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#31 El Quia

El Quia

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Posted 15 August 2009 - 01:00 AM

El Quia and Frodi look at themselves and start walking to the elevator. When it arrives, they get into it. El Quia looks at the buttons.

-Frodi, tell me a number between zero and ten

-Mmm, five?


El Quia presses the button with the number five on it. A quiet music drown out the elevator noise.

-I wonder who is the kind of sadist capable of composing this kind of music.

Frodi giggles a little.

-So, El, what are we looking for?

-At the moment, we are keeping our eyes open and our ears on alert. At least, that is what I am going to do. Because I don't know what to look for, I will be on alert.

-Well, I'll see what I will do.

In that instant, the elevator stopped and the doors opened.
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Posted 15 August 2009 - 02:21 AM

Fubb, quite comfortable in his booth at the local inn, beer in hand, stared out at the street, chuckling as he watched an elf, overladen with papers and other stationary run into a small hobbit bobbling his way towards some destination. This was fortified when the hobbit got up and hobbled away from the scene of the crash, while the elf was still sitting on the ground trying to gather his papers which were now blowing about the place in the wind. Fool. The mans probably a mindless idiot, easily manipulated, and doing a job for someone he hates no doubt, but he stays at the job because its the only thing he knows how to do.

Fubb sipped at his beer as he pondered what to do. He was hiding from people that would want him dead for being a political extremist. He doubted they could find him in this country, unless this country knew he was an extremist, in which case they could easily raid his apartment and find a healthy stash of illegal weaponry. If this was possible, he needed to make connections fast, and more importantly, find out the situation of this country, and this city. He mine aswell have fun whiel he was here

Fubb: Excuse me, waitress? *motions at a near by waitress* How much for the drink?

Waitress: $2 sir

Fubb: *slips the waitress and extra $5 tip, gets up and leaves the bar*

Greeted by the smell of salt in the air (as the city is near the ocean), Fubb decided he'd venture down to the docks and look around there, and do some site-seeing around the city, and hopefully, gather some gossip about the going-ons around the city

#33 Nick


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Posted 15 August 2009 - 06:33 AM

(Yes, the 90's is a good timeline. The city is based on a "mythical" island, where elves meet modern technology. And by the way, the main map is from Age of Mythology. :cheers: )

(I should also mention, that you'll find gangsters & mobsters down by the docks)

*Meanwhile, back at the castle*

*Tim walks into the gigantic master-suite where Nick lives. He notices the very odd bed, hovering in the air*
Posted Image

Tim: What in bloody hell is that?

*Tim wanders over to the bed, and notices that it's hovering in thin-air*

*After wondering about the bed, he walks into the bathroom, and takes a shower*

*Mean while, in the castle's kitchen*

Nick: Our menu will consist of Fried Chicken, Pizza, Roaster Beef Tenderloin, and side dishes. I also want plenty of our house-brewed beer, and wine from the cellar.

Computer Voice: Nicholas Zarano, you have a guest waiting in the Great Hall.

Nick: Who the hell is it now?!

*Nick runs to the elevator, and pushes button number 1.*

Computer Voice: Going to Floor 1. Great Hall & Entrance

*After the elevator door opens into the first floor, Nick walks into the great hall, and spot's a young girl walking around*

Nick: Sarah!

Sarah: Nick!

*She run's up to Nick and gives him a long kiss*

Nick: Wow... I uh.. Didn't think you would come.

Sarah: Well of course I would! My life is well... You know my life. It sucks. People use me for money, and then they leave. But you are different. You always treated me like a lady. It was always romantic with you. So, naturally, when I thought that you had died in the fire, I was terribly heart-broken.... But then I got your letter... It changed everything.

Nick: Yes, I know...

Sarah: I had to come and see you! I had to! I owe it to you!

Nick: Umm... Sarah, you don't owe me anything. I probably owe you. Your the girl who I found as a one-night stand... But, it turned into something even better.

Sarah: I know it did! *Smiles*

Nick: ... You always were different than everyone else. You never questioned me about my business, or ties. But... it comes down to... this city... Well... it's different than anything else you could imagine.

Sarah: Yes, I know. I've seen the elves and all. It's really magical. Much different than New York. *Laughs*

*Thinks to himself*
*What do I do now?! I was not expecting her.... Okay... calm down Nick... I need to talk*

Nick: Sarah, Tim Makefield is here.

Sarah: Oh yes! You told me about him! Your brave adventurer friend!

