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City Of Secrets

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Posted 07 August 2009 - 08:06 AM

Day 2

*It is morning. Nick wakes up to the sun shinning through the windows. He looks over at Bing, who is still fast asleep. He then get's up off the couch, and looks around the house.*

Nick: Hmm... Frodi must still be sleeping. Well, I mind as well make some breakfast for us.

*Nick walks into the very small hobbit-sized kitchen and looks around.*

Nick: Where the hell is the fridge?!... Ah! There it is! Behind some garbage bags.

*He opens the wee-little fridge and is stunned to find the fridge empty.*

Nick: What the hell?!... Well I guess I'll get some eggs myself.

*Nick quietly walks out the front door. The sun is shining bright, it's around 6:30 am. People are just getting out of their houses. Nick walks down the street and heads over to the Happy Hobbit Farm (One of the many farms in Liberta). He then walks into the yard and finds Mr. Zigga tending to his crops.*

Nick: Excuse me, Mr. Zigga?

Mr. Zigga: Yes?... Oh! Mr. Mayor, nice to see you here, what brings you to me, and so early in the mornin` too?

Nick: Well, our new resident Frodi *Nick points to Frodi's house*, had a rough night last night. So I stayed over after getting her to safety.

Mr. Zigga: Oh those damn ghost's where really howling last night huh?

Nick: Yes, they where. But I came here for a reason. I was going to make breakfast, but Frodi's... well... 'fridge', if you can call it that, is empty.

Mr. Zigga: OH! Why didn't ya say so lad? I'll get you some eggs, milk from my cows, and even some wheat for bread. Wait here.

*Nick wait's for Mr. Zigga to return from gathering the goods. He then glances over at some children playing around a massive tree. The children are singing some kind of hobbit song. Nick's thoughts are interrupted by the return of Mr. Zigga.

Mr. Zigga: Here ya go! Already to go in a nice basket.

Nick: Thanks so much! Is there anything I could do in return?

Mr. Zigga: Well... you did mention it... Could you fix this damn city's crime problems? I've got damn yankee gangsters running past me house every day. Headin` down to those damn docks to trade drugs and crap...

Nick: Um...  Mr Zigga, they don't trade drugs... But I'll see what I can do. Bye.

Mr. Zigga: Alright. Bye then.

*Nick hurriedly walks away from the man. Nick didn't really want to discuss the foul effect of gangsters, since he was or still is one.*

*After a short walk, Nick arrives to Frodi's house, and he walks through the front door. Bing is still sound asleep, and apparently so is Frodi. "Damn Bing. You could sleep through a nuclear explosion." Nick walks into the kitchen, and grabs a frying-pan. He's starts cooking some eggs on the small stove, and he throws some of the bread batter into a pan for cooking.*

Nick: Maybe I should check on Frodi, make sure she's not dead in there...
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Posted 07 August 2009 - 09:43 PM

*The sun blasts through the window, waking Frodi from a troubled sleep.  Pain hits her immediately, and she feels very stiff and weak.  With guarded movements, Frodi climbs out of bed, and examines her deep wound.  It has spread slightly, and seems quite swollen.  Frodi is scared, but doesn't want to worry the others.  After hearing a knock at her door, she takes a moment, then goes to open the door.*

NICK:  Hey Frodi, how are you this morning?  I made some breakfast for everyone.  Come on, before it gets cold.

FRODI:  Hey Nick, now nice to see you.  I'm doing great this morning thanks  *she lies, with a fixed smile on her face*  Breakfast you say?  Yummy, thankyou very much.  Did you and Bing sleep well?  

*Frodi somehow manages to get to large table in middle of the room, and sit down for breakfast.  Bing has now woken up, and is already sitting at the table.*  

NICK:  Are you okay there Frodi?  You seem to be walking very odly.

FRODI:  No, I'm fine Nick, really.  *quickly changes the subject*.  So... you mentioned a Mr El Quia last night.  Where is his house?  I would very much like to meet him.  

