guess. You know Lilla, wandering alone out in the show isn't the best choice.

Lilla: But but.. I saw light.. and you.. why are you here?

Tom Riddle: Alas this is where I was laid to rest.. after I died. *looks at gravestone* I wasn't asked to be brought here.

Lilla: Who did.. who brought you here then?

Tom Riddle: Your great grandfather. My father. The same man who has taken your father.

Lilla: How did you know my daddy was missing.. you're dead.

Tom Riddle: Dead, but never gone. We get a front-row seat to what is going on. I know what is happening. And I know this may seem strange coming from me.. but I hope your mother can rescue my son. Things have been taken too far. And now I am concerned for the future.

Voice: Lilla! Where are you? Li..

Frodi approaches the graveyard, and freezes. She sees Lilla talking to Tom Riddle. That situation would be unnerving enough by itself. But Tom is dead!

Tom Riddle: Frodi.. you quite the smart little girl here. I see alot of you in her.

Frodi: Ttttom.. you're dead..

Tom Riddle: But never gone. As I've told Lilla. Before I go.. let me give you a warning. Things are about to get worse, before they get better. My father.. must be stopped. He has done too much damage to all of us. Even me. You must find the Triforce, and remove it from Palpatine's power. It's the only way to end this.

Frodi: Lilla, get over here!

Lilla runs towards her mother.

Tom Riddle: I ask nothing of you Frodi.. I know what I have done. I must face that in death. But I am sorry for all I have done, to you, your family, and your husband. I know that will never be enough.. but this might. I have information..

Frodi: Stick your information Tom. Go back to hell. It's where you belong.

Tom Riddle: There's a new threat.. a threat that has been giving aid to Palpatine. I am concerned about the future.. beware of Ra's al Ghul..

The wind picks up.

Tom Riddle: Now I must go.. find Nick.. find the Triforce.. let me rest in peace.. but I fear.. your husband may join me..

The wind blows hard, as Tom disappears.

Frodi and Lilla can't believe what they saw. And one question looms in Frodi's mind.. who is Ra's al Ghul?

After that, Frodi makes sure Lilla doesn't wander away again. But brave Lilla wasn't afraid.. she is growing up. Frodi glances back at the gravestone.. the stone that marks Tom Riddle's grave.

Unknown Location up in The Misty Mountains..

Nick wakes up.

He is laying in a hallway.. it's unknown how long Nick slept.. but it's clear he passed out from pain, and the air vent door gave out from Nick's weight.

He stands up.

Three guards round the corner.

Guard: THERE HE IS! Grab him!

Nick swings at one of the guards, cutting him badly. Nick continues to fight back, even somehow dodging bullets.

One of the guards stands back, and fires his gun.

Nick drops the hatchet, and drops to his knees.. the bullet went straight through Nick's head. He drops to the ground, as the wound slowly heals from Nick's immortality.

Guard: Cuff him. Bring him to the boss.

Moments later, Nick awakens.. he is being dragged into a dark office, flashes of light around him. Eventually he is tossed onto the floor, his hands cuffed. Nick rolls over, and sees Palpatine. The guards leave.

Palpatine: It's about time we met in private. We have lots to discuss.

Nick: Like how you've killed innocent people? Sent your sickos after me and my family?

Palpatine: That's all in the past. *pours himself a drink, next to a tray of needles* No, today we have to discuss my predicament. You see... I have plans on controlling this world once and for all. But you.. you've been getting in the way.

Nick: So I have.

Palpatine: You could have lived such a great life. Ran Liberta, worked with me.. maybe even became president of a country. But no. You chose the.. well.. you chose your route.

Nick: By the way, I know you are lying about Frodi. I saw her DNA myself. We're not related.

Palpatine: So you caught me I suppose. That was one small lie in a pool of truth.. all apart of my experiments. *walks over to needle tray*

Nick: .. What the hell are you doing..?