Nick: Yes, and also two other guests, Frodi & Quia are also here.

Sarah: Yes, you told me somethings about them... I think...

Nick: Well, their all staying for dinner.... *Oh god... I have to ask her...*

Nick: Will you dine with us?

Sarah: Oh I'd love to! *Giggle*

Nick: Alright then. It's a plan. *Smiles* *Well this is going to be interesting.*

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Posted 15 August 2009 - 08:12 PM

*The elevator stops, and the doors open.  El and Frodi step out into...

A long corridor stretches out before them.  But there is something odd here.  The whole corridor has an eerie green glow about it.  There are many, many doors here, as far as the eye can see.  Each door is a different colour, and each appears to have a mystical symbol on it, which shimmers brightly.  El & Frodi step catiously forward*

FRODI:  *Gulp*  What do you suppose this is, El?  

EL:  I'm not sure.  It really is a most peculiar corridor.  C'mon, lets explore.  *El is clearly intriged by the doors and their symbols*

FRODI:  I...I'm not sure El.  Maybe we should just go back, and...

EL:  Hey, don't be a wimp.  *playfully punches Frodi on the arm*  You picked this floor, remember.  You chose number 5 when we entered the elevator, remember.  *grins down at the little hobbit*  Now come on, let's explore.  

FRODI:  Yeah, you are right.  Well, we are keeping our eyes and our ears open.  Could this be what we are looking for?  *looks inquisitvely at this tall human that has become her friend*

EL:  It could well be Frodi.  It could well be...

*Frodi & El start walking along the corridor, trying unsuccessfully to open doors every so often.  Eventually, they come across a door - the left half is painted green, and the right half is painted red.  There are 4 symbols on this door*

FRODI:  *squeels*  Hey, I know that symbol *pointing to the first symbol*, and the third one as well.  They are both they same.  It's a number 2.  *grins*

EL:  And I recognise this one *points to the second symbol*  It's a human word.  It says 'From'.  And this last one says 'Worlds'.  So I can read two of the symbols, and you can read two of the symbols.  


EL: From


EL:  Worlds

*El & Frodo just look at each other, and start giggling*

FRODI:  Well, that's us.  We are 2 from 2 worlds.  It's a sign.  We were MEANT to go through this door

EL:  But there is no door handle, or keyhole.  How do we open it?  I wonder...

*hobbit and human both place their hands on the door.  The door creaks, then dissappears, as if by magic*
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Posted 16 August 2009 - 04:43 PM

Character Customization:

Name: John Tracker

Race: Human

Apperance: Age: 18 Height: 1,8m Hair: mixture of light brown and yellow

Tracker is a young human male, at the age of 18. Tall, slightly muscular.  

Housing: He lives in a small house at the end of the town.

Life History: Tracker came from somewhere Central Europe, but no-one is sure about the truth. He is new on the island, and he’s goal is to find out what is behind the town’s strange creatures and events. He has an ability which lets him use weapons like rifles, machine guns, and similar ones, (probably because of his love of history/historical wars, weapons). He is also capable of using magic, but he only discovers this after arriving on the island.

[P.S.: Please forgive me if I commit any mistakes in my writings, for I am not English]
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#36 Tracker


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Posted 16 August 2009 - 04:47 PM

The last rays of the setting sun were slowly diappearing. Shadows were growing, darkness was roaming over the forest. A human was lying unciously on the ground. After the sun has completely disappeared, the slowly growing amount of clouds started to pour rain on the land beneath them. The man slowly woke up. He felt a terrible headache. He tried to stand up, but fell to the ground, over and over again. The rain made the ground slippy, and it doesnt helped him either. Finally, he managed to get closer to one of the trees, which helped him standing still. The rain made the only sounds, and everything was quite quiet apart from random lightnings.

„Where I am?” – Tracker could hardly think of anything. The pain he felt in his head was worse than a torture. He couldn’t see anything from the darkness. He wandered into the deep of the forest, walking from tree to tree, afraid of falling down again. He tought he couldn’t manage to stand again. His spirit was strong, unlike his body. Every step he took was like a step taken in hell. Some kind of unusual noise broke the silence. Tracker could hear that loud noise, even through the rain. It was something big. Something hungry. It was lurking around him. He knew that „animal” will attack him before long. A few clouds moved away to let the moon illuminate a small clearing of the forest.