NICK:  Don't worry, we can go meet him after breakfast

*Nick serves up a delicious breakfast of eggs and bread, and everyone tucks in.
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Posted 07 August 2009 - 10:23 PM

Nick: Alright Frodi, spill the beans.

*Frodi gives a look of surprise to Nick*

Frodi: What are you talking about?...

Nick: Listen Frodi, I have some very dark powers you should not know about. But I will warn you, I have a telekinesis ability... I can tell when someone is lying.

Frodi: I'm not lying about anything.

Nick: Alright, we'll do this the hard way. *Nick closes his eyes, and feels a sharp pain on his body, right where Frodi's wound is.*

Nick: Damn that hurts!... So it's your wound that your lying about.

*Bing just stares at Nick in awe as he eats his scrambled eggs.*

Frodi: My wound is fine! Stop worrying.

*Nick get's up from the table*

Nick: Bing, go grab a guard, and tell him we need my medical team out here now.

Bing: Yes master.

*Bing jumps up from the table, and runs out the front door*

Nick: Frodi, we have one of the best medical teams in the word. We use experimental scientific ways of healing. You need to come with the team over to my research center.

Frodi: ...But what about  El Quia?

Nick: I'll see if he's awake yet, maybe he would like to come with us. After all, he probably would love to see my laboratory. I'll go to his house... You stay here and wait for us to come back. Don't go anywhere. Got it?

Frodi: ....Yes. *Sigh*

Nick: Alright. I'll be right back.

*Nick heads outside and walks down the pathway to El Quia's house.*

*Once at the door to the house, he knocks on the wooden door.*

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Posted 08 August 2009 - 05:10 AM

*Quia is in the bathroom, his eyes fixed on his own, reflected in the mirror. Those are the eyes of someone who didn't slept well. His hand are under the stream of water that flows from the faucet*

"Oh, crap! How much time I was out like that?"

*He brushes his teeth and then takes a shower. His mind still on the night before and his weird dream.*

"Something is not right, here"

*He puts a kettle on the fire and prepares a tea for himself. He drinks his tea standing up while being against the kitchen counter. He looks through the window and can't believe that the sunny and peaceful day after the events from the night before. He finaly clears his mind, drop the cup into the sink. He starts to wash it when he hears a knock at the door*

"Who is it?" he shouts.

"It's me, Nick!"

*El Quia opens the door. Nick is standing there, with a worried look on his face"

"Hey Nick! How are you?"

"I could say I'm fine, but we don't have time to waste: Frodi is wounded"

"What? Really? What happened?"

*El Quia is already taking his t-shirt (the day is warm) and his katana. He finishes putting his clothes on while following Nick*

"It was the ghosts, wasn't it?"

"Yes, one of them striked Frodi on her chest, leaving a nasty wound there."

"Oh, my. That sounds terrible! How is she?"

"She is putting a brave face, but it is obvious that she is suffering a lot, and in grave danger. A ghost wound is nothing to trifled with. Speaking of which, you were hurt too, weren't you"

"Oh, yes: I still have my arm mostly numb. But the wound on my back managed to heal more or less completely overnight. Bling gave me to drink a nice drink that made me feel better."

"Well, you will get a check-up too. But first Frodi. I need your help at my secret lab"

"Secret lab? What the hell are you talking about?"

"I have a lab where I try some revolutionary techniques. There is some blend between magic and medicine I'm trying. The golden drink that Bling gave you is one of such products. We are taking Frodi there and I need your help. Would you come with us?"

"Are you kidding? Of course I'm going!"

*Nick and Quia arrives at Frodi's house. Inside they found Frodi over the couch, trying to breath easily and failing. Bling looks at the newcomers with a concerned look.

"Master, it seems she is worse. We need to go there now"
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Posted 08 August 2009 - 06:09 AM

*A knock at the door is heard. Nick rushes to the door and opens it. Three men, and two women, all dressed in white-clothing are standing there.*

Man: Hello, Mayor? You called us?

Nick: Yes, thank you for coming so quickly Scot... She's on the couch.

*The group walk into the house and walk over to Frodi*

Scot: Alright miss, we are going to examine your wound. This shouldn't hurt. Where's the wound?

