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Posted 13 May 2016 - 11:30 AM

Part 2....

Voice of Rebecca: Envy is a powerful and deadly disease. It starts by poisoning the mind, and releasing it's second strain: jealousy. Jealousy itself destroys what is left of the soul. And after everything is said and done, the diseased becomes a cold hard shell, with nothing left to give.


Joseph walks into the entrance way to his hotel room.. and looks around. At his feet, his bags. He's moving out. After tonight, he's leaving Sein Dor. And he doesn't plan on coming back. Sein Dor has been nothing but pain for him for the most part, and he's ready to find himself and find what he is truly mean't to be.

Joe reaches down and takes out his cellphone.

Joseph: Come on Stengolas, I gave you some money from the five million to get yourself some clothes.. I have to meet with Nick soon. Text me back goddamn it, before he gets suspicious. I only have a few hours before you are reported missing from Interpol.

Female Voice: Going somewhere?

Joseph quickly turns around.

Posted Image

Joseph: Rosie? What the hel.. uh, I mean, what are you doing here?

Joseph is stunned to find her outside his room. First off, this is the worst possible time for a Zarano to be talking to him, when he is plotting against them, second, WHY is she here?

Rosie: I came to see you. *smiles*

Joseph: Shouldn't you be in school?

Rosie: It's over for the day. So I came here.

Joseph: How did you even know I lived here?

Rosie: Kristina. She told us. By the way.. I'm sorry for your loss. You must be devastated.

Joseph: Yeah well, that's life. Look, I gotta go.

Rosie: Where are you going?

Joseph bites his lip in anger.

Joseph: Honestly, that is none of your business. Now go back home.

Rosie: Does it have anything to do with you letting that monster free?

Joseph, freezes in his tracks.

Rosie: I heard you talking to yourself. You said something about meeting with my Dad. And about Interpol reporting Stengolas missing. You sounded like you helped him or something. And now, all of your bags are packed. What's going on?

Joseph: *turns to glare at her* You don't know how to stay out of other people's business do you?

Rosie: Why would you help him? He hurt Mum! And you of all people, who always seemed nice and caring towards my family. Why would you help that monster?


Rosie: ....

Joseph: Your mother, ... I felt something for her. I wanted something with her. When your father was away. I thought... I thought well, maybe we'd have a chance. But then your father came riding in, pushed me off to the side. WHO WAS THERE FOR HER? Who was there when she was crying over her husband ditching her? Who was there for her when she needed someone to talk to? But who gets the glory? NICK! ALWAYS NICK!

Rosie: .... So now you're going to punish my parents? By releasing that monster?

Joseph: .... Why ask? If I was going to, if I said yes.. how would you stop me? I could grab you, tie you up in my hotel room, leave you there, while I go about my plans. Why ask me that?

Rosie: I asked you that because I know you are not that person. You're not mean, you're not evil. You're just... misunderstood.

Joseph: Hm. Yes, misunderstood, that's a good one.

Rosie: But you're wrong. I could stop you.

Joseph: How?

Rosie: By doing this.

Suddenly Rosie reaches up, and kisses Joe.

She lingers for a few seconds.. enjoying a very unique, very powerful, very emotional, first kiss.

Then.. she pulls back.

Rosie: See?

Joe drops his bags, leans against the wall, and slides down it. He grabs his head.

Joseph: What am I doing?

Rosie gets down on Joe's level, and grabs his arm.

Rosie: You're not a monster Joseph. You're a very caring, loving, amazing guy.

Joseph: Amazing? I made the excuse to myself that letting a madman lose, working a heist plot, quitting my job, and ruining my life was all because of my sister's death. And now you, I let you, a, what? 18 year old? Kiss me.

Rosie: *smiles* No one "lets" me do anything. I make my own decisions.

Joseph: Well I didn't plan on leaving town before, I certainly have to now. Your father will kill me if he ever found out.

Rosie: I'll make you a deal. Call off your plans, reverse the wrong you made, and Dad won't ever know I came here.

Joseph: ... I need to find Stengolas.

Joe stands up.

Rosie: *stands up* I'll come with you.

Joseph: ... No. No way. Here. *passes her a bag* Take this back to your father. Tell him the job is done. And tell him.. I had to leave town.

Rosie: So.. you're still leaving?

Joseph: .... I have to find what my life means Rosie. Right now, I don't have anything.

Rosie: You have your ex.

Joseph: .... You don't know the whole story. Ean and I have been playing this dance for years. She doesn't want to settle down. She can't. If she truly wants me, she'll find me.

Rosie: ... And what about me? Would you stay for me?

Joseph: .... You're too young Rosie.

Rosie: ... No, I'm adult.

Joseph: .... Yes. You are right. You are a very smart, very beautiful, young woman. But you deserve someone alot better than me. Someone your own age, someone who has a stable life.. a career, someone who can give you the world. And that... *reaches into his bag, and hands her a letter* is not me.

Rosie: What's this?

Joseph: ... To make a long story short, I was planning on being in your bedroom tonight to drop this off. Don't ask why. I was going to leave that with you, for when I left. Read it tonight, after your parents are asleep.

Joe grabs his bags.

Rosie: Don't leave.

Joseph: ... Take care of yourself Rosie. And take care of your family. With a father like yours, you are the sane and stable one in that manor.

Joseph walks towards the elevator, and gets on.

Rosie sheds a tear, as the door closes.



Alarms sound throughout Sein Dor. A pack of dogs is seen being released from their cages. The hunt for the escaped prisoner, has begun.

Back at the manor, Nick counts the money his daughter delivered to him.. baffled by how she got the money the murdered doctor had in the first place. Nick notices $25 dollars missing. Along with.. one million. Joe took his pay for one murder.

Posted Image

And with Frodi glued to the TV in the living room, covering Stengolas having escaped from custody yet again, Nick can only assume that Joe had a hand in that. But why? He immediately secures the manor, and calls every guard on duty.

In Rosie's bedroom, Rosie sits down on her bed, and takes a deep breath. She, having locked the bedroom door.. is ready to finally open and read Joe's letter. But she couldn't wait until her parents fell asleep. She has to read it NOW.

Slowly.. she opens it.



I am truly sorry for what I have done to your family. If you can ever find it in your heart to forgive me, I would love to stay friends with you. I enjoyed our talks, and being around you. You will make someone very happy one day.

Below is my phone number. If you ever grow tired of your father's lies and manipulation, call me. We can talk. Many people Rosie.. after I leave tonight.. will want this number. If you give it to them.. I will know where we stand.

Goodbye Rosie.


Rosie looks up.

Rosie: What were you planning Joe? And why with him? Please.. be safe.

Sein Dor Docks...

Joseph puts on his fedora in the rain, and waits.

Posted Image

This is it. The meeting place. Where he and Stengolas were supposed to meet to begin their heist of Zarano Manor.

Joe looks down at his phone.. texts from Ean. He ignores them.

Suddenly, footsteps.

And then.. a face.

Posted Image

Stengolas: Hello Joseph. Like my new clothes?

Joseph: Yeah, Nick's money did well for you. So.. ready to go?

Stengolas: Yes I am. I had to make a couple of stops first, so sorry for the delay. I had to put someone on ice.

Joseph: Who?

Stengolas: Oh.. I just visited an old friend, that's all. But I'm done now. All's well and right with the world.

Joseph: What does that mean?

Stengolas: Nothing. So.. are we off to the manor? I can't wait to see that bitches face when we break into her little castle..

Joseph: Sure. Let's go. After you.

Joe motions his hands towards the alley.

Stengolas starts to walk past Joe and towards it. As he rounds the corner.. Joe quickly reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a knife. Within a second, as Stengolas turns around, Joe stabs him in the back.

Stengolas gasps, as Joe pulls out the knife.


Joseph: What I should have done to begin with.

Joseph stabs Stengolas again in the back, and kicks him to the ground.

He kicks him repeatedly, kicking him closer and closer to the water.

Joseph: You aren't going to prison. You are going to hell.

Stengolas: *moans in pain* You will regret the day you crossed my path...

Joseph: How's this, for good measure?

Joe kicks Stengolas in the bad leg, the leg he shoot him in.

Joseph: Goodbye Stengolas Smallburrow. May the sharks claim your body, and may the underworld claim your soul.

With one final stab in the back, Joe kicks Stengolas into the water.

After Stengolas sinks, Joe wipes the knife down with water, and then tosses it in the water in a further spot.

Joseph: .... My time here is done.

Joseph walks down the alley, leaving the docks.

Zarano Manor....

As Frodi nervously waits for news on Stengolas, she looks down.. and something catches her eye.

Posted Image

She bends down, and looks under the settee.. she spots something shiny sticking out of it, on the floor.

She picks up the shiny item...

Posted Image

It's a key. A very strange looking key, but also very beautiful. She stands up to go ask Nick if he knows where it came from, when she notices a piece of paper on the floor.. a note, that was below the key.

She bends down and picks up the note...


Use me to unlock your deepest desires. Downstairs. Match the heart, to a heart.

The downstairs? That's the basement access door to the tunnels. An area closed off ever since the explosion.

Frodi doesn't spot Nick, so she decides to go down herself and see if there's anything there.

She heads into the kitchen, and turns to go down the long stairs leading to the access tunnels below the manor.

Sure enough, as the stairs become curved, and she spots the door at the end... it's been changed. The lock, is now heart shaped.

She stands at the door.. her own heart in her throat. Who did this? Why? What lurks beyond this door?

Slowly.. her hands sweaty.. she reaches out, and puts the key into the hole.. heart, matching heart.. slowly, she turns it.. and the loud mechanics of the door unlocking, and slowly opening on it's own.. are heard.

Once the door is completely open.. Frodi steps inside. A light, clicks on.

Posted Image

​Frodi looks in amazement. In the middle of the room, a large Gothic looking bedroom. All around, separate mysterious rooms, with various purposes.

One room, has a mini-kitchen. Another, a pool table. Another, an arcade. Another, a bar. Another.. it keeps going. The large area has stone walls, a modern ceiling and floor, with red wall accents, and Gothic lighting.

But the main focus, is the massive bed, and the massive bathtub, shower, and mini hot-tub.

​Someone has converted the tunnels into an extension of the house. An "adults-only" extension. Frodi turns, as she hears footsteps coming down the stairs.

Nick: I see you found your key to my Love Dungeon.

Posted Image

Frodi runs at Nick and hugs him.

Frodi: What did you do?!

Nick: While I was stuck here at the house all day, I thought of plans of what to do with the tunnels. And then I thought.. why not our own little slice of the manor? No kids, no strangers, only we know about it. And.. *takes the key from her hand* You will be the only one with a key. So... *reaches his hand down her blouse, and drops the key in between her breasts, kissing her neck* the place is yours. Maybe I'll give you a little preview of what awaits down here..? *whispers into her ear* Am I making you sweat? Am I perhaps.. making you, a little wet? *moves his hands down between her thighs*


Nick looks towards the wall, where a speaker is built-in. Nick spared no expense.. a built-in baby monitor, to monitor the nursery.

Unknown Location...

In a dark, cold room.. someone moaning, is heard.

The camera slowly.. pans up.

Posted Image

​It's Agent Lulu from Interpol. The woman who helped to capture Stengolas.

Strangely enough.. sitting across from her, on a table of assorted torture devices and tools.. sits a small ring. A ring, that looks very similar to the ring that Caleb wore.. that Stengolas wore.. the ring supposedly given to Orgulas.

Suddenly, a loud thud.. as someone dripping water, blood, and sweat.. bangs up, and leans against the metal door leading to the room.

Posted Image

Stengolas: You can't kill me that easily. You can't kill the heir of Morley with a plain old knife jab.

Stengolas opens the door, and Lulu stares at him in horror. He limps over to the table, and grabs the ring, quickly putting it on, leaving a trail of water and blood behind him.

Stengolas: On ice I shall be.. until the truth, sets us free.

Stengolas looks up, laughing, feeling a mix of pleasure and pain.. Lulu, watches in pure terror.

Sein Dor Bar....

Eanáir downs a shot.

She got a letter. Another letter. Another letter from Joe. She is used to this by now. Anytime he disappears, he leaves a letter for her.

She is ready to toss it in the garbage.. yeah, that's what she should do she says.

Eanáir: He never cared. Sure, he risked himself by sleeping with me knowing he could get HIV, but he never asked how I was feeling, how my treatment was going. No, he never cared.

Ean goes to toss the large yellow envelope in the garbage, when she notices something.. green, about the color coming through.

Curious.. she takes it back onto the counter.. and after thinking about it for a few seconds, decides to open it.

Ean's eyes grow wide.

​Her hands reach into the envelope.. and come out.. with a wad of cash. How much? A half a million dollars within the large envelope. The bartender.. glances at her.

Bartender: ... You better leave a good tip.

​Ean glances down at a small note in the envelope.


Heal your body, mind, and soul. Thank Nick Zarano, don't thank me.


Unknown Island, unknown location....

A small plane touches down, and a man gets out.

​He grabs his bags, and leaves them in the wild blowing high grass of this beautiful location.

Posted Image

The wind feels fresh, crisp, in his face.

The camera pans up on the man.. revealing him to be... Joe.

Joe hears a ding from his phone, and reaches into his pocket to check his messages.


From: RosieZ

How about we stay in touch via text? I can keep you up-to-date with my life, and u do the same. I can send u pics of me! How about me in my Dad's hat? He always wears this when he goes out to conduct his business stuff.

Posted Image

Hope 2 hear back from u,

Joe looks down at the photo, and smiles.

He puts the phone back into his pocket, and takes a deep breath.. almost like he is ready to begin a very religious experience.

And then.. he's off. Joe begins walking up a path, along the cliffs. Heading further and further up the island.

After about five minutes.. he finally reaches the top... and instantly.. Joe freezes.

Someone with their back turned, is wearing a long brown robe. The person is standing by the edge of the cliff, looking out.

Joseph approaches.

Joseph: *speaks outloud* My father hurt me. My girlfriend hurt me. I let others hurt me. And more importantly.. I hurt myself. Train me in the ways of mastering all that is good and what is evil, and I can truly face whatever threats will arise.

Joe stops.. his heart beating fast.. waiting.. waiting.. for some kind of response.

Slowly... very slowly...

The man turns around, revealing himself.

Posted Image

Man: What is your name son?

Joseph: Joseph. Joseph Knolls.

Man: And do you.. know my name?

Joseph: Yes. I bow before you. *bows down* The stories of you.. are legendary. I did not know where else to come.

Man: If you truly do know me, what is my name?

Joseph pauses, and takes a deep breath.

Joseph: Master Jones. Master Davy Jones.

The man walks toward Joseph.


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Zarano Manor...  

In the basement, Frodi is beyond thrilled with Nick's surprise.  His Love Dungeon - a little slice of heaven that no-one else knows about... it sends her pulse racing!  She hugs him tightly, feeling very emotional at this wonderful surprise.  Nick did all this... without her even knowing about it!  And she LOVES it!  


Nick looks at the wall where the baby monitor is.  

Frodi also looks at the baby monitor, giggling, as the cold key Nick placed between her breast tickles.  Her breasts are always extra-sensitive during pregnancy.

FRODI:   *smiles*   A built-in baby monitor?  For Lucy and Oscar.  Very clever.  

NICK:   *grins*   Yup.  So we can monitor them from down here.  I thought of everything.  Not just a pretty face, you know.   *kisses her neck*  

Frodi touches Nick's face, and kisses him.

FRODI:  I love this face!  I love YOU!   *smiles, and kisses him again*  

Posted Image

She stands with her arms wrapped around Nick, hugging him tightly as she looks round the gothic bedroom in wonder.  


NICK:   *looks at the monitor again*   I swear... they have the WORST timing!    *laughs*  

FRODI:   *giggles, and looks at the monitor*   That's just Lucy.  You know how she wakes up sometimes during Nap Time.  She'll have a wee play with her crib toys, then she'll fall back to sleep.   *strokes Nick's cheek*  

Sure enough, Lucy's crying quickly turn to happy gurgles.  Then silence, as she drifts off back to sleep.  

NICK:  Typical woman.  Making a lot of noise about nothing.   *winks, and sticks his tongue out*  

FRODI:   *playfully punches Nick*   HEY!  Watch it mister!   *kisses him*  

Frodi looks at the huge bed in the middle of the room.  

FRODI:   *clasps his hand*   Anyway, I can't believe you did all this Nick.  It's AMAZING!    *looks at Nick, and cradles his face with her hands*    But you're even more amazinger!  Thankyou!    *kisses him*    

NICK:   *plays with her hair*   So you like it then?