„I have to reach it… I have to reach… it… I have to… I…” – these were the words which were going round and round in his head. He’d no idea why. An inner sense told him to go there. To reach the light, and step out from darkness. He reached the last tree. If he wouldn’t stop for a moment, his soul could escape it’s weak shell.

Loud screaming awaken him from his dizziness.

Tracker turned back. A giant bear was charging towards him. He gained the very last amount of his power, leeched directly from a massive, cruel hatred. Hatred against his enemies, hatred against his weaknesses, hatred against his own self. The moderate speed running drained him fast. He didn’t care. He wanted to move until he’d finally fall down in exhaustion. „Stopping would prove I am weak” – Tracker tought.

He was standing in the middle of the moon-lit clearing. A sudden tought shocked him so hard he didn’t even notice he has stopped. „You’re escaping… you’re escaping… YOU ARE ESCAPING!!!” His ego couldn’t bear these words. Even though he wasn’t a fighter, he turned back. The beast advanced fast. As he later recalled these events, he had the strange feeling it wasn’t him who controlled his actions on that very night. The bear was only a few feets away from him, and was probably so hungry he couldn’t wait to arrive there. The beast jumped so high that no-one expected from such a great, massive animal. It was floating in mid-air. Tracker was in Death’s door. He didn’t see his life in front of him, played like a movie. He wanted to do so much things, and now this fool being will permit him from doing so. How disgusting.

As the animal were flying towards Tracker, something unexpected, yet satisfacting (from Tracker’s point of view) event occured – the beast were sat afire! Still, it managed to claw him pretty seriously. The bear flied across the human, and was rolling for a few more moments. Meanwhile, Tracker was lying on the ground, amazed. How could a so wet, furry animal burn? These were the last toughts remaining him from that night.

The first rays of the rising sun enlighted a person dragging a young human towards a town…
It is not the goal but the journey we're on what matters.

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#37 Nick


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Posted 16 August 2009 - 07:46 PM

(Terrific Tracker! I loved it! :( And by the way, welcome to Reloaded) :cheers:

*Back at the castle*

*Nick boards the elevator by himself, leaving Sarah with Bing. He told Sarah that he had some business to take care of before dinner.*

*On the elevators control panel, are 12 buttons, one for each corresponding floor 1 through 10. The other two buttons are "Stop" and "Computer". But, below the buttons, is a fingerprint scanner. Nick places his finger into the scanner.*
Posted Image

*The scanner lights green, and a slot below it, opens. The slot reveals a small key hole. Nick takes the key out of his jacket's pocket, and inserts the key.
Posted Image
He turns the key, and a loud click can be heard. Nick removes the key. The elevator starts moving down, going deep into the castle's underground system. *

Computer Voice: Floor -25 - Unknown Location - Restricted Access, Authorized Citizens Only

*The door opens into a very dark and small dungeon. Nick waves his hand, and all the torches instantly light with fire.*
Posted Image

*The dungeon is completely slient. The faint noise of the fiery torches are all can be heard. Nick walks out into the dungeon, and bows down in font of a wooden door. He opens a hatch on the right-hand side of him, and it reveals a small ray of light coming in from an unknown source. He sit's on the floor, and starts talking to himself.*

Nick: What do I do...? I can't keep the secrets much longer. Everyone is starting to question my intentions... And now, my prostitute lover is here... She's not really my girlfriend, more of a lover and stalker....

Nick: How do I deal with this? The ghosts, the power, the mystery....

*Nick sighs, and get's up off the floor. He looks at the door, sighs again, and gets on the elevator, he press's button number 3, the dinning hall.

#38 El Quia

El Quia

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Posted 16 August 2009 - 10:46 PM

Frodi and El Quia walk into the room. It is somewhat dark, but a subtle purple light creeping along the floor gives just enough light to realize that there are some big objects aligned on the walls, from floor to ceiling. El Quia touches them, realizing they seem to be some big glass cylinders.

-El, there seem to be big chair back here- says Frodi in a low tone of voice. -There are wires coming from it. Do you think is some kind of electric chair?.

-I don't know, let me see it.

El Quia walk to where Frodi is. He starts touching the back of the chair where Frodi doesn't reach. The metal chair seems to be bolted to the wall. Over the chair, a kind of metal helmet is hanging.

-There seems to be something here, like the metal helmets of those bad sci-fi movies, that are always hanging over chairs on mad scientists labs.