Palpatine: There's this doctor I know.. and before you say it, no. Not Doctor Crane. We use him for less intelligent concepts. Anyway, this doctor created all sorts of wonderful drugs we could experiment with.. this one is called Magicae-Virales. This wonderful little needle of yellow liquid does something extraordinary. You see, every magic has special cells compounded in their blood. Cells that translate to magical abilities. The toxin in this needle tells the patient's white blood cells to attack those magical cells.. as if they are fighting an infection. Once they do.. well.. the patient's magical abilities are permanently removed. Even.. their immortality.

Nick: Palpatine.. get away from me.

Palpatine: ​It's magic that has destroyed this world. *picks up needle* If my son hadn't know magic.. we could have worked together.

Nick: You left Tom at an orphanage. Magic had nothing to do with being a bastard for a father.

Palpatine: ​Well with the latest news going around.. you shouldn't throw stones when it comes to being a good father.

Nick: Do me a favor. Go fuck yourself. You've done enough damage to everyone I know. All of my friends and allies have died. Most, in some way connected to you. I've had with my psycho family. Including you.

Palpatine: You aren't making this any harder for me.. *walks closer*

Nick: *tries to get away* Drop the damn needle!

Palpatine: Prepare to come full circle Nick.. prepare to become like us again.. prepare to become.. MORTAL!

Palpatine stabs Nick in the neck with the needle, as Nick yells in pain.. the yellow liquid shoots through his bloodstream.

Palpatine: Now you just rest.. let that set in.. I'll be back.

Palpatine leaves the room.

It's been daylight for the travelers, as they finally spot something in the distance.. their journey has paid off.. in the distance, a mountainside fortress.. on fire from an explosion.. Jack's explosion.

Posted Image

Inside the fortress..

Palpatine walks down the halls. Suddenly, a voice..

Voice: I've killed most of your men.. now it's time for you to die. *sound of gun being cocked*

Palpatine turns around, and sees Jack.

Palpatine: Jack.. what a surprise. When did you drop in.. or should I say.. crash in?

Jack: Why should I let you live?

Palpatine: You know with the power of the Triforce, I'm almost immortal. Hell, that's what is keeping me alive.

Jack: Sorry to report that I saw a group of hobbits, elves, and some Chinese people coming up the cliff. They are after Nick.. your grandchild that you stole, and the Triforce. Once they separate the three pieces of the Triforce, you are like a sitting duck.

*sound of a gun being cocked*

Voice: Now isn't this the perfect little meeting..

Jack looks over his shoulder.

Jack: Vinny, how nice of you to join us. Want to watch me put a bullet in the old fuck's head? Oh wait.. that's right. Once the Triforce is separated, you'll be back in hell. Sorry about that.

Vinny: Don't do this Jack.. don't force my hand.

Jack: What? So you can just betray me again? BOTH OF YOU! You both fucked me over for that slut Selina. I built this empire. I did all the dirty work. I brought Nick into our plan. And what do I get for it? I get fucked by the both of you. Screwed over. All for that bitch. Now where is she? Oh that's right.. she took off. Not so loyal after all.

Vinny: Drop the damn gun Jack.

Jack: I got a question for ya Vinny.. where's the child? The child that you stole from that elf couple?

Vinny: ...

Outside the fortress..

Hengsha: Alright, Alessea.. take the kids back to the campsite. Frodi, you go with them.

Frodi: There's no way in hell I am leaving. I know my husband is in there.. and pregnant or not, I will wait til he comes out. Here.

Hengsha: ... Fine. Alessea, take some of the guards with you.

Bing and Alessea kiss.

Alessea: .. Find him Bing. Bring him home. (their child)

Bing: I promise you Alessea.. I'll find him.

The group watches Alessea, the children, and some guards walk away.

Hengsha: Alright Joker, where's the Triforce located?

Joker: There's a small cave.. under the fortress. We'll have to pass by some rubble.

Hengsha: Then let's move. Come on Frodi.

Inside the fortress..

Jack: Vinny, feeling guilty yet? YOU CHILD SNATCHING BASTARD!

Vinny's hands shake, as he holds the gun.

Palpatine: Don't let him mess with you! He's messing with your head!

Jack: He's played us Vinny. He's using you. He'll use you til you go back to being dead. Shoot him Vinny. Not me.

Vinny puts his hand on the trigger.

Palpatine: SHOOT HIM!