FRODI:   *nods*   Very much!  And what you were saying before... *whispers in his ear*    You make me more than a little wet.   *smiles*  

Nick smiles, and kisses her forehead.  

NICK:  Care to try out the bed?  

He lifts her up, and gently carries her over to the bed, and gently places her down on the edge of the bed.  He kneels down in front of the bed, slowly unbuttons her top, and strokes and kisses her large bump.  As he does so, she leans in, strokes his hair, and lovingly kisses the top of his head.  Nick stands up, letting Frodi unbuckle his trousers.  He he kicks them away then climbs onto the bed, and pulls Frodi on top of him.  He reaches down with one hand, and plays with her down below, making her moan softly.  

Frodi is still badly shaken after everything Stengolas did.  Stengolas pretended to be her doctor, knocked her out with drugs when she went for a checkup, carved his name in her back, and god knows what else.  But Nick still makes her feel safe.  Nick still makes her feel loved.  

FRODI:   *whispers to him*   Nothing can break us Nick.  Not Stengolas.  Not Rebecca.  Nothing!  

Rebecca's Beach House...

A detective pulls up in his car, outside the beach house.  The detective wants to talk to Rebecca, wanting to know why she suddenly changed her statement about Nick Zarano.  He had always suspected something more had gone on between Rebecca and Nick, than either of them would admit.  Had her accusations been true?  Or, as he suspected, an affair ending badly and Rebecca, as the jilted lover, wanting revenge?  He's determined to get to the bottom of it.  

He walks up to the front porch, and knocks on the front door.  

DETECTIVE:  Hello?  Miss De Chagney?  

No answer...

DETECTIVE:   *knocks again*   Miss De Chagney?  Rebecca?  I'm a detective from Sein Dor Police Station.  I want to talk to you.


The detective looks round.  There's a big window right next to the porch - he leans over and looks through the window.  The house looks eerily quiet.  He tries the window... and surprisingly, it slides open.  The detective climbs through the window, into the house.  

After checking the ground floor and finding no signs of life, he climbs up the stairs to the 1st floor.  The first room he comes to is Rebecca's bedroom.  The wardrobe door is open, and clothes scatter the floor.  Also, the chest of drawers is open, with items half-pulled out.  It's clear Rebecca (and Josh) packed in a hurry, and left town.

The detective lets out an exhasperated sigh.  Then he leaves the beach house.  

The next day...

Wyndermere Island...  

Myca & Sebastion are talking in their bedroom.

Posted Image

Myca is holding a crystal in her hand.  She looks across at Sebastion, and smiles.

SEBASTION:  Do you like it, Little Bird?

MYCA:  Yes.  I love it Sebastion.

SEBASTION:  I thought it would look nice next to your collection of eyes.   *looks across the room, and several glass jars, each containing a pair of eyes*  

MYCA:  Ooooh, yes!  The light from the crystal will reflect in the pretty eyes.  

Myca stands up.  She walks over to the jars, and places the crystal next to them, then re-arranges her jars, so they are surrounding the crystal.

SEBASTION:  Perfect!  Now... what do you say to daddy?

MYCA:  Thankyou Sebastion.  You spoil me.  

Myca leans over him, and kisses him seductively.  She embraces him...he bites her lip hard, as her long nails claw into his back.  

Elsewhere, Lorenzo is taking a walk through the manor gardens, enjoying the sun.  

Posted Image

He sits down on a garden bench, admiring one of the garden's many ponds.  

Posted Image

This one has a fountain in the centre of it, and there's something soothing about the way the water shoots up, and then sprays back into the pool.  

He stares, mesmorized, into the water.  All of a sudden, he hears a voice.  A woman's voice.  

WOMAN:  Hey there.  Is this seat taken?

He looks up... and sees his mysterious woman again.  

Posted Image

He smiles at her, and indicates her to sit down next to him.  

WOMAN:  I'm glad to bump into you again.  I really enjoy our little chats.   *smiles*  

LORENZO:  Me too!  I feel so relaxed when you're around.  You don't pressure me to remember every detail of my life, before I came to the manor.  And you don't get frustrated, that I CAN'T remember.

WOMAN:  Don't beat yoruself up Lorenzo.  It'll come back to you in time.  Trying to force yourself to remember, just won't help anyone.  

Lorenzo smiles, enjoying her company.  

WOMAN:  It's a beautiful day, isn't it?  Pretty fountain, as well.   *looks at the pond*

LORENZO:   *nods in agreement*   See how the water ripples, as the fountain sprays on to it.  I could watch that all day.  

WOMAN:  You really have an eye for these details, Lorenzo.  

Lorenzo looks at her.  Then he can't help himself... he leans in, and kisses her.  

Then he pulls away.

LORENZO:   *shyly*   Sorry.  I shouldn't have done that.

WOMAN:  ... I kinda liked it!  To tell you the truth, I've been wanting you to do that for a while, now.

Loreonzo looks at her, then kisses her again.

Zarano Manor...

It's mid-morning, and the kids have all left for the day.  The twins are down for a nap.  Frodi is watching the TV, still hoping for news that Stengolas has been caught.  She doesn't like knowing that he is out there... somewhere.  

Nick walks into the room, and flops down onto the settee next to her.  He pulls her legs up over his lap, and starts rubbing her feet.  She smiles.

FRODI:   Hmmm, that feels good, Nick.   *wriggles her toes*  

NICK:   *smiles*   It's good for me, as well as you.   *continues massaging her feet*

FRODI:  Have you heard from Alexis yet?  About your case being dropped?  Thanks to you outsmarting Rebecca.   *strokes Nick's arm*

NICK:  Not yet.  I might call her later on.  

FRODI:  So how do you feel about getting your ankle bracelet taken off?  

NICK:   *grins*   Bloody wonderful!  I hate this fucking thing!   *looks down at his ankle*   Already started a list of things I'm going to do, when I'm not caged up in here any more.  First... I'm gonna find that bastard (Stengolas), and I'm gonna carve a lot more than a name into his back.  I'm gonna make him regret ever touching you.  I'm gonna make him beg for his miserable life.  Then i'm gonna wipe him out.

Nick punches a closed fist into his other hand, indicating what he's going to do, when he finds Stengolas.

NICK:  Then, I'm going to teach that Joe Knolls a lesson about loyalty!  

FRODI:   *takes Nick's hand*   Don't think too badly of Joe.

NICK:  ... You're defending him?  After he helped Stengolas escape?

FRODI:  ... I can't condone what he's done.  Him helping Stengolas... it's like a punch in the gut.  Yes, I'm angry that he did that.  But I can relate to what he's going through.

NICK:  ...

FRODI:  He lost his sister, Nick.  Krissy was killed... MURDERED... in a horrendous way.  And it was Joe that found her - all sliced up.  

NICK:  That's no excuse for him helping Stengolas escape.

FRODI:  The pain he's going through now... must be horrific.  He's just lashing out in anger... trying to get revenge on a world that wronged him.  And I can relate to that pain.    *looks at Nick, and clasps his hands tightly*   When I lost you... I was so lost and angry, I wanted the world to end.  I'm NOTHING without you, Nick.  But I was lucky... I had the kids to ground me.  Joe has no-one.  

NICK:  ... He's lucky to have you on his side.  

FRODI:   *softly kisses Nick*   Let's not talk about Joe, or anything else nasty now.  Let's go for a walk.

NICK:  A walk?  Where to?  

Frodi doesn't reply.  She pulls off Nick's tshirt, and uses it as a blindfold to cover his eyes.  When she's sure he can't see anything, she takes his hands, and guides him into the kitchen... and down the long stairs leading to the access tunnels below the manor.  

NICK:   *as he descends the stairs*   Stairs?  We're going... down?  Now we started on the Ground Floor... and we're going down.  I wonder where to...   *grins*

Frodi giggles.  Nick *KNOWS* she's leading him down into the Love Dungeon.  

FRODI:  Are you peeking?   *pulls a face, to check if he can see or not*  

NICK:   *doesn't react to the face, as he can't see it*    If I was peeking, I wouldn't need you to lead me.   *chuckles*  

They soon reach bottom of the stairs.  Still blindfolded, Frodi leads Nick to the edge of the jacuzzi.  

FRODI:  Okay, stop.

Nick stops.  

Frodi steps into the warm jacuzzi, and turns to face Nick.  Then she splashes him.

NICK:  What the... *removes his blindfold*   So you like to play dirty, do you?  Well, I can play dirty, too.  

Nick climbs into the jacuzzi, still with his trousers on.  He grabs Frodi, lifting her up in his arms, and then lowering her into the water, as she errupts into fits of giggles.  He grins, and kisses her lips.  He lets her go, and they sit down, enjoying the warm jacuzzi bubbles.  Frodi gently strokes his face.

FRODI:  I haven't thanked you today, for this wonder surprise you did.   *indicating the Love Dungeon*   Thankyou Nick.   *French-kisses him*

Unknown Location...

We see a man from behind, walking down a long, darkened corridor.  The man isn't wearing any shirt, and we can see bloody stab wounds on his back.  We don't see his face.  The man is limping slightly, and we can see strands of long black hair trailing down his neck.  
He limps into a bedroom, grabs a tshirt from the chair, and pulls it on.  He flops down on the bed, and finally, we see his face.  

Posted Image

He looks down at his hand, at the ring he is wearing... and laughs.  
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Abby's Apartment...

Michael stands at the door of Abby's apartment, deep in thought. A couple weeks ago, they seemed to really hit it off. But Abby was torn. Not only is Michael much younger than her, but he also killed someone for her. Michael was a stranger to her at the time as well.. adding to her confusion over what to feel. Some friends told her to "go for it". Others.. called her a "cradle robber". In the end.. she wants to make her own decision. All they have done is hang out so far and talk. Not much else, and after all the recent chaos, Michael has stayed away.

Until tonight.

Michael got a call that Abby needed some help looking for work online. She was recently fired from the bookstore after they discovered her past work as a stripper, something she leaves off her resume. Part of Michael wonders how he befriended yet another stripper, but this is more than friendship: he killed someone to save her. She could possibly send him to prison, and herself in the process. Abby tells herself the best thing to do is just move on, stay friends, but distance themselves. It might not be working.

Michael knocks on the door, and seconds later Abby opens it.

Michael: ... Hey.

Abby: *smiles* Hi.

Michael: So.. *rubs hands together* you need some help job hunting?

Abby: Yeah, um, come in.

Michael walks inside, and Abby closes the door.

Michael: You know I'm going to level with you, I'm not really the best one to give job advice. I briefly worked for an older man, helping him around his property.. and he mentored me, but uh.. I've not really found work myself.

Abby: Well I went from being a dancer, to working in a boring bookstore. So no judgment here! *laughs*

Michael: So... I guess we should pull up your computer then.

Michael walks towards Abby's computer, when Abby reaches out and grabs his arm, pulling him near.

They stare at each for a moment.

Michael: ....

Abby leans closer.

Posted Image

Abby: I didn't call you here to look at jobs.

Michael: .... Abby?

She leans in.

Posted Image

And then...

Posted Image

They kiss.

After a few seconds, Abby slips Michael her tongue. Michael pulls back.

Abby: What's wrong?

Michael: ... Absolutely nothing.

Michael surprises Abby, and picks her up.

Posted Image

Abby laughs, as Michael carries her off to the bedroom.

As we see one person who once questioned his destiny in the fateful tunnels beneath Sein Dor.. another person debates the same calling.

Selina's Apartment....

Francesca comes into view, standing at the apartment door.

Posted Image

She is mostly healed from her injures. Nick didn't want her to leave the manor until she is completely healed, but with Nick and Frodi preoccupied, they never noticed her leave. Or.. take the key to Selina's apartment with her.

Francesca opens the door, and walks inside.

Posted Image

She looks around at the mess before her, while at the same time, reaching up to stroke the necklace that saved her life.

The apartment is in shambles.. but there's still good information here. After all, this was where Selina conducted all her research before reentering the world as "Catwoman".

She walks over to the desk, and picks up a photo on the top.. it's a picture with a question mark. Below the question mark... "Sauron"... Francesca looks up. She knows who Sauron is. She knows the monster deep inside of him. He IS a monster.

Francesca glances across the room.. and sees something laying on the floor. She walks over, and picks it up.

Posted Image

A highly experimental Batarang, one of the many weapons Nick developed when he made the Batsuit.

Francesca grips the weapon.. and thinks.

Francesca: If I'm Nick Zarano... and my lab is gone.. where do I go to have a new suit made?

As Francesca turns to leave, she notices a key rack on the wall. The wall is filled with keys, probably most are keys to various safes and vaults Selina raided, and keys to apartments and houses in Sein Dor she copied for easy access.

But one stands up. It's a key with a tag attached.

"Warehouse B3TM39"

Francesca is curious. Why did Selina have a warehouse key? And what could be inside of it?

She takes the key, and walks out.

Sein Dor Docks...

Francesca walks into a large empty old warehouse. Spiderwebs all around. It's clear this warehouse hasn't been touched since Selina's death.

She walks into the middle of the room.. where she notices one large metal case.. one object, in this entire empty space.

​Francesca notices a button on the side.. she takes a breath, and presses it. Suddenly.. she jumps. With a loud mechanical noise, gears begin moving.

​Slowly.. the case begins to open itself up... and when it's finally completely open.. Francesca is amazed at what sits in front of her. An highly experimental project Selina was working on before her death. Something no one seems to know about, not even Nick Zarano.

Posted Image

A female version of Nick's Batsuit.

Zarano Manor...

After Nick and Frodi's erotic encounter in the Love Dungeon's Jacuzzi, they find themselves above ground, outside by the pool, sitting on the edge, dangling their feet into the water, while cuddling and holding hands.

Nick runs his finger across Frodi's wet body.

Frodi: *smiles* What are you doing?

Nick: Enjoying the glisten. *laughs* And thinking. You know.. once my case is dropped, I think we should have a party. Here at the manor. We'll invite all our friends.. all our.. my.. ex-friends, and maybe I can reinsert myself into Sein Dor's "good graces" again, when it comes to public opinion. I need to rebuild my fractured relationships with our friends and allies. Sound good?

Frodi: Nick.. I don't like the idea.

Nick: You don't?

Frodi: I LOVE the idea! *laughs and kisses him* It will be great. We can invite everyone.. you know, the "who's who" of Sein Dor, and show them the man I see everyday. The kindest, sweetest, greatest man on earth.

Nick: *raises eyebrow* You're just trying to "get some" aren't you?

Frodi: Well I'm pregnant.. my hormones are raging.. are you going to deny a pregnant woman?

Nick: Oh gosh no, who am I to deny my wife? *laughs, and kisses her*

They both laugh, Frodi giggling, as they lay back onto the stone to make love.

Unknown Location...

Beat... beat........... beat.. beat......... beat....

​The camera pans up.. revealing Lulu, who is still tied to a chair in an unknown location. Her heart is beating in her ears, she is barely conscious. This room is like a freezer, set a specific temperature. A temperate so cold, it is causing Lulu's body temperate to drop. Her heart rate is slow, and out of rhythm. But it's not cold enough to kill her. Stengolas doesn't want her dead. He wants his toy doll alive.

Suddenly the door opens, and Stengolas walks in. She jolts awake from the sound of the loud door. He grabs a chair, and sits across from her.

Stengolas: How are you doing? Let me guess.. heart rate slow, eyes closing.. exhaustion kicking in.. well, I'm a "doctor" after all. *laughs*

Stengolas rips tape off her mouth, causing skin to calm off. She yells, but she can barely get the energy for a scream.

Lulu: *lips slowly turning blue* Why are you doing this to me..?

Stengolas: Maybe the cold is messing up your pretty little blonde head. *runs fingers through her hair* You arrested me remember?

Lulu: I was.. sent to.. get.... get.. you..

Stengolas: NO! *stands up, and knocks chair over* I found out. You don't think I'd find out? Oh, I found it. Oh hell I found out. You were leading the investigation! You were in charge of my case! It's only fitting I bring you here. Teach you a lesson about coming after me.

Lulu: I'm supposed to be someone else aren't I?

Stengolas: SHUT UP! Your partner.. your partner in crime! ​*takes his shirt off, and flings it at her, and turns around, shivering in the cold almost instantly* HE DID THIS TO ME! JOSEPH! He betrayed me! Now I assume you don't know where he is, or where he went. But I can find out.

Lulu: I'm not the woman you wanted to capture!