El Quia continues touching the helmet, when he is touching the inside of it, he trips on something. A sudden spark illuminates the room for a millisecond and


The floor gives in to his weight, and breaks. El Quia falls, and faces are flashing by him, going upwards. the wind is screaming in his ears, deafening him. All is dark, now, and the faces curses him while flying by him, mocking him, laughing at him. Finally, he splats on the ground. He bounces slightly, and realizes that he has fallen on a compact mass of maggots, writhing and slithering over each other, over his body, over everything. He starts to sink in them, and he is afraid of opening his mouth to shout, for fear of the maggots entering his mouth. Finally, he starts to scream, to scream, to


-El! El!- Frodi is shouting and shaking him, a concerned look on her face.

El Quia suddenly opens his eyes, fear still clinging to them. He purple light illuminates Frodi's face with a menacing glow. He stand up from the floor and runs out of the room. Frodi follows him. Once outside, the door reappears.

-El, what happened?

-I don't know, Frodi... I wish I know, but I don't.

-Me neither! You where standing there and finally you fell to the ground, your eyes looking blind to the distance. I started shaking, but you were not answering. And then, you started screaming and I was frightened, and started shaking you harder and you wake up and started running. What happened, El, please tell me!

-I had the most weird and frightening vision, Frodi, and I don't know what it means. But I do know that in this castle there is something very wrong. And Nick seems to be at the bottom of this. I am sure. Come on, let's continue our search.
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Posted 16 August 2009 - 11:47 PM

*Nick walks out of the elevator into the dining hall.*

The room is very well lit with rays of light coming from the 10 massive windows surrounding the room. The sun is starting to set, nightfall will be coming.

Nick: Excuse me, William?

William: Yes sir?

Nick: Is all of the food prepared and ready to eat?

William: Yes it is sir. Whenever your ready.

Nick: Umm... Alright, well it's almost night. So do me a favor, get on the loud speaker, and call all of our guests into the dinning hall.

William: Yes sir, ... And what are the names of the guests?

Nick: Tim, Sarah, Frodi, and Quia.

William: Okay sir.

#40 Frodo


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Posted 17 August 2009 - 09:26 PM

*El & Frodi continue down the hall.  El seems lost in thought, and he is clearly shaken by his vision in the Chair room.  He stops every so often, and looks back, and though trying to decide something*

FRODI:  Are you okay El?  I'm quite worried about you.  That was quite a jolt of electricity you got from that electric chair.

EL:  *El gets a look of pure fear in his eyes.  He lowers his voice almost to a whisper*  I don't think it was an electric chair, Frodi.  I think it's some kind of torture chair.  I felt the sensors inside that helmet, but nothing happened until I tripped over the switch on floor behind the chair.  I think it's designed to play with your mind, making you see things that aren't really there - unspeakable things, that...

*El stops himself, and starts shaking, as though reliving the horror he has endured*

FRODI:  It's okay El, it's okay.  It's over now.  Whatever you saw - didn't really happen.  *Frodi looks worridly up at El as she tries to comfort him*  We don't have to go back there.  Let's sit down for a while, and rest.  

*as if by magic, a bench suddenly appears up ahead in the corridor.  El runs to it, and lays down*

EL:  Why would Nick have such a room?  Why?  

FRODI:  I wish I could answer that El.  I really do.  

EL:  When I first came to this land, and got attacked by the ghosts, I vowed to help Nick solve the mystery, and defeat the ghosts, once and for all.  But this castle holds more secrets than I ever thought possible.  And it's all connected with Nick.  

*El stands up suddenly, with a determined look in his eye.  He boldy strolls back to the chair room*  

EL:  I want another look at that chair.  You with me Frodi?

FRODI:  I'm not sure that's such a good idea El.  You were...

EL:  Hey, don't worry.  It's okay.  *I'M* okay.  *smiles down at Frodi*  I know what to expect now, so I'll be more careful.  

FRODI:  Okay then, let's go.

*El & Frodi head back down the corridor, and arrive once again at the mysterious door with four symbols*


EL:  From


EL:  Worlds

FRODI:  You sure you want to do this, El?

*El pauses for a moment*
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Posted 17 August 2009 - 10:09 PM

*Just as El and Frodi put their hands on the door, the computer speaks again*

Computer Voice: Will our guests Tim, Sarah, Quia, and Frodi, please come to the dinning hall on floor number 3. Dinner is ready.

#42 El Quia

El Quia

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Posted 18 August 2009 - 02:19 AM

A mixed look of relief and deception shows on El Quia's face.

-Saved by the bell, it seems- Frodi grins.

-Yes, it seems.

