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City Of Secrets

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 04:52 AM

Last Updated: 2/17/11

Video Logo:

Since City of Secrets has grown from it's humble beginnings, I present you with the old intro. Below it, the new intro.


*You walk up to a very high-tech sign. You stand there, tired and thirsty. A computer voice starts talking*

Welcome to the City of Liberta.
Liberta is located in the beautiful county of Reloaded, in the country of Abandonia.

Our motto: "Where Freedom is king."

Posted Image

Posted Image

Buildings in City:

Main District:
Posted Image

Outer District:
Posted Image
The History of Liberta:

The beautiful city of Liberta was founded by Nicholas Zarano, a very mysterious fellow. Many  belive that he was a convicted fellon and mobster. But what's even more mysterious, is that Nick  went missing after a terrible fire. The police know that he had also been shot in the head, but when they tried to find the body, it had disappeared from the crime scene. Some believe that Nicholas Zarano did not make it out alive, and that he's currently immortal. Some calling him a demon. But no matter what, citizens still respect the Mayor. After his pride & joy, his beloved Pub, was destroyed after the arsonist fire, he decided to help fund the building of this beautiful city. A city where he could escape from the FBI, and mobsters who are trying to find him.

The city is filled with lush gardens for summer reading, a tarvern with free internet and drinks,  wonderfully designed buildings, and even places where people could practice magic. But Nick also governs the land with an iron fist. A mysterious castle looms, the gallows sit vacant, and ghosts who are lost in time start strolling the city at night. References to the city's past still loom, like acient ruins, and statues. Beautiful lush forests, rivers, and even an ocean with a dock surrounds the city.

The city is dark, mysterious, but also light, charming, and full of happiness. And unlike Nick's  previous venture, this city if filled with fantasy, modern, and magical elements. Elves walk  around the town carrying food, business men carry briefcases as they walk out of the courthouse.  People sit in the tavern and chat with other people on their laptops as they sip hobbit drinks. The city is peaceful. But also mysterious.

The city is also scientifically ahead of everyone else. Modern vehicles are used by the citizens, computer voices welcome you into a room,  and underground computer systems hold vital information, and anti-matter bombs are at the disposal of the Mayor.

The Mayor lives in a cold, high-tech castle and governs the citizens. The growing mob influnence grows in the city. All the tales and stories make Liberta an interesting and beautiful place to live.

This is where are story begins...

*You walk into the tavern to begin your life in Liberta*

"Walk with a spring in your step at day, but at night, the ghost's will haunt ye." - An old  Liberta Philosopher.
Character Customization:

Post your citizen's information in this format. Copy & Paste it:

-Picture - Optional: (You can include a picture if you want. Use one from a video game, movie, etc.)

-Your Citizen Name: (Can include your username, nickname, and even a fictional first & last name)


-Apperance: (Be descriptive)

-Other Information: (Your talents, weapons, job, etc.)

-Housing: (Describe your residence in Liberta)

-Life History: (Be VERY descriptive)

Information for new citizens:

Remember to explore the city, hunt in the forest's, build a house, and just simply talk in the  tavern. Go outside for fresh air, and descripe your views to everyone else. Best of all, have  fun. Once in awhile, new storylines and even contests (Fishing, Hunting, etc) will appear to keep the thread interesting and fresh. Relax in the hot springs, and cool off in the lake.

If you were a Pub patron:
Descripe how you got here, did you get a letter, did you have a dream of it, and also note, that you do know the people from the Pub (If you want). Clean the slate, or keep it the same. It's up  to you.

-Use the IC (In-character) and OOC (Out-of-character) abbrevations.
-You can't kill anyone.
-You can only use magic that's reversible. (Like if you turn someone into a dragon, it is reversable.)
-You can not be more powerful than anyone else. The only one who is "more" powerful is the Mayor.
-You can kill NPC's, like ghosts, elves, and animals.
-Cursing is allowed, and will be frequently used. So this RP is PG-13.
-Adult humor is allowed.
-Flamming is no allowed. If it is found, your character will face servere consquences.
-Spam is not allowed. If it is found, your character will face servere consquences.
-Going off-topic is allowed. Have fun, have multiple topics. Doesn't bother me.