Frodi: ... My chest...

*Scot and the rest of the team press around the wound, and apply a pressure wrap to the area to keep it from bleeding. They also take her heart rate, and blood pressure.*

Scot: She has lost a large amount of blood.

Nick: But, she has not bleed much....

Scot: It's internal bleeding. And if we don't act soon, blood will start coming out of her external organs, like the mouth, and noise. She needs serious medical attention. Her blood pressure is dangerlousy low, and her heart rate is too high. Once we get her to the lab, we need to start her on antibiotics and medication to control her vitals.

Nick: ... Alright, let's get her to the lab then.

*The group put Frodi on a stretcher, and the medical team carry Frodi out the door while El, Bing, and Nick follow.*

*It's a very long walk into the main city district. Citizens watch in awe and whisper about the occurrence.*

*After 10 mins of walking, the group arrives in the heart of Liberta.*

Nick: My lab, called LSE, the Lab of Scientific Expermints, is located underneath the city. But in-order to access the tunnels, we need to come to my home. The Liberta Castle. Follow me.

*The group walks over to the docks, while Frodi looks on from the stretcher.*

Frodi: ...When... are we going.. to get there?

Nick: In a few minutes. We need to board the ferry.

*After Nick calls the ferry from the callbox, the ferry pulls into the dock. The group boards the large ferry. And the boat starts chugging along at a high speed.*

*Bing and El Quia look on at the very modern and large castle looming in the distance.*

Posted Image

El Quia: Holy crap! That's where you live?

Nick: Yes.

El Quia: It's massive! Who else live's with you?

Nick: Just me, Bing, and my staff.

El Quia: ... You live alone? No girlfriends?

Nick: *Sigh*... This is not the time to discuss my love life or even sex life for that matter.

Frodi: *Turns green* I think I'm going to throw up....

Nick: Oh please Frodi. Just because I mention se...

Frodi: No, I get sea-sick... *burp... URP*

Nick: Oh shit!

*Frodi throws up all over the side of the ferry*


*After 5 more minutes of travel, the ferry arrives at the castle's dock.*

Nick: Alright guys, let's get moving.

*The group then climbs up the stairs to the main entrance.*

*Nick enters his key combination onto a high-tech touchpad.*

Computer Voice: Please verify your voice.

Nick: Nicholas Zarano.

Computer Voice: Welcome master.

*The doors swing wide open, to reveal a very dark room, the castle hall.*

Posted Image

Nick: Let's go guys. Stay close.

*The group walks inside, and the doors slam shut behind them*

El Quia: *Gulp* This place of creepy... No wonder no girl would want to live with you.

Frodi: ... Am I in hell?... Did I die...?

Nick: Everyone shut up. Let's get on the elevator.

*As the group walks past some rooms, El Quia spots a dark figure floating in one of the other rooms. El Quia starts walking faster.*

El Quia: ... I'm okay... I'm okay...

*The group boards the elevator*

Computer Voice: Which floor would you like to travel to?

Nick: The laboratory.

Computer Voice: Going down.

*The elevator speedily starts going lower.*

Computer Voice: Floor -10 Underground: LSE Laboratory.

*The door opens to reveal a rather large laboratory research center.*
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Nick: This is where are main research is done. Follow me into the patient room.

*The group follows Nick to the end of a hallway. A dark room looms in the distance.*

Nick: Put her on the bed.
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Nick: While we're figure out what to do with Frodi, you guys are free to explore the lab. Just be careful.

*Nick closes the door*

*Bing and El Quia just look at each other.*

El Quia: Well, let's explore a bit.

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Posted 08 August 2009 - 03:48 PM

*Frodi tries to make light of the situation.  She sits up, and looks around the dimly-lit room with interest.*

FRODI:  So, this is what it takes to see inside your place, Nick?  *tries to laugh, but groans slightly as well*  Interesting room.  So what happens now?  

NICK:  Enough, Frodi.  You can stop pretending.  I know you are sick and in pain.  