-Well, let's go to the dinning hall. I think we can ask our questions to Nick directly. We have both risked our life coming here, and it was himself who invited us. The less he can do is some explaining...

-And who are those other two? Tim and Sarah?

-Surely some of their accomplices. We will ask some questions to them, too.

Frodi and Quia enters the elevator. Frodi press the button of the third floor. After a short descent, the elevator stops. While the door opens, Quia and Frodi exchange a resolute look.
Your leg falls off, revealing a bloody stump. You are losing a large amount of blood. You must find a way to escape....

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Posted 18 August 2009 - 09:14 AM

Noises of talking could be heard. Unnaturally high voices, even for, perhaps, a women. Tracker’s ears were droning. His vision was blurred, and he couldn’t say anything except rattling. Someone stepped closer to him.

„…ave to worry, you’ll be allri…” – his ears  could slowly seperate words from each other. The words were like leadweights descending in the ocean, slowly reaching the depths of his mind. Their meaning echoed all over his skull, like the sound of the weight reaching the bottom of the sea.

„…rhaps you will feel better now, and…” – the noises were forming into words, the shapes were forming into objects. Once again, the noises were becoming louder. He tried to sit up, but he felt an incredible pain in his torso. Soft hands pushed him down to the bed.

„…don’t be like this, the doct…” – a shape of a being with human dimensions said these words. It had two bright green eyes. Suddenly, Tracker felt that something has been pumped into his veins, something cold, so cold he could feel as the liquid goes through his entire body, into his brain. Everything became clear for his eyes.

„Finally. How do you feel? You had serious injuries, but you will recover very soon. Our surgeons have done a great job on you” – said a young a women. She was very „unnatural” somehow. She’s ears were very long, she was taller than average women, or maybe just thinner. Or both.

„Where I am?” – Tracker could only hope he finally finds an answer.

„You’re in the Liberta Hospital, third level, room 322. I hope you’re satisfied with this for now. Could you tell me your name? We couldn’t find your files in the hospital’s database, perhaps due to the last week’s system crash or hacker attack…”

„I’m Tracker, John Tracker…”

„Tracker?” – she laughed – „Good name… for a dog!”

„I’m glad you’re happy… Perhaps you could tell me your name Miss…” - said Tracker in a rather furious manner -  „Maybe I’d be even more happier then!”

„Oh, don’t be so rude, when I saved your…”

„Life?” – asked the man.

The girl looked confused, like she was fluctuating between staying and going.

„Why would a…” – Tracker suddenly noticed something – „Why would an elf like you save a human like me?”

„Elf? What elf? You… You’re still sick. Have a rest.” – The elf hurried to reach Tracker’s infusion, and she managed to higher the dose of narcotics. The human tried to keep her from doing so, inefficiently. He fell into a long, long dream, to wake up only later, much later…
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#44 Nick


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Posted 18 August 2009 - 04:28 PM

*Nick stands in-front of the long table as Frodi, Quia, Tim, and Sarah enter into the massive dinning hall.*

Posted Image

Nick: Welcome to the dinning room everyone! I've had my chef's prepare a menu of fried chicken, pizza, roaster beef tenderloin, and side dishes.We're also featuring our house-brewed beer, and wine from the cellar.

*Frodi whispers to Quia*

Frodi: Who are those two people?

Quia: I assume Tim & Sarah.

Nick: Please, come sit down everyone.

*The guest's take their seats, and Nick sit's down at the front of the table.*

Nick: So, let me introduce everyone. Frodi & Quia this is Tim & Sarah. Tim is an associate of mine. He discovered this city, and helped build it. He's also quite the adventurer. Sarah is a friend of mine. She lives in New York.

Sarah: Used to.

Nick: ... Um.. Used to?

Sarah: Yes, now I live here. *Giggle*

Nick: Um.. Yes, now she lives here. So uh, Tim, Sarah, this is Frodi & Quia. They're both good friends of mine. We used to hang out in the good old Pub, before the fire.

*The waiters come walking out of the kitchen, carrying appetizer's of salad and tomato soup.  They also place a large dish of onion rings in the center of the table.*

Nick: What would everyone like to drink?

Sarah: I'll have a glass of wine.

Tim: Beer for me.

#45 Tracker


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Posted 18 August 2009 - 09:08 PM

[Nick, could you post smaller pictures in the future? These are loading too slow...]