Stengolas is getting madder and madder. He rubs his chin.



Stengolas snaps. He reaches into his pants, pulls out a knife, and slashes Lulu across the cheek. She screams in agony, as blood runs down her face.



Stengolas: DO NOT LIE TO ME! I KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU ARE! ... Your name is Frodi Greenhand. The little slut that seduced my brother, and made him betray me.

Suddenly Stengolas begins to laugh, as Lulu watches terrified.

Stengolas: Did you really think changing your hair color would hide your identity from me? Even through your cheap blonde hair.. I can see the hobbit. Wait... YOUR EARS! You.. you had them changed!


Stengolas: Surgery! Dark magic! ... It has to be. Good word.. you went through alot to hide from me.

Lulu begins to sob.

Stengolas bends down.

Stengolas: Oh there there.. don't cry. Crying comes later darling. *digs his finger nail into her cheek wound, causing her to yell in pain* You can't cry yet. Not while we're having so much fun.

Stengolas reaches down. Lulu notices a bulge in his pants. She is repulsed immediately.

Stengolas: I'm enjoying this. Are you?

Lulu spits at him.

Stengolas slaps her. HARD.

Stengolas: You will learn quickly to do as I say. Otherwise, I will cut you some more.

Stengolas stabs her in the hand.


Off the coast of Sein Dor....

A speedboat surfs against the side, on choppy waters. Storm clouds loom in the distance, as a heavy mist rains down.

In the distance... Morley Manor. Well, what was once Morley Manor. The place Caleb called home.. the place he made for Sauron to build up the Illuminati before his return to human form. The place where Caleb was betrayed, and murdered by a hidden-identity Maggie Kyle under Sauron's orders. The Sauron who is now dead as well, dead by the hand of his apprentice..

Now.. activity has ramped up on the small island. It's no longer under Caleb or Sauron control. It's under Maggie Kyle's control. And, the island has a new name. Illuminati Island.

The sound of pressure chamber doors open, and footsteps are heard entering underground into a new, futuristic section of the island.

Posted Image

​A group of armed Illuminati guards make their way down the long corridor, lights flashing.

Posted Image

The guards have a prisoner. A man. He is being forced to walk, and is basically being dragged into a large meeting chamber.

Guard: All rise!

The man is tossed onto the floor of a dark room. He stands up, weak, as the guards block the door behind him. He can feel the cold metal floor beneath him.

Suddenly, a spotlight turns on, almost blinding him. He reaches up, to cover his eyes.

Female Voice: State your name.

Man: If you called me here.. you know my name already.

Suddenly, a woman steps into view.

Posted Image

Maggie: I understand your first name is Julian? And your former employer called you.. Jules. I prefer Julian.

​Maggie is the very definition of an unexpected evil. Her face, her short height, her skinny build, all this packaged into a woman's body.. you would never expect the danger lurking inside. And kneeling before her.. Julian. Free after being an informant for Interpol months prior.

Julian: Who the hell are you?

Maggie: My name is Maggie Kyle. I'm the new leader of the Illuminati.

Julian: ... Where's Sauron?

Maggie: ... Sauron's been.. relived of his duties for the time being. I'm in charge now. I had my men bring you here for a reason, I did not bring you here for chitchat.

Julian: I assume you want something?

Maggie: Despite the fact that you were an informant.. you did not hurt me at all. So I have no issues hiring you for a job. A very good one. I want you to kill someone for me.

Julian: I've been a free man for months. I've lived a nice little low-key life, trying to stay out of trouble. And then you bring me here.. someone I don't even know.. to execute someone? Who?

Maggie: You will do as I say. You will murder Nicholas Zarano. You will then bring his cold dead body to me. With his heart intact. I would like to carve it out as a memento. Now.. you're probably wondering, what's in it for you. Well I'll be fair. Kill him. If you do not come back within a reasonable time period with the body of Nicholas Zarano.. I will personally see to it that you are murdered. And then it will be your heart that I carve up, and turn into a trophy.

Julian: You're threatening me to kill someone, or you're going to have me killed?

Maggie: I think it's fair, don't you? And maybe there could be a place in my organization for you. It all depends on your actions from here on out. Guards, take him.

Maggie turns to leave, as the guards approach Julian.

Julian can't believe what just happened. Hunted down, taken from his bed, and brought here to be forced into executing someone. Maggie Kyle is woman fueled by a desire for revenge. Something that seems to be the common downfall of Nick Zarano.

Julian is led outside, and tossed onto a street. The guards disappear behind him, and close the chamber doors.

​Julian stands up.. dusts himself off.. and looks around in amazement. Before him.. a bustling city. A military base. Soldiers, guards, technicians everywhere. The island is alive. It's no longer just a manor and a few military stations.. it's becoming a city based on the values of the Illuminati.

The camera pans out, revealing the other side.. the new side, of Illuminati Island.

Posted Image

The camera zips across the island, and out into the fields that surround it.

Posted Image

Suddenly, in a flash of magic...

Posted Image

Balthazar appears.

He stares at the city before him intently.

Balthazar: Dark times are upon us.

Just as quickly as he appears.. in a flash of magic, he vanishes into thin air.

Zarano Manor...

Francesca quietly walks up the stairs of the manor.. and nears the guest room she is staying in.

Nick's Voice: Had fun?

Francesca freezes.

Posted Image

Nick: You do understand I don't like blood. But in order to save your life under the circumstances we were in, I dug my hand into your body to fix you up. I don't take kindly to the fact that you abused what I said, and just ran off to go pop a purple stitch.

Francesca turns around.

Francesca: I'm fine. I really am. And once again.. I thank you for everything you did for me.

Nick: Did you find him?

Francesca: Who?

Nick: Michael. I assume that's why you ran off. Did you find him?

Francesca: *shakes head* I wasn't looking for Michael. I was looking for this.

Francesca reaches into her jacket, and pulls out the batarang.

Nick: ... How in god's name did you get this?

Francesca: I want you to train me.

Nick: ... Train you? In what?

Francesca: Everything. I want to be what you were. My life.. has mean't nothing to me the past few years. I've made bad decisions, after bad decision. I could have died Nick. My soul was in your hands!

Nick: Don't remind me.

Francesca: I have to take a stand, and prove that my survival wasn't a fluke. I was saved for a reason. And I need to know what reason that is.

Nick: Batman is dead Cesca. He died when my legacy died. You can't resurrect a hero. I'm living proof of that.

Nick takes her hand, and closes it around the batarang.

Nick: I suggest you take this, and bury it. Deep in the woods behind the manor. Far from here. Nothing but bad came from that suit. It ruined everyone who wore it. Except maybe Sabag..

Francesca: Do you have any original plans for the suit?

Nick: .... In the study. Check the top shelf drawer, the one on the far right. Bury those too. *turns to walk away* Oh and by the way.. I still say you need to keep a low-profile. For the both of us. So keep your escapes to the minimum. For the time being, you're living here with us. Injured or not. Like it or not.

Nick walks back down the stairs.



​Nick Zarano and Frodi enter the court room, escorted by Interpol agents.. the first time Frodi has been able to go with Nick while he is being escorted. Journalists and news media flanked the couple with camera shot after camera shot.

​Within a few minutes.. they both sit nervously outside the courtroom.

Posted Image

Frodi reaches over, and takes Nick's hand. She looks down at this ankle bracelet. Today's the day.


This song plays.

Unknown Location....

In a dark room.. a dark residence.. at night, half way across the globe...

A couple sits on a settee.

Male Voice: Are you sure about this? Are you sure you really want to do this?

The scene flashes back to the courtroom.

Male Voice: All rise! Court is now in session.

The scene flashes back to the unknown residence.

Male Voice: ... I have to find closure. Someway.. somehow. And now.. this is my only way.

The scene flashes back to the courtroom.

Judge: Prosecutor Franz Stavros, is the evidence submitted to court the only evidence this case contains? If so.. I will be forced to accept what the defendant's attorney has stated, and issue the order to drop this case.

The scene flashes back to the unknown residence.

The camera moves up.. revealing...

Posted Image

Rebecca: *tears in her eyes, angry* Give me the gun.

The scene flashes back to the courtroom.

Judge: I hereby declare this case... dismissed. Mr. Zarano, you are free to go. Guards, remove his ankle bracelet.

​Frodi screams in excitement, the judge glaring at her because of her outburst. Frodi squeezes Nick's hand in delight, almost breaking it.

The scene flashes back to the unknown residence.

Rebecca enters a room.. where a man, is tied to a chair.

She raises a gun.

Posted Image

Rebecca: You have 10 seconds to tell me where the body is, or I will blow your head off.

Josh in the other room... sweats. He did not want to do this. He is doing this for Rebecca. For closure. But is this going too far? Neither are killers. But for this night.. they need to act like it.

Sitting in the chair.. in front of Rebecca, is a man.

An Interpol agent.

Rebecca: The body of Venessa Zerin or whatever her last name was, was dragged into the woods by Nick Zarano and Silas Clay. The body alone was supposed to be enough evidence to put Nick behind bars for 25 years. Regardless of my father's murder. Yet that evidence seemed to just get pushed under the rug. Under the pile. IT DISAPPEARED, DIDN'T IT?! WHY?! WHO PAID YOU TO DO IT?! NICK?! WHO PAID OFF INTERPOL TO GET RID OF THE BODY?!

Interpol Agent: Just because I led the Interpol Morgue, doesn't mean I am the man you are looking for.

Rebecca: Really? So it's just coincidence you decided to retire after 5 years on the job and move to Scotland to get away from Sein Dor.. one day after Nick met with his lawyer in prison.

Interpol Agent: .... You can tell a nice story. But you don't have any proof.

Rebecca: A body just doesn't vanish into thin air. Where is it? TELL ME! WHERE IS IT?!

Interpol Agent: .... You are really are a stupid blonde bitch you know that? Crossing country lines to come here, all the way to Scotland.. to hold me at gunpoint, and rant on about some conspiracy. Do you honestly think I would tell you if it was indeed true? And when you finally release me.. because you know killing me is a federal and an international crime.. who will my friends at Interpol believe? You, or me? You will ROT IN PRISON!

Rebecca.. lowers the gun.

She looks down at the ground in disgust, almost having an outer body experience.. looking at herself in shock.. at the woman she's become. All this.. for what? Revenge? Anger? Spite? The possibility of winning in this game of chess with Nick?

Josh comes into the room.

Josh: Come on Rebecca, this was a mistake. You won't get any answers from him. Here. Let me take this.

Josh takes the gun, and wraps his arm around her.

Josh: Let's get out of here, and fly far away. We'll do like we said.. we'll travel to Germany.. Australia.. Italy... all over, we'll see the world! *grabs her head, and smiles at her* We'll eat, drink, and forget everything. Okay? Just go outside.

Rebecca nods, clearly not feeling herself.

Rebecca pauses.

Rebecca: But... him..

Josh: Don't worry Rebecca! I'll untie him. I'll talk to him, and everything will be fine! Go outside. *smiles* Get some fresh air.

Rebecca nods "okay", and slowly walks outside. The door closes.

Interpol Agent: Everything will be fine? I think not! You think I don't know who you are? You are Nolan Ross's replacement. The new head of NolCorp. Oh boy.. what hell will come down on you when news breaks that the CEO of NolCorp.. *laughs* took *laughs* a former Interpol agent *laughs* hostag..


Posted Image

In a shocking moment, the Interpol agent is quickly silenced. Josh's gun.. smoking. The agent leans back.. a bullet hole in his forehead.

Josh: Not so funny now is it?

Josh.. has murdered an Interpol agent.


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Zarano Manor...  

As Nick begins planning for the party to re-intergrate himself into society, Frodi is over the moon that her husband is a free man once again.  Ever since the trial, she hasn't been able to stop grinning.  To say Nick is also delighted, is an understatement!  He HATED wearing the ankle bracelet, with a passion.  

FRODI:  *cuddles him*   So how's my wonderful, amazing husband?

NICK:  Umm... dunno... feels like there's something missing.   *looks down at his leg, and shakes it*   Oh yeah, NO FRICKING ANKLE BRACELET!!!   *laughs*

FRODI:   No ankle bracelet.  No house arrest.  No forced therapy sessions.  Whatever are you going to do with yourself now?   *grins*  

NICK:  I'm sure I'll think of something.   *grins*  

FRODI:   *strokes his back*   Rebecca tried EVERYTHING to take you down.  But in the end... you out-witted her.   *smiles*  

NICK:  Maybe I should pop over, and say 'Hello' to her.   *winks*  

FRODI:   *giggles*   I would LOVE to see her face, if you did that!   *strokes his face*  

Nick looks at her, and pushes a strand of hair out her eyes.  His hand brushes against her cheek.  She gently strokes his stubble, and smiles.  And they kiss passionately.  

Posted Image

Several minutes later, they finally pull apart.  

Frodi runs her hands down his arms, down to his hands, and clasps his hands.  

FRODI:  Mmmm, how do your kisses always make me feel so good?   *smiles*  

NICK:  Is this your sneaky way of distracting me from planning this party?  Getting me to kiss you?   *kisses her nose*

FRODI:   *shakes her head*   I can't wait for everyone to know you're a free man again.

NICK:  Hehe.  Back with a vengeance.  The world won't know what's hit it.    *plays with her hair*  

FRODI:  Look out world, Nick Zarano is back.   *kisses him*  

NICK:  The world better watch out.   *kisses her back*  

FRODI:  Forget the world!  This is our time, Nick.  

Wyndemere Island...

Myca, Sebastion, and Lorenzo are down in the basement of their manor.  Lorenzo is having his very first fencing lesson - although he was doubtful at first, his new friends convinced him to give it a shot.  And although he's not making much progress, Sebastion & Myca are very patient with him.  

Lorenzo holds up his sword weakly, and points it in Sebastion's direction, as Sebastion lunges at him, for the upteempth time.  

SEBASTION:   *chuckles*   Hehehe, oh my friend!  You must think of the sword as an extention of your body.  Don't be afraid of it.  Or of your opponent.  

As Sebastion talks, Lorenzo tries to catch him off-guard, and lunges at him.  But Sebastion still successfully blocks the attack.  

Posted Image

SEBASTION:  Nice move!  Always look for an opening.  

LORENZO:   *sad*   But you still blocked me.

SEBASTION:  True.  But don't forget, Myca & I have been doing this for many years.  This is only your first lesson.  Don't be discouraged.  


SEBASTION:   *raises his sword*   An guarde.

Lorenzo raises his sword, and takes up attack position again.  But just as before, he's having a hard time grasping the basics.

SEBASTION:   *looks at Myca*   Little Bird... could you step in, and help me demonstrate?

MYCA:  With pleasure, darling.

Myca takes the sword from Lorenzo, ready to oppose Sebastion.  Both of them move slowly, explaining their moves to Lorenzo, as well as little tips and tricks.  

LORENZO:  There's just so much to take in.  You both make it look so easy.  

SEBASTION:  It is not easy.  But you are right, there is a lot to take in.  You have done enough for today.   *puts a friendly hand on Lorenzo's shoulder*   We will rest for now.   *smiles*  

LORENZO:   *lets out a sigh of relief*   I don't know if I'll EVER get the hang of it.  But I appreciate you both for being so patient with me.  

MYCA:  You did well for your first lesson, Lorenzo.  

Lorenzo smiles a 'Thankyou', as they leave the dungeon.  

The next day...

Zarano Manor...

The family enjoy a leisurely breakfast together.  There's no school or nursery today, so the kids can take their time, and not rush.  

Frodi is feeding the twins.  They are on solids now, and Frodi is introducing them to porridge.  Lucy and Oscar giggle, as Frodi makes Choo Choo noises, and tells them 'Here comes the train... open wide', to get them to eat it.  

VINCENT:  That train is REALLY taking it's time.   (reffering to Frodi's comments to Lucy & Oscar)

FRODI:  Maybe the train will come for YOU, Vincent.   *teases Vincent, and offers him a baby spoon of porridge*  

VINCENT:   *pulls a face*   No thanks!  Porridge is horrible!  I'll stick with my cereal, thanks.  

An hour or so later, breakfast is over.  The kids are off doing various things.  VIncent has gone out on a date with Jazzy.  Rosie and Lilla are playing Hide & Seek with Eurus.  Michael has sneaked out to see Abby.  Lucy and Oscar are down for a nap.  So that just leaves Frodi & Nick.  

Frodi goes through to the living room, and flops down on the settee.  Nick sits down next to her, and gently puts his hand on her bump.  She looks at him, and lovingly puts her hand over his.  