And most of all, enjoy your life in Liberta.


City of Secrets now focuses on locations around the globe. The story is set in the future. It started in 2009, but as of writing, the year was 2016. Many cities are been added, and destroyed in the world. Here's an up to date look at the status of the story world.

Locations Damaged during Nuclear War and Tom Riddle Attack:
New York
Los Angeles

Locations Created for the story:
Liberta: After multiple times being destroyed, Liberta is now an abandoned island.
Shutter Island: Prison.
Amadar: A beautiful and peaceful country, home to hobbits, elves, and a few humans. Also home of the Ministry Against Darkness.
Shire: Home of the hobbits. Destroyed during the Tom Riddle attack.
Volfiridge: The dark city.. where evil dark lords hide in secrecy.

Locations used in the story:

Other locations have also been used.

If you would like to have one of your characters connected to a player character, or NPC, please PM me.

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 04:53 AM

Posted Image

-Citizen Name: Nick (Mayor Nick)(Nicholas Zarano)

-Race: Human - Italian

-Apperance: Tall, a bit heavy, and often wears leather jackets. Scar on his head.

-Other Information: Mayor of Liberta, rumored conman and mobster. Always carries a side-arm handgun with him. Has servere "dark magic power". Considered a demon and immortal by some. A wanted criminal by the FBI, and currently being sought-after by the Leone crime family.

-Housing: Liberta Castle (Large and very modern, but also very creepy. Secluded from the rest of the city.) UPDATE: No house as of writing.

-Life History: Nicholas Zarano is a suspected mobster and conman. But has never been arrested. His known mob boss connections include the (Now deceased) Don Sal Leone, Marty Pani, and Spencer Alahzar. Nick has often been found traveling the world, and the FBI usually follows.

Nick also established the Reloaded Pub, a world famous resturant and bar. The Pub was burnt down and destoryed after a massive fire. The fire was apart of a massive mob war, which lead to the murder of Don Sal Leone, his nephew, and some body guards. All of there bodies were found in the Pub. Nick is believed to be dead by many in the United States & Europe.

But Abandonian's know that Nick is still existing, possibly not alive, but he is still present. No one know's if Nick is still human or immortal. But he is known to venture outside of his castle when it is safe, and the FBI or possibly Leone hitmen, are not present.

Nick married Frodi Greenhand in the year 2013. They have 3 children.

*Nick walks behind the bar of the tavern and sighs. Ah, just like home.*

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 10:36 PM

Attached File  Frodi4.png   27.96K   0 downloads

Citizen Name: Frodi Zarano (formaly Frodi Greenhand)

Age:  23

Race: Hobbity

Status: Happily married

Children:  3 - 1 human boy, 1 hobbit girl, 1 human girl

Apperance: Short.

Housing: Currently resides in the carribbean island of Nevis.

Life History: After surviving the trechoures 'Ring' ordeal that almost destroyed everyone, Frodi has become quit reserved, and tends to keep to one-self.  However she is still fiercely loyal to her friends.  The ring is kept as a momento.

Frodi is recently married to a wonderful human, and has 3 beautiful children by him.
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Posted 04 August 2009 - 11:15 PM

*Nick walks out of the tavern with a glass of scotch in his hand. A tall dark-haired man, with a suit and tie, walks up to Nick and startles him* "Suprise!"

Nick:  Jack! You made it! I wasn't expecting you this soon.

Jack:  Well, my flight in New York was on time, and the train in London arrived on time, so I managed to catch the ferry in time also. I got some sleep on the ferry though, a six hour boat ride knocks you out.

Nick:  I'm just glad to know your safe Jack. It's been one hell of a journey....

Jack:  Yeah...

