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#1 BeefontheBone


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Posted 18 May 2005 - 02:13 PM

I had a bit of a brainwave last night (possibly induced by drink and/or drugs) - we don't have a VIP section on Reloaded (since there wouldn't be anything in it), but how about some kind of reward for people who help out by, say, reviewing games, providing information, talking to producers, moderating forums, creating graphics, and even just making useful forum posts? I was thinking that since we often say things like "cookies to *** for the excellent review" and so on, they could take the form of virtual 'cookies' (distinct from the ones your browser uses, obviously) handed out by admins and possibly moderators to members, who could each have an extra profile field, or preferably another field under their avatar on the forum (not sure how easy this would be to implement - there's a similar thing on my Air Buccaneers clan board), listing how many cookies they have. It'd give some sort of reward system/recognition for ordinary members who help out and also help new users figure out who tended to provide good advice/tips when they joined the forum.

Whaddaya reckon?
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#2 Tulac


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Posted 18 May 2005 - 04:39 PM

I saw something similar on other forums, I think that'd be great...

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#3 Kosta


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Posted 18 May 2005 - 05:16 PM

Yeah, we're still thinking about what could the Reloaded VIP section consist of..... this idea is good, I'll see how it can be implemented, but it would be cool to actually give something special to people that, say, reach 5 stars or something like that :)

#4 Guest_Data_*

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 05:35 PM

previews to software ?
if that can be pulled off with the producers

#5 DeathDude


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Posted 18 May 2005 - 09:12 PM

Yeah that sounds like a good idea, I've heard of it before, would be interesting..

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