A gun is fired.

Meanwhile in the other room..

Nick loses control of his mind.

He begins to have flash backs.


Nick & Frodi greet Bing, as he brings the snacks. Frodi takes some coffee and a biscuit. Nick grabs tea and a cookie, and immeditately dunks it into his tea.

FRODI: Thankyou Bing, that will really hit the spot. *takes a long sip of her coffee* *to Nick* So you're a dunker? *indicating his now-soggy cookie*

NICK: *giggles, and sits down on the terrace, and gazes out again* I had become so jaded, this wonderful view had lost its magic for me. *bows his head slightly* But now I see it again with fresh eyes. As if it's the first time I've seen it.

FRODI: Well, there will be plenty more views for you to enjoy now. *smiles at Nick*

NICK: To tell you the truth, I never thought I would leave this mansion again. But I had FUN today.

FRODI: So I could maybe persuade you to leave the mansion again, sometime this year? *Frodi playfully teases him*

NICK: *laughing* Oh, well, I dunno about that. Can't risk this becoming a habit, you know. *grins*


FRODI: Heeheehee. Oh, I'm sorry Nick. But you have cookie crumbs in your beard.

NICK: *feels his beard, and gets and handfull of cookie crumbs* Well, I was keeping them for later. I might get peckish. But you can have them if you want.

Before Frodi can react, he jumps up, and sprinkles the crumbs in her hair.

FRODI: *giggles* Hey, no fair! *shakes her head*

This playful banter seemed the most natural thing in the world. For the moment, all of Nick's problems are forgotten, and he is enjoying himself with Frodi. Frodi can't resist giving him a little tickle.



FRODI: *bites lip* I'm not giving up on us Nick. You're worth fighting for.

NICK: ...

FRODI: Remember our night in the hotel ? That was so wonderful Nick. That was perfect. *plays with Nick's hand*

NICK: That hotel was a fucking fairytale Frodi. Wake up, it's time to come back to reality.

FRODI: *sadly* Okay, you're not happy. I get that.

NICK: ... We need to talk about Alexis... if that's who she really is. What do you feel about having her around again?

FRODI: *hesitates* I have to admit, it will be hard. You don't know what it was like, knowing you and her... *bites lip* I know technically she's not the one you slept with... but still...

NICK: She's my fucking adopted daughter, Frodi. If she really is Alexis, I mean. And she's been through hell cos of Franco.

FRODI: I know that Nick. I loved her like a daughter as well, and I'm trying my best to get past what happened... with the clone. *pauses* Do you want her around again?

NICK: I dunno. Maybe I should just run away. It's not like there's anything for me here.

FRODI: NICK! There's PLENTY for you here!

Frodi grabs Nick's hand, and kisses it tenderly.

FRODI: You have a wife who loves you with all her heart... who would die for you. And you have 4 beautiful kids who worship the ground you walk on.

NICK: *pulls his hand away* Who says I want any of that?

Nick closes his eyes.. his body covered in sweat, his eyes under the lids.. bloodshot. Nick's breathing slows..

He begins to whisper some words.. using all of his energy.

Nick: Forgive me Frodi.. I'll never stop loving you..

Nick's arm drops.. his breathing stops.. and his pulse.. stops.

Cave under the fortress..

After Joker enters the secret combination on a high-tech keypad, the cave door opens.. and inside.. a large altar, with a glass case. Inside.. the glowing Triforce.

Hengsha: There it is.

Frodi stops, and touches her wedding ring.

Frodi: Something's wrong..

Hengsha: What?

Frodi: Something's wrong with Nick! I can feel it!

Joker: Let me all ask you a question.. Have ever seen a flower die?

Hengsha: Not now Joker. *approaches case*

Joker: *walks behind Frodi* Watched something that was once so beautiful, so full of life, collapse and rot from within? I have. And.. you could be about to.

Joker grabs Frodi, and holds her at gunpoint. Hengsha turns around, gun drawn.. All of the guards, draw their guns. Frodi yells.

Joker: Now now now.. I highly suggest you drop those guns, and let me have the Triforce. Because if you don't.. this flower.. this mother and child.. will both die.