Nick:  Do you have regrets about leaving the mob?... And for that matter, the rest of the world?

Jack:  No Nick. I don't. Living in the same city, and walking around with a target on your back is not a good feeling. Plus the FBI came to talk to me. They wanted to know where you were. I told them that your probably playing pool and serving drinks in hell. They seemed to believe me... Knowing you...

Nick:  Oh, now thats a good one Jack. Really funny. *Slaps Jack on the back and smirks*

*A short elf comes running up to Nick*

Elf:  Master?

Jack:  Who and what the hell is that?

Nick:  I named him Bing. He's an elf. He's my servant and sort-of secretary. Yes, Bing?

Bing:  Miss Frodi has arrived in town.

Nick:  Oh! Has she? Go find her, and tell her to meet me by the healing springs. Jack, come with me.

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 08:42 AM

*Jack and Nick take a walk, and proceed to cross the outer city bridge*

Nick:  This bridge takes you into the rest of the city.

Jack:  Why are we here?

Nick:  Come with me.

*Nick takes Jack down a pathway, and beyond the path is a beautiful colonial-style brick house.*

Nick:  This is your home Jack. I had my men build it for you.

Jack:  Holy shit! I don't know what to say!

Nick: How about thanks?

*The two walk inside and tour the house. An hour later, Nick walks out of the house and head's down the path, once again crossing the bridge. But Nick notices something... nightfall is beginning. Nick watches humans, elves, and hobbits gather their families and running into their homes. He then decides to pick up his walking pace, but it is a long walk back to his castle.*

BROOOOMMM - BROOOOMMM - This is an alert. - Nightfall is coming. - Please enter your homes immediately. - BROOOMMM

*The alarm ring's throughout the massive city, and Nick quickly starts running. The wind starts picking up, and just as Nick passes the tavern, he remembers something.*

Nick:  Oh no! I forgot all about Frodi! Shit!

*Nick starts running toward the healing springs, where Frodi should be waiting.*

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 09:14 AM

Hmm, this IS the healing springs, isn't it?   :whistle:

*paces up and down*

I've been waiting here the last 3 hours.  When I get my hands on that Nick, I'll... I'll...  :(

If he's not here in 10 minutes, I'm leaving!  :shrug:
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Posted 05 August 2009 - 09:20 AM

*Nick runs up to the healing springs*

Just in time Frodi, sorry I'm late... But we can't talk out here it's too dangerous at night. Let's get inside the tavern.

*Frodi and Nick go inside the tavern, and sit down at a dark table in the corner. A waitress walks up to the table.*

"What can I get for the two of you?"

"I'll have coffee, how about you Frodi?"

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 09:24 AM

Some lemonade please.

So why is it so dangerous at night?   :whistle:
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#9 El Quia

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 05:07 PM

-Your Citizen Name: El Quia

-Race: Human

-Appearance: around 1'65 in height, his figure is not very imposing. He always dress in black, and sometimes wears a long black coat. He has a somewhat unkempt beard because he is a little lazy with it. His hair is dark brown and it's of medium length. Sometimes he carry a backpack. When possible, he carries a katana somewhere. If he doesn't want to advertise he is armed, then he will carry two daggers concealed on his body.

-Other Information: El Quia is an adventurer of sorts, knowing a bit of everything that could be useful in his travels. He is an adequate swordsman, having learned to wield most of its variants. Lately, he has shown a preference for the katana. If it is an absolute necessity, then he could defend himself with a knife or with his fists, but he is barely adequate in that style of fighting. After some brushes with the supernatural in his travels, he started to dabble in the magical arts, and has decided to continue training himself in them.

-Housing: El Quia lives in a modest house that, apart from the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom, has only one more room, used as a library. Books of all kind cover the walls from the floor to the ceiling. He also has a somewhat up-to-date PC. His house is located near the cliffs, although not on them.