NICK:  So is Bumpy still kicking a lot?  

Frodi smiles.  'Bumpy' has affectionately become their nickname for the unborn baby.

FRODI:  Yeah.  I think he or she if having a party in there, most of the time.  

Nick puts his arm around her, and pulls her towards him.  And she snuggles into his neck.

FRODI:  Are you remembering, I'm meeting Alessea for lunch today?  Haven't seen much of her recently.  We can have a good girly natter, and catch up with each other.  

NICK:   *nods*   It'll do you good, to get out, and meet up with her again.  Plus, it'll give me a chance to work on planning for this party.  

FRODI:   *stretches up to kiss him*   Who's on the guest list?

NICK:   *plays with her hair*   EVERYONE!  This is gonna be one hell of a party.  

FRODI:  Want me to pick anything up, when I'm in town?

NICK:  Nah, think I got everything covered.  

Sein Dor Cinema

Vincent and Jazzy have gone to see a film at the local cinema.  They can't decide between the horror film and the comedy film, but in the end, horror wins.  

As the film plays on, Vincent loves how Jazzy screams, looks away, and cuddles into him, at the scary bits.  Although he's not quite sure how much is genuine fear, and how much is for show, so they can cuddle.  

Sein Dor Cafe...

A few hours have passed, and it's now lunch time.  Frodi is at the cafe, waiting for Alessea.  When Alessia arrives, they hug each other warmly.  

FRODI:  ALESSEA!  Great to see you again.  It's been too long.  

ALESSEA:   *nods in agreement*   It has!  How are you though?  And how's that baby of yours?

FRODI:   *puts her hand on her bump*   We're both doing fine.  How are you and Bing?  

ALESSEA:  We're great.  

The chat is relaxed, and easy.  Both of them enjoy catching up with each other.  They talk about everything from the weather, their children, Frodi's pregnancy, Nick, Bing, Gondien... to Luca's abduction of Frodi, and Luca's subsequent death by drowning, Gondien and Arelius's recent health, and Nick's house arrest, and the court case that made him a free man again.  But there are some things Frodi isn't ready to talk about.  Things like Stengolas carving his name in her back, her fear that he's still out there somewhere, and baby Hope.  She's still trying to come to terms with those things, and she'd rather keep them private, between her and Nick.  

Then, Alessea brings up something interesting...

ALESSEA:  So did you hear about Rebecca De Chagney?  

FRODI:  What about her?

ALESSEA:  Her and her boyfriend... um, Josh, I think his name is, have both skipped town.  

FRODI:   *gasps*   You're kidding?  

ALESSEA:  No.  My father told me.  He may not be running Sein Dor at the moment, but him and his elves are still in the loop, so to speak.  And he told me that a policeman went to Rebecca's beach house the other day... and it was completely deserted.  

FRODI:  WOW!   *pause*   It's true I haven't seen anything of her recently, but I thought she was just angry, since Nick was found Not Guilty.  I wonder where she is, then.

ALESSEA:  Who can say.  But I don't think they suspect any foul play.  Apparantly their car is gone, as well.  My father said, by all accounts, her and Josh must have left town together.  

FRODI:  I hope she can move on with her life, and be at peace now.  And I hope she's happy with Josh.  

ALESSEA:  I hope so too.  But going back to Nick being found Not Guilty... I am SO happy for him!  Make sure you tell him that.  We haven't always agreed on everything, but I am thrilled he's free again.  

FRODI:   *grins*   Thanks.  I'll tell him that.  And, I'm thrilled too.  

They chat for a while longer, with Frodi making a mental note to tell Nick about Becca & Josh when she returns home, as well as Alessea's good wishes to him.  

Two days later...

Wyndemere Island...

Lorenzo and the woman walk through the manor gardens, hand in hand.  They've been getting closer over the last few days, ever since that first kiss.  And as well as being attracted to the woman, he also feels protective of her.  She still doesn't want him telling Myca & Sebastion about her - she's obviously hiding from something... or someone.  And Lorenzo is determined to take things as slowly as she wants, until he's proved she can trust him.  

So they walk hand in hand, and sit on a bench by their favourite fountain - the one where they first kissed.  

Posted Image

WOMAN:   *looks at Lorenzo*   Is something wrong Lorenzo?  You've been so quiet today.  

LORENZO:  No.  Yes.  I don't know.   *pause*   I've been thinking a lot recently... about my past, and how I don't remember.

WOMAN:  I know it must be so frustrating for you, not knowing who you are... where you came from.  But it *WILL* come back to you, when you're ready.   *smiles*

LORENZO:  But that's just it.  Does it really matter?

WOMAN:  What do you mean?

LORENZO:   *long pause*   Obviously I don't know who I was.  Or what my life was.  But I love my life here.  Now.  I'm happy here.  Sebastion and Myca have become such good friends.  Aside from the fact that they took me in, and nursed me back to health when I washed up on the beach, they're really good people.  Kind, caring people.  And I'm glad to call them my friends.  They let me stay in their manor, when they don't have to.  They even tried to teach me how to fence, a couple of days ago.  I was bad.  I mean, REALLY bad.  But they were so patient with me.   *chuckles*   And then... there's you!

WOMAN:  Me?  

Lorenzo stands up, and turns to face her.  

LORENZO:  In case it isn't obvious, I'm falling for you, Baby.  I'm falling hard.  I know our circumstances are... unique.  But I'm determined to earn your trust.  

Lorenzo pulls her into his arms.  

Posted Image

LORENZO:  I don't know what brought you here.  I don't know what scared you so badly, you're afraid to even tell me your name.  But I promise you, NOTHING is going to hurt you, while I'm around.   *kisses the top of her head*  

WOMAN:   *looks at him*   My knight in shining armour!  

Meanwhile, inside the manor...

Sebastion stands in the Weapons Room, wiping a bloody sword.  Myca approaches him, and wraps her arms around him.  

Sebastion bends down, and looks at the dead body at his feet.  The dead body with a fresh stab wound through his heart.

Posted Image


MYCA:   *strokes his long hair*   Do not let him upset you, my darling.  

SEBASTION:  He rolled his eyes at you.  NO-ONE shows you that kind of disprespect!

MYCA:  He won't make that mistake again.  

Sebastion turns to Myca and smiles.  He holds the sword out, waiting for one of servants to take it, and put it away for him.  Then he kisses Myca passionatetly.  

SEBASTION:  You have more patience than I, Little Bird.

MYCA:  He had pretty eyes.  Can I have them?

SEBASTION:  That piece of slime isn't fit to be in your collection.  

MYCA:  Please?  

SEBASTION:   *softens*   You know I can never say 'No' to you.    *looks at one of the guards*   GUARD!  Take him to the morgue.  Have his eyes removed, and preserved, just as Myca likes.

GUARD:  Yes sir.  

The guard talks into his walkie-talkie radio, asking for a trolly to be brought in, so they can move the body to the morgue.  

Zarano Manor...

Frodi & Nick are spending some time out by the pool.  As they sit on edge of the pool, Frodi leans in, and kisses him.

FRODI:  Are you remembering Vincent's girlfriend is coming for tea today?

NICK:  Yeah.  Jazzy, isn't it?  What sort of name is that?

FRODI:   *giggles*   I'm sure she's a very nice woman.  And she's Vincent's first girlfriend.   *pause*   It doesn't seem possible - seems like only yestefday, he was a baby.  Now he's growing up, and dating?

NICK:   *chuckles*   Frodi Zarano, are you getting broody?  

FRODI:  Maybe.  Not my fault though.  I'm pregnant... my hormones are everywhere.  

NICK:  And do your hormones see fit to give your husband a kiss?

FRODI:  Hmmm, I think I can manage that.  

Frodi smiles, touches his face, and French Kisses him.  

Later that afternoon...

School is over for the day, and Vincent brings Jazzy home for tea.  She stops outside the manor, and looks in awe at it.  

JAZZY:  THIS is where you live?  

VINCENT:  Yeah.  Why?


VINCENT:  My dad built it for my mum.  

JAZZY:  Wow, she's lucky.  

VINCENT:  Hehe.  Come on, I'm dying for you to meet them.  

JAZZY:  Do you think they'll like me?

VINCENT:  Of course they will.  Why shouldn't they?  

Vincent leads Jazzy into the manor, and into the living room where Frodi & Nick are sitting (after their pool session).  

JAZZY:  Watcha, Mr Z.  Mrs Z.

NICK:   *looks at this young teenager, who is dating his son*   It's Mr Zarano to you.  

JAZZY:  Yeah, course, Mr Zarano.  

FRODI:  So Jazzy, Vincent's told us a lot about you.  

JAZZY:  All good, I hope?

FRODI:  He's fairly smitten with you.

VINCENT:  MUM!   *embarrassed*  

FRODI:  Jazzy?  That's an unusual name.

JAZZY:  Short for Jasmine.  But I prefer Jazzy.  

FRODI:  Fair enough.  Why don't you two go on upstairs, until tea's ready?

JAZZY:  Thanks Mrs Z.  Ummm... Zarano... Mrs Zarano.  Ma'am.  

FRODI:  Mrs Zarano is fine, Jazzy.  

Vincent & Jazzy beat a hasty retreat up to his room.

FRODI:  Well she seems nice, don't you think?  A bit strange, but nice.  

NICK:  I'll reserve judgement, until I know more about her.  

FRODI:  You want to know more about her?  Well, I happen to know, her boyfriend has the most incredible dad - smart, sexy, and he lights up the room, whenever he walks in.  

Frodi stands up, pulls Nick to his feet, clasps his hands, and kisses him.  
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Posted 10 August 2016 - 09:52 PM

Zarano Manor...  

It's the day after Nick's party.  It was a great success, and Nick seemed to enjoy re-integrating himself back into society.  Even the press showed up, and took pictures, wanting to run an article about 'House Arrest Horror Halted'.  Frodi is so proud of her husband!  

But that was yesterday.  When they woke up this morning, Frodi noticed Nick seemed to be in a weird mood - quiet and withdrawn, as though he had something else on his mind.  When Frodi asked him what was wrong, he just insisted he was fine.  But Frodi knows her husband... and she knows when something is troubling him.  He was quiet all through breakfast, and then after breakfast, he went out.  He didn't say where he was going, or how long he would be... he just went out.  Frodi can only guess he's trying to clear his head from whatever is troubling him.  After she saw the younger kids off to school and nursery, she tried calling him on his mobile... but it went straight to his voicemail.  She's worried about him.

But there's also something else troubling Frodi.  Something that's been weighing heavily on her mind.  

Now, with the kids out, and the twins down for a nap, she makes her way to the bedroom.  Behind closed doors, she stares at herself in the bedroom mirror.  She unfastens her dress, letting it fall to the floor, and gently puts her hand on her huge bump.  She's so excited to be having this baby with Nick, and she can't wait to hold the baby in her arms.  She smiles a little, as she thinks about it.  But then she squints round, and looks at her back, in the mirror.  And there... staring back at her... is the ugly truth.  The name 'Stengolas' carved into her back.  A parting 'gift' from the person who pretended to be her doctor.  She stares at it in the mirror - a cruel, twisted reminder of what he did to her.  She feels phsycally sick, as she thinks about him examining her... touching her as he pretended to check on her unborn baby.  And the vitamins he had been giving her, was actually him drugging her, so he could do... god knows what to her!  She feels psychically sick!  A tear trickles down her cheek.  

Posted Image


Frodi turns to look at the baby monitor.

FRODI:   *sniff*   It's okay Oscar.  Mummy's coming.  

She wipes her eyes, trying to pull herself together, before pulling her dress back on and going to check on Oscar.  

Wyndermere Island...

Lorenzo is in his bedroom, feeling bored.  Myca & Sebastion are busy, so he has no-one to talk to.  His mind goes back to The Woman... he can't stop thinking about her.  Without thinking, he grabs a sheet of paper, and starts doodling.  He can't explain it... he just wants to get her image down on paper.  

Zarano Manor...

Mid-morning, Francesca wanders in to the living room.  She flops down on the settee, and flicks through channels on the TV, looking for something good to watch.  Frodi appears at the door.  Despite their rocky history, Frodi and Francesca are now friends.  

FRODI:  Oh, it's you, Francesca.  I wondered who was playing with the telly.  

FRANCESCA:  Yep, only me, I'm afraid.  

FRODI:  Anything good on?  

FRANCESCA:   *shakes her head*   It's all repeats of repeats of repeats.   *changes the subject*   That was some party yesterday!

FRODI:   *nods*   I think Nick's glad to not be a prisoner in his own home anymore.  And I think he's even more glad not to have the threat of jail hanging over him!  I know *I* am... don't think I could deal with it, if he had been sent back to jail.  

FRANCESCA:   You and Nick have been together a long time, haven't you?

FRODI:   *nods*   We've been married for 21 years now.  I was pregnant with Michael and Lilla when he proposed.  And the day I married him was the happiest day of my life!  I fell head over heels in love with Nick - he is the man of my dreams... my best friend... my hero... my soulmate!  

FRANCESCA:   Say... where is Nick, anyway?   *looks around*

FRODI:  Um, he went out after breakfast.  I think he's still trying to get his head around the fact that he's a free man again.  

Nick still hasn't come home yet, and Frodi is worried.  

Wyndermere Island...

Myca & Sebastion are enjoying a game of chess.  It's something they both enjoy doing, as a way of winding down after a long fencing session.  

Sebastion picks up his Rook... about to move it... but then he looks at it closely.

SEBASTION:  Chess is such a beautiful game, don't you think?  All it's little intricacies and rules.  This piece can only move like so... and this other piece can only move like so, that contradicts the first piece... and so on, and so on.  With the end goal being, to take your opponents King - Check Mate!  And who would have thought that these little pawns   *picks up one of his pawns*   ... that seem so worthless... could actually be the instrument of capturing said King?  Fascinating!  Whoever thought that all these pieces could co-exist... must be applauded.  

MYCA:  Mmmm, it's certainly a game to stimulate the mind.  But don't underestimate the Pawn - they are my favourite.  

SEBASTION:  You know how I learned to play Chess?  My great uncle Sebationas taught me.  

MYCA:  The uncle you were named after?

SEBASTION:  It is thanks to him, the rules have been etched to my brain.  As a child, if I made a mistake... forgot how a piece moved... he would beat me black and blue.  

MYCA:  You didn't have a happy childhood, did you?  

SEBASTION:  Childhood is over the moment you know you're going to die.  

Myca moves closer to Sebastion, and leans in to kiss him.  

Posted Image

MYCA:  Childhood is over-rated, my love.  

Zarano Manor...

As Frodi is walking towards the kitchen, she happens to walk past the study.  The door is ajar, but there's no lights on in the room, which she finds strange.  

FRODI:  Hello?

Frodi gently pushes the door open, and enters the study.  It's dark, so she flicks on the light.  And then screams, as she sees Nick sitting behind his desk.  

FRODI:  NICK!  You scared me!  I didn't hear you come in.  

NICK:  ...

FRODI:  What are you doing here, in the dark, brooding?

NICK:  I don't brood!  

Frodi walks over to him, and sits down next to him.  

FRODI:   *takes his hand*   Nick... what's troubling you?  And don't just say 'Nothing' again.  You *CAN* tell me.  You seemed so happy yesterday.  

NICK:  *big sigh*   *long pause*   That's just it.  Yesterday, the party.

FRODI:  To celebrate your freedom.  

NICK:  My freedom!  After Rebecca had me arrested, and I was sentenced to house arrest.  

FRODI:  But you out-witted her.  

NICK:  I guess so.  But I can't help thinking, Dante would have enjoyed this party.

FRODI:   *realising what Nick is getting at*   Rebecca's dad.

NICK:  Right.  Rebecca's dad.  

Frodi puts her arm around Nick, trying to comfort him.  

Posted Image

FRODI:  What happened with Dante... you can't beat yourself up about it Nick.  You were protecting Krissy.  

NICK:  At the expense of Dante?  And Rebecca?  

FRODI:  Dante was going to turn Krissy in to the police.  He didn't care that you and him were friends.   *strokes his back*   You did the only thing you could.  

NICK:  Sometimes it just gets to me.   *sigh*   I wish things could have turned out differently with Rebecca.  Before I knew she was Dante's daughter, I actually liked her.  She was a bit full-on maybe, but I still liked her.  

FRODI:  Well Rebecca left town.  Maybe that's a sign she's ready to move on, and make peace with her past... now that she's not conducting this witch hunt of you.  

NICK:  ...

FRODI:  Come on... where's that Zarano fighting spirit?  

