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Trouble Shooting & Bug Report

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Posted 01 June 2005 - 09:20 PM

In this Topic you can post any questions, remarks and/or bug reports concerning 'Enclosure'.



Q: "The game seems to have memory-related problems when I use the standard Sierra PC interperter."

A: "Use the interpreter we've included in the ZIP-file or download NAGI by Nick Sonneveld."

Q: "Is there a way to play this game full screen?"

A: "Yes, there is. Edit the 'NAGI.INI' file and change 'full_screen=0' into 'full_screen=1' (although there've been reports that this will affect the text windows in the game)."

Q: "After the intro the game seems to only show every second line and is flickering heavely."

A: "You're in a snow storm (it's an effect) :)"
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