-Life History: El Quia used to be a normal human until a sudden lust for wandering sparked in him on his late teens. Having learned some swordsmanship from a local trainer and from whichever teacher he found on his travels, he survived some of the serious conflicts that found him. But he also had his loses. When he found himself a couple of times in the path of some weird and occult conflict, he started to teach himself magic although he is far from mastering it.

It was between a couple of his adventures when he heard about Nick's pub, and he decided that it could be the kind of pub he was looking for to rest sometimes. He was a time in the pub, keeping to himself his life as an adventurer, until the pub was destroyed. In the ruins of the pub, El Quia casted a divination spell and learned by this device all that transpired in it, and was surprised to find the invitation Nick had left for him. Apparently, Nick knew of El Quia, and though that this would be the most direct way to inform him. Having prepared himself, he started following the instructions Nick taught him about a teleportation spell that would take him to the city, not really knowing what he would find on the other side.
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Posted 05 August 2009 - 07:12 PM

*The waitress brings the coffee and lemonade over to the table*
Posted Image
Posted Image

"Anything else I can get for you?" ask's the waitress.
"No, that'll do. Thanks."

*The waitress walks away and moves on to the next table*

Frodi, there are some things I should tell you. I... *Nick is interrupted when Bing once again comes running into the room. "Master, mister El Quia has arrived in town."

"Oh good. Show him to his house please, and give him a map of the city. Make sure he makes it into his house before midnight." replied Nick.
"Yes master". *Bing runs out the front door of the tavern*

As I was saying, I built this city for a reason. It's mean't to be a place where we can talk, have fun, and explore this massive place. I found the land after the Pub was destroyed. There are somethings I will not be telling you however. My mortal state will remain private, as well as my illegal doings. But I'm being careful, since the FBI and Leone family are still looking for me.

Now, as for the nightfall incident, this city has a historic past. A very deep one. *Takes a sip of coffee*. But let me cut to the chase.... At night, ghosts walk the streets of the city. Hundreds of them. These spirits have been known to attack people. And the only way to "kill" them, is to ward them off with black magic.

I have my people investing it. Overall, this city is beautiful at day. But night is dangerous. If you must go out at night, carry a lantern. But if your not good with magic, you might get killed... I'm afraid myself. But my dark powers allow me to ward them off. So, if you want to get home, I advise you come with me. I worry for the fate of El Quia. He arrived at night....

#11 El Quia

El Quia

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Posted 06 August 2009 - 08:20 PM

*The background starts to bend and twist inexplicably, deforming everything for a moment before snapping back to normal after a couple of seconds. Where there was the anomaly, now El Quia stands. He looks around*

"Nice place it is. Although the travel was kinda weird."

*El Quia looks up and takes a deep breath*

Ah, fresh air... and the lovely sensation of a quiet place at night. This couldn't be better.

*Suddenly, El Quia feels a sudden drop in the temperature. He then feels a low growl from behind, full of anger and threats. He slowly turns around. A translucent figure was in front of him, with a feral look in its eyes and its hideous fangs dripping. The figure lunges at El Quia, and he barely dodges it dropping to the floor and rolling sideways. He stands up, draws his katana and tries to strike the apparition in a swift movement. The katana pases right through the creature and hits El Quia on his left arm. A coldness creeps through his arm, and losses its sensitivity*

"Damn! It's a freaking ghost, for f*k's sake! My katana is worthless"

*The ghost screams and attacks him at the chest. The ghostly claw strikes, but a spark glow in the place. At that moment, El Quia remembers the little medal he is wearing with a weird sigil. Someone once told him that it is a ward against evil spirits. Obviously, is not as strong as advertised. But it gives El Quia an idea. He takes off the medal and ties its chain around his sword hand. Meanwhile, the ghost continues attacking while El Quia tries to dodge it. When he finishes, he tries to strike the ghost again. A spark glows, and the ghost is repelled, but it didn't seemed to suffer any kind of damage*

"Crap, it doesn't hurt it. Maybe this will"