NICK:   *gives a small smile*   I'm glad to have you in my corner, Frodi Zarano.  

FRODI:  I'm *ALWAYS* in your corner Nick!  ALWAYS!   *gently kisses his cheek*
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Posted 17 August 2016 - 11:33 PM

Part 1...

Zarano Manor...  

Frodi wakes, to find Nick stroking her hair and nibbling her ear.  She turns over to face him, smiles, touches his face, and kisses him.

Posted Image

FRODI:  What a lovely way to wake up!  

NICK:  Sleep well?   *kisses her*

FRODI:   *nods*   I had a dream.  I dreamt that we were in the ocean, and you were washing my back.   *strokes his face*

NICK:   *smiles*   Well, the ocean might be a problem, but how about a nice bubble bath later on?  And I can massage your back?   *plays with her hair*  

FRODI:  I would love that Nick!  Thankyou! *french kisses him*  

NICK:   *french kisses her back*   So what do you fancy for breakfast?

FRODI:  Ummm... not sure.  Something light?  

NICK:  How about porridge with honey?

FRODI:   *smiles*   Sounds perfect.   *kisses him again*

After some more kissing, they finally force themselves out of bed.  They've been married for over 20 years, and they love each other more than ever!  

Frodi sits on the edge of the bed as she tries to put her slippers on... but her feet are too swollen.  

FRODI:  I swear, these slippers get smaller every day.   *kicks them away* I'll just go slipperless - it's more comfy.   *laughs*

NICK:   *squats down in front of her, and rubs her swollen feet*   We'll need to get you some bigger shoes.   *grins*  

FRODI:  Don't want bigger shoes.  But that footrub you're giving me... BLISS! *leans her head back, and gives a contented sigh*

NICK:   *kisses her feet*   That's all you get for now.  Come on... time for breakfast.  Get your dressing gown on.   *pulls her to her feet, and kisses her*

FRODI:   *giggles, wraps he arms around him, and kisses him*   Yes sir.  

Wyndemere Island...

Sebastion, Myca, and Lorenzo are sitting down to a luxury breakfast.  

SEBASTION:  Isn't it a beautiful day?

MYCA:  It certainly is!  

LORENZO:  This breakfast is very tasty!  I must thank your cook, later.  

SEBASTION:  No need.  So... what plans do you have for today, Lorenzo?   *smiles at his friend*

LORENZO:   *thinks about the woman*   Not sure.  I might go for a walk in the gardens, if I may?  It's very beautiful, looking at all the plants and flowers.   *looks at Myca*   You must be so proud of the gardens.  

MYCA:  Thankyou Sebastion, but I can't take all the credit.  The gardener helps a lot.  

Sebastion sips some wine from his goblet, but notices the goblet is almost empty.  He thumps it back down on the table.

SEBASTION:   Now isn't that just typical!  Nothing spoils a good meal, like running out of wine! *yells*   Cook?  COOK!  

Myca goes over to him, and sits with him.  

Posted Image

MYCA:  Do not stress yourself, my love.   Company is more important than wine.  And the company here, at breakfast, is first class.  

Sebastion looks like he is going to explode.  But then... just as suddenly as his outburst started... he calms down.

SEBASTION:  You always manage to calm me down, Little Bird.  

Sein Dor Hospital...

Trina and Ben are chatting in the corridor, as they both have a quiet spell in their respective duties.  

Posted Image

Despite their romantic relationship not working out, they had remained friends.  But recently, since Trina got to know Ben better, she's surprised to find herself starting to feel MORE for him.  

Ben tells her a joke.

BEN:  How do you kill vegetarian vampires?   *pause*   With a steak to the heart.  Boom boom!  

TRINA:   *laughs*   BEN, that is AWFUL! *touches his arm*  

BEN:  Made you laugh, though.   *grins*  

Ben's friend John appears at end of the corridor.  

Posted Image

John looks at Ben, and taps his watch impatiently.  Ben sees John, then looks back at Trina.  

BEN:  Excuse me Trina.  I have to go.  Duty calls in the lab.  (He's a lab technician)   We'll talk again soon?

Trina nods.  

Ben excuses himself, then walks up to John.

JOHN:  About time!  Mary's calling for us.  You ready?

BEN:   *smiles strangely*   Absolutely!  I love our sessions with Mary!  

Both men walk off together, making their way through many corridors, until they reach a door marked 'STORAGE'.  Ben swipes his security card through the security lock on the door, and Ben and John enter the room.  Inside, it appears to be just like any other storage room... but appearances can be deceptive.  Ben walks up to a stack of shelves along the wall... and slides it over.  Behind the stack of shelves, is a strange-looking optical security lock.  Ben states his name, and puts his eye on the optical lock, and a laser scans his eye.  

Posted Image

ROBOTIC VOICE:  Identity confirmed.  Please enter.  

A door opens, revealing a lift.  The men enter the lift, as it descends downwards.  

BEN:   *rolls up his sleeves*   Mary Walsh is doing such important work.  She's head of Research here at the hospital, and she picked US to be a part of her work!   *pause*   These sessions haven't been running for long, but already, I can't imagine my life without them.

JOHN:  I couldn't agree more!  We're definately privilaged to be working with her.

The lift doors open, and Ben and John step out into a huge room.  Three other men are already here, making the group a total of 5.  A woman - Mary Walsh - walks up to them.  

Posted Image

MARY WALSH:  Hello boys.  Shall we get started?  

To Be Continued...
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Posted 18 August 2016 - 06:18 PM

Part 2...

Zarano Manor...

It's mid-morning, and Frodi is doing laundry.  Nick comes through to give her a hand, and they start chatting... with plenty of kissing & cuddling, of course!

FRODI:  Eurus is still asking for an easel, you know.   *clasps his hands*

NICK:  Still?  I thought she would have given up on that by now.

FRODI:  Well, you know Eurus.  She   *over-dramatically imitates Eurus, putting her hand up to her forehead, in a diva-like fashion*   "Needs somewhere to create her masterpieces."  

NICK:   *laughs*   She ain't getting one.  Everyone knows, artists are crazy people.  Take her uncle, for example.   *kisses Frodi's nose*  

FRODI:   *wraps her arms around him*   Nick, she's not gonna turn out like Franco.  Not all artists are crazy.  

NICK:   *raises his eyebrow*   How many artists do we know?

FRODI:  2.  

NICK:  And how many of them are crazy psychotic murdering lunatics?

FRODI:  Uh... 2

NICK:  Case in point!   *kisses her*

FRODI:   *laughs*   She's a 6 year old kid.  I think we can keep her psychotic tendencies in check.   *nuzzles into his neck*  

Sein Dor Hospital...

In the underground secret 'Research' room, Mary Walsh is overseeing Ben, John, and the other 3 men, as they are strapped in strange chairs.  

Posted Image

They have their arms and legs strapped to the chair, and their head is also restraned by a strap, so they can't move.  Each chair has a strange device attached to it, with a long tube coming out, and a huge needle at the end of the tube.  The needle is inserted into each man's arm, as they sit in the chair... pumping some strange drug into them.  But what is this drug?  What is it for?  

Eventually, the session is over, and Mary unstraps all the men.  They seem to be in a euphoric state, as they stand up.  Ben closes his eyes for a moment, then opens them again.  He clenches his fist, and flexes his arm.  

MARY:  Ben?  How do you feel?

BEN:  *slowly*  *euphoric*   I feel... GREAT!  Ready... to take on the world!

MARY:  That's what I like to hear.   *smiles*  

BEN:  So when do we take on the world?

MARY:  I just love your enthusiasm Ben, but let's hold off for now, okay?  

JOHN:   *also euphoric*   When's the next session?

MARY:  In 2 days.  Same time.  I'll page you, if I need you sooner.   *smiles brightly*  

Zarano Manor...

Mid-afternoon, Frodi is looking... and feeling... very tired.  She leans on the kitchen table, and lets out a sigh.  

NICK:   *concerned*   Frodi?  You okay?

FRODI:   *looks at Nick*   My back is killing me.  

NICK:  Poor Frodi.   *rubs her back*   Is that better?

FRODI:  Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh...

NICK:  How about that bubble bath I mentioned earlier?  That might relax you?

Frodi nods.  Nick takes her hand, and helps her upstairs to the bathroom.  He fills the bath, making sure the water is nice and hot, and adds bubble bath, then he helps Frodi in, climbing in after her.  He grabs the sponge, and gently washes her back, being extra-careful over her mutilated scars.  

FRODI:  That feels good Nick.  

NICK:  Well, we can't have your back hurting.   So is this as good as your dream?

FRODI:   *smiles*   Better!  

Nick kisses her ear and wraps his arms round her bump.  She smiles, and puts her hand over his, with their fingers intertwining.  

Wyndemere Island...

After a long walk through the gardens, Lorenzo is disappointed not to have seen The Woman.  What is it about her, that draws him to her so much?  Eventually, he gives up waiting for her, and heads back to his room.  

As he opens the door to his room, he hears a voice.

WOMAN:  Lorenzo!  

He spins round, with a smile on his face.  

LORENZO:   Hey!  Glad to see you!  I was looking for you in the gardens.

WOMAN:  Sorry, I wasn't able to get out.

LORENZO:  Doesn't matter, you're here now.   *kisses her*   There's something I've been wanting to show you.  

Lorenzo leads the woman into his room, and brings out his drawing of her.  

Posted Image

LORENZO:  I started drawing this a couple of days ago, but I think it's finished now.  

THE WOMAN:   *gasps*   LORENZO, this... this is WONDERFUL!  You drew me?  

LORENZO:  I couldn't get you out of my head.   *smiles shyly*   Hope you don't mind?

THE WOMAN:  Mind?  I'm FLATTERED!  Thankyou so much Lorenzo. *kisses him* *looks at the drawing*   You're really talented though.  Have you drawn before?

LORENZO:   *frowns*   I... don't know.  It did feel good to draw though... so relaxing.  

THE WOMAN:  Maybe you were a world famous artist, before you lost your memory?  

LORENZO:  Hehehe, now that would be nice.  Fame and fortune is waiting for me... somewhere.  

THE WOMAN:  Well don't forget me, if you wake up tomorrow, and remember all your adoring fans. *cuddles him, and plays with his long hair*

LORENZO:   As if I could forget you! *turns serious* Seriously, Myca & Sebastion have been great... but it's YOU that helps me come to terms with everything.  And it's YOU that makes not remembering anything seem okay.  I like my life now, and I like being here with you.   *pause*   Anyway, this 'Famous Artist' thing is just pipe dreams.   *laughs*  

THE WOMAN:  Maybe.  But I still say you are REALLY talented!   *looks at her drawing again*   This shouldn't be a one-off... you should start drawing other things, as well.

LORENZO:  For you, Baby, I'll give it a shot.  

Zarano Manor...

After a leisurely, relaxing bubble bath with Nick, Frodi is resting on the settee, while Nick popped out for a while.  She nods off for a while, and before she knows it, Nick is shaking her awake.  

FRODI:   *sleepily*   Nick, you're back. *smiles*   How long have I been asleep?

NICK:  Ages!  But you looked so peaceful sleeping, I didn't want to wake you.  Anyway, look what I got, when I was out.  

Nick pulls Frodi to her feet, and shows off his latest purchase.  

Posted Image

Frodi squeals in delight.

FRODI:  An easel!  I LOVE it.  Eurus is gonna love it!   *throws her arms around Nick, and kisses him*  

NICK:  Put it together myself.   *proud*   Not just a pretty face, you know.  

FRODI:  Nick Zarano... master of all trades!  And man of my dreams.   *smiles*  

Frodi sees something on the floor, and picks it up.  

FRODI:  What's this?  

Nick looks at the item in Frodi's hand, and a look of bewilderment comes over him.

NICK:   *looks between the thing Frodi is holding, and his newly-built easel*   I have absolutely no idea where that bit goes!  

FRODI:   Niiicccckkkk... is the easel going to collapse?   *giggles*

NICK:  NO!  I don't think...  

FRODI:  What are we gonna do with this extra piece?  

Nick takes the object from Frodi, and throws it over his shoulder.

NICK:  What extra piece?  Don't see any extra piece?   *grins, and kisses Frodi*  

When Eurus came home from nursery, she was over the moon at her new easel.  The first thing she did, was 'paint' a picture of her, and Frodi, and Nick.  Luckily, the easel stayed intact, even without the mysterious extra piece.  

Through the night...  

Frodi had gone for an early night.  She's been feeling... restless and uncomfy all day, not to mention her back hurting.  She hopes maybe a good night's sleep will help.  When Nick joined her, after putting the kids to bed, she cuddles into him.  

Frodi jerks awake, feeling a sharp pain.  She sits up, and looks at the clock - 3.18am.  She looks at Nick, who is still sleeping soundly.  She struggles over to the window.  The pain eases off for a while, but then soon comes back.  She knows what this pain means - her labour has started.  

She sits back on the bed, and shakes Nick awake.

FRODI:  Nick... Nick... wake up... it's time.  

NICK:   *still half-asleep*   Mmmmm, what's time?

FRODI:  My labour.  It's started.  

NICK: *yawns*   That's nice.   *eyes shoot open*   WHAT?  

Nick sits up suddenly, and looks at Frodi.  

NICK:   *touches her bump*   The baby's coming?

FRODI:   *nods*   Bumpy is ready to make an appearance.   *excited*  

Nick kisses the bump, then kisses Frodi.  

NICK:  Could you not have gone into labour when it's light outside, instead of middle of the night?   *teases*

FRODI:   *giggles*   Tell that to Bumpy.  

NICK:  I want to take one last photo of bumpy, before he's born.  

Nick grabs his moblile, and snaps a photo of Frodi and 'Bumpy'.  Frodi smiles, glad that Nick is here with her.  

Frodi smiles as the contraction eases off.  Nick times her, until the next contraction starts, then times her again to see how long the contraction lasts.  

NICK:  TIme to get you to the hospital.   *holds her hand, and rubs her back*

FRODI:  The othe kids will be wondering what's happening, if I'm not around in the morning.  Can you wake Francesca?  

NICK:  Sure.  Will you be okay?  

Frodi nods.  Nick heads up to Francesca's room.  Naturally, she's fast asleep, since it's middle of the night.  Nick knocks loudly on her door, but it takes a while for her to hear it.  

By the time Nick and Francesca get back to the bedroom, Frodi is having another contraction.  Again, Nick helps her through it, and rubs her back, until it eases off.

NICK:  I'll get the car ready.  Francesca, will you stay with Frodi?

FRANCESCA:   Of course.  I'll also phone ahead to the hospital, to let them know you're coming.  

Ten minutes later, Frodi & Nick are on their way to the hospital.  

Sein Dor Hospital...

As Nick pulls up at the hospital, a nurse is waiting for them with a wheelchair, thanks to Francesca phoning ahead.  

As Frodi is wheeled through the corridors to the maternity ward, bad memories of Stengolas flash through her mind.  She looks up and Nick, squeezing his hand tightly.  

Inside the maternity suite, Frodi is introduced to the doctor who will be dealing with her labour.  Luckily, he is a well-respected doctor who has been with the hospital for years - not some new doctor.  

Frodi begins the long process of labour, with the doctor timing each contraction.  From experience, Frodi knows it's best to stay upright as much as possible, so Nick helps her, as she goes for short walks between each contraction.  And they remind each other to try and relax, and also to take regular drinks.  

Eight hours later, Frodi's contractions have been very long and painful - moreso than usual.  She's afraid.  But the doctor explains, it's probably a side effect of the drugs Stengolas had been giving her, but there's nothing to worry about, and the baby is fine.  Nick is being fantastic - reassuring her, helping her through each contraction, helping her go for short walks etc.  

Two hours later - 10 hours into labour, Frodi needs oxygen and air to help her through the painful contractions.  She's too exhausted now, to keep taking walks.  Nick makes sure she keeps drinking water, to keep herself hydrated.  

Another 4 hours pass.  Frodi's contractions grow stronger, and closer together.  A monitor is attached to her, so they can check on the baby's heartbeat.  Frodi is exhausted.  She's using the gas and air a lot, and her body is aching from pushing, but Nick won't let her give up.  He wipes her brow, changes her position, rubs her back, helps her sit up, whatever she wants.  She's a bundle of nerves at this point, and she couldn't get through this without him!  

Another hour passes.  Frodi has been in labour for a gruelling 15 hours now, with the doctor guiding her when to push and when not to push.  All of a sudden, water gushes out, and the doctor cheers.  