*some medical doctors come over, and check the wound.  There is a lot of 'Hmms' and 'Tutting'*

FRODI:  *still trying to be optimistic*  Hey guys, don't worry, it's just a little wound.  Cough cough cough.  
*Just at that moment, Frodi starts to cough up some blood.  She is quite shocked to see blood coming from her mouth*   What... what's that?

*The doctors, and Nick, have a little conference amongst themselves, out of Frodi's earshot.  Frodi watches, wondering what is being said.  The doctors leave the room, and Nick walks back over to Frodi*

NICK:  So Frodi.  How are you feeling?

FRODI:  Well, to be honest, I've felt better  *smiles weakly*

NICK:  Well don't worry.  We'll take care of you, and get that nasty wound fixed up.

*one of the doctors returns with a jar of what looks like purple mud, and spreads it over Frodi's wound and surrounding area.  It feels ice-cold, and Frodi jumps with surprise*

NICK:  This stuff should help draw out the poison in your wound.  But it will take a a few hours to work it's magic.  You should stay here in the meantime, until you start to feel better.

FRODI:  *feels slighty embaressed at all the fuss she has caused*  Thanks Nick, I appreciate it.  I really didn't mean to cause all this fuss, you know.  *smiles gratefully at Nick*

NICK:  Don't worry about it.  

FRODI:  I hope Bing and El enjoy themselves exporing the place.  To be hones, I hope El is okay, since he was injured as well.  I'm sure I heard him muttering something in the hall as we were coming here, and he look scared to death.  Please can you check on him.
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Posted 09 August 2009 - 02:34 AM

*El Quia starts walking down the hall, Bling following him. After a few steps, Quia doubts and retrace his steps. He stops before the windows into Frodi's room. Bling stops besides him, looking into the room, too*

"Will she be alright, Bling?"

"Yes, sir. You should not worry about that."

"Yes, I guess you guys know what you are doing... it's just that she seemed to be in a terrible condition... and please, don't be so formal with me."

"Well, ghosts wounds can be very dangerous"

"I was hurt twice by that ghost. Why I am not in the state she is?"

"Not all ghosts hurt people the same way, be it because the ghost are different, be it because each person reacts in a different way to the wound. It is something not well understood yet. Besides, you have received a drink from the golden bottle, remember?"

"Yes, I remember. And why didn't she drank from that when he was wounded?"

"There was not more liquid in the bottle. And I had not more of it. Besides, it was not tested on hobbits, yet. It is a recent medicine"

"So, you give me a prototype medicine?"

"No, it has been throughly tested on humans. We had far more human volunteers than any other species. So it is common for our discoveries to be ready for humans before"

"And what is that medicine?"

"It is potion that combines some rapid healing drugs with some magical reagents that cleanse the body and spirit. Its function is to close wounds as quickly as possible to prevent infections while it tries to stop any spiritual disease before its onset. We call it Potion of Spiritual Healing. One of the doctors likes colorful names"

*A shade of a smile appears on Bling's and Quia's face*

"Well, shouldn't I be checked by one of those colorful doctors"

"When they finish with Frodi, I will tell them, sir"

"Please, no 'sir'. Just Quia or El, whatever you like. Although El sounds weird"

"I will try, Quia. It is just the habit"
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Posted 09 August 2009 - 06:11 AM

*Walks out of the patient room*

Nick: Quia and Bing?

El Quia: Yes?

Nick: My doctors and I have agreed that Frodi will eventually be alright.

El Quia: Wait, what do you mean by.. 'eventually"?

Nick: Well Frodi's wound was deeper than we thought. It appears that the ghost, somehow pierced an artery that leads to her heart. Now, the wound itself is healing because of our WHC paste, also called Wound Healing & Cleaning paste. The only problem, is that the damaged artery is bleeding. And bleeding fast. Frodi is no longer with us.

El Quia: WHAT?! She's dead?! What did you do to h...

Nick: NO! She is still alive.