Hengsha: You sick son of a bitch.

Joker: We're coming to the end, aren't we? When you see what I've been planning all along, you'll just die!

A gun is fired. Frodi screams.


To be concluded in Part 2..

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Part 2 of the Finale..


Silence.. it's unknown who pulled the trigger. Palpatine's eyes widen.. his mouth opens, and he drops to his knees.. eventually collapsing on the ground in a pool of growing blood. Jack turns around, and sees Vinny's smoking gun. Vinny pulled the trigger.

Palpatine bleeds badly from a gunshot wound to the stomach. He grabs his wound.

Palpatine: You.. shot me..

Jack: You made the right choice Vinny. Now you can die knowing you..


Jack looks at his chest in shock, and falls into the wall.. he slides down, leaving a trail of blood on the wall. He collaspes next to Palpatine.

Jack: Fuck.. *coughs up blood*

Vinny: I'm going to die no matter what. I'm going back to that place. So screw you. Screw the both of you. You're not using me for your own desires. *throws gun on the ground* Kill each other. I'm gone.

Vinny walks away.

The bleeding and wounded men sit on the ground, holding their wounds.

Jack: That son of a bitch..

Palpatine: Lucky for me.. *wheezes* the Triforce will keep me alive, at least for now. But you Jack.. I suggest you prepare to meet your maker.

Palpatine stands up, and picks up the gun. He limps into another room, leaving Jack to bleed to death.

Cave underneath the Fortress..

Frodi screams, but feels no pain. She wasn't shot.. who was?

Hengsha's gun is smoking.

Frodi feels Joker's grip fade away. She turns around, and watches Joker lean back.. he looks down, and sees a gunshot wound on his left side.

Joker: ... You need me..

Hengsha: Wrong. We only used you because we had to. Of course, killing your sorry ass isn't my style. However.. I do recall some people who wanted to know where you are. I can't speak for what they will do to you. Men, take him.

Hengsha's men grab Joker.

Joker: You are making a big mistake..

Hengsha: Take him.

Joker is grabbed, and brought out into the snow.

He laughs to himself.

This song plays.

Joker: 10.. 9..

Inside the cave, Hengsha walks over to the glass case.

Joker: 8.. 7.. 6.. 5..

Hengsha takes out a knife.

Frodi thinks.

Frodi: Wait! Hengsha.. what if..

Hengsha: I can't wait any longer. This damn thing is mine.

Frodi feels as if she should leave the cave.. something is telling her to leave. She walks towards the exit.

Joker: *outside in the snow, being dragged away*4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

Hengsha cuts into the glass.

Voice: Robbery attempt detected. Self destructing now.

The cave implodes, as Frodi barely makes it out in time.


Joker laughs manically.

As the men turn to watch the explosion, Joker takes advantage. He knees the men, knocking them to the ground. Joker takes off behind Frodi, and out into the woods.. running through the snow.. making his getaway.

​Men crawl out of the fiery cave, dragging a burned Hengsha with them. He's alive, but hurt.

Bing watches. He knows it has to be done..

Bing runs into the cave.

Frodi: Bing! No!

Bing: I have to stop them! I have to do this Frodi!

Before long, Bing disappears among the flames. He looks around for the glass case, while holding his mouth.

Bing spots the burning case, with the Triforce still inside.

Inside the Fortress..

Palpatine limps into his office. He looks down on the ground.. and notices the body of Nick Zarano.

Palpatine: ... Maybe the drug was too strong after all.

In Nick's mind..


Voice of Frodi: Fight Nick.. fight for me. Don't let him win. Don't let them win. Use our love.. for strength. Our love goes beyond our simple bodies.

Voice of Tom Riddle: KILL. THEM. ALL.

Nick's eyes open. His pulse begins once more.

Nick stands up.

Palpatine: .. I guess not. Welcome back to the land of mortality. One little stab.. one little bullet.. could kill you. And now, we're on an even playing field. No magic. How does it feel?

Nick: It feels.. like this.

Nick lunges at Palpatine, knocking both men to the ground.

This song continues to play.