DOCTOR:  Your waters have broken, Mrs Zarano.  Baby is coming - not much longer now.  

FRODI:   *weak, and hurting all over*   I can't do this.  I CAN'T.   *cries*  

Nick squats down next to her.  He takes her hand, and strokes her hair, and looks straight at her.  

NICK:  Yes you CAN!  You can do this Frodi.  Come on... you've come this far.  And you're doing brilliantly!  Come on... I want to see Bumpy.   *kisses her forehead*  

FRODI:   *very emotional*   Nick, have I told you recently how much I love you?  Cos I do, you know.  I love you with all my heart!  You changed my life, Nick.  I was broken when I met you... and you healed me.  And you taught me what love is.  And I love you so much.

NICK:   *smiles, and strokes her hair*  It goes both ways, you know.  I love you too.  

DOCTOR:  Okay Mrs Zarano, are you ready for a big push.  And... PUUUSSSHHHH.


DOCTOR:  And relax.  I can see baby's head.  Nick, would you like to come and see baby's head?

Nick squeezes Frodi's hand, and goes to where the doctor is standing.  Sure enough, the top of the baby's head can be seen.  Nick starts to get emotional.

NICK:  Frodi, I wish you could see this.  The baby has so much black hair.   *smiles at Frodi*  

DOCTOR:  Can you give me another push, Frodi?


NICK:  The baby's head is out!  

DOCTOR:  That's the hard part over, Frodi.  The rest is easy.  Next push, and we'll have baby out.   

Two minutes pass.

DOCTOR:  You've done so well Frodi.  Can we have one last push?



DOCTOR:  *smiles*   You have a healthy baby boy, Frodi.  With VERY healthy lungs!   *chuckles*   *looks at Nick*   Nick, would you like to cut the cord?  

Nick cuts the cord.  Frodi's gruelling 16 hour labour is over.  The doctor places baby on Frodi's chest.  She feels such an overwhelming sensation of love for this tiny little baby.  A baby who, at one time, she thought Nick would never see.  She reaches out, and pulls Nick towards her, crying with emotion.  Nick kisses her, and kisses the baby.  

NICK:  You did it Frodi!  And I'm so proud of you!   *plays with her hair*   We have a beautiful new son.

FRODI:  *cries*   Baby Solan?  

NICK:   *nods*   Baby Solan!  

A short time later, Frodi and baby Solan are cleaned up.  The doctor wraps baby up, and gives him back to Frodi.  

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Posted 18 September 2016 - 02:41 AM

Zarano Manor...  

After a long, hard labour, Frodi was glad to rest in the hospital.  The kids had come later that day, to visit Frodi and Solan, and there was a lot of 'Ooohing' and 'Aaahing'.  Sabag also visited, to meet his new little nephew.  

A couple of days later, Frodi and baby Solan return home to the manor.  Nick, who had driven them home, pulls up outside the manor, Frodi smiles at Nick, leans over, and kisses him.  

FRODI:   It's good to be home!  

NICK:   *puts his arm around her*   Welcome home Frodi.   *kisses her*

FRODI:  The hospital staff were great, but every time one of them came near me, I couldn't help thinking... 'Are you really who you say you are... are you really a doctor... or are you Stengolas with a different face?'   *looks down*   I just couldn't relax.

NICK:   Frodi... *gently pulls her face to look at him*   Remember what I said before?  Just say the word and I will have Stengolas found... and he will pay the price for what he did to you!  

FRODI:   *pauses*   *touches his face*   You've only just been released from House Arrest, after Rebecca's case against you was dropped.  I don't want to do ANYTHING that would risk the police taking you away again.  

Nick strokes her hair, kisses her, and smiles.

NICK:  C'mon... let's get inside then.  

Frodi & Nick get out of the car.  Frodi wraps her arms around him, hugging him tightly, as she squints up to kiss him.  Nick pulls a lose strand of hair away from her face as he kisses her back.  

After a passionate kiss & cuddle, Frodi collects Solan from the car seat, and they make their way inside the manor.  

FRODI:   *to Solan*   What do you think of your new home, Solan?

Solan, being a baby, just looks at Frodi and gurgles.

FRODI:   *to Nick*   He says he loves his home.  And he loves his daddy.   *kisses Nick*  

They reach the front door, and Nick unlocks it for them.  Inside the hallway, Frodi pauses for a moment, and looks around.  

NICK:   *kisses her*   Sabag's bringing Lucy and Oscar back later.  He's looking after them, so you and Solan could get settled back home.  

FRODI:  He's the best brother ever!   *grins*  I bet he's having a ball with the twins though.  

NICK:  Probably.   *laughs*

FRODI:   *gives a happy sigh*   Back in my own bed tonight!  Those hospital beds are SO uncomfy!  

NICK:  The thing about those hospital beds is... they're too small... can't have sex in them.    *winks at Frodi*  

FRODI:   *laughs*   Nick Zarano!  Are you planning on baby number 9 already?  

NICK:   *shrugs*  No comment!  But next time you go into labour, can you make it in the day-time?  It's a pain getting up in the middle of the night.   *teases*  

FRODI:  Hey, it's not my fault if your son has unsociable hours, and decides to make his appearance through the night.   *looks at Solan*   Isn't that right Solan?  

Frodi kisses Solan's forehead, making him smile.

FRODI:  See!  He definately has your smile, Nick.  

NICK:  And he has your cute little hobbity nose.   *kisses Frodi's nose*  

Frodi & Nick head into the living room, and Frodi puts Solan in his rocker seat.  She lays a cuddly teddy next to him, which he seems to love.  She also turns on a mobile musical toy for him to listen to.


He's soon having fun, gurgling happily, cuddling up to the teddy, and listening to the musical mobile.  

Nick watches, as Frodi gets Solan settled in his rocker seat.  

NICK:  So that's Solan settled... what about me?  

FRODI:  You?  Do you want a musical toy, as well?   *sticks her tongue out*  

NICK:  I want a musical hobbit!

Nick grabs Frodi, and they kiss each other passionately.  

Posted Image

FRODI:   Hmm, now THAT is a Welcome Home kiss!  

Still kissing, Nick guides Frodi towards the settee, and they both fall onto the settee.

FRODI:  Now who put that settee there?   *giggles*

NICK:  I have absolutely no idea.  *grins*  

FRODI:   *giggling*   I feel like a naughty school girl, with Solan watching.

NICK:   *turns to look at Solan*   Solan, do you mind if I kiss your mummy?

SOLAN:   *gurgles*

NICK:   *turns back to Frodi*   He doesn't mind at all.   *leans in and kisses Frodi*  

Nick pulls Frodi's feet up onto his lap, and starts rubbing them.  Frodi smiles, and lovingly touches his arm.  

Posted Image

NICK:  Eurus will be home from nursery soon.  She was so excited this morning, she didn't even want to go to nursery.  She wanted to stay home, to welcome you and Solan back.  

FRODI:  But you convinced her to go to nursery anyway?  That's the Zarano charm showing through.    *smiles*  

Sein Dor Hospital, Underground Research Room...

Mary Walsh is overseeing another session with Ben, John, and the other 3 men.  She watches them closely, as they sit strapped in their chairs, with the mysterious drug pumping into them.  She checks her watch, and takes notes, documenting how long each session lasts (how long the drug is pumping into them), and their reactions.  The men don't even seem to realise that she's been increasing the time for each session.  

She checks her watch again - that's enough time for this session.

MARY:  Okay boys, wakey wakey.  

The men open their eyes, as Mary unstraps them.  And as before, the men are in a euphoric state as they stand up.  

MARY:  Ben?  Everything okay?

BEN:   *nods*   Yep.  I always feel so alive at these sessions.  

MARY:  Good, good.  

Mary checks the pulse of each of the 5 men, and logs it in her notes.  

MARY:  Okay boys, ready for some exercise?  

Mary leads the men over to another part of the huge room, where some treadmills are lined up in a row.  They've obviously done this before, because they know what is expected of them.  They each put on a 'breathing mask' to restrict the flow of oxygen into their lungs, then they jump on to the treadmill.


Mary sets the treadmills to 'Maximum' - the men have to run fast, to keep up with the treadmill.  After 30 minutes of running on the treamill, Mary tells the men to stop.  After that gruelling workout, one would expect the men to be tired and out of breath... but they've barely broken a sweat!  Mary smiles, obviously pleased with the results.  Her mysterious drug is working.  

Wyndermere Island...

Lorenzo is out in one of the gardens.  Thanks to The Woman's encouragement, he's taking up drawing.  And after he expressed his new interest to Myca & Sebastion, they gave him a proper sketch pad.  He's glad to have such good friends.  Now he's busy sketching his favourite fountain - the one where he had his first kiss with The Woman.  

The Woman creeps up behind him, and puts her hands over his eyes.

THE WOMAN:  Guess who?  

LORENZO:   *smiles, and plays along with her*   Ummm... Sebastion?  

THE WOMAN:    *laughs*   No.

LORENZO:  Not Sebastion?  Then you must be his charming wife, Myca?

THE WOMAN:  Try again.

LORENZO:  I know!  You're the guy that cleans Sebastion's fencing swords?  

THE WOMAN:   *giggles*   No silly!  It's me!  

The woman uncovers Lorenzo's eyes, and sits down next to him.  

Posted Image

LORENZO:  The most beautiful woman on this island!  That was my next guess.   *kisses her*

THE WOMAN:   That's more like it.   *smiles*

She looks at the half-finished sketch Lorenzo's busy with, and takes it from him to get a better look.  

THE WOMAN:   This is amazing, Lorenzo!   *looks between the sketch, and the actual fountain*   I love the way you've drawn the water shoots coming down.  It almost looks like it's really moving - so realistic.  

LORENZO:  This fountain is special, so the drawing has to be perfect.  

THE WOMAN:  This is the fountain where we first kissed.   *twirls her long hair round her finger, and kisses him*

LORENZO:  *nods*   I was so nervous, thinking you would slap me, or walk away, or never talk to me again, or something.  

THE WOMAN:  Hehe.  No way!  I had been wanting you to kiss me for a while, but I was too shy.  

LORENZO:  I'm glad we're together now, though.    *kisses her, and takes his sketch book back*   It's a pity I can't draw *YOU* anymore.  You're definately my favourite subject.  

THE WOMAN: Why can't you draw me anymore?

LORENZO:  Cos you said you didn't want me to.  Remember?  Yesterday, under the tree.

THE WOMAN:   *shakes her head*   You must have been dreaming, Lorenzo.  I never said that.  I kinda like you drawing me... it makes me feel special.  

Lorenzo looks puzzled - he distinctly remembers her telling him yesterday, not to draw her anymore.  She must have changed her mind.  Still, he doesn't want to argue with her.  

LORENZO:  You *ARE* special!  But now... I don't know if I want to draw you again.  Maybe I'll still with fountains, from now, until my dying day.   *teases*

THE WOMAN:  Oh, please?   *plays with his long hair*

LORENZO:   *kisses her*   Okay.  Not today though.  Myca & Sebastion might want to see what I've been drawing out here, and I can't let them see any sketches of you.  

The Woman doesn't want Myca & Sebastion to know about her, and asked Lorenzo not to mention her to them.  Lorenzo respects her wishes, and hasn't told anyone about her.  That also means he has to hide his drawings of her.  

Sein Dor Hospital...

Ben is back on his shift in the lab, as though he had never had a session with Mary followed by the gruelling treadmill run.  He hears a gentle knocking at the door, and looks up.  It's Trina, so he goes to open the door to let her in.

BEN:  Hey there Trina.  Fancy seeing you here... come here often?   *jokes*

TRINA:  Fairly often.   *grins*   I'm on my break... fancy going down to the canteen?

BEN:  Ack!  Technically, I had my break.  But John and me had to work through it, so... sure, why not?  I could do with a breather.  And I'm in charge of this lab anyway.   *grins*  

Ben grabs his keys, locks up his lab, and follows Trina towards the canteen.  As they walk along the corridor, Trina watches him out of the corner of her eye.  She's glad they had remained friends.  He's such a sweet, caring guy.  She definately has a crush on him now!  

Zarano Manor...

Mid-afternoon, Sabag visits, bringing back Lucy and Oscar.

SABAG:  How's my favourite sis, and my newest nephew?  Glad to be home again?

FRODI:  Hehe, we're fine.  And definately glad to be home.  Thanks for looking after Lucy and Oscar.  Did you have fun with those 2 terrors?  

SABAG:  It was my pleasure.  And we had lots of fun!   *looks at Lucy and Oscar*   We enjoyed knocking down the toy bricks that Uncle Sabag made into castles, didn't we?   *chuckles, and tickles the twins tummies*  

Lucy and Oscar just giggle.  Knocking down Uncle Sabag's bricks is a LOT of fun for them.  

SABAG:   *looks back at Frodi*   And thought it would give Nick a chance to bring you and Solan home.   *looks around*   So where is my youngest nephew?  

NICK:   *walks into the room, carrying Solan*   He's right here, Sabag.  Just woke up from his nap.

SABAG:  There he is!    

Nick gives Solan to Sabag, to hold for a while.

SABAG:  I'm your Uncle Sabag.   *looks up at Frodi & Nick*   He really takes after the pair of you.  

FRODI:   *smiles proudly*   Thanks.  

SABAG:   *to Solan*   Are you going to smile for me?  Hmmm?  Have you got a smile for your Uncle Sabag?  

Solan looks at Sabag, and yawns.  

SABAG:  Oh, what a big yawn, Solan.  

Sabag stays for a while, fussing over the kids as he chats to Frodi & Nick.  Then he gets up to leave.

SABAG:  Anyway, I can't stay.  You two probably want some time alone with this little one, before the othe kids come home.  

Sabag hugs Frodi, Nick, Solan, Lucy, and Oscar 'Goodbye', then leaves.  

Wyndermere Island...

In the drawing room, Myca & Sebastion are talking.

SEBASTION:  So where is our esteemed guest, this afternoon?

MYCA:  He's probably out in the garden somewhere, drawing in his sketch book.  

SEBASTION:  Indeed.  This new hobby of his is certainly keeping him busy.

MYCA:  He's actually quite good.  Have you seen any of his drawings?  

SEBASTION:  I have.  His drawing of the beach where we found him is to be aplauded.  

MYCA:  He certainly has hidden talents.  But you, my love, have talents that lie elsewhere.  

Myca lies down across the table.

Posted Image

SEBASTION:  Ohhhhh, I LOVE it when you get erotic with me!  

Sebastion stands up, grabs his goblet of wine and starts sipping from it, then leans down and kisses Myca on the table.  

Zarano Manor...

Late that night, after all the kids are in bed, Frodi & Nick finally relax in their bedroom.

FRODI:  Phew!  It's been a busy day today.  

NICK:   *climbs into bed*   Yeah, I'm exhausted.

FRODI:  YOU'RE exhausted?  You didn't have to breastfeed a hungry baby every couple of hours.  *sticks tongue out*

NICK:  *chuckles*   But you looked so cute, doing it.  Well, you're cute anyway.   *holds his hand out for her*

FRODI:   *climbs into bed, takes his hand, and kisses him*   Smoth-talker.   Anyway, Solan's down for a couple of hours now.  

Nick looks at her, and runs his fingers through her hair.  Frodi leans in, and kisses his soft lips, and his neck, and his ear.

FRODI:  I love you Nick!  

NICK:  And I love YOU!  

They clasp hands, with their fingers intertwining, and Frodi kisses his chest.  Nick squeezes her hands, enjoying this immensely.  Frodi's kisses get lower, as she kisses his tummy, and his bellybutton... and down to his package.  She gently strokes and squeezes it, while she is kissing.  She kisses all round his legs, tummy, and belly button, while she strokes his package.  And as she can feel his package getting harder, she also feels herself getting wetter.  She looks up at Nick... he has his head leaned back, enjoying the sensation.

FRODI:   *kisses his package*   Like this?

NICK:   *nods*    Uh-huh!  

Nick pulls her up towards him, and kisses her cheek, her lips, her breasts.  He reaches down, and fingers her down below, and she gives out a moan of pleasure.  He rolls over, so he is on top of her, and kisses her forehead.

FRODI:   *softly*   Niiiiiiiccccccckkkkkk.  

He tweaks her nipples, and a trickle of milk comes out.  Nick leans down and kisses her pointy hobbity ears.  She strokes his hair, feeling more excited, and getting wetter by the second.  And she can feel Nick's brick-hard package pressed against her.  How is it possible to love someone so much?  How is it possible that Nick loves her back?  How did she get so lucky?  She wraps her legs around him.  He shifts slightly... and enters her!  

