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Explanation Of Forum Punishments

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Posted 06 May 2005 - 09:07 PM

The following is an explanation of the various punishments that may be doled out by admins to members.

We have the following punishments, in order of severity:
  • Avatar or signature removal.
  • Post editing or deletion.
  • Warnings.
  • Temporary ban.
  • Permanent ban.
Avatar or signature removal:

If your avatar or signature was removed, it means that it did not adhere to the posted Avatar or Signature Guidelines. Please do not repost your avvie or sig, it will just be removed again, and another, more severe punishment may be considered.

Post editing or deletion:

If one of your posts has been edited or deleted, it means that it contained content that has broken one or more of the forum's Posting Guidelines. This is the least severe punishment you can get for breaking posting rules, so complaints will be ignored.


If you have noticed that your warning meter has gone up, it is because you have broken one or more of the forum's posting guidelines. This will often be done in conjunction with post editing or deletion, if necessary. Most likely causes of warning will occur from spamming, flaming, or trolling.

Warnings are given in 20% increments. The higher your warning level goes, the more posting restrictions will be placed on your account (an increase in the length of time that must pass between posts, for example.)

Warnings must be removed by admins, and will be removed after you have shown improvement in following posting guidelines.

Temporary bans:

Temporary bans will be given if you break the posting guidelines severely. They are given at the discretion of the admins, based on a member's willingness to follow guidelines and improve behavior. If an infracture of the rules is severe enough (mass flaming, trolling, discussing warez, advertising other sites), and disruptive enough to the members of the community, a temporary ban is a likely punishment.

The length of a temporary ban is also determined at the discretion of the admins.

Permanent bans:

Permanent bans will be given for extreme and continuous disregard of posting guidelines, and will be given out at the discretion of the admins. Although rare, permanent bans will be given to members whose presence disrupts the community at large and makes the general populace uncomfortable, or whose actions in some way undermine the purpose of the site.

A permanent ban is basically the deletion of an account, and as the name suggests, is permanent.

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