El Quia: Oh... Sorry *takes a deep breath*

Nick: I mean't that she's in a coma. A medically-induced comma. We used our highly experimental drug called MicroIND. She is the first human that we've used the drug on. Basically, the human heart is always pumping blood. But because of the leaking artery, the blood is filling up in her internal organs. By putting her to sleep, she her heart rate is lower, and the bleeding is only minimum. My robotic surgeons have already started surgery to fix the artery, by plugging it with artery skin. The skin is from a dead horse that we have been doing research on.

Bing: So, she's in surgery master?

Nick: Yes. She'll be fine. Now, Quia, go into exam room 2. My best doctor is waiting to check you out.

*Suddenly a loud speaker booms an announcement*

Computer Voice: Nicholas Zarano, you are needed in your office. Tim Makfield is waiting for you.

Nick: Oh, I'm sorry. I must go, I'll be back in a half-hour or so. For now, Bing will stay here. Quia, go get yourself checked out.

*Nick gets on the elevator and leaves the floor*

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Posted 10 August 2009 - 09:41 PM

Nick's Office:

*Nick walks into his very cluttered office.*
Posted Image

A short man is standing by the window.

Nick: Hello Tim.

Tim: Why there you are Nicholas! It's so nice to see you again!

Nick: Tim, I'm sorry but this is terrible timing. I just had my guests come into town, and they've both been already injured.

Tim: Oh my goodness gracious! Was it the ghosts?

Nick: Sadly... yes.

Tim: Nick, you have to do something. Now, listen to me. I have gone on many adventures, more than you have. While you were having sex with gorgeous women, I was tracking the footprints of a dragon. We both came together on the common bound of founding this city.

Nick: Yes I know. You discovered it, I paid for the building of it. What's your point?

Tim: You seem to overlook the evidence that I had originally found. The evidence that this land had a past, that we have yet to discover.

Nick: Tim, I know. I Know.

Tim: But you don't know. Because you choose not to know. You completely avoid the subject.... And by the way, what the hell is all this talk about you being a demon or dark lord or other crap. Your human!

Nick: Tim, I can't discuss this now.

Tim: Fine, alright.

Nick: You want to see the victims?

Tim: Stop being so fucking professional. You mean your friends?

Nick: *Sigh* Yes, my friends. *Holds & shakes head*

*Bing runs into the office*

Bing: MASTER! Frodi has awakened!

Nick: Terrific!

Bing: But, there's a slight problem sir.

Nick: ... What problem?

Bing: The experimental coma medicine has a given Frodi... a side effect.

Nick: What kind of side effect?


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Posted 11 August 2009 - 12:33 AM

*Frodi's eyes slowly flicker open.  She sees Bing, and a doctor stare down at her*

FRODI:  Hey guys.  Hey Bing, where am I?  *then she remembers*  The... the pain.  It's gone!  *smiles with delight*  My wound doesn't hurt any more.  *gingerly touches the wound*  Oh, that is such a relief.  I can breather easy now.  That purple mud stuff really did the trick.  I feel so much better.  Thanks doctor, what was in that stuff anyway?  

BING:  Frodi, you're awake.  I'm so pleased.  Nick will be glad as well.  

DOCTOR:  Welcome back Frodi  *chuckles slightly*  It's good to have you with us again.  It was touch and go there for a while.  Glad you're feeling better though.  That purple mud, as you call it, is an experimental combination of various natural healing minerals with a touch of magic.  That's why it felt so cold.  Now let's have a look at that wound then.   *starts examing the wound*

FRODI:  How is El doing.  He was injured as well, I'm worried about him.  He was muttering something as we came here.  I coulnd't make out what, but the look of fear on his face is unforgettable.  

BING:  El is getting checked out in another eamination room.  I can take you there, but not until doctor says you are well enough.  

DOCTOR:  *still examining the wound*  Well this is better than I expected.  You can barely tell there was a wound there at all.  Let me just check your blood.  We're still not sure of the full effect that purple mud has on hobbits.  *takes a blood sample*  Now sit tight.  I'm going to run some test on your blood sample.  Bing, don't let her leave the room yet.  

BING:  Yes sir.