*El Quia starts to chant, extending his arms to his sides, then joining them in front. A yellow beam shoots from his hands and strikes the ghost. The ghosts shrieks, enraged*

"Oh, oh! I think that damaged it, but not enough. I only made it angrier"

*El Quia barely dodges another attack from the creature, but the ghost managed to strike him again, this time on his back. El Quia fall to the ground, screaming in pain. A Lots of growls starts to be heard getting nearer and nearer. El Quia shouts an ancient word of power, and his left hand starts to glow with a warm light. The ghost doubts for a moment, giving time to El Quia to raise to his feet. Seeing no other effect, the ghost attacks him again. El Quia manages to block the ghost with his sword and looks for an escape route. That's when he sees a horde of ghosts coming at him, their murderous intent clear in their growls. El Quia despairs.*

"Crap! What could I do, now?"

*Then a muffled explosion is heard, and the ghosts starts to shriek in pain, sounding more frightened than angry. El Quia looks for the source of the commotion and sees a group of guard running towards him, striking and throwing things at the creatures of darkness. In between them, he sees a weird short creature. It sees El Quia*

"There, that is the master's guest."

*Quickly the guards disperse the ghost, and the creature reaches El Quia. It looks to him concerned*

"Are you alright, sir? My name is Bing, and I am Master Nick's servant. He asked me to greet you and took you to your home"

"Ok, I guess? What's the deal with those ghost"

"Master Nick will surely tell you about them. Now we must concentrate in taking you to your home as soon as possible. Please, drink this"

*Bing hands El Quia a golden bottle from which El Quia takes a drink. A warm sensation goes throughout his body, healing the chilling touch of the ghosts.*

"Thank, mister Blink"
"Bing, sir. My name is Bing"
"Oh, sorry, then"

*They run through the empty streets, dodging the ghosts and in a few minutes they arrive. They enter the house*

"This will be your house, now, sir El Quia"
"Hey, it is really nice! Say Nick that I like it! It's there something to drink here?"
"The house is fully stocked, sir. Also, Master Nick told me to give you this, a map of the city"

*El Quia takes the map*

"Now you should rest, sir. Those injuries need to be healed by rest. Tomorrow you could see Master Nick at his pub. The localization is written on the map. May you have a nice and safe rest"

"Thank you, Bing? You have been most helpful"
"You are too kind, sir. Good night"

*The creature walks out the door and goes aways. El Quia, exhausted for the ordeal, drop on his bed as falls down asleep in a mater of seconds*
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Posted 06 August 2009 - 08:46 PM

*Bing comes running into the tavern*

"Master! Your guest El was being attacked, but your guards warded the ghosts off."

"Very good Bing. Thanks for helping El. Walk with me and Frodi." replied Nick. "Come on Frodi, I'll walk you home."

*Frodi and Nick walk out the door of the tavern, with Bing at their side. Nick takes a lantern hanging from the outside exterior of the building.*

"Alright, let's go."

*After walking for some time, a ghost appears in front of the group*

"BACK TO THE LAND OF THE DEAD!" Nick yells, as he points his finger at the ghost.

*The ghost screams, and evaporates into a blue mist*

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Posted 06 August 2009 - 10:42 PM

FRODI:  Wow, these ghosts seem nasty.
*looks at Bing*
You and the guards did a good job helping El.  Thanks Bing.  I hope he recovers.    

*all of a sudden, a growl is heard from behind.  Nick, Frodi, and Bing turn round, and face an army of ghosts*

NICK:  Don't worry, they won't attack as long as we have the lantern.  They fear light.

*Nick, Frodi, and Bing continue to walk along the path.  Ghosts hover round the group, as though wanting to attack, but are unsure of the light from the lantern.  Nick is clearly concerned at this situation.  All of a sudden, a ghost lunges at the group, knocking lantern out of Nick's hand.  The lantern smashes to the ground.  Almost the same instant, another ghost lashes out at Frodi, leaving a very nasty gash in the chest*

FRODO:  Oh no, not again.  Not again!  I feel... weak.  How much further to my house?