Nick begins to choke his grandfather. Palpatine grabs a knife from his pocket. He aims at Nick, and slashes Nick's chest, leaving a nasty scar, and ripping his shirt. Nick kicks Palpatine in the teeth, knocking out most of his teeth, his mouth now bloody.

Palpatine: YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! I will always win.

Nick: This is for my wife!

Nick stabs one of Palpatine's eyes with his finger. Palpatine screams in pain. Now Palpatine will be blinded in one eye.

Nick grabs the gun from Palpatine's belt, and limps out of the office, as Palpatine rolls on the floor in pain. At this point, all of the men are injured. As Nick rounds the corner.. he spots Jack.. sitting on the floor, holding his chest.

Jack: Nick..

Nick: Jack?

Jack: I'm.. dying Nick.

Nick: ... This should concern me.. how?

Jack: Come.. come on Nick. We were friends once. We were good friends. I.. don't know.. how to say I'm sorry.. for all I've done..

Nick: You can't. Not only did you lie to me for years, you brought Kristina into my life. You did that.. hoping it would wreck my marriage. Then you drugged, and slept with my wife.

Jack: Nick..

Nick raises his gun.

Nick: I'm not innocent for what I did with Kristina. But my wife was innocent when you slept with her. *points gun at Jack* Maybe I should speed up the process.

Jack: Let me die.. do the right thing Nick.. I know you can never forgive me..

Nick: This is for Frodi. Say hello to my father when you arrive in Hell.

Nick shoots Jack two times, and watches him die.

Nick: It's been a long time coming.

Nick walks away from Jack's body.

In the other room, Palpatine crawls over to his desk. He goes underneath the desk, and looks at a big red button under the desk. Palpatine uses all of his energy, and presses it.

A voice can be heard all over the mountain.

Voice: ​Warning. Lockdown initiated. Doors will auto-lock in 15 seconds. *siren* Warning. Lockdown initiated. Doors will auto-lock in 15 seconds.*siren* Warning. Lockdown initiated. Doors will auto-lock in 15 seconds.

Nick: Shit! The baby!

Nick limps down the hall, as fast as he can. He looks into each room, hoping to find where Bing and Alessea's child is being kept. Eventually, Nick spots a small medical room, with medical staff surrounding a baby. Nick opens the door, and walks in.

Just in time.

Voice: ​Warning. Doors have auto-locked. Please keep away from doors. Auto-lock phase of lockdown complete.

Nick holds his gun out.

Nick: Alright, here's how we are going to do this. Follow my orders, and no one gets hurt. All of you step away from the child, and up against the wall. NOW.

Everyone follows Nick's orders.

Nick: Name of the child?

Doctor: We only know him as the Riddle baby sir. That's all.

Nick: Good. So as luck would have it.. I found the right baby. What have you been doing to it?

Doctor: Just medical examinations. The child is healthy. We were waiting for further orders.

Nick: The villianous scum giving those orders tried to kill me. As you can see by my wounds. I suggest you help me get this baby out of here.. before he kills all of you.

Nurse: There's an emergency tunnel running underneath the fortress. It leads right outside.

Nick: Good. How do we access it?

Nurse: Through the floor grates. We'll need to move all of this equipment.

Nick: Alright, you do that. Get the hell out of here, and take this baby to it's parents. Two elves, named Bing and Alessea. They should be here.. I think.

Nurse #2: What about you?

Nick: ... I have unfinished business.

The medical staff move around the equipment, and lift the floor grates.. preparing to use the access tunnels. Meanwhile Nick studies the door, and how to get it open.

Once the staff are in the tunnels, Nick grabs an oxygen tank and places it in front of the door. Nick then gets into the tunnel, aims his gun.. and fires a blind shot. In a loud explosion, the tank explodes.. splitting the door apart.

Nick climbs back up into the room, and heads out into the hallway. Nick stops.. and checks his gun.

Nick: ... Damn it.

Nick used his last bullets on Jack. He heads back into the medical room, and looks around for a weapon. He finds a scalpel. This will have to do.

Scalpel in hand, Nick slowly walks down the dark hallways.

Posted Image

Nick takes slow steps, as the lights flicker.