FRODI:  But I feel fine, really.  I can't thank you and Bing and El and Nick enough.  *grins*  I just want to know if El is okay.

BING:  Not until doctor says so.  You wouldn't want me to tell Nick that you disobeyed doctors orders now, do you.  *smiles mischievely at Frodi*

FRODI:  Hehe.  No Bing,  I'll do what the doctor says.  You don't have to worry.  

*The doctor walks back into the room, with a puzzled expression on his face*

DOCTOR:  Well Frodi, it seems that you are quite the mystery.  From what I can tell by checking your wound, and running some blood tests, it seems that purple mud has fused with your body somehow.  Not only has it helped to heal you, it has also given you a kind of natural antibody from the ghosts attacks.  I'm not quite sure of the extent of this antibody though - quite a strange side-effect.  

FRODI:  *giggles*  Well, if it means I'll live to fight another day, I can't complain.  Thanks doctor.

DOCTOR:  I'd like to keep an eye on you for a few days, just to be on the safe side.  But I see no reason to keep you confined to medical quarters.  But you must promise to report to me if you have any other unusual symptoms, or if you feel at all unwell.  And I want to see you back here in 2 days, for another check-up.  

FRODI:  Yes doctor.  Having that wound was not an experience I would like to repeat  *grins meakly*  Can I go see El now please?  

DOCTOR:  Of course.  I'll take you there.  Bing, could you inform Nick that we will be in El's room please.  And make sure you tell him about the... um... unusual antibody side effect.  

*Bing goes to find Nick to inform him of events, and the doctors takes Frodi to see El*
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#26 Nick


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Posted 11 August 2009 - 01:52 AM

*Nick and Tim walk out of the elevator*

Computer Voice: Floor -10 Underground: LSE Laboratory.

*Bing comes running to the two men*

Bing: Master, Frodi is fine and is currently visiting Quia in the other exam room.

Nick: Good to hear!

Bing: But, may I speak with you... privately sir?

Nick: No, tell me now. Tim is good company.

Tim: Why thank you Nick! *Put's arm around Nick*

Nick: Get your arm off of me before I shove it up your ass. Continue Bing.

Bing: Well, there was a... sort off... 'complication' with the purple drug.

Nick: Oh, the drug "NXcream1.2". That's my own creation. *Winks at Tim*

Tim: I'm impressed Nick. For an idiot, you are pretty smart. *Grins at Nick*

Bing: Um, sir... The drug has given Frodi...

Nick: Go on.

Bing: Well, an anti-body.

Nick: .......*Blank smile* What?

Bing: An anti-body sir.

Nick: *Turns around and leans against wall* ...Oh shit... This is rather... unsual.

Tim: That's not good Nick. Your turning people into Hulk. * Snicker*

Nick: .... MARK!

*Mark, a chemist, comes running over*

Mark: Yes sir?

Nick: Get a HZ1, BO3, and GTE4.1 blood test. I need them immediately.

Mark: Okay sir.

Nick: Also do a CAT scan, and a brain scan. I want the results on my desk by tonight.

Mark: Yes sir.

*Mark walks away*

Tim: *Whiper* What the hell do you think your doing?! She's not an experiment!

Nick: Now she is.

Tim: Not everyone in your life is an experiment!

Nick: I'm not doing anything. Just simple test's. Nothing serious. And think of it this way, what if Frodi's anti-body reacts with magic? Hmm? You know what this could cause?!

Tim: ...No..


*All the chemists stare at Nick*

Nick: What the fuck are you all staring at?! Get back to work!

Tim: Your not serious...

Nick: I am. I need those test's. Now, come with me into the exam room.

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Posted 12 August 2009 - 09:13 AM

El Quia enters the white room filled with some menacing apparatus of unfathomable function. A mature doctor is seated behind a desk and stands up when El Quia closes the door.

-Welcome sir. Please, take a seat.

-Thank you, doctor.

-I heard you have been attacked by ghosts? You seem to have defended yourself well if you are here.

-No, just a stroke of luck, mostly: the guards were near and they saved me.

-I see. Well, show me those wounds.