The Next Day...  

Sein Dor Hospital...  

Ben's pager buzzes.  He checks it... it's Mary.  He makes his way down to the secret underground researh room.  

BEN:  Mary!  Got your page.  Is everything okay?

MARY:  Everything's fine Ben.  It's time for a session.  

BEN:  It's not our usual day.

MARY:  No, this is an extra session.  This is an extra session.  Just for you.  Go and sit down.

Ben doesn't question her.  He sits down in his usual chair, while Mary straps him in, and inserts the large needle into his arm.  Mary sets the dosage as usual... but then pauses, and decides to increase the dose to double.  She's getting impatient... wanting more results quicker.  She also wants to know if a higher dose will increase results.  

Ben fliches, as the drug enters his system, and then closes his eye as the drug takes effect.  

Zarano Manor...

NICK:   *quietly creeps up behind Frodi*   BOOO!

FRODI:   *jumps*   NICK!  Oh, you scared me!   *turns round and kisses him*

NICK:  I scared you?   *raises his eyebrow*   You weren't scared of me last night!   *grins*  

FRODI:   Last night...  *gets a goofy grin, as she thinks about last night*   Last night was... MAGICAL!   *strokes his face*  

NICK:  So you didn't miss the hospital bed   *teases*  

FRODI:  Let's see... hospital bed... own bed with my soulmate... hospital bed... own bed with my soulmate... that's a tough one.   *laughs*  

Nick smiles, and leans down and French kisses her.  

Sein Dor Hospital...

After 15 minutes, Mary stops the dosage.  

MARY:  Wake up Ben.  How do you feel?

BEN:   *euphoric*   On top of the world!  

MARY:   *pauses*   I wonder if you could do me a favour?  I want this desk moved.  Could you do it for me?  

Ben looks at the desk.  It's very big and solid, but he doesn't hesitate.

Posted Image

BEN:  Sure.  Where do you want it?

MARY:  How about... over ther?   *points to another corner*

Ben walks over and starts tugging at the desk.  Even though it's solid and heavy, he tries to move it.  It's a struggle for him, but he manages, one 'tug' at a time, to move it slowly.  

Mary makes a mental note, then walks over to him, and places her hand on his back.

MARY:  I've changed my mind... the desk is fine where it is, thankyou, Ben.  

Ben manages to push the desk back into place.  Then Mary says he can go back to his shift upstairs in the hospital.  
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Posted 23 October 2016 - 01:03 PM

Zarano Manor...  

Frodi is down on the floor, playing with Solan - tickling him, talking baby talk to him, shaking his rattle at him, etc.   And he is enjoying himself, giggling away happily.  

FRODI:  Who's a good boy then?  Are you a good boy?  Yes you are.  And mummy loves you very much.  Yes she does.   *tickles his foot*  

Solan laughs, and instinctively moves his foot.

FRODI:   *smiles*   Has someone got tickly feet?  Has someone got tickly feet?  Solan has tickly feet.   *tickles his foot again*   Yes he does.  Oh yes he does.    *blows a raspberry on him*

Frodi shakes the rattle, and Solan looks towards the sound.

FRODI:  Do you like that?  I think you do.   *smiles*  

Nick appears in the doorway.  A smile plays on his lips, as he watches Frodi and Solan.  

NICK:  Is this a private conversation, or can anyone join in?

Frodi looks up at Nick, and smiles.  

FRODI:  I think anyone can join in.  *laughs*   Solan was just demanding some play time.

She looks back at Solan.

FRODI:  Look Solan, it's your daddy.  Do you know how much I love your daddy?  I love him very, very, very much!

Frodi picks up Solan and walks towards Nick.  

FRODI:   *to Solan*   Shall we sing a song for your daddy?   *sings to the tune of 'Baby I Love Your Way'*   Ooh Ni-ick, I love your way.  Gotta tell you I love your way.  Wanna be with you night and day.  I love your WAAAA-AAAAYYYYY.

She reaches Nick, and kisses him.

NICK:   *smiles and strokes her hair*   Just so happens, I love you, too.  

FRODI:  Solan's got TICKLY FEET!   *tickles Solan's feet, making him giggle again*

NICK:  Is that so?

Nick playfully tickles Solan's feet, and he giggles.

NICK:  Hmmm, so he has.  Someone else I know also has tickly feet.   *looks hard at Frodi*   Isn't that right... FRODI?  

FRODI:   Uh... I have absolutely no idea who you are talking about.  *stiffles a giggle*

NICK:   Are you denying you have tickly feet?  

FRODI:  Um... no comment.    *sticks her tongue out*  

Nick smiles, and tucks her hair behind her ears, leans down, and kisses her.  With her free hand (she's still holding Solan), she gently strokes Nick's cheek, and french kisses him.

Sein Dor Hospital...

Ben, John, and the others have just finished another session with Mary.  Now they return to their duties, feeling very euphoric.  

As Ben and John head for the lab, the bump into Trina as she is doing her rounds.  Ben smiles at her.

Posted Image

TRINA:   *smiles*   Hey Ben.  Hey John.  Nice to see you both.

BEN:   *smiles*   Nice to see you too, Trina.  So what are you up to?

TRINA:  Just doing my rounds.  Urgh, it's been non-stop, since I started my shift.

BEN:  No rest for the wicked, eh?  

TRINA:   *laughs*   SO true!  Anyway, how are you?

BEN:  You  know how it is... a lab technician's work is never done.  

TRINA:  Hehe.  Poor Ben.

BEN:  Tell me about it!  I have a boat-load of blood samples I need to prepare.   *pause*   Got any blood you don't need?   *teases*

TRINA:  Sorry Ben, I kinda need all my blood right now.

BEN:   *snaps his fingers*   Aww, shucks!   *puts on an accent*   I vant-a to suck-a your blood-a.

Trina laughs.

BEN:   Anyway, I really should get back to it.  

TRINA:    *nods*   Okay.  It was lovely to see you.  Bye Ben.  Bye John.  

JOHN:  Bye.

BEN:  Bye Trina.

Trina brushes her hand against Ben's arm as she says 'Bye' to him.  She smiles, and watches as Ben and John head off towards the lab.  Round the corner, John stops, and looks at Ben.  

BEN:  John?

JOHN:  Well that was... interesting.

BEN:  What?  Trina?  

JOHN:  You still like her, don't you?  Admit it.

BEN:  Yeah, I like her.  Why wouldn't I?  

JOHN:  But you *LIKE* her!

BEN:   *laughs*   Come on, John.  She's just a friend,  that's all.

JOHN:  Just friends?  For two people who supposedly have no romantic interest in each other, there was DEFINATELY a lot of chemistry there.

BEN:  You're imagining things.

JOHN:   Am I?

BEN:  ...

JOHN:  You should ask her out.

BEN:  I did, remember.  But there was no connection.   *starts walking again*

JOHN:  Maybe not then,  but the way she was looking at you just now... she's definately into you.   *walks alongside Ben*

BEN:  You're just an old romantic, John.  Seeing things that aren't there.   *chuckles*

They turn another corner, and reach the lab.

BEN:  Anyway, here's the lab.  See you later, buddy.   *gives John a friendly pat on the back*

JOHN:  Yup.  See you later.  

Ben enters his lab, while John  carries on to his duties.  

Zarano Manor...

Frodi is sitting in the easy-chair, breastfeeding Solan.  She loves the feeling of him sucking from her.  She talks to him, and strokes his head as he's feeding.  And he looks up at her instensily.  

A cartoon is playing on the TV, keeping Lucy and  Oscar amused as they bounce in their bouncy chairs.  

FRODI:  Are you are hungry baby, Solan?  Your big brother and sister are watching a cartoon.  Isn't that fun?

Solan continues to suck noisely from Frodi.

Nick brings a glass of water for Frodi, so she won't get thirsty as she is breastfeeding Solan.  He sits down next to her, strokes Solan's arm, then kisses Frodi.

NICK:  *rubs her shoulders*   Why is it, when your boobs get big like this, I'm not allowed to touch them?    *laughs*

FRODI:  *looks at him and smiles*   So you only want me for my big boobs?   *sticks her tongue out*

NICK:  Well, I do like 'em... but... I don't mind sharing them with our son.  As long as I get this!

Nick touches Frodi's lips, fingering them gently.  Then he touches her cheek, and kisses her, as she continues to feed Solan.

FRODI:   Mmmm!  My lips are all yours!   *smiles*  

Wyndemere Island...

Lorenzo is in his room.  He's busy working on another sketch of The Woman.  As his confidence in drawing grows, he's becoming more creative, trying different styles and techniques.  This one has her lying on his bed, with a crown of roses in her hair.  He's deiberately smudging his pencil lines as he draws, giving it a dream-like quality.  He's sketching her from memory, and he can't wait to show it to her.  

He looks up at the clock, and notices the time.

LORENZO:  Oh shoot!  I'm late for my appointment with the doctor.   *puts his sketch pad and pencil down*

Lorenzo still has regular appointments with the doctor, where he has the chance to discuss anything that's worrying him.  

In the docto's office, Lorenzo tells him how much he enjoys drawing, and how he feels it's helped him come to terms with his memory loss.  However, the doctor decides to try another 'Alphabet Test' - Lorenzo has to go through the alphabet, naming 2 things for each letter.  The doctor hopes, if he does this every so often, it may help to jog Lorenzo's memory.  

He starts with 'A', and continues through the alphabet, naming common, insignificant things.  Then he reaches 'Q', and something happens.  He gets a flash of a darkened room in his mind - just for a split second, then it's gone again.  He stands up, suddenly.  

Posted Image

LORENZO:   *clenches his fist*  QUEEN!  

DOCTOR:   *looks at him*   Queen?  That's an interesting thing to say.  What comes to mind, when you think of the word 'queen'?

LORENZO:  ... I don't know.  Nothing.  I think.

DOCTOR:  Well, queens are female.  Do you think of Myca as a queen?  It was her that found you on the beach, after all, so technically, it was her that saved your life.

LORENZO:  No.   *shakes his head*   I think a lot of Myca, and I'm really grateful to her, AND to Sebastion.  They've both become good friends.  But I don't think of Myca as a queen, in any way.

DOCTOR:  *checks his notes*   Once before, you remembered 'Francis'  (Francesca) as we were doing this.  Can you remember anything more about 'Francis'?

LORENZO:  No.  I don't think so.  ARRH, this does my head in.  *goes over to the window, and looks out*   Sometimes I'm okay with not remembering my past.  But sometimes... sometimes I still can't help wondering how I ended up on this beach, with a bullet wound, and only one kidney!  

DOCTOR:  The answers are locked somewhere in your mind.  We just have to find the key to unlock those memories.  

The doctor takes note of the word 'Queen' in Lorenzo's records, as well as his reaction.  Then they carry on through the rest of the alphabet.  But nothing else signigicant happens.  

Zarano Manor...

Frodi has gone to put Solan down for a nap.  But as time ticks by, Nick notices she's been gone for a long time.  What's keeping her?  He makes his way up to Solan's room, to see what's taking her so long... but she isn't there!  

Eventually, he finds her in their bedroom.  She's standing in front of the mirror, with her dress lowered, and her back to the mirror.  She's looking at her mutilated back in the mirror - the name 'Stengolas' still screams out as raw and angry as ever.  

She turns to look at Nick, close to tears.  She bites her lip, trying not to cry.  

FRODI:   *quietly*   He's still out there, Nick.  Somewhere.  He's still out there.  

Without a word, Nick walks over to her, and wraps his arms around her.  He can't stand seeing his wife so upset.  And his hatred for Stengolas is beyond measure.  

Posted Image

FRODI:  I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes...  *her voice breaks off*   Will his thirst for revenge ever end?  What's he going to do next?  

NICK:   *trying to comfort her*   He's not going to hurt you ever again!  I promise you this!   *holds her tightly*  

Sein Dor School...

Vincent is looking franctically through his schoolbag, a look of panic on his face.  Jazzy sees him, and runs over.

JAZZY:  Hey Vincent.

VINCENT:  *glances up*   Hey Jazzy.   *looks in his schoolbag again*

JAZZY:  What's up?

VINCENT:  Can't find my Geography notes.  ANYWHERE!  They're not in my bag.  They're not in the cafeteria.  They're not in the corridor.  I'm sure I haven't dropped them.

JAZZY:  When did you last see them?

VINCENT:  In Geography class, this morning.  

JAZZY:  Don't panic Vincent.  We're in the same class - you can copy my notes, after school today.  

VINCENT:  Really?   *smiles*   Thanks Jazzy.  You are a life-saver!  

JAZZY:  No problem.  That's what girlfriends are for.  

Zarano Manor...

Frodi has fallen asleep, exhausted after the emotional stress of the Stengolas situation, as well as lack of sleep from having to feed Solan every 2 hours.  Nick lies with her a while, just to make sure she doesn't wake up.  Stengolas can't be allowed to get away with what he's done!  He gently kisses Frodi's cheek, then gets up, and leaves the room.  

Outside the room, he quietely closes the door, so as not to disturb Frodi.  Then he pulls out his mobile, and dials a number.  The other person quickly picks up.


NICK:   *on the phone*   Tony?  It's Nick... Nick Zarano.  Listen, I've got a job for you.  I need you to find someone..... the bastard's name is Stengolas Smallburrow.  But he might be using the alies Dr Hamilton Finn.  I need to teach that fucker a lesson! ..... What did he do?  He hurt my wife!  The bastard needs to pay!  I want him brought to me alive!  I'll send you a picture of him.  

Nick sends a picture of Stengolas, as Dr Finn, to Tony, then puts his mobile away.  He's looking forward to teaching Stengolas a lesson!  

Later that afternoon, Frodi has woken up, unaware of Nick's phonecall.  But she always feels better in Nick's arms.

A short time later, Vincent bursts through the front door, with Jazzy in tow.

VINCENT:  Hey mum, dad.  I lost my notes for Geography class, so Jazzy is letting me copy hers.  Is that okay?

FRODI:  Sure Vincent.  Nice to see you again Jazzy.  Would you like to stay for tea?

JAZZY:  No thankyou Mrs Zarano.  Can't stay for long, I just wanted to help Vincent out.  

Frodi smiles a 'Thankyou', then lets the teenagers head up to Vincent's room.

The Next Day...

Sein Dor Hospital...

Ben and Trina are in the staff canteen, enjoying a well-earned break.  

BEN:   *to Trina*  I was talking to one of the patients yesterday.  Poor woman's convinced she's a lemon... she's lost all zest for life.

TRINA:   *bursts out laughing, and splutters her drink*   BEN, you really had me going there.  

BEN:  Forget about the woman who thinks she's a lemon.  What about me?  I had a blood test the other day... it took a lot out of me.

TRINA:  Your jokes get worse.  *groans*

BEN:  Maybe.  But you laugh at them anyway.  

TRINA:  I know.  I really shouldn't encourage you, Ben Brogan.    *smiles*  

As Trina looks down to take another sip of her drink... Ben, unexpectedly, leans across the table and kisses her.


BEN:  Sorry.  Was that too much?


BEN:  Sorry, I'll try and take things more slowly.   *clears his throat*   Trina, would you like to come out on a date with me again?  I know we tried this before, and it didn't work out.  But we didn't end up hating each other.  I think it's worth trying again, don't you?   *nervous*

Trina thinks for a while.  She has been attracted to Ben recently, and she regrets not feeling the attraction before.  But should she go on another date with him?  What's the worst that could happen?  They remain friends, just as they are now?  But on the other hand... what if things work out this time?  What if they go on a date, and they 'click'?  Wouldn't that be fantastic?  She smiles at Ben, and nods.  

TRINA:  Yes Ben, I think I'd like to go on a date with you.  

Ben smiles with relief.  She didn't turn him down.  

BEN:  Wonderful!   *thinks*   How about today, after work, before you change your mind?  We could go for a meal out?  

Beep beep beep beep.... beep beep beep beep.... beep beep beep beep

Ben's pager goes off.  He looks at it, and sees it's Mary summoning him for another session.  Perfect!  A session with Mary, and a date with Trina to look forward to.  Today is going to be a good day.  

BEN:   *waves his pager at Trina*   Sorry Trina, duty calls.   *stands up, ready to leave*   So... is it a date then?

TRINA:   *nods*   Yes, it's a date.  A meal out sounds lovely!  I'm already looking forward to it.     *smiles*

BEN:  Wonderful!   *beams happily*   I'll see you later then.  