One Week Later

Tracker woke up. The room was dark. He tried to remember what happened, succesfully. Everything was clear. No visions, no dreams, no dizziness. Only the crude, but crystal clear reality. He couldn’t feel the pain anymore. He tried to look at his wounds, but the Egyptian darkness didn’t help him. He removed the cables, infusions, and every medical objects from his body. He stood up, walked to the wall to find the lightswitch. The sudden light blinded him for a few seconds, but he became familiar with it soon enough. His blood-stained clothes were probably trashed, so he had to find some. But he wasn’t naked at least. The only remains of the wounds were some scarves on him. „Back to business”- tought Tracker, and was so amused he could even smile, or laugh. But he didn’t, for a reason.

His footsetps were echoing in the corridor. Only the drink-giving machines near the wall gave some weak lights. There were a few doors in the wall, but none of them drew Tracker’s interest. Something came into his mind: „Where could possibly everyone gone? There may be someone who needs medical treatment at any time… What the hell” But no-one interrupted him at least. The loneliness he felt was so sweet, so satisfying that he wanted to roam the emptied rooms for an eternity.

By the time he has reached the end of the corridor, he noticed the elevator, but he has chosen to use the stairs instead. The second floor wasn’t even the half interesting as the previous was. There were only rooms for the people who had to stay in for a few days, but all of them were empty. In the middle of corridor, there was a room labeled as „Authorized Personnel Only”. „Oh… This is what I need” – Tracker tought. He gave the door a few kicks and bashes, and surprisingly the door opened. Only a simple lock made it secure. „How long will I have luck?”- he wondered. Switching up the lights revealed a room full of uniforms, made for the hospitals employees. Tracker choosed his size, and weared one of them. A simple shirt with pants, a coat and shoes, all of them in white. „Fashion is the last I shall care for”- reminded Tracker himself.

When he went to the first floor, he was worried. There was really no-one: not even guards, receptionist, or similar. The front door was locked. „If the movies are true, there shall be a back door.” – remembered Tracker. After finding two dead ends, he found a door, and above it was a green sign wich said „Emergency Exit”. It was half opened. Tracker was running towards it, and managed to open it in a moment. He tried to run out, but he fell over himself. As he stood up, he saw a corpse on the ground. It was pretty old, completely dry like a mummy – but something was very familiar about it. „Wait… the ears!”- as he saw the corpse’s long ears, the memories showed up before him as fast as a lightning. But the elf girl wasn’t that old, and it is obvious that if he’s not much older than he was on that day, then nothing else but magic made the elf older. At least, Tracker was thinking this way. He was standing in an alley. Some clouds were swimming before the moon, until it was completely hidden. He could do nothing for the poor elf – but he could do even more for himself. He ran out of the alley, when a luminous shape flied in front of him. He quickly dodged the attack, even though the ground was hard as a rock – well, literally it was. Tracker turned back for a moment, and he saw a ghost. „WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS TOWN?!!” – he nearly freaked out. But he remembered himself that he’s lack of time. So he ran mindlessly, as hundreds, thousands, and thousands of hundreds ghosts were chasing him. He was, once again, on the border of exhaustion. When he ran past one of the corners, he bumped into a bunch of patrolling guards. „What are you doing here this late?”- they asked. Tracker was adviceless. He didn’t know if he shall tell about the ghosts. „Behind the corner” – he said while gasping for breath – „See for yourselves”. Two guards ran there, a loud screaming could heard, and then only one guard returned. His face was as white for he was scared. „Ghosts!” – he yelled – „Follow us, we’ll take you to a safe place”- he turned to Tracker. An other guard pointed behind them: „They’re coming!”. The previous speaking guard screamed in horror: „OK GO! GO! GO!”. After half an hour running they finally arrived at an inn. A guard was knocking on the door in a special order, the innkeeper let them in, and bolted the door as they stepped in. Tracker tought he won’t be able to sleep after all these events, but he actually fell to sleep soon.

While Tracker were sleeping like the dead, a guard, perhaps a commander, ordered the other: „It will be dawn in two and half hours. Have a rest. Then, you must inform our master in the castle as soon as possible. Understood?” „YESSIR!!!” – said the guard, and went to his room.
He turned back: „But sir, Master Nick has guests now, I’m sure you remember that person we saved in the forest…” The Commander was furious: „YOU WILL GO THERE EVEN IF ALL OF HELL’S DEVIL’S BLOCK YOUR PATH!!!” The guard looked angry too: „Of course… yes sir!”
It is not the goal but the journey we're on what matters.

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