El Quia shows the doctor his wounds. The MD puts on a pair of gloves and a pair of weird goggles. He probes the half-healed wounds while staring at them intently and humming to himself. He seems to find the wound on the arm more interesting.

-Well- says the doctor when the exam finishes- it seems the wound on the back is healing well and will not give you anything nastier than an itch in a place hard to reach for you to scratch-. The doctor laughs.

-Great, I have had worse, I guess? But what about this one on my arm?

-That one has me a little more worried. It seems to be healing well, but the numbness should have been completely gone by now. The ectoplasmatic reading I get from it is null, so you don't have any residue. Let me examine you in greater detail. Come over here.

El Quia follows the older man to a machine consisting of a big cylinder with a small opening on the side and a smallish LCD screen. The doctor motions El Quia to put his arm into the opening. El Quia obeys and instantly feels a warm point on the palm of his hand.

-Try not to move nor close your hand, please.

El Quia nods and starts to control himself while the point now feels like burning in his hand

-I got some magical residue in your bloodstream, accumulating in your arms. It is not common, but it isn't lethal... yet. Sure it is a luck that you have been checked now. The attack must have put it inside and made it accumulate. Take the arm out of the machine and sit again. And start rolling up your sleeves.

El Quia rolls them up and watches how the doctor grabs an injection for him. He winces briefly when getting injected with the clear fluid.

-There, that should help to remove it. Now I will dress your wound, just to be cautious. When I finish, please lie on that gurney, while I run some full body scans on you. It will take some time, but try to not move too much.

The gurney moves into one of the largest contraptions and once inside, it starts to rumble, and lots of weird noises are starting to get heard.

-Is that normal, doctor?

-Sure, just be still and not be afraid: I will not let you in there if there were some problem.

The exam continues for another half an hour. El Quia fights the drowsiness, trying not to fall asleep. When he least expects it, the machine suddenly stops and the gurney moves outside of it.

-So, found anything, doctor?

-No, everything is fine. You should feel the arm less numb right now.

-Yes, it is true.

-Well, then try not to exert that arm too much and consult us at the first sign of trouble. Also, come back in a week, I want to know how it evolves.

El Quia shakes hands with the doctor.

-Thank you, doctor. I will be here.

-You are welcome, El Quia. Please, close the door on your way out.

When El Quia gets out to the hallways, he sees a little figure walking at him, accompanied by an adult.

-Quiaaaaa!!!- shouts Frodi, trying to run to him.
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Posted 12 August 2009 - 09:53 PM

FRODI:  El, great to see you.  *Frodi beams wildly at El*  So how are you?  Have you been checked out?  

EL QUIA:  Forget about me... what about you?  You look so much better than the last time I saw you.  You had us all quite worried, you know.  *playfully ruffles the little hobbit's hair*

FRODI:  Yeah, I'm sorry about that.  *Frodi turns red with embarresment* I really didn't want to cause a fuss, you know.  They put some purple gunk on my wound, and it seems to have drawn out... whatever that ghostie did.  I got quite a shock when they applied it though - it was freezing.  But I feel so much better now.  *grins*  

EL QUIA:  Your gunk was freezing?  That's funny.  I had some numbness in my arm, after the ghost attacked me.  Dctor stuck my arm in this weird machine thingy, and it felt like my hand was burning.  *El chuckles for a moment, before turning serious*  What I would like to know is, where did these ghosts come from?  Why is the land such a paradise by day, and such hell at night?  There's somthing that Nick is hiding from us, I'm convinced of it.  And I intend to solve this mystery.  

*Bing approaches*

BING:  El, Frodi, I'm glad the two of you are up and about again.  Nick would like you to join him for dinner this evening.  And in the meantime, you are free to explore the mansion.  We hope you enjoy yourself.

EL:  Thankyou Bing.  Please tell Nick we would love to join him for dinner.  *pauses for a moment* And Bing... what do you know about these ghosts?

BING:  *obviously startled by El's question*  G.g.ghosts?  I'm sure I don't know what you mean.  