Bing comes running out of the cave, with the three triangles of the Triforce in his hands. He's ready to celebrate, when he instantly pauses..

Vinny is standing among the group, gun drawn.

Frodi: Bing, we tried to stop him.

Vinny: Shut up. Pathetic hobbit whore. Find some dignity, and become your own person. Instead of clinging to Zarano.

Bing: Vinny, lower the gun. As you can see.. our men need medical attention. We're not going to harm you.

Vinny: Bullshit. Give me the Triforce. Now. Hand it over, and no one gets hurt.

Bing: Why do you want it so bad?

Vinny: Do you always ask stupid questions? Hand it over you freak.

Bing notices one of the Triforce necklaces around Vinny's neck.. Bing puts two-and-two together.. Vinny must need the Triforce to survive.

Bing: ​What if I was to separate these pieces?

Vinny: DON'T! Just hand it over to me.. NOW!

Hengsha: *in pain, lying in the snow* Don't.. give it to him! Separate the pieces!


Nick finds Palpatine's office. It's sealed shut. Nick attempts to open it, when he suddenly is knocked to the ground.. a sharp pain runs up the back of his head.

Nick looks up at his grandfather, who has swung and successfully hit Nick with a fire extinguisher. Nick's vision blurs.

Palpatine: Did you really think I'd lock myself in? I'm not that stupid. By the way.. I notice that you offed Jack. Nice touch, just killing him.. not letting him die on his own. You're a true Riddle after all.

Nick: I'll never be a Riddle..

Palpatine: Oh but you are.. your mother's name may have been Zarano. But you my grandson.. are a Riddle. Now here's my problem.. do I kill you? Or do I give you another chance to live up to the Zarano name? I mean, the terror for you will never stop. Not with people like Selina, Ra's al Ghul..

Nick: Who is.. Ra's al Ghul..

Palpatine: Just a friend. Someone who let's just say.. aided me. He's a very powerful man. But I think I will be even more powerful, once you are either with me.. or dead. So now Nick Riddle.. do you choose to be with me.. or against me?

Nick: ... With you.

Palpatine: .. You are making that choice?

Nick: I've learned from the mistakes of my father. I won't make those same mistakes. I will work for you, and do what you ask. Help me stand up..

Palpatine helps Nick to his feet.

Palpatine: I have to admit, this is a proud day.. it has been a long time coming.

Nick: I want to prove myself to you. Who do you want me to get rid off.. my lord?

Palpatine: First test.. to prove yourself.. kill the one person standing in your way. Kill the person who controls your emotions, your feelings, your heart.. your soul. Kill Frodi. Make sure you stab her in the heart.

Nick: Yes my lord. The woman shall die.

Nick turns to the main doors, leading to other halls. Palpatine, as Nick has wanted for him to do, walks over to the keypad and unlocks all of the doors in the fortress.

Voice: Lockdown lifted.

Nick takes a deep breath, and begins walking.. Palpatine follows. Once they near the power generator room.. Nick pauses. Palpatine stops at Nick's side.

Palpatine: Regrets?

Nick: No. I won't regret this.

Nick uses his pinky finger to slide out the scalpel from his sleeve. Once out, Nick grabs Palpatine by the neck, leans him against the glass, and moves his hand into Palpatine's neck.. sending the scalpel right through Palpatine's windpipe. The force knocks both men through the glass, and into the power generator room.

Above them, electric beams hitting reactors, powering the fortress.. floor grates seperate them from a long fall into the nuclear reactor.. if someone falls, they will burn to death from the heat of the nuclear reactor.

Both men roll back and forth, as Palpatine tries to talk.

Palpatine: You.. lost.. your chance.. now.. you die..

Nick: This is for all the people who have died because of you!

Nick stabs Palpatine in the stomach with the bloody scalpel.

Nick: This is for the trauma you caused to my family.

Nick slashes Palpatine's throat.

Barely able to speak, Palpatine grabs Nick, and whispers into his ear.

Palpatine: Y..o..u.. w..i..l..l.. n..e..v..e..r.. b..e.. s..a..f..e..



Bing: Goodbye Vinny.