Trina watches Ben as he leaves, grinning from ear to ear.  She's really excited about this date with Ben.  She finishes her drink quickly, then goes off to find Elizabeth, eager to tell her friend the news.  

Zarano Manor...

While Solan, and the twins, are down for a nap, Frodi & Nick are taking advantage of the quiet time by enjoying a relaxing time in the pool.  A radio plays nearby, as they gently splash each other.  Then Nick grabs her, clasping her hands, as he holds her at the side of the pool.

NICK:  *playfully*   You're my prisoner now Frodi Zarano.  What are you going to do?   *smiles*

FRODI:  I'm going to do the only thing I *can* do - kiss you!   *kisses his nose*  

NICK:  Good answer.   *grins, and kisses her lips*

Frodi clasps Nick's hands tightly, as they share another kiss.  And as another song comes on to the radio, Frodi sings along to it, looking deep into Nick's eyes.  

FRODI:   I can't help falling in love with you Nick.   *touches his face*

Sein Dor Hospital...  

As Ben enters the underground research room, we see Mary writing something down in her diary.  She looks up at Ben, as he approaches her.  

BEN:  Hey Mary.  Session time again already?   *rubs his hands together in glee*   I'm ready when you are.  

MARY:  Great!  Let's get started then.  Go and sit down in your chair.  

Ben dashes over to the row of chairs, and sits down in his usual chair.  Mary puts her pen down, and walks over to Ben, ready to hook him up and insert the needles into him.  As she does so, she forgets to put her diary away, and we see what she was writing:


Ben Brogan is responding well to the serum.  Much better than anticiapted.  I'm already giving him daily doses now, instead of every 2 or 3 days like the others, and I'm starting to see a change in him.  His strength is increasing nicely, as well as his physical endurance.  Today, I'm going to double the dose.  I MUST get results soon!

MARY:  Okay Ben, are you ready?

BEN:   *in the chair*   Yep.  Ready and waiting.

Mary straps his arms and legs down, then straps his head, so he can't move.  Then she inserts the device with the large needle into his arm - he flinches as the needle goes in, then closes his eyes.  Mary glances at him, then sets the controls on the device, so the drug pumping into him is twice the usual dose.  

Zarano Manor...

Frodi had gone out to collect Eurus from nursery.  Now they've arrived home, and Eurus hops around excitedly.

FRODI:  Are you going to show daddy what you did at nursery today?   *smiles*


Eurus runs off to find Nick.  When she finds him in the living room, she jumps into his arms.

EURUS:  Daddy, we were making paper plate dinosaurs at nursery today.  And... and... and I made one for you.   *proudly holds out her creation for Nick*

Nick takes the paper plate dinosaur from her, pulling Eurus onto his knww, and looks at it carefully.

Posted Image

NICK:  Wow, fantastic work Eurus.  I love the colours.  And all his spots.  

EURUS:  I made that one specially for you.  That's a boy dinosaur.  I made a girl dinosaur for mummy.  

NICK:  Aren't we lucky, to get a dinosaur each.  

FRODI:   *entering the room*   My dinosaur is pink & blue   *shows her dinosaur*   These are beautiful.  Can we put these up on the wall Eurus?

EURUS:   *giggles excitedly*   YES!

Frodi kisses Nick a 'Hello' kiss, before pinning both dinosaurs up on the wall.  Eurus is extremely - proud of her work.  

Sein Dor Hospital...  

Ben's shift has finished at the hospital.  He goes to find Trina,hoping she hasn't changed her mind about the date.  She hasn't.  In fact, she's been thinking about it since he asked her this morning.  And she's really excited about it.  

Ben takes her to a lovely restaurant.  He's the perfect gentleman for the whole evening, and Trina thouroughly enjoys herself.  She can't remember when she's had so much fun.  

At the end of the date, Ben gets nervous again, as he leans in for a goodnight kiss.  But this time, Trina was expecting it... and she liked it!  

BEN:  I had an amazing time this evening, Trina.

TRINA:  Me too!   *smiles*

BEN:  Would you like to go out with me again?

TRINA:   *nods*   I would love to Ben!  I really would!  

BEN:   *grins*   I'll have more jokes prepared.  

TRINA:  Oh god, please, no.   *teases*  

BEN:   *laughs*   See you tomorrow at the hospital then.

TRINA:  *nods*   Night Ben.  Take care.  Thanks for a lovely evening.  

Trina watches as Ben walks away, then goes into her house.  Wow, that Goodnight Kiss.  SO different from their first date several months ago.  She definately felt sparks tonight.  She has to tell Elizabeth all about it tomorrow.  

Zarano Manor...

It's Eurus's bedtime.  Frodi is tucking her into bed, and telling her a bedtime story.

FRODI:  Are you all tucked up?  As snug as a bug in a rug?

EURUS:  Yes mummy.  Now tell me a story?

FRODI:   Okay, let me think.  Once there was a dragon.  But this was no ordinary dragon... this was a very special dragon.  His name was Flamer.  And he flew backwards.  And instead of breathing fire... he breathed rainbow-flavour popcorn.

EURUS:   *giggles*   MUMMY!  Dragons don't breathe rainbows... they breathe fire.  Everyone knows that.  

FRODI:  Not Flamer.  I told you he was special.  

EURUS:  Did he breathe out anything else, as well as popcorn?

FRODI:  Nope.  Just the rainbow-flavoured popcorn.  

Frodi continues telling the story of 'Flamer the dragon', making it up as she goes along, until Eurus falls asleep.

Frodi goes back downstairs, and sits next to Nick.  She snuggles into Nick, with her head resting on his shoulder.  He puts his arm around her shoulder, twirling her hair round his finger.

FRODI:  That's Eurus out for the count, now.  

NICK:   Mmmm.  Flamer the backwards-flying rainbow dragon?   *raises his eyebrow*  

FRODI:  Rainbow-flavoured popcorn dragon, IF you please.   *sticks her tongue out*   And Eurus likes him.  

Nick smiles, pulls Frodi's feet up on to his lap, and starts rubbing her feet.  She wriggles her toes, loving Nick's footrub.  He really does have the magic touch.
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Sein Dor Hospital...  

Two weeks have passed, and Trina & Ben are now an established couple.  Both of them feel ’sparkage’ for the other now, unlike the first time they tried to date  John has mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, he’s glad to see his friend happy. On the other hand, he doesn’t know how much a girlfriend would interfere with Mary’s sessions.  Thankfully, Mary has forbidden the group to talk about the sessions with anyone else.  

Trina & Ben are enjoying lunch together, in the staff canteen.  Ben playfully steals a chip from her plate.

TRINA:  HEY!  That’s my chip, you monster.  

BEN:  Oh sorry, do you want it back?   *munches half the chip*

TRINA:  Not now you’ve eaten half of it.  Beast!   *laughs*  

Both of them laugh.  Then Ben turns serious, and takes her hand.  

BEN:  Do you still think about your old husband these days?  

TRINA:  Luca?  Do I still think about Luca?  

BEN:   *nods*   I’m glad you told me about him.  


Flashback to an early date, several months ago, before they really connected…

Both of them are feeding the ducks in the park.

BEN:  It‘s nice out here, feeding the ducks, isn’t it?  

TRINA:   *smiles*   Yeah, it is.  I’ve always loved feeding the ducks.

BEN:  Nice and quiet, too.  It gives us a chance to get to know each other better.   *turns to look at Trina*   So tell me your deepest, darkest secret.  Let me guess… you’re married, aren’t you?  You have a secret husband hidden away somewhere.   *laughs*


Ben had said the comment jokingly, expecting Trina to laugh along with him.  But she doesn’t.  Instead, she hesitates, and turns deathly pale.  And Ben notices it.

BEN:  Oh god!  You’re MARRIED???  

TRINA:  NO!  … Yes.  Um, maybe, I don’t know.  It’s complicated.  

BEN:  YOU DON’T KNOW???   *getting angry*   Doesn’t seem at all complicated to me!  Either you’re married, or your not!  And I don’t get involved with married women!   *storms off*

TRINA:   *chases after him*   Ben, please…

Ben stops, and turns back to look at her, feeling angry and hurt.  

TRINA:   *getting flustered*   I *WAS* married.  But we had separated… and then he died.  

BEN:   He DIED?  

TRINA:   *nods*   We hadn‘t divorced yet, before his death, so legally, I don‘t know if I should say I‘m married, or not.  

BEN:   *calms down*   *long pause*   I’m so sorry Trina, I didn’t mean to yell. *takes her hand*   Separated or not, his death must have been a shock to you.  

TRINA:  It’s okay.  We just… we didn’t part on very good terms, that‘s all.  

BEN:  How did he die?  If you don’t mind me asking?  

TRINA:  He drowned.  But they never found his body.   *pause*   It’s not something I really like talking about.  

BEN:  Of course.  I’m sorry.  Forgive me?

TRINA:   *nods*   Of course.  

TRINA:  I’m glad I told you about him, too.  And yes, sometimes I think about what happened to him.  What was going through his mind, as he fell from the cliff.  What was he thinking, as he drowned.  What a horrible way to die!  Did he KNOW he was going to die?   *pause*   He‘s still there, at the bottom of the ocean… they never did find his body.  Maybe if I had done more to help him… MADE him see a psychiatrist… maybe he wouldn’t have been up on that cliff, injecting morphine and anasthetic into my pregnant friend.

BEN:  Trina, listen!  It wasn’t your fault.  None of it!  From what you tell me, Luca was a very sick man.  You did everything you could, but in the end, he was to WANT to get help.  


BEN:  Trust me, I work in a hospital.  I know these things.  

Trina gives a small smile.

Suddenly, the loud speaker blares out an announcement in the staff canteen.


LOUD SPEAKER:   Attention all staff.  This is an urgent announcement.  There has been an incident in Car Park B.  A young girl has been knocked down, and is now trapped under the vehicle.  We are asking for any volunteers to help lift the car and free the girl, please report to Car Park B immediately.  Thankyou.  

Ben looks at the loud speaker, then at Trina.  

BEN:  I should go and help.  Bye.  

Ben gives Trina a peck on the lips, then rushes down to the car park.  

He arrives in the car park, and finds a group of people standing around a large vehicle.  

Posted Image

The driver is distraught - apparently the little girl just ran out in front of him, and there was no way he could stop in time.  

A few men are already trying to lift the van, so the little girl can be pulled to safety without injuring her further… but it seems an impossible task.  The van is just too heavy.  They either need more men to help, or they need a machine to raise the vehicle straight up.

By the time Trina reaches the car park, Ben has already taken his place with the other men around van.  But while they brace themselves for another attempt… Ben lifts the van with relative ease.  The men stare at him in amazement, while the paramedics waste no time in pulling the girl out from under the van.  

TRINA:   *runs over and hugs him*  Ben, how did you DO that?  You are a HERO!   *beams proudly*

BEN:  Ah, it was nothing.  It was a team effort.

TRINA:  No, it wasn’t.  I saw it all, Ben.  They other men were trying, but it was YOU who managed to lift that van up.   *kisses him*

BEN:   *blushes*   I guess… adrenaline must have just kicked in.  I saw that little girl lying there, trapped under the wheels, and I HAD to do something.  I had to help her.  

Ben looks at the paramedics, who now have the girl on a stretcher, and are wheeling her into the hospital.

BEN:  Is she going to be okay?

PARAMEDIC:  She has a MUCH better chance now, than she did 5 minutes ago, thanks to you lifting that van.  Dunno how you did it, but nice work.  Cheers mate!   *gives Ben a friendly slap on the back*  

TRINA:   *hugging Ben*   He’s right, you know.  You deserve a medal!  

Zarano Manor…

Frodi has just put Solan down for a nap, and now she’s looking  for Nick.  She sees a light on in the study.  She goes to investigate, and finds Nick in a chair, staring out the window.

FRODI:  There you are!   *walks over, and kisses him*   You look a million miles away - are you okay?  

NICK:  … Yeah.  

FRODI:  I made you some coffee.  Just the way you like it.   *hands him a mug of coffee*  

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Nick smiles a ‘Thankyou’, takes a sip of coffee, and puts it down on the desk.  

FRODI:  Solan went out like a light.

NICK:   … That’s good.  

FRODI:  Want to go for a dip in the pool?  

NICK:  Maybe later.   *gives a small smile*  

Frodi starts rubbing his shoulders.  Nick has been so distracted the last week or so… as if he something on his mind that’s troubling him.  She’s worried about him.  

FRODI:   *softly*   What’s troubling you Nick?

NICK:  Nothing!  Don’t worry.  

Nick pulls Frodi, so she’s in front of him.  He cradles her face, and kisses her.  Then he wraps his arms around her, holding her tight.   He just sits there for a while, just holding her.  Frodi has her arms tightly around him, as well, and she gently kisses the top of his head.  

A few minutes later, he stands up.

NICK:   *stroking her hair*   I have to go out for a while.  Will you be okay?

FRODI:   *nods*   Yeah.  Want me to come with you?

Nick shakes his head, gives her another kiss, then leaves.  

Sein Dor Hospital, Underground Research Room…

Mid-afternoon, it’s been a couple of hours since the car park incident, and Trina & Ben are back on duty.  Now Ben is checking in with Mary for his daily session.

MARY:  So how are you feeling today Ben?

BEN:  Great!  Better than great.   *jiggles excitedly*   You’ll never guess what happened today!  

MARY:  What happened today?

BEN:  At lunchtime,  this little girl was in an accident.  Don’t worry, I think she’s going to be alright.  But she was trapped under this van, and if the driver had moved his van an inch… he would have hurt the little girl even more.  But I managed to lift it, so the paramedics could get to her.  I’m going to go and see her again, after hour session.

Mary smiles.  This is fantastic news!  This proves her serum is working!  She’s thrilled to know how strong Ben is now.  Of course, it’s what she had hoped for really.  Ben is already having daily sessions, while the rest of the men only have sessions every 2-3 days.  And as well as that, at each session, Ben is receiving 3 times the dose the other men are.  But she can’t rest there…she must increase the dose further.  She needs to know how far this will go.  

MARY:   *smiles*   That’s wonderful news Ben.  You are a lifesaver to that little girl.  

BEN:  Well, I couldn’t just leave her trapped under the van.  

Ben sits down in his chair, as they talk, and Mary straps him in as usual.  And while Ben is busy talking to her, she sets the dose for double what he received yesterday - 6 times as much as the other men.  

MARY:  Ready Ben?

BEN:   Always.   *smiles*

Mary inserts the needle into him, and starts the dose running.  Ben twitches as the serum enters his system, but then he closes his eyes as he goes under.  

Mary heads over to her desk, and sits down.  She pulls a tape recorder out from her desk drawer, and starts recording.  


MARY:   This is Mary Walsh, with another progress report from the serum.  Things are going MARVOUSELY!  Even better than I hoped.  The main test subject, Ben Brogan, is coping well with the serum, and is not displaying any side-effects.  His strength has trebled in just a few days.  And his stamina levels are through the roof. He is the perfect specimen.  But I cannot rest on my laurels.  The serum still needs more extensive testing.  Today, right now, as we speak, I am giving him double the dose he received yesterday.  And I‘m very excited to see what results this bring.  My experiments MUST succeed!  Mary out.

Mary turns off the tape recorder, and hides it back in her desk.  She watches Ben, as the mysterious drug flows through his body.  

Zarano Manor…

Nick arrives home, and finds Frodi watching TV.  She looks up at him and smiles.   Nick pulls her to her feet, and kisses her passionately.  Then he whispers in her ear.

NICK:  I want to scrub your back, in the Jacuzzi.   *winks*  

FRODI:   *giggles*   *lovingly strokes his arms*   You seem happier now.  Where did you get to?

NICK:   *shrugs*   Just had to clear my head.

Nick takes her hand, and pulls her towards their secret room.  He leads her down the stairs, and then unbuttons her dress, kissing her at the same time.  She lets her dress fall down, and kicks it away.  Nick lifts her up, and gently lowers her into the Jacuzzi, and steps in after her.  She wraps her arms around him, stretches up, and kisses him.  

Sein Dor Hospital, Underground Research Room…

Mary wakes up Ben, and unhooks him from the syringe.  As he opens his eyes, his pupils roll back for a few seconds, before becoming normal again.  Ben feels a buzz he hasn’t felt before… and he LIKES it!  He’s also feeling a bit light-headed, but he puts that down to the excitement of lifting the van earlier on - the adrenaline must still be running through him.  

With a wave ‘Goodbye’ to Mary, he heads back up to his lab.  
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