EL:  Oh, come on Bing.  Nick knows something about these ghosts that he's not telling us.  We deserve to know... after what happened to both of us.  

BING:  *Avoiding El's eyes*  If you say so.  I'll go tell Nick you will be joining him at dinner then.  *quickly leaves, to escape any more of El's questions*

*Frodi and El just look at each other*

FRODI:  Well, that was suspicious.  Maybe you are right, maybe Nick IS hiding something.  There must be something around here that can tell us what is going on.
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Posted 12 August 2009 - 11:08 PM

*Nick and Tim, are currently walking on the 9th floor, the inside royal-garden.*

Tim: So where are your guests?

Nick: Probably exploring the mansion. I had Bing invite them for dinner. Will you like to join us?

Tim: Sure, I could use some good food. Besides, I have some brave & funny stories to tell about the two of us. * Chuckle*... By the way, did you think it's safe for Quia and Frodi to explore the mansion?

Nick: Yes, it's safe. I mean, sure they might run into a few ghostly and scary things, but it's also quite beautiful and peaceful. After all, there are 10 floors, and over 55 rooms in the castle.

*Tim stops in front a massive glass-pane window overlooking the lake leading into the city*

Tim: ...But Nick, we can't keep avoiding the giant baby elephants in the room. I say "baby" because there are so many secrets your hiding.... Even from me.

Nick: Listen Tim...

Tim: No, you listen.... I need to talk!

Nick: Alright... I'm listening.

Tim: I got the results of my land search. The search will list most of the previous civilizations that were built here... My results turned up nothing suspicious. No mass murder, no evil land, nothing. Better yet, why don't you tell me how this city was built, and workers slept here, but yet no one saw a ghost or anything.

Nick: ... I

Tim: NICK! It wasn't til you came to this island! Everything was fine! No ghosts, no demons, nothing at all! So what the hell happened?!

Nick: Tim, don't raise your voice at me.

Tim: You can't do this anymore. You can't keep pushing everything under the rug! You have to tell us what is going on here!

Nick: I don't need to tell you shit! Now if you will excuse me, I have to go tell the chefs what to prepare tonight. Go clean yourself up in my private quarters, floor 10. But no funny business. Then meet me in the dining room on floor 3.

*Nick get's in the elevator and the door closes*

Tim: Something is wrong.... Something is terribly wrong...

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Posted 14 August 2009 - 10:04 PM

(EDIT: Also nick, is the game map from like, a game or something? and if so, what game?)

(since this seems to be a mix of moderness and un moderness, im just going to assume it's somewhere after the 90's? ill fix everything if im wrong....)

-Your Citizen Name: Fubbles Iosef McMimbles the 2nd (Fubb or Fubbles for short)

-Race: Human

-Apperance: standing at a tall 6'3", short brown hair, dark green eyes, light brown facial hair,  body of firm build, and often wears formal wear. 36 years old

-Other Information: Political Activist, Political Extremist, knows how to make fire-bombs (e.g molotovs) has a 9mm Beretta, much 9x19mm ammo available in his home, knows how to manipulate people, mixed ideological views. Enjoys rallying citizens in protest, or riots

-Housing: being a known political extremist back in (former) Yugoslavia, once it dissolved into minor countries, he looked for refuge, and also looked to avoid being followed by any police-services of the countries he helped cause protests and riots in. He thinks a middle-class apartment is the best way to go by this. His apartment, after going through the door, has a living room that opens to the kitchen/dining room, bathroom, bedroom, and a storage room.

-Life History: Born in the Ukraine to Fubbles Joseph McMumbles the 1st, and Mary, Fubb was blasted into the world of politics after his father showed him the ropes. :Learning to defy the forces of communism at a young age by spreading anti-socialist propaganda posters, until he got old and started sewtting fire to soviet signs, to the point where he was finally on his own in Yugoslavia causing problems there. He's helped cause many riots and protests, and despite his violent behavior, has never killed a man, and now seeks being hidden by secret service of the countries he's pissed off in Abandonia, because he is a known political extremist in most former Yugoslav republics

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