Bing rips one of the magnet pieces of the Triforce from the other two triangles. A ripple effect rushes across the earth, as every Triforce necklace glows.. and fades. Vinny drops his gun, and his body turns to dust.

The bodies of countless Illuminati guards turn to dust as well.

Bing looks in the distance.. and sees a group of people coming out of an access tunnel.. one of the people, is holding a baby.


Palpatine suddenly gasps for air.

Nick watches the Triforce necklace glow, and fade. Nick rips it off of his grandfather, and throws it into the reactor.. it burns into shreds on the way down.

Palpatine: I.. feel.. m.. mortal..

Nick: It's over. All these years.. it's over.

Palpatine: It.. will never.. be over.

Nick: Rest in peace.. Riddle Family.

Nick stabs Palpatine in the chest.

Palpatine: I feel.. nothing.

Palpatine dies.

Nick rolls Palpatine's body off the floor grates, and into the reactor. Palpatine's body turns to dust.. and then.. nothing.

The Riddle Family.. has been wiped out.

The war.. is finally over.

Nick walks out of the power generator room. He limps down the halls, past the rubble left from the battle.

Finally, Nick limps outside into the snow.. his face covered in dry blood. His clothes ripped. His body covered in wounds, and debris. Nick spots a happy Bing and Alessea, holding their baby.. Aurelius and Cassima standing at their side. Nick passes by a burned Hengsha, being medically evacuated by helicopter for burn wounds.

But then Nick pauses. He sees Frodi turn around.

Frodi runs towards Nick, as he opens her arms. They embrace passionately, as a tear runs down Nick's cheek.

Nick: It's over Frodi. It's finally over.

They kiss.

Frodi: I was so worried about you Nick. I didn't know what he did to you.. what that bastard did to you.

Nick: Frodi, I know about what has come out. But I always loved you, and will never stop loving you. You're the reason I lived tonight. You're the reason I came back. Without you, I'm nothing. I just want us after this.. no more crazy adventures, or villains to chase. *puts hand on her bump* We're going to be okay.

The kids come running over, Nick gets down on the ground to hug and kiss each one of them.

Feet away..

The Triforce sits in the snow. Someone walks over, and grabs it.. all three pieces of it.. and once again disappears into the woods, without being seen.

Someone can be heard laughing manically.


Everyone is in the hospital. Hengsha is being treated for his burns, Nick treated for his wounds, and Bing & Alessea are having their baby checked out, just to be sure he's okay.

Nick waits for Frodi and the kids to return from the cafeteria. He turns on the TV.

TV: We continue to follow breaking news here in London. Multiple news outlets are reporting that Ian Mercer, the UK's Prime Minister, has resigned from his position due to political scandal yet to be leaked. He has removed all of this staff from office, and has disappeared under suspicious from British Police. It's rumored Prime Minister Mercer was involved with plots of conspiracy, and terrorism. As of now, no replacement has been named.

Nick: So the Illuminati are out of power.. it's over.

Nick turns the TV off.

Nick's door opens, just as he looks away for a few seconds.

Nick: Back alrea.. you're not my wife.

Standing in the doorway, an older woman.

She slams the door closed behind her

Woman: Do you know who I am?

Nick: No.

Woman: I'm the grandmother to the kids you want no part of. I'm Leilah Dawn's mother.

Nick: Oh.. I eh..

Woman: Save it. I heard about what happened.. I knew this would be the ideal time to come say what I have to say.

Nick: I'm all ears.

Woman: If you think, you will ever get custody of my grandchildren.. you are sadly mistaken. I will raise those children the right way. Away from violence, crime, and pathetic people like you. I'll raise them as far away from you as humanly possible. And if.. you ever do attempt to make contact with my daughter, or my grandchildren.. I'll kill you myself. Are we clear?

Nick: ... Crystal clear.

Woman: Good.

Nick: ... I tried to do the right thing you know. Protect them. Gabe was a great man. I'm sure he was also a great father.

Woman: Save your act for someone who believes it. Like your wife. Live your perfect little abnormal life Mr. Zarano. And when the next enemy comes after someone connected to you.. I hope it's you that gets killed. Goodbye Mr. Zarano.

The woman walks out.