*Bing rushes to help Frodi*

BING: Not much further, not much further.  Just hang in there

*Although injured, Frodi is a plucky young hobbit.  She puts on a brave face, and reveals the Earendil's Star - a vial of pure light which was a gift from Galadrial.*

FRODI:  Maybe this will help us, until we get there.

*The ghosts are repelled by this bright light, and keep their distance.  Nick takes the Earendil's Star, and holds it out in front, while Bing helps Frodi.  The team travel on in silence.  Not long afterwards, they reach Frodi's house*

FRODI:  Well, that was quite a journey.  I didn't expect my first night in this land to be so... eventful, hehe.  But we survived!  We'll live to fight another day.  Why don't you both come inside.  It obviously isn't safe out there.  *takes the Earendil's Star back from Nick, and enters the house*   You're both welcome to spend the night.

*Everyone enters Frodi's house*

FRODI:  Now please don't think me rude, but I don't feel so good, after that ghost struck me.  I must rest now.  Please make yourself at home.  I'll see you both in the morning.  

*Frodi retires to her bedroom.  Away from prying eyes, she examines her wound and groans in pain.  The wound is deep, and looks nasty.  Frodi is badly shaken, although she won't show it in front of others.  She climbs into bed, and eventually drifts into a troubled sleep, leaving Nick & Bing to discuss the day's event back in the living room*
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Posted 07 August 2009 - 04:59 AM

*Nick and Bing sit on a couch by the fireplace*

Bing: We have no place to sleep...

*Nick whips his finger in the air and points at the corner. Instantly a small bed appears.*

Nick: You sleep on that, I'll sleep on the couch.

Bing: Oh thank you master... You are much more kind then... *Nick interrupts*

Nick: Don't mention his name. He's gone now. Your former master will never lay a hand on you again. Now, get some sleep.

*Bing hops into the bed and falls asleep. Nick lays underneath a blanket on the couch, and listens to the cries of the ghosts outside. He wonders why everything he touches is tainted. "Why couldn't my city be peaceful? Must it always be scary and painful for everyone else?" I don't know anymore. I need to do research on what ground this city was built on. Something is terribly wrong.*

*Nick dozes off to sleep*

#15 El Quia

El Quia

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Posted 07 August 2009 - 06:10 AM

*El Quia is sleeping. And El Quia dreams*

*He is standing in a clearing in a forest. The sun is still up, but the sky is cloudy and the forest is devoid of sound. The felt absence of life is disturbing, and the air is stale and doesn't seem to move. El Quia makes two steps, before stopping. Has he heard something? It seems that he hasn't, so he continues forward: maybe he is imagining things.

The sun sets, and suddenly darkness falls like a predator jumping on its prey. A mocking moon rises, and her light illuminates a ground all covered in bones. A piercing shrieks startles El Quia while the bones move as disturbed while a skeleton rises from the ground. Then another, an another, and another. Soon he is surrounded, but they don't attack. They all make a circle around him but don't attack.

One of the dead then whispers*

"help us, pleassssse"

*And a flying mount falls down from the sky, and its rider draws a gigantic sword and proceeds to decapitate him. Then drags the body over the mare and fly off, never to be seen again. The other skeletons start to tremble and disintegrates under stress, while they are scream in agony.*

*El Quia suddenly wakes up when he realized that he himself is disintegrating too.*

"I must really know what happens here. I have never listened nor read something like this before, with so many angry ghosts and such. Now I have a purpose! I will try and learn what's the deal with the ghosts and unravel the mystery. It's obvious that it isn't the something new, because those guard knew how to fend themselves against those monsters. Tomorrow morning, the first thing I will do is volunteer myself to Nick..."

*El Quia tries to continue sleeping, but the excitement makes it harder for him to do.*
Your leg falls off, revealing a bloody stump. You are losing a large amount of blood. You must find a